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Come to my arms darling~

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I think I'd rather go straight to your chest instead

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I'd want to, but I'll always be too far from you, Yukari. Please come and get me so I may finally hug you.

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i want to smell her womanly scent between her breasts.

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Here, come rest your weary head, Dear
The world is filled with love~

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but then you can't kiss her while embracing her

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I miss hugs.
My mom used to hug me but not in a long time. The only time she touches me is when I go to bed and she kisses me goodnight but it's not a hug.

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You can still pretend on imageboard that you are loved but you will be alone for the rest of your life.

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Maybe she thinks you don't like hugs anymore because you gre up. Give her a hug so she knows that's not true!

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Not true. I love him. I love you. And I love all of /jp/!

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Please do not misuse spoilers.

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You don't.

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Newsflash: No one gives a shit about "misusing" spoilers. Learn more at: www.causes not worth fighting or.com/4chan/jp-misuse-spoilers

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Yes I do.

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Thank you for posting my image.

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Back to your regularly scheduled content

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I give a shit, and so does that other guy.

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I stole it. As well as all your other images.

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Then why don't I feel loved? Checkmate, idiot.

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yes! i'm going!

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that is because you don't let anyone in your heart. heart is like a firewall, you got to open ports and stuff.

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>heart is like a firewall, you got to open ports and stuff
Anon, that was probably the best thing I heard all day.
True and profound yet simple

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please no
we will miss you

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No we won't.

Stop lying.

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I will

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No you won't.

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Are you a masochist /jp/?

Why do you keep making up these impossible scenarios where you're loved and then get mad because they aren't real?

You're like a self propelled machine of depression.

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All I have to do is not wake up.

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Going to be hard to give you a hug with Cirnos undies in the way there...what are you even doing with those?

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I love and miss every /jp/er that leaves this world!

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I think my masochism comes out more in my constant fantasies of touhous femdoming me.

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You probably spend a lot of your time depressed then.

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i love you too

i hope one day the internet is progressive enough so that we can get married online

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I would love their bodies.

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Have fun with this deadly embrace.

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Because the thought of being loved is the only thing that keeps me going, no matter how brief.

Of course I would never admit this outside of an anonymous image board.