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do you like your yukari yakermo to be innocent, or do you prefer the lewd ara ara yukari?

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Why not both.

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lewd as HELL

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the BBA one

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Huh? she's both there at once? can she really both be yukari?

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Border magic.

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woooah dude, post more!

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non-lewd, refined ara ara Yukari

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futa dicks futa dicks everywhere

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post it then

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What about non-lewd ara ara youkai that can also be extremely lewd and give extreme amounts of pleasure?

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Ara ara gets me hard every time

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Tone down on the Yukari threads, too much of a good thing and all that.

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Innocent. Smiling cutely and behaving in a naive manner comes just as naturally to her as scheming, manipulating, gathering intelligence, and acting on it. There is no duality to her, no hidden persona. This is just the way she behaves, and it's just the way she acts. She doesn't think in the way expected from a human, after all.

This is different from Yuuka. Everyone knows Yuuka is the most pants-shittingest youkai in the room. Yuuka knows that everyone knows this. Yuuka rather likes that people know this, but she feels exactly zero pressure to maintain this reputation, because she knows it sustains itself. In fact, all she has to do is drift around, being pretty, and having a beautiful smile, and people will soil themselves in fear in a 50-metre radius. It's what makes her smile more of a smirk.

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Ara ara is my fetish

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Why are their eyes half-closed? Is there too much sunlight?

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They are asian.

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Reading this now, I don’t get it. It looks like the artist is able to draw well but draws shit on purpose.

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Loving grandma Yakumo

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Yukari is too lewd.

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Slightly lewd ara ara

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mind master Yukari

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Look /jp/, I love you and all but this isn't working anymore.

Let's take a small break to revitalize hour relationship.