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If /jp/ was in charge of making the next touhou fighter, how would you make it?

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Mahvel style.

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Maybe something akin to smash bros.

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Smash Brothers is not a fighting game.

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Fuck fighting games. Touhou City.

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Nobody asked you though, dweeb.

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I don't care, child.

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Too much thought.

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I bet you can't play real fighters for shit anyway so what does it matter.

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Probably like Blazblue, where every character has some sort of gimmick.
Also, big ass roster.

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Name a game.

Go ahead and say Capcom slop, I dare you.

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how as in how would the game be like? or how as in how would i get your asses working?

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I'd start by hiring a person who could draw normal-length arms.

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Hah! Tasofro better have BURN HEAL.

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I've actually gone full autist thinking about this before.

4 button anime style,A = light, B = medium, C = heavy, D would be movement/flight.
Magic series is as follows: s.A->c.A->s.B->c.B->s.C->c.C->command normal->special->super.

Grazing costs super meter, flying costs super meter.

Each character would have a variety of specials, spell cards (which would be supers), last spells which could only be done in Trance mode (more on that later), and Last Words which could also only be done in trance.

Super meter goes up to 200%, at which point you will auto trance. EX specials cost 50% meter, spell cards cost 100%, last spells and last words taking up all of your meter when you're in Trance.

Trance mode works like this, at 100+% meter, you can press all 4 buttons to enter trance, it cancels all attacks/movement similar to a Roman Cancel. In this mode, your meter will be winding down to zero, all EX moves cost 25% instead of 50%, and spell cards cost 50% instead of 100%. Last spells are incredibly powerful spell cards that can only be done in Trance and when they're performed forces you out of trance and your meter goes down to 0 immediately. Last Words can only be done in Trance while your health is sub 30%, they are even stronger than last spells but also immediately drain your meter to zero and can only be used once.
cont in next post

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You have a variety of defensive maneuvers. Each character starts out with 2 bombs per round, you can activate a bomb by pressing A, B, and C at the same time. If in blockstun, you can activate this which will blow the opponent back, but can't be comboed from. If in hitstun, you can death bomb, which will do the same thing, but cost 100% meter and both bombs. In trance, deathbombs only cost one bomb.

Plot would be new touhou causes and incident but will only fight the winner of a spell card duel tournament or something, i dunno

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>Grazing costs super meter, flying costs super meter.
That's why Arcana Heart 3 is terrible, though, because in order for flight to be a mechanic that is consistently available, super meter has to be water as fuck.
Seriously, just have a second meter for flight.

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Also, some characters would have special gimmicks that would make them unique to play.

Kaguya would be a zoning character with different stances corresponding to her treasures, which would change her specials depending on which treasure was currently activated.

Alice would focus on spacing and lockdown, placing dolls in strategic locations and manually activating them by using her special moves.

Mokou would have a Phoenix mode which would add additional fire hitstun and small additional damage to her normals, it increases whenever she deals damage or perfect guards. Her Last Spell, Possessed by Phoenix would instantly fill the bar.

Seiga would have a unique playstyle utilizing Yoshika as an assist, think of Mayuri in the Bleach fighting games on DS.

I put way too much thought for a game that will never exist

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>Grazing costs super meter, flying costs super meter.

NO, make a separate bar

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Super Smash Bros. control scheme because quarter circles are dumb.

Things would be a little weird without an analog stick, but that could be remedied by having shift-move or something do what tap move does.

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Isn't that just Melty Blood with flying? not that wouldn't be great.

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not that it wouldn't be great*

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How about a last chance/second wind system? Once you hit 40% hp, your character gains a permanent passive boost unique to themselves.

Marisa's spells would cost cheaper, youmu would move faster, sakuya's time manipulation would have a longer duration, komachi would stop slacking off...ectect

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I would make it like the DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi series.

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yes this would be fun
i have been playing smash bros for 64 and it is still fun

i am also pretty pro at street fighter 4, so i would love it like that the most

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Yeah that or Budokai 3-ish.

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>Budokai 3
My african american. That was the best DBZ game.

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More comeback mechanics, just what the fighting game world needs.

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I would honestly just polish up the graphics of IaMP, maybe add a new mechanic or two, and call it a day

I am so mad that I never got into play IaMP when it was still popular

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Spells are charged up by moving with the music.

Makes things less linear because everything isn't attack attack attack, defend defend defend.

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Touhou Sky Fight?

Extreme 90s style. Knocking people through walls, finishing moves, one character with gross specials like Suika puking on you, fanservicey outfits, and maybe also an A/B style for each character.

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IaMP 2.
or >>10706159

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like KoF

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>Touhou Sky Fight?
If you are referencing something with this, I don't know what it is.

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He probably means Touhou Sky Arena

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This. I hate mahvels

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Fighters are the most stupid videogames, but if i have to do one i would probably create something like teenage mutant ninja turtles, where you have to explore a level with enemies coming from the sides.

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Unrelated, but does anyone know the artist that drew the cut-ins for suppression by celestial?

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> something like teenage mutant ninja turtles, where you have to explore a level with enemies coming from the sides
That's called a beat 'em up or a brawler, not a fighter.

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A Soul Calibur-esque Touhou fighting game would be pretty cool...or not.

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But you fight in there. And in games like Street Fighter you "beat someone up" because you have to kick and punch them several times.

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All I know is that they should have fixed Alice's gameplay. She was a pain to play with.

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>you have to kick and punch them several times.

You mean throw hadokens and do shoryukens if they try to jump over your projectiles.

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Hey, screw you buddy. Alice's gameplay is awesome and doesn't need fixing

I will *fight* you, nigger

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What would you give to have a DP?

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You westerners and your silly lagtics.

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Considering how much DPs suck in UNL, not much

Besides, that's an intentional weakness in Alice's gameplay. I'd sooner buff her [6]A than give her a DP. A DP completely goes against her gameplay style. Her [6]A.. I don't even know why they gave her that move. Only the slightest few pixels more range than 6A, air blockable, and so situational it's basically only good for showing off against weak opponents

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