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How many NEETs have fallen?

How many otaku have been lost to the harshness of the world after being thrown into the streets by cruel parents?

What is the death toll of lost otaku each year? I don't want to have to bury another body of a fallen otaku.

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Dude, NEET and otaku are not the same thing. Why don't you fuck off to /a/? Or /b/

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The only true loss is that of being unable to spend life in your own way.

A NEET who chose that way of life has nothing to feel sad for. Rather, I'm happy for them, because they do what they want until the end.

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Death of neet is when they get a life.
If they got a life, how can there be a death toll?

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Honesta mors turpi vita potior
NEET for life

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You can't be otaku if you have a job.

The only otaku who are employed are job otaku, people who are obsessed with their jobs. If you take time out of your otaku activities to do labor then you don't have enough dedication to be considered otaku.

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Because if they get a life they'll eventually die.

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But that's Latin.

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better safe than sorry

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But without money you can't progress in your hoarding.

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What hoarding?

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Sounds like taco/burrito talk to me.

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I once confessed to a girl and she just laughed and told me to stay away from her. Cried in a bathroom stall for 20 minutes out of embarrassment and my face was so red too

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Such as action figures... etc

You should get the idea.

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Holy fuck, owned so hard. I would proolly laugh like crazy if I saw that. And I would follow you into the stall to continue laughing.

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smelly neet pussy

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It's okay Anon! You'll find someone who is nice and appreciates you. Don't ever give up!

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No, he won't. Stop giving him false hope.

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Shit like that makes me glad I never had the balls to confess to a girl

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if girls don't come up to you and ask what you're doing or invite you to anything, it means you're ugly

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That isn't true. Sometimes you can be just not hot enough for that to happen if you don't have a social circle.

Having friends makes the whole girl thing come about 10 times easier.

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Strange girls are supposed to materialize in my house and ask me out?

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It's okay I'm on paid time off starting Friday.

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You're mean.

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I;m sorry, I have been feeling really bad today, please forgive me.

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It's ok I forgive you. Lets all be friends ok?

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u guis gonna FUG?
u gotta fetish 4 men?

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No didn't you read I confessed to a girl? I'm not gay please don't talk like that.

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can i lick ur plump helmet? ;d

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That's funny, I was just thinking about DF.

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I lost 4 years of internet bookmarks
that has affected my ability to take it easy
so much important things
links to obscure doujins
links to stores that I could never remember the names of
links to pasteebins full of information

I will rebuild though
it'll just take time

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typical murrican education

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too many to count...................

Please spare moment of thought for our fallen brothers.......

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Why didn't you keep them?

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iluvOP is Finnish.

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Yeah bud, every fucking one is.

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You keep that stuff in text files, not in fucking bookmarks.

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Today I saw a black guy with his arm around a white girl. They looked really happy. I however was grossed out.

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Racist sexist

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And take backups of them in numerous HDDs?

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So on my way back from the store today, I saw a pin up on the street side near a school. It was an ad for some negros youtube channel. You know what I did? I took out my pocket book,ripped a piece of paper and wrote "Nigger lol :P" on it. I had no tape to change what the poster said but the poster had enough extra tape on the side so I ripped some of that off and stuck it right on the guys name. It then read as "Nigger (lol :P)" pet.

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Seriously I don't like this gay talk please just stop

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The same thing happened to me. I lost 250 gigabytes of shows, pictures, games, and txt files with things that I wanted to remember to do and things that I wanted to remember doing on them. Rebuilding seemed so tedious that I keep putting it off, but your post is motivating me to get started. Thank you.

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in da closet? :d

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This is why you make a backup file of your bookmarks every 6months on a flash drive if you favorite stuff a lot.

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no people at my alma mater thought I was gay and it didn't make my life fun at all so pls stop

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I did that with my txt's but then I lost the flashdrive! How do I keep from losing it?

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When you cry, wash your face with cold water.
Your red face should go away.

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>Anonymous: brb think i saw ghost
>Anonymous is offline: 252 days

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thankyou anonymous

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please tell me you're kidding.

or maybe you got blocked in a memorable fashion

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I was in a public restroom, how was I supposed to get out of the stall?

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You're just jealous you didn't get any ghost paizuri

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You should've bought some cold water with you.

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NEETs never die until they get a life.

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Put it underneath your carpet or upload a copy to mediafire.

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>upload a copy to mediafire.
and then mediafire deletes it
better to send it to your email

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Oh yeah as an attachment.

That too.

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You people are more demanding than she was...

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Oh hai Shin.