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Best first stage 2hu

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He's pretty chill

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piece of shit ill terminate you

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But that's not Sara.

Not that any of the secondaries on /jp/ know who that is. Yes, this includes you, people currently thinking, "Hmm, I'm guessing she was one of the PC-98 ones..."

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But that's not Cirno

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Oh god damn. You are such a champion and master of meta. You made a vague guess what people might think when they read your post!

Now go and rest, our hero. We can sleep safely when you are around.

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Rika was awesome cause she was a stage 1 boss and an extra boss.

Why do you think Sara is the first stage 1 boss, out of all the other bosses in the games?

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*best first stage 1 boss

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Fuck off, hipster.

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Couldn't agree more.

I'd put her below both the flower tank and Orange.

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Could this be the legendary Super Secondary..?

Most people who are good at the games (me) don't even know half the names of the touhous. It's just stage whatever boss/midboss.

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Best cape

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You tell'im dood.

What was the name of this one, again? Damn can't remember since I always beat her in less than a minute. Oh wait, it was a guy right?

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Meant to quote >>10722854

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Have some fun with Miku!

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Why would someone so primary like you care about non canon touhou?

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a boy

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Holy fuck, never thought about that.

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First time I noticed that her shoes are different.

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I think I only like her because she's shit. What a terrible feeling.

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wriggle time

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that's not nazrin.

also, i can't even remember the bosses on sa and mof.

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most disgusting touhou

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Fireflies are not disgusting.

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Please don't bully Wriggle-chan.

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Is he making a Wriggle pic?

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This is a thread in Wriggle-chan's honor, please take your vulgar comments to /v/ and keep this board Wriggle-friendly!

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She's a girl faglord.

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What do her feet smell like?

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touhou is the only game where the fanart is infinitly better than the official art

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She's a stage six boss, an appearance as a stage one boss doesn't premenantly demote her.

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best stage one boss ever

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fresh cut grass

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Fecal matter thread?

Fecal matter thread.

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This thread is about Wriggle/stage 1 bosses, not you.

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Stage 1 bosses/fecal matter thread?

Stage 1 bosses/fecal matter thread.

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What did Wriggle ever do to deserve such abuse?

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Oh, it's just one guy with a vendetta. Maybe two.
Wriggle a cute.

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He probably lost to Wriggle. It's not her fault she's the best stage 1 boss!

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Now I can imagine the smell of Wriggle feet to relax and put me to sleep.

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Please don't bully Wriggle...

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Oh I know it's the same two guys, they even said so before. But I still don't like it.

Sweet dreams!

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I want to have dreams induced by the smell of Wriggle's feet.

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I'm sorry, but a bullied Wriggle is truly the best Wriggle.

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Nothing like seeing Wriggle in pain huh?

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I love smelly girls. That would only make me come closer, so I can smell her body.

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Wriggle doesn't stink, making up mean things isn't nice.

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I want to slap her across the face with that fly swatter.

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She would like to see you try!

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That's not yuyuko

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You're correct.

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wriggle needs a bump

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