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"Normal" is /jp/s' contemporary equivalent of Rebbit and Newfag.

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Except that they mean entirely different things, you dumb Rebbit.

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ooh jeeeh present those bottocks gurl

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Wow what an awful thread.

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Fuck you.

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Not really.

They're all 'bad outsiders who aren't part of the in-group'.

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Why are those touhous grouped together? What do they have in common? And why are they staring at me so greedily?

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Define normal
- Fighting type is super effective
- Lame
- People who have life

which one?

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But they're effectively used the same way. Just call anyone you don't like a normal.

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sociable people

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I find that only normals complain about the definition of normalfag.

Do you really get that upset you can't sit at the table in the corner with the losers?

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That's what your neurotypicality makes you think. You don't care about words so you decide to decide what they mean.

Notice how the first person is so quick to mention concepts like "outsiders" and "in-group". That's all you can think about, buddy.

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I always sit at your table anyway. What the fuck are you gonna do about it, beat me up? lol I don't think so.

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What's a rebbit?

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Suit yourself, nobody talks anyway. You don't enjoy it as much as we do but you sit there anyway so you can feel special and thumb your nose at the other normals sitting at the normal table.

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It's what Suwako does.

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They want to rape you

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Don't put actions in my thumb.

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isn't 'normal' just someone with social life?

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Go back to /r9k/ you falseNEET

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Everyone that doesn't like what I like is a filthy normal.

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normal is simply equal to calling someone a sheep. It's not about who you are, what you like, or even completely what you do. It why you do and think what you do.

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>table in the corner with the losers?

Sitting at a table together? Just sound like a bunch of fuckin' normals to me.

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When does spring break end?
What do normals even get out of /jp/? Do they feel edgy and "underground" for sneaking over from /v/ to shitpost here?

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Spring break time span varies wildly. Mine doesn't start until April for instance.

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>When does spring break end?

Do you really think normals post on /jp/ during spring break instead of partying and clubbing? Are you really that retarded?

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How can we stop the normals?

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Increase autism 37%

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But that's overflow.

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I hope my body can take it

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You are the problem with /jp/. Stupid ``we're so special'' mentality plaguing this board and constantly derailing threads.

The only argument you ever have is to call someone else a normal.

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They don't, some may get bored and wander over to see what it's like here but that's it. Keep in mind the super autists that call everyone that likes what they don't like, shares opinions they don't have, and constantly redirects everyone to different boards and uses those stupid exaggerated impersonations of something the user is not like for not being just like them are people you should just ignore.

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Feel free to leave. It must be hard for you posting with people so different from you.

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You aren't special if you aren't like me.

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buttdevastated normal detected

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Nice! You avoided the word normal and yet said exactly the same thing with more words!

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You're more alike than you think! Both of you are elitist faggots who want worthless scum off their boards.

The difference is that only one of you is right.

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But if I'm like you then we aren't special anymore, dummy...

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Yeah and if you call the tools out on it the argument never ends further derailing the thread because they just never stop crying. If the thread is already derailed to shit anyways I like to fuck with them till they get so mad the only thing left they could possibly do is desperately throw funny insults at me.

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List of Tokiko Threadshit Troop posts.

Current Tokiko Threadshit Troop agenda: make 'normal' into a taboo word since they dislike being shunned for being normal.

This is being carried out in-tandem with the previous "Make Touhou Unrelated to the Board" and "Make Anime Board-related" agendas.

This post is brought to you by Tokiko Threadshit Troopwatch.

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Play this super loud.

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Please take your /a/b/v/ vernacular and your /soc/ mentality back to their respective boards. Do not respond to this post.

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People have been calling each other faggots since long before you found /jp/.

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That Yuuka looks so sultry....

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Namecalling about truNEETs and normalfags just ruins threads

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I told you not to respond to my post. Leave immediately or you are in store for an ownage you cannot begin to comprehend. This type of ownage is the thread with which the universe is weaved. You don't want it.

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File: 96 KB, 1280x720, [EveTaku] GJ-bu - 09 (1280x720 x264-Hi10P AAC)[2090FD73].mkv_snapshot_05.28_[2013.03.14_10.42.09].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've always wanted to be part of a troop.

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Maybe it's because all them are asocial for one reason or another.

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Sorry, /jp/. I have a friend.

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If it means pissing off the mega autists I'm in too, maybe one day they'll get so mad at a post here they'll just kill themselves. Then we won't have to deal with thread derails much anymore.

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>have a passing interest in touhou and anime
>check out /jp/ on my cellphone because my /v/ bros talk about it in LoL threads
>lol this shit is crazy I think I'll like it here
>wtf these guys don't think I belong here FUCK YOU I do what I want!
>brb gf calling
>bro just messaged me over fb, gonna hit the club tonight
>maybe if I'm lucky I can catch some time to post on /jp/ while I'm grinding on 6/10s
>man I hope I'm not too hungover to go to work tomorrow and I still haven't finished my thesis!

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Fuck off

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Also one time I touched a boob.

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YOU NORMAL!!!!! *punches whole in the wall and has a autistic temper tantrum so loud the neighbors hear*

>> No.10655844

Look at all the normies literally making noise over nothing.

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typical normal grasp on typing

>> No.10655843

There's about as many truNORMALS on this board as there are truNEETs.

That's ~0 by the way.

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*punches wall, is 400 pounds*

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Holy shit dude.

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This thread just made me realize I'm normal. But my friends are here...

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I like how you get more pissed off "f-fuck off this isn't a neckbeard virgin-only board!" on weekends far more than weekdays

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We probably have more students pretending to be NEET than anything else.

>> No.10655859

Nobody's saying to accept ``normals'' or that this board isn't for antisocial/asocial fucked up people, just that ``normal'' is an incredibly shitty buzzword used to insult everyone who isn't you. There really isn't as many ``normals'' on /jp/ as you seem to think there is.

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I pretend to be a pretend NEET a lot to cause a ruckus. I'm actually a NEET though.

>> No.10655863

How does that even happen?

>> No.10655865

Crazy, right?

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I can't help it, all this truneet vs normal stuff is too entertaining.

>> No.10655868

I’ve done the same. It’s because NEET threads are annoying so it’s a way to mock it.

>> No.10655869

I'm a student but I don't pretend to be a NEET.

>> No.10655871

Don't you have class or something in the morning dood

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TruNEETs might not like me, but that won't stop me from liking them. And aggressively so.

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Your 2kike/whatever radar misfired. I admit being pretty similar to him, though. I'm just a couple of years older.

He'll grow up to be a better-than-average /jp/ poster unless life carries him away, which is probably going to happen.

>> No.10655888

... fuck
Look pal, I didn't mean 100% like me but alike in spirit. Good one though.

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>better-than-average /jp/ poster
Only if the average /jp/ poster is someone who spends all day shitposting.

>> No.10655902

He meant to say better-than-average shitposter.

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The average /jp/ poster posts in Touhou threads, and while on topic, the quality of the majority of those threads is god awful.

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Trevor, you better get out right the fuck now. This is not an empty threat and you are in serious bodily danger.

>> No.10655925

Touhou threads are not bastions of quality, but blogging on /jp/ about how you got high and tried to kill yourself (when you're not shitposting and spamming instead) is just so obviously worse that I have no idea where you're getting this from.

>> No.10655930

I'm honored, it's the first time I get called Trevor.

>> No.10655938

You can't deny that he's someone who actively seeks up new stuff. A stagnated blob who finds pleasure in hating things is doomed to do so for the rest of his life. It's an attitude that's completely orthogonal to creativity.

>> No.10655944

I'm a NEET with a qt azn gf

Ask me anything

>> No.10655951

The only new stuff he comes up with is basically copied and pasted off his blog, which is new only because most people's days aren't exactly the same. Everything else is just shit-rate trolling and the same dumb reposts, most of which consist of "hey, I'm Tokiko, this is the part where you get mad of me."

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Trevor, this is your final warning. GET THE FUCK OUT.

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I've been called Trevor twice and Tokiko 5-10 times.

>> No.10655960

Oh, and constantly talking about himself. That too.

>> No.10655968

i only ever get accused of being tokiko when i stop using capitalization or punctuation

I should stop, though.

>> No.10655976

I've been called both more times than I count and I have no clue who they even are!

>> No.10655972

If you are "normal" at least be smart enough not to bring it up here.

I literally cringe everytime I see someone talking about getting drunk or having kids here.

/jp/ is for discussing Japanese 2D culture and games not about your personal life.

>> No.10655975

Oh yeah well I've been called ZUN!bar.

>> No.10655979

"NEET blog" posts outnumber "normal blog" posts by at least ten to one around here.

>> No.10655980

You're not that accurate. Whip out some IP logs.

>> No.10655989

Please clarify what you expect me to do.

>> No.10655990

But NEETs talk about their everyday lives!

I want to talk about going to cons with my gf, you aren't being fair.

>> No.10655991

I think trevor is American.

>> No.10655998

I always thought that guy's stuff sucked.

>> No.10656000

Touhou is cancer. I don't even like T*k***

>> No.10656016

I've been called sion by zunby before, that's my biggest achievement

>> No.10656026

I've been called KoG and Mugen.

I feel so honored because those two individuals are my esteemed heroes.

>> No.10656028

Demonstrate that the lil' nig is completely useless. He's Jewish, a CS student and autismically uninterested in people's reactions.

On paper that looks like the ultimate /jp/nator 3000.

>> No.10656029

It's not very hard to be accused of being KoG. Just start talking about him and somebody will accuse you quickly enough.

>> No.10656038

Fuck off KoG.

>> No.10656039

I'm sorry, I never really gathered up any evidence of his worthlessness. All I have are impressions.

If he was really uninterested in reactions he wouldn't post here. He just ignores them and continues to post whatever dumb shit he was posting because this apparently pisses people off.

>> No.10656048

Yes. Also, someone who is in college or someone who chooses to gets a job not out of necessity.

>> No.10656056

A normal is anyone you don't like.

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>He just ignores them and continues to post whatever dumb shit he was posting because this apparently pisses people off.

>> No.10656091

You're kind of right, except that "normal" is actually used correctly in most situations, unlike "Rebbit" and "newfag".

>> No.10656106

mom or sister?

>> No.10656113

LOL get fucked NEETs
your just jelly of my GF

>> No.10656117

It's only used to criticize people who do normal things half the time. The other half of the time it's used like the other two, to deflect criticism. If somebody criticizes you, you can respond by calling them normal, and they will rage impotently because they can't respond without sounding idiotic.

>> No.10656131

I never see someone get accused of being a normal unless they were talking like one. If some guy brings up going out with his friends, then yes he's going to get called out on being a normalfag.

Normals make fun of other people all the time for being virgins or "neckbeards" but nobody ever gives a shit, even the virgins and neckbeards. But if you call a normal a normal suddenly they flip out like you just revoked their snowflake card.

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>I never see someone get accused of being a normal unless they were talking like one.
I see it all the time. All you have to do is disagree with one of the self-appointed truNEET faggots and he'll respond by calling you a normal.

>Normals make fun of other people all the time for being virgins or "neckbeards" but nobody ever gives a shit, even the virgins and neckbeards.
Virgins and neckbeards also call each other virgins and neckbeards, and most of them don't care. A few of them will start screaming about how normals are ruining everything, though.

>> No.10656215

How fucking dare someone say faggot on 4chan

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>> No.10656232

>/jp/ is for discussing Japanese 2D culture

>>Dear /jp/ I went outside and I got so scared! I ran back to my room and pissed in the bottle.
>>Not a truNEET

Uh huh

>> No.10656233

Thank you for the good work. Please, never waver.

>> No.10656240

The term pretty much means shit. Oh, it has a meaning, but nobody actually cares about it.

A: All girls are sluts.
B: No they're not.
A: Get out you fucking normal!

A: All girls are sluts.
B: Get out you fucking normal!

Both of these conversations are equally likely. Nobody bothers to explain to justify or explain their accusations. OP pretty much nailed it.

>> No.10656242

You can tell who the autists are if they sage

>> No.10656248

I've been called Trevor, Tokiko and even safe several times, and I was also the first person !bar referred to as crazy anon on Warosu.

*adjusts fedora*

How's that?

>> No.10656249

You can tell who is samefagging in a lame attempt to get a rise out of people if they don't sage.

>> No.10656258

Oh, I've also been accused of being !bar a lot of times.

>> No.10656253

What's funny is that anyone who goes on Futaba will tell you these assholes still don't sage properly.

>> No.10656254

ITT: Autists buttmad that they're exactly the same as every other poster on 4chan

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>> No.10656293

u buttmad vigrem??????? ;)

>> No.10656297

The normalfags here are jealous that truNEETs have found a way to beat the system while they're doomed to go to school and work.

They want to be true /jp/ so badly they'll lie and become fauxNEET

>> No.10656301

>>u buttmad


People seriously think /jp/ is better than /a/, /b/ or /v/ with posts like this? PROTIP: /v/ does a ton of 'ironic' shitposting too

>> No.10656307

>implying im being ''ironic''
yeah u mad xDDDD

>> No.10656316

Chill out. Not our fault your asshole is menstruating today, fag.

>> No.10656314


Why do you prefer this so much?

"Faux" means imitation. FalseNEETs are called as such because they're fake and artificial, not because they're imitations.

>> No.10656319

but which of them is the actual normal

>> No.10656321

>'' ''

>> No.10656326

The one that doesn't think all girls are sluts.

>> No.10656329

There are so many normies on weekend/jp/.

>> No.10656332

There is no such thing as pretending to be retarded.

>> No.10656334

I'm here to chew bubblegum and I'm all out of gum.

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>> No.10656344

What if Trevor and Tokiko made babies?
le FrankensTTein monster xD

>> No.10656351

Please don't connect the two. I like ironically idolizing Trevor because he's a funny guy. Tokiko is just persistent, and has no redeeming qualities.

>> No.10656351,1 [INTERNAL] 

I honestly want to kill myself looking at this thread. I can't believe there are this many normals on /jp/ who are angry over being called out on being the disgusting assholes they are. Why can't they just fuck off and discuss how much they want perverts to die or whatever it is they enjoy doing?

>> No.10656367

The proper term is fauxNEET.

>> No.10656376

Neither of them actually exist.

>> No.10656378

No, it isn't. Stop trying to force this.

>> No.10656383

I've video chatted with Tokiko on Skype.

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>> No.10656410

Timothy Richardson-Brown

>> No.10656411

I honestly want to kill myself looking at this thread. I can't believe there are this many normals on /jp/ who are angry over being called out on being the disgusting assholes they are. Why can't they just fuck off and discuss how much they want perverts to die or whatever it is they enjoy doing?

>> No.10656440


>> No.10656454

The baby. What would his first word be?

>> No.10656461


>> No.10656461,1 [INTERNAL] 

If these guys were shot board quality would improve noticeably.

>> No.10656644

>>I honestly want to kill myself looking at this thread.

Why are you talking about killing yourself instead of actually doing it if you wanted to kill yourself over blogging and crying out for attention?

Are you so retarded to think there's any "normals" who are angry over being called normal?

Did you ever consider it's just a term used exactly the same way as newfag?

>> No.10656461,2 [INTERNAL] 

No it wouldn't because you'd still be alive.

>> No.10656644,1 [INTERNAL] 

Ha ha, look at this normal in denial. He probably thinks all pedophiles deserve to be die. Fucking normal makes me laugh. Probably doesn't even understand that normal can mean many things either.

>> No.10656644,2 [INTERNAL] 

Fuck off, normie.

>> No.10656814

At what age would it too late to become a proper normal?
If you were to sudden have an epiphany, that is.

>> No.10656924


>> No.10656944

It's never too late.

I seriously doubt anyone on /jp/ is normal. We just have a ton of shitposting autistics.

>> No.10657152

Demanding people are interested in your entire life. It's never too late to become a burger-flipper.

>> No.10657304

It's the same thing just like on any other board.

/jp/ just has a special snowflake brand of shitposters

>> No.10657317

>It's the same thing just like on any other board.

/jp/ don't have newfags

>> No.10657424

That's a dangerous quartet.

>> No.10657433

I've been called a Jew like 15 times.

>> No.10657433,1 [INTERNAL] 

You're probably just passing them all off as shitposters because you're a normal. I doubt you've been called a normal for no reason, you probably gave them a reason to believe it. No need to hold grudges just because you're a close-minded asshole.

>> No.10657506

Nice try, schlomo.

>> No.10657506,1 [INTERNAL] 

You're cancer.

>> No.10657506,2 [INTERNAL] 

/polecat kebabs/

>> No.10657650

Fuck all of you.

>> No.10657690

Of course it does. Anyone who comes from another board or who disagrees with you.

With /v/ it's reddit.
With /a/ it's /v/