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Is there any /jp/-related tech problems you have?

>Glossy monitor
>Fapping to a VN
>Scene change
>Screen goes black
>See my fat self wanking furiously with a contorted grimace in the reflection

Fuck glossy screens, seriously. How am I to enjoy a VN when I see myself back in them all the time?

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Not a problem for me, I'm gorgeous

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Please do not misuse the quoting feature.

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I just read that on /g/.

Fuck off, m8.

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I hate that too. I'm planning to get a non-glossy laptop just for that.

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dubious claims

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My dick is too big and my body is too manly for me to be considered cute.

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Why the FUCK was this deleted? I'm emailing moot

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would you rather read a visual novel with no visuals or a "choose your own adventure pastbin story"?

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paste bin*

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is there a difference? visual novels are choose your own adventure stories. making it a pastebin just makes it a visual novel without visuals