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Quick /jp/ Capture that mysterious immigrant!

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You know, I heard that, prior to all the cartel wars and terrorism, the people of Mexico used to take it quite easy.

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I'll catch her... with my dick!

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But she has already caught my heart...

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I don't know who that is

but she looks familiar

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It's funny how America is to blame for most of Mexico's problems. I wonder what would happen if America legalized drugs and regulated them.

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They'd never legalize crystal meth and shit like that, so Drug Lords in Mexico would still have that

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what a sexy sexy immigrant

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He doesn't look like he's vomiting at all

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This show would've been so much better if the entire cast was cute girls

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He doesn't look very junior at all too

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Prepare to fight to the death!!

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Fuck you, I'm going to give this cute immigrant a green card, if you catch my drift.

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Very well! Have at thee!

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Tis' but a scratch!

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what the flying dush you shitters rumbling about?

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I shall still give you the chance to give up.


We are fighting for the maiden's heart!

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Where are those lazy shrine maidens when you need them? I dont pay my taxes to see my crountry being invaded by filthy spanish youkai

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It means you are 13

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I love this picture and the pun behind it and building a thread around it is amusing.
It pretty much evolved into roleplaying between 2 guys which is mildly amusing too.
Overall this thread has potential for good comedy.


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Great success

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piel rosada regresa a europa.

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i's nice

unlike this faggot

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Fucking youks.

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Why is the sign on the America side?

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because all Mexican speak english

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Artist didn't want to break the 180-degree rule.

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Why couldn't Yukari be going to Mexico? She is probably wearing that stuff to go to a party over there.

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Maybe it's illegal for americans to cross over to mexico

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Being a mexican /jp/sie is suffering.

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Shh... No whining, only dreams now.

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Criminals always run to Mexico

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Jesus christ /jp/ it's hot as fuck I'm having to forgo pants.

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Someone put some pants on that grandmother.

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wow here's an example of a great on topic thread
shitty xD randum fanart probably from tumblr
>google searches OP pic

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oh shit

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Cool, anti-NEETs are the tumblr crew. Who would have guessed

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#wow #whoa

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It might or might not be hers, but look at this


>Meme by *KrazyCatQueen

ladyrawr is a friend of KrazyCatQueen who is a friend of http://gruntie0052.deviantart.com/ who is the subhuman that posted: >>http://fuuka.warosu.org/jp/thread/S10720612#p10721113

It is all coming together, friends. If the janitor destroys us then so does the last bastion against the fujoshi hordes.

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the doxxx keep coming manes
the plot thickens

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