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Hey guys, since I like touhou and doesn't care about election, I have projected a vote for next touhou popularity poll with info available to me. (thwikipoll, pixiv tag, and stuff) You can call me Nate Silver of /jp/ if I got it all right.

According to stuff, this is the next top 10:
1 Hakurei Motherfucking Reimu
2 Sakuya, I hate that bitch though
3 Flan
4 Remilia, people really have a thing with loli vampires
5 Aya for some reason not related to being Zun's wife
6 Alice
7 Yuuka
8 Youmu
9 Mokoutan could be back in top10
10 Marisa is surprisingly unpopular

It's accurate within the probability theory.
I have no idea about discussion that happen all the time on the internet, those are important factors but who cares enough to gather them anyway.

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Where is okuu.

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(3x^2 - 9) / ( x - 3) dx

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Does anyone have that picture of Reimu running over Sakuya and the Scarlet sisters in a Jeep?

Because that's how I feel right now. Those bitches need to die.

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>10 Marisa is surprisingly unpopular

About fucking time people are waking up to the bland, shallow reality of Marisa's character.

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Sadly, nothing other than a, lust for, treasure and fixing problems that affect her is way more, than most touhou, its more likely people are bored and marisa has lost being as interesting since 5

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Dunno about that, but in the recent poll she sure take the dip. Pixiv people draw her less too.

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Good, I like Sakuya.

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Remilia gets updated on Pixiv every couple of minutes during Nippon peak time. It's quite lovely. She's the best 6th stage boss, after all.

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Remilia a shit. Best 6th stage boss represent

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You have bad taste.

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My tastes are of the highest caliber.

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EoSD casts are all overrated.

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I'm stealing all your images.

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2mm Kolibri tastes.

Highly rated, not over rated.

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EoSD are extremely overrated.

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what the fuck is this sentence?
did no one else see this?
I can barely understand what its trying to say.

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Typical Marisa fan grammar

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Repeating false statements merely reinforces their falsity.

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kill yourself, you fucking vampire pedophile. go fap to your epic flanfly meme, Sakuya PADS and Remilia CHARISMA BREAK wwwww


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Wow I didn't think anyone would be on my side with this.

But anyway Hakugyokurou>SDM

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well it was more of me on my phone, and I was more of just explaining it in general though, most touhous are bland and have very little well-established character other than those that get lots of dialogue by being playable or tons of manga screentime

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How tragic, the soreness of your bottom.

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Still mad because Remilia and Sakuya are top tier in soku? Yuyuko and Youmu, a shit.

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"Epic memes" do not represent the characters themselves. I hope you realize how much the Yuyuko maymays shit her up.

As for myself I like Yuyuko more than most of the EOSD characters but she doesn't come close to Remi for me.

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I myself just don't understand why people love Ms. Edgy Vampire over Ms. Peaceful Ghost

What's the appeal?

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I prefer Youmu, if only because being a little ditzy is amusing. She's fun to read in CoLA.

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I always thought Yuyuko was more or a ditz than Youmu.

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Youmu doesn't understand a thing that's going on around her, despite how serious she pretends to be. Yuyuko actually has a good idea of EVERYTHING that is going on, in some form or fashion.

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Personally the following attributes are balanced in my personal preference but I don't speak for other Remi fans:

Outfit: Remi
Color scheme: Remi
Danmaku: Remi (not a fan of Butterflies)
Species: Remi
Elegance: Yuyu
Refined: Yuyu
Personality: Remi
Theme: Slight edge Remi
Incident: Remi
Background: Yuyu
IN shot type: Remi/Sakuya
Dialogue: Remi

There are plenty of reasons to like both. I just have more reasons to like Remi than I do Yuyuko.

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I also prefer Youmu over Yuyuko.

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I like Yuyuko better in terms of character but I like Remilia better in terms of aesthetics.

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Sakuya-chan is my waifu.

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Remilia's true elegance is that she's not all that refined at all. It's almost like she ordered "How to be an Aristocrat: For Dummies.", read it, and lived it.

CoLA Remilia's outfit is best.

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I can understand all of those things except personality. Remi is such a brat.

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at least we can agree that Remi and Yuyu are better than the Lunatic Princess right?

or should we be making the comparison to Eirin...? I never know which to consider the Stage 6 boss for that one

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Being a brat is adorable, because it's the disconnect between how she perceives herself, and how others perceive her.

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ugh, really? I dislike everything about Remilia's and Sakuya's designs for CoLA, even though I love CoLA itself.
Original designs are way superior. It's like the illustrator for CoLA was making fun of ZUN hats with the hat he gave Remilia

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Popularity polls are shit. The real way to determine who's the most popular is by number of fanart and doujins.

The most popular is:


In that order.

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I like the harsh aggressiveness to her over the more quiet and reserved Yuyuko. You really know when she walks in the room.

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I can agree with that

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That hat is a divine creation. I kill you.

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We should just have a popularity poll that doesn't count the main characters. It's already obvious that they are popular due to being the most recognizable.

What I want to see is how popular the sub characters are.

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you don't have to hate the SDM just because they're popular, you bunch of hipsters.

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Doesn't well represent the people who aren't artistically inclined. Though it does do a good job of representing the demand for works including these characters.

I still would prefer a popularity poll. People vote for who they like. Artists try to appeal to the masses. Reimaricirno is a much wider cast net than say, Satori.

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Why would you make that in anything other than a real spreadsheet? Trying to read that is annoying as fuck. Though I can see that Remi/Fran are no slouches in overall number of images. No slouches at all.

I think a better test would be to see how many dakimakura variants there are for a character.

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I always preferred divine reserved gracefulness over the spoiled manner Remi presents herself with.

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that's not fair because it doesn't take into account that certain characters have simply been around longer and have thus over the years accumulated more doujinshi despite perhaps not being more popular than certain newer characters

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That spreadsheet image actually takes into account that, as on the right side it has an average increase calculation. Also, the total number of images are for a particular period of time, not overall for all years/dates.

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I bet you like Belldandy, too. Absolutely atrocious.

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ugh no. fuck that show

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Short-short hair Remi is best. It must be short. No exceptions.

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I said graceful, not retarded

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My opinion is, and this is simply guessing, is that Cirno is popular among girls who are more likely to draw her, you know, fairy and all and girls are less likely to take part in popularity polls.

Reimu and Marisa are a no brainer.

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Is this a thing now or is it just one guy spamming it?
I don't think I even need to explain how stupid it is.

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The SDM has elegant ladies. Sakuya is my waifuuuuuuu.

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I didn't know you thought like that. Good.

Getting mad in a civilized discussion proves you don't truly have arguments to prove your statements.

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Please do not misuse spoilers.

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They're called surprise boxes

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they're also used as aside comments

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That's spoiler misuse.

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>EoSD is popular

EoSD fans motto:

"Eat shit, ten thousand million flies can not be wrong."

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Remilia is number one in the Touhou.

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Step off child

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Want to try dying again?

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Want to try it yourself?

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Undeniable proof

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I would like to serve Yuyuko.

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byakuren looks really cool as a banchou

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sauce plox?

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Mima will win, I can feel it in my bones.

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Somehow it turned into Yuyu vs Remi thread.
Well, you see, vampires are all too common now. We have so many shitty anime, movie, and manga. Remi is not one of them but shooting people with butterflies is still cooler than biting their neck and spread AIDS.

>> No.10662709

I predict an increase in both Futo and Miko's ranking.

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Like most character after PCB, they won't really make it to top 10.
I think new player entry point is EoSD, thus the votes go there.

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>Theme: Slight edge Remi

But her theme is a Beethoven's Pathetique ripoff. Yuyuko's Theme on the other hand is ZUN's finest.

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>Outfit: Remi
Am i the only one who thinks her outfit is plain? Yuyuko at least has a lot of thing going with the design.

>Color scheme: Remi
One seems reddish for fierce and another is blue/pink for beauty. I have to admit, Red looks menacing.

>Danmaku: Remi (not a fan of Butterflies)
Danmaku is about shooting bullet patterns. So in this case, Yuyuko ones are prettier.

Species: Remi
Something about being dead and unreal is more scary than physical alive being which is Vampires.

>Elegance: Yuyu
That's why i serve her.

>Refined: Yuyu

>Personality: Remi
A brat who talks big is nothing compare to Yuyuko's aloof outside, smart inside character.

>Theme: Slight edge Remi

>Incident: Remi
Remi causes pollution. Sounds bad and all but Yuyuko literally disturbs the cycle of nature by elongation the winter. That is more fearsome

Background: Yuyu
Because Remi has no background at all. She's not even the daughter of Tepes.

IN shot type: Remi/Sakuya
...Yeah. This one is true.

>Dialogue: Remi
Being called Charisma and all, she has the best line. I have to admit that. But Yuyuko has more insight than words though.

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It's not a ripoff. It's an improvement. It also gave rise to the IaMP version of it, which is simply wonderful. The SWR version is horrible, though...

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When is next thwiki poll? It's supposed to be here already.

>> No.10664675

After the next game. Simple as that.

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Just for you, anon.

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Thank you so much

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Oh wow. It's the exact same as every other poll has been.

What a surprise.

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Sorry, but Eientei is best cast.

It's okay to argue for second place though.

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The status quo must be regulated, after all.

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Flan will never get a higher spot than Remilia.

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I did the touhou test last month and got Wriggle as my #1.

It took at least 40 minutes to go through.

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Can you spoonfeed me that?

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