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/jp/ how the fuck do I unlewd myself

You've mindbroken me

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the HELL i don't remember this

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Please explain your lewdness.

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Neither do I but I've got the pic saved.

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stop looking at porn you piece of shit

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I yearn for penises, mostly.

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So, go suck one.

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Eat raw sausage for a month straight while surrounding yourself with images of dicks. If you aren't sick of it by then you are already past the point of no return.

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i think f u like2 suk cawks u shold suk cawk. i liek 2 suk cawk now nd thm myslf

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This post really made me smile.

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Please don't post lewd images on /jp/.

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What episode was this?

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Become a nudist. Enough time around naked bodies should help you just tune out erotic thinking. Like since you'll just be used to butt naked you won't care as much about it and stuff.

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Seriously when did this happen

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who gives a damn, uiharu is fugly

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Why is Uiharu so erotic

Her neck, her shoulders, her back especially

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Uiharu is a slut.

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She looks like a dude.

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I'm the same.
I have porn open all the time, masturbate 3 times a day, and when I'm not masturbating I'm feeling myself up.

I can't even watch anime or play videogames that aren't sufficiently sexualized.

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>and when I'm not masturbating I'm feeling myself up.

This. Exactly this. And it's what /jp/ did to me.
Feels good, but it's out of control.

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That's what happens when you never have a girlfriend. You discover the joys of self-satisfaction and lose all will to perform anything that would make you work on concentrate, because such activities are meant to be done so that you can find yourself someone to feel you up and have sex with you.

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I can't go on 4chan without seeing porn.

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Get a job you damn gay hippie

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Okay, then, enjoy going bald, then, you've got too much hormones.

Nobody jerks off 3 times a day after their teenage years.

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When I'm not masturbating, I'm still having cute lewd fantasies.

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>cute lewd

Elaborate upon this

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Cute slut though.

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Joke's on you I masturbate about twice a week and I'm already balding

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Ack. Well, sorry to hear that.

I think they'll be joining you in the hair club if that's any comfort.

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There's studies for and against the theory of DHT-produced by masturbation causing balding.

On my end, masturbating as I do, I should have a lot of manly traits. So far, that is not the case and it's been so for years.

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I'm 30, have a job, a masturbate at least twice a day and have a head full of hair

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Well, it's really more about the actual hair's weakness to the hormones than the levels themselves.

If they don't have it they can probably masturbate as much as they want.

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Are you a wizard?

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Must be the wizard power.

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Wait, I'm getting confused, are we talking about hormones causing masturbation or masturbation causing hormones?

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While it contains fetishes, it is extremely soft core and lighthearted. Mostly involving girls being a little too close.

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It's like this; Masturbation causes a spike in Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a male hormone. If you have the genetic weakness of inherited male-pattern baldness DHT will make it all fall out for reason we're not quite sure of yet. If you have strong genetic makeup you can probably have fuckhigh DHT levels and still have good hair all the way to the grave.

tl;dr if you don't have our shit-tier genes you can fap away

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you can flap away

flap flap flap flap

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This is actually the truth.

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DHT, eh? Sounds trippy

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Dihidrotestosterone (DHT) is a hormone produced by the supra-renal glans. If you browse 4chan all the time like me you probably lost your sides a long time ago so your not producing any DHT at all and can fap all you want.

Pic related something to make your sides go out of orbit.

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Does this image do anything for you?

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It does.

I want to lick it all over.

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Not OP but yes.
Oh god I'm drooling uncontrollably right now please make it stop

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It took me a little less than 10 seconds to pop a boner. Help.

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Please make sure to quality check your posts in order to make sure you are not misusing chan features such as spoilers, as you have done in this post.

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And you can eat a dick.

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I don't like bananas.

I fugging love cock though.

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The fact he's drooling could be a major plot point.

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That's not chocolate.

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You moan in pleasure, and start bobbing your head back and forth, taking more and more of the dick into your mouth. You stroke the rest of the cock in time with your sucking. You can hear muffled grunting and snorting coming from the other side of the wall, obvious sounds of approval from your partner.

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I instantly recognized this.

I am so ashamed.

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The text or the image?

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The text.

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You gloryhole slut.

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I just can't stop.

The first time that I got the special scene I couldn't control myself.

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I can't find it anywhere and I'd appreciate a clue on the image's source. Artist name would be more than enough.

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[Kouchaya (Ootsuka Kotora)] Secret Love 2 (Maoyuu Maou Yuusha)

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I wish they had more scenes and longer ones, that one being the longest sucks.

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The text comes from a text based game, Corruption of Champions and that scene comes from a gloryhole scene in the Salon.

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That's a lot more than I hoped for. Thank you very much.

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Hey! You lied to me! I didn't find that image anywhere!!

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Stupid boy.


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Oh. Nevermind. I'm sorry, I wasn't reading number 2, I was reading number 1.

You're the troll here, with your pandas...

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Why don't you swallow your own semen, /jp/?

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>he doesn't know about sadpanda

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I can never tell who's joking in these situations.

I'm guessing >>10657988 was aware of ExHentai and was being silly, and >>10658004 is a genuine /a/ regular who thinks he's funny?

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Please avoid pandaposting.

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I like that.

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I love cute boys using girl clothes, it's that bad?

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Sounds good to me.

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But I do.

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I cum in my hand. Then I lick it and savor the taste for sime time, before I swallow it like a slut.

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Refractory period?

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Somehow it doesn't really bother me. I also noticed my refractory periods are becoming shorter and shorter, sometimes I can go multiple times in a course of few minutes.
I don't ejaculate nearly as much after the first one, but it feels progressively better.

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I envy you. All that semen to swallow.

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I do this too.

After lapping it up I get so hard after but nothing comes out after the first shot. So sad.

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It's only a problem because it has a tendency to turn into prolonged sessions of self-pleasuring, and it's easy to put the rest of life on hold and procrastinate everything.

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Keep edging, you might get some precum (aftercum?) as a dessert.

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How many loads have you swallowed in a row?

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My record was 6.

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I don't get how anyone can fap several times on end. After cumming once I feel immediately disgusted by my lewdness and lose all desire to continue.

>> No.10658307

I don't know. Three or four? After third time in a row almost nothing comes out anymore.

I usually keep going for a few milder cums afterwards to ease myself off the madness that lust puts on me.

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They are from some comedic specials, gud luk finding them all (very hard) but I'll give you this:


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After you accept everything about yourself, disgust disappears, and as a bonus, you have much easier time to change habits or attitudes you think you might need addressing.

Self-acceptance does not mean numb satisfaction with a habit, you know. You keep striving to your dreams and changing yourself, but yo are in peace with your present self as it is a bridge to improved you, and you're already on the way there.

And if in the meantime you happen to enjoy slutting it up a little in private what's the harm?

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Anyone else into self-mutilation?

>> No.10658325

Do you play with it?

>> No.10658327


>After cumming once I feel immediately disgusted by my lewdness

Sometimes I wonder if sex should be taken more seriously, I mean it is an act of procreation where you create a human life, something that will suffer and feel joy and inevitably succumb to old age and die.

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Uh.. that sounds a bit too much for me. Most I've done was self spanking and such.

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In my mouth? Yes.

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Depends on the mood, privacy, and time available.
Sometimes I just lick it, sometimes I play with it, mix it with saliva and/or let it dribble. Sometimes I pretend I'm being used like those girls in JAV flicks.

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What do you mean like those girls in JAV, what happens to them?

>> No.10658337

What does that have to do with masturbation?

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It's been some time I've been watching it, but all kinda stuff, bukkake, throat fucking and so on. For who's into it, there's a lot of vomit fetish there, though fortunately not a big thing for me - it'd be impractical to derive great pleasure from throwing up all around my apartment.

But whatever comes to my mind at the moment, really.

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It.. it wasn't lewd

Was it?

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You mean in a sexual way?

Then yes.

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I cut myself once. It hurt a lot less than I thought it would and I felt great after this initial shock went away. I don't really have the urge to do it again though.

>> No.10658539


That's... that's how my fantasies are anon.

>> No.10658574

How do you do it?

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Since when has my Uhiharu been lewd.

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I feel eroi for posting about this so much but I didn't talk about it often before this week.

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You become a wizard at thirty unless you're married or have a girlfriend then its not so.

>> No.10658620

Because Uiharu is a good girl.

>> No.10658632

That's quite lewd.

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My thoughts exactly.

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I can't help it okay!

D-Do I need a spanking?

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That is a very lewd picture, OP and I like it.

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/jp/, I've been real lewd lately. I keep wanting to fap and dress up like a pretty girl. Why?

>> No.10658705

Yes, your bare bottom needs to be smacked raw.

>> No.10658706

You sure do. A hard spanking for being so naughty.

Do it. It feels good.

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H-here you go.

Please be gentle. I'm not used to other people inflicting pain on me. It's so shameful. What would my father say...

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Think of who her seiyu is. Instant put-off.

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Uiharu is a pure girl.

>> No.10659340

Start dressing like a little girl. Once you feel completely at ease it stops being lewd and becomes normal.

>> No.10659346

Then you will not understand why everybody wants to fuck you for wearing a short skirt.

>> No.10659987

and thats not fucking okay

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Ever get turned on by the smell of your own penis?

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I jack off once a week but no longer than that can i hold it.

>> No.10660013

All the time. I haven't washed myself in months and whenever I get this stink from my crotch/armpits I have to go masturbate.

>> No.10660015

Smell is one of my fetishes,so yeah

>> No.10660046

I'm really hard right now are there any good gloryhole stories

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>> No.10660060

Once i sucked a dick.

>> No.10660061

please respond

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Please do not misuse spoilers.

>> No.10660075

How did it taste?

>> No.10660078

Like a bag of sand.

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I've sucked cock before and "velvety hard" is exactly how I would describe the way the skin of a cock slipping against your lips and tongue feels when you first put it in your mouth, as well as the radiating warmth of it that spreads through you through your mouth and the warm, gooey feeling in your head you get if you're really into it. Once it's good and wet though it just glides in and out of your mouth. And the flavor is a slight saltiness that's unlike skin elsewhere on the body. Sucking cock is really just as much fun as it looks.

>> No.10660089

Please make sure to quality check your posts before submitting them. The quality of posts is extremely important to this community.

>> No.10660092

I would suck your cock, dude. Where do you live?

>> No.10660099

Go on...

>> No.10660102

Me first. Please? I'll suck your cock afterwards to make up for it.

>> No.10660106

You need a blowjob so bad?

>> No.10660109

I just want someone to violently take my penis virginity. I can't ever take the initiative so I must be raped.

>> No.10660112

I need a /jp/er's strong, dominant penis very much, yes.

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I want to suck a dick with a cute /jp/sie. Both of us sucking and licking the cock until it cums, then we would swap the semen back and forth.

>> No.10660119

Could we kiss while we do that? I'd love to feel the taste of a tongue who just tasted cock!

>> No.10660120

Some girls started hitting on me. Am I still allowed to lurk /jp/?

They also happen to be single mothers who need money. All I think about is cumming inside them and impregnating them but I would feel like a normie scumbag.

>> No.10660122

Yes of course.

>> No.10660123

How would you swap the cum back and forth without kissing, baka?

>> No.10660124

Please stop. I'm literally about to cry because this will never be real.

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Your face when this is moot posting as Anon.

>> No.10660130

It will never be real for you but it will be real for some of us going to see ZUN in America.

>> No.10660132

You're both so nice! I can't wait for the next /jp/ meetup!

>> No.10660139

Am i the only one who uses a cock ring?

>> No.10660141

Do it. I'm totally sexual frustrated, the other day i was with a girl that actually wanted to suck cock, but since i'm full beta nothing happened. I really regret it now. Don't miss your chance, feels bad if you let it go.

>> No.10660144

Why do you need one?

>> No.10660145

Don't listen to this anon. You'll regret it forever.

>> No.10660148

They are dangerous. Stopping the blood flow can cause issues.

Here, let me take it off. Nice and slow.

>> No.10660151

It makes the feeling of cumming more intense for me.

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Does anyone else get the urge to be used to swallow gallons of semen?

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>> No.10660205

Is semen easy to drink like that? I think it would get stuck in your mouth because it's sticky, no?

>> No.10660206

You aren't really gay if you can't make a good cocksucking post without stealing from /a/.

>> No.10660211

Have you never swallowed your own semen?

>> No.10660216

I get an erection every time I think about sucking cocks.

Time to take a break from /jp/.

>> No.10660220

I have tried many times but I can't figure the logistics to get it into my mouth.

>> No.10660221

I could only drink it if it came straight from the source. I don't think I could drink it from a cup or anything like that.

>> No.10660223

It doesn't works I already tried. Your mind will start to obsess and daydream about it from the void left from quitting /jp/.

Your only choice is to suck a cock to kill the temptation.

>> No.10660226

Lick it up from your hand.

Try it, cum into a cup and drink it.

>> No.10660231

So do I cum on my hand or something? I think my beard might get in the way if I tried to lick it up.

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Fuck... This is awful... I have a raging hard-on right now because of this shit.


>> No.10660264

Go to a gloryhole, sucking a dick is the only way. The more you fight it the worse it will be when you give in.

>> No.10660280


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I'm not gay. This is just a phase that will end soon.

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Just go suck a dick already. No one can win.

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FUCK, this is driving me insane. I'm going to sleep with the help of Xanax now.

>> No.10660314

Have sweet dreams filled with penis and gooey cum.