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IaMP time!
http://iamp.mizuumi.net/index.php/Main_Page wiki

Also join the irc channel #iamp on irc.mizuumi.net with your favourite irc-client or http://chat.mizuumi.net/irc.cgi

Hosting (EU)

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over, not hosting anymore

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age for no one plays at 7:30am.

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pretty new

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if you end hosting, you should make a closure post.

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Isn't it amazing how everyone just gives their IP away on /jp/?

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/jp/ is the friendliest board filled with love, trust and occasional racist threads ;__;

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new host please

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the hackers on steroids stay in /b/

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what is the port?

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Millions of people every day give away their IP. It's not a big deal, especially with the vast majority of them behind routers these days. Worst you can do is DoS them but, well, not like that's really worth the effort.

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i'd play but I have aa sore throat and strep throat or some shit and it hurts when I swallow my saliva and get excited

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I got rid of my copy of IamP because my controller broke and I HATE playing fighting games with the keyboard.

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>> No.107714 EU

>> No.107749

>>107714 <-over

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today sure is quiet

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Because it's fucking 1:40 PM Eastern time, people are still working or in school

I just finished my only class for the day.

With that said, who's hosting? I'm terrible but I'll play a few games

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im up for a few games. if no one can host use option 7.

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7 gogo

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ever heard of them Europeans?

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Hosting (East USA)

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You give it away to complete strangers constantly.

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Hosting (EU)

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You can't do much with someones IP.

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Anyone hosting? Newbie here

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Still hosting.

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Okay enough china rape for today let's do some LOVE !

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Damn phone. GGs anyway

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Sorry, I had to close it. I don't know what happened that caused that sudden burst of lag.

GGs though, thanks!

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I'm satiated.

Let's play some fantastic fighting game.

US East.

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Now hosting:

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GGs to whoever played me, damn i still suck

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Lets Play IaMP

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GG MX. Choked so goddamn many times.

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Things feel so different when you're near death.

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Hijacking an IaMP thread with SWR. (California, USA)

Intermediate Aya user.

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Anybody is still alive?

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ggs but i have to do something for about 10 minutes.

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the problem i have is i dont like to concentrate on one character

it gets too boring

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I find it kind of boreing that people spam the same combo over and over but you get over it.

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GGs Beikho

>> No.110179

GGs S. The moment I saw you choose Sak, I knew it was over.

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You really need to get a handle on grazing. You ran into alot of stuff I wasn't expecting you to in those AlicexSuika matches.

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Yes i screwed bad in some spots, anyway i'm fucking tired.......

GGs everyone keep the netplay alive

>> No.110316

i'm going to fucking ping all of you to death like the mother fucking fist of the north star.

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>> No.110336
East coast US
Connection quality questionable
Incompetent Remi player

>> No.110341 EU, intermediate I guess

>> No.110443

About IP addresses...
You do realize that every time you, for example download a torrent, you are giving away your IP to EVERYONE who is downloading that same torrent? I bet you all torrent shit all the time.

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ggs, bedtime

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>> No.110970

Somebody host, newb here gogo

>> No.111008

US east, female player :<

>> No.111807

Great game whoever played me.

>> No.111808


gg, hands tired :(

>> No.111817


stop being a fucking attention whore. no one cares if you're a girl.

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dude i'm wanking off to it I care

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Anyone still playing?

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West coast US
Slightly above beginner.

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No one's playing?

>> No.113195

Still waiting. ヽ(;´Д`)ノ

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Try it on port 4201, and I'll see if I can join.

Damned campus firewall.

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I'm trying to get this shit working so I can play you guys.

>> No.113226

GG Nari, but lags way too much.

>> No.113229

woa touhou fighting game? were can i get this?!

sorry for probably noobish question, just found touhou around 2 weeks ago....

>> No.113232

Let's try this again. I closed some programs.

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He... links it in the original post?

...why don't you try thinking about things before you post.

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I know the feeling... but I'll probably just buy another controller. Eventually. Like when SWR comes out for real.

>> No.113244

thanks ano
the link to wiki the page with nothing? yea.....

>> No.113246

goddamn spell fail and even quote link fail. :(

no more posting for me

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Oh, hum.

Fancy that, a mirror to the program located at the very top of the wiki.

Are you dumb or something?

>> No.113260

no just very fucking tired. i have been running off of Mountain Dew and coffee for the past 2 days to stay up and do work.

sorry for missing the link and bothering you guys

>> No.113275

Oh, cool. Get some sleep then.

I was fully expecting you to get defensive. Kudos to you.

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anyone still hosting?

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>> No.113842

any games going?

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Hisouten time. (California, USA)

Decent Casual Aya.

>> No.117278 EU
uh, high level in here I guess.

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>> No.117370

Did I miss it?

>> No.117418

This shit crashes everytime I try to run it after patching..

>> No.117433

Hosting IaMP: - East USA, power level is well below 9000.

>> No.117498
Eurofag hosting.

Level - Pretty low
I've never netplayed before.

>> No.117662

... I don't know how to play anyone but Alice.

>> No.117682

anyone not in a game? ive been trying to join peoples, but theyre all busy

>> No.117723

Pretty low-level casual.

>> No.117774


a few tips: don't always airtech, some characters are very good at punishing it. Also on the ground, dont always tech roll away from the opponent, you're being 100% predictable with it. If you had autosave replay on, watch one of those matches and everytime you get knocked down, take a guess which way you're teching and you'll see how predictable your techings are. It's good to stay neutral sometimes, too.

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can i call next match?

>> No.117813

Eu - south america is hardly playable. Expect 10 delay

>> No.117818

southern area of america(ex. florida, georgia), not south america

>> No.117827

I don't think, I feel. This is how I achieved tanasinn.

>> No.117868

Hosting again. Please apply sufficient lubricant before raping me gently.

>> No.117879

oh, misread. Still 7-8 delay though.

>> No.118018

gah, game pads not working... reconnecing it...

>> No.118021

US East.

Progressing Alice. Typical Youmu sans 4k combos and decent reads.

>> No.118160

Heh, I actually snapped my analog stick in half in the middle of a match the other day. Had to play the rest of it on a jagged stump. Was neither fun nor effective. But it was time for a new one. The A button died months ago and I had been using counter-intuitive button schemes for everything (it was a Saturn-style pad with dual analogs).

>> No.118178

how do i hook up game pad for caster?

>> No.118187

Caster just runs off of your normal button configuration. So use the config program to set up your controls.

Also, >>117433 hosting again.

>> No.118201

or even at all for IaMP, its not workin with me

>> No.118210

You need to run config.exe in windows 2000 compatibility I think.

>> No.118215


>> No.118219

config program dont do shit for me, doesnt even open or do anything. am i doing somthin wrong

>> No.118223

Whoever played Suika a lot:
I beat you once, haw haw haw.

.. it was nice. As you might have noticed I don't know how to play anyone but Alice, and barely even that. Hopefully I'll get better in time.

>> No.118233

how do i do that then? isnt it a startup option when you turn on your computer

>> No.118242

never mind, i got it. ty for the help

>> No.118244

anyone in US west playing right now?
i'll reinstall iamp if anyone is, i played actively like a year ago so i should still be okay.

>> No.118260

I do. but I trade off between melty and this. and im not on /jp/ all the time.

>> No.118280


Twas fun, til game went BOOOOOOOOOOOM.

>> No.118289

GGs. If you want to get better you should just play a lot, preferably with people better than you. You can learn more about Alice and her playstyle here:

>> No.118357

I've only been playing for a few days, and I've never played any fighting games before (spare Tekken 3), so I think I performed pretty decent.
.. at times.

Alice was the first character I beat the CPU on normal with, which is why I decided to play her. Should I learn to play her good before I start trying other characters, or is that a bad idea?

>> No.118548

1.Right click on the config icon
2.Set windows 2000 compatibility

>> No.118558

I'm pretty new to IaMP myself (although I play other fighting games), so I can't really say. Generally, you should try out all the characters until you have found one that you like and stick with that character. At least until you've gotten a better understanding of the game and it's mechanics.

>> No.118575

sakuya is the most noob friendly player, alice has to keep distance and spam shit all the fucking time so i guess it's a bit hard for beginners.

>> No.118584


She is very hard to play, and plays a lot differently than the other characters. Lots of micromanagement and guesswork.

>> No.118594

Man, I finally started playing this game again after just giving it up months ago.

I'm getting a USB adapter for my PS2 controller. Fuck I am just god awful at this.

>> No.118597

remi is hands down the most noob-friendly character, followed by yuyu

>> No.118637

Could someone host a game on port 4201?

I'm behind a campus firewall, and I managed to get a port for Ventrilo opened, but nothing besides that. So IRC is out, and for the moment, 7500 UDP is out. ;_;

>> No.118655

only the host has to have an open port, idiot.

>> No.118678

Hi, you don't understand networking.

Only the host needs to have his port *forwarded*.

The campus I live on blocks any inbound and outbound traffic unless it's under a specific port (like the one I asked open, or the http port).

>> No.118918

Crush any sense of confidence I have left.
US East, Casual

>> No.118975

Could you... host that on 4201?

>> No.118977



>> No.119003

drop out.
nobody is going to go out of their way to play a fighting game with you.

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First time trying to host a match, and you'll kick my ass, just trying to get this thing figured out.

>> No.119045

GG whoever I just went up against... your bubbles of fury... and the finisher for when I chose the failure of a Country (china) was nice.

>> No.119066

>failure of a Country (china)
oh you best be joking.

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She is already too large... how much more do you want man.

>> No.119475




US East.

>> No.119481

Until she is completely immobile.

>> No.119529


Hah. One more match. I need to start using more ranged attacks.

>> No.119570



Head over to the wiki and start reading up on the character you want to play as. I've gone miles in days from their basic gameflow discussion.

>> No.119647


I kind want to do that and practice in Practice, but I got bored after like 10 min

I'd rather just fight people and figure it out. It's always more satisfying fighting real life opponents even if it's getting stomped

>> No.119663

Try setting up th075Booster, it puts up a good, somewhat human-like fight. It's on the wiki somewhere.

>> No.119690


It's more of a state of mind thing. Knowing what you're fighting against

>> No.119737


>> No.119773


Going into practice and using the guides are good for learning what you can do once you've landed that hit (or more often, block) against your opponent. Like if I land an early j.a with Youmu, I can chain it with j.c 6d j.b j.c and get a ludicrous amount of damage or a sweet gaurd break, depending on where I am on the field. You learn the combos, then you learn to apply them.

>> No.119791


yea im aware of the benefits. i just dont want to do it, zzzzzzz

maybe it's because iamp isn't big enough to motivate me. back in the days (10 years ago lol), i practiced really hard with starcraft, not because i wanted to be pro or anything but i at least knew there were tons and tons of people to play against any at time

not the same with iamp and it's definitely a little discouraging as much as i like touhou

>> No.119797

There's a few dozen active players on the irc channel, there's usually a game up or someone up for a game most of the time.

>> No.119828


#iamp kind gives off the PRO feeling though. watched a game with bellrisa (sp?) against some youmu player form /jp/ who was leagues better than me and it was a pretty disgusting stomp in favor of bell. i'm still a beginner and i'm fairly content just fighting a few random people on /jp/ at the moment. i dont think im that much of a fightan gamu player anyway. my left hand fingers get sore too fast, maybe i should fap more with both hands

shrug, maybe some random events will motivate me, who knows

>> No.119971

Well, to be fair, bell's pretty much at the highest level around there when when he gets serious.

There's some decent diversity around, but whatever you want, man.

>> No.120375

Hosting up for a few quick matches, US West.

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