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well, that was... dangerous.
Good thing she didn't need the jewel guidance to make the right choice in this one.

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I'd have her help me find my special place. Even if she has silly hair.

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Whose bright idea was it to set this in modern times instead of fantasy land?

That's so gay.

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Yeah, I know, why make something different when it's only the fourth sequel?

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The third game was pretty much set in the industrial revolution.

Though no matter the case, when your daughter turns 14 in PM4, she can visit the magic realm.
Initially the idea is only that the princess is in the human realm for means of hiding. Then it's up to you to decide what to do with the heritage and whether or not she should embrace that world or not.

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Wait, this can happen?
I'm not sure if I want to play this game anymore.

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Actually that sounds like a good idea. Maybe I'll give this a fair chance.

I hate change.

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Change is the only true answer.

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Did you ever play PM2? It had like 60 endings, a few of which involved your daughter becoming a prostitute and things like that.

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Not to mention she would also fuck older men for money if morals were low and charisma was high.

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it's just some random rabble. I don't remember any event when she was kidnapped.

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>in PM4
I naturally meant PM5.

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If I were a loli, the first thing I'd do would be to whore myself out to older men.

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play nimin, sounds like the game for you.

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seriously? pm5 seems more modern than simple 'industrial revolution' and the girl can go adventuring as soon as she is 12.
she has a computer in her room. you can buy her TV. you can buy her a fucking celular. it's past the industrial rev in pm5

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well, i heard pm6 is gonna be set in warring states japan so you should be happy.

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Princess Maker 2:
The Medieval Period

Princess Maker 4:
The Renaissance

Princess Maker 3:
The Industrial Revolution

Princess Maker 5:
The Modern Age

Will we ever get a futuristic sci-fi Princess Maker?

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It's PM3 that is the 'industrial revolution'.
And neither PM3 nor PM4 has the magic world.

I could have sworn it was 14 and not 12 though.

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not princess maker, but wonder project seems to be about an android

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>I could have sworn it was 14 and not 12 though.
perhaps the age she gets assasinated differs from game to game? i think on my previous playtrough she only got that doll in 13

>It's PM3 that is the 'industrial revolution'.
i know, i was replying to
tough now that i look at it, it wasn't nesecrily both parts ware talking about the same game

however, 'the third sequal' is essentially 'the fourth game'... no?
than again, there was this SNES PM game so the third sequall really is pm3...

than again... i bet you didn't even remember there was a snes game.

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I liked that Custom AiDroid game. It had a slightly Princess Maker-ish feel to it.

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Wonder Project is bit different, in a world almost swallowed by the oceans. You, Father/Creator/God, guide this perfectly idiotic robot in a desperate attempt to keep it from destroying itself. First game features a boy robot, second game a girl robot.

Perhaps one of the most satifying moments is when the subject asks you who YOU are. Depending on how successful and good you have been to it, as well as your answer to its question, the reaction changes can be surprising.

Go get a Nintendo 64 emulator and play it already.

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>than again... i bet you didn't even remember there was a snes game.
I loved Legend of Another World, but it isn't one of the titles with an official number assigned to them.

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Wasn't that one just a remake of PM1?

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I always thought it was.
But then I never played them. I did launch the sufami version on an emulator and laughed when I realized you could undress the girl by removing the sprites layers, but I lost interest quickly after.

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Wow, this game is really cute. I especially like the animation. It's like anime King's Quest or something.

Thank you for making me aware of it!
There's a translation patch at http://www.seiyuu.info/wpj2/ if anyone else is interested.

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Princess Maker? Someone should ban this filth.

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Almost ten years later and it's like the internet has come full circle.

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Why are game journalists so awful at what they do?
He basically admitted to how he barely has any idea of what the game holds, yet he titled it "disturbs its way onto the PSP", and accompanied it with a "NO THANKS" banner over an overly worried body of text.

How is trashing foreign games you have little to no knowledge of, quality journalism of any kind or level?
Almost everyone can pointlessly bash foreign shit. Is that enough to make a career and a living out of journalism? How sad that would be.

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Gaming journalism is about the most retarded thing there is anyway, next to websites with articles about how wacky Japan, featuring out of context pictures and the like.
Also, the comments are pretty funny.

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Sensationalism sells.

Take for example "The missionary position", by the Hitch, where he goes against Mother Teresa. Had he written a sober, moderate story on what her activities were and whatever she promoted, would it have sold at all?

If anything, this should be a lesson to pay attention to nobody but your own honest opinion.

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why would he use the word "disturb" exactly? the link doesnt work and i cant really gleem what his issue is from his post.

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That you're teaching a girl how to be a woman apparently, the whole thing is really small so one has to wonder why he wrote the article in the first place.

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Just started playing this game. It's really cute. Thanks.

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Any PM style games for the pc?

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Have you tried "Princess Maker" by Gainax?

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I'm having a bit of trouble accessing the inventory. Controls are weird.

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Behold the knowledge of the ancients!


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When does she learn to read? I tried to give her a grammar book but she ate it.

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>Also, the comments are pretty funny.
pretty sad actually. tough i did chuckle at the 'kitchen' part.

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You have been visited by that feel! Repost this in 10 seconds or you will be visited by the feel of no gf tonight! 95% of people will not post this..... and they will become feels....

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something awafull at least did it in good humor, not just bashing like destructoid.
and SA at least had something to base their bashing on- pm2 DID have disturbing sexual content. pm5? not so much.

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Will we get a Princess Maker 6?

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wow what a fucking tosspot, did he read a review on wikipedia and then literally make things up?
How is that even journalism.

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I never could get into the PM franchise, but I would probably enjoy it. I was under the impression that PM2 is the only good one.

Where should I start if I want to get introduced into these fine games?

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This is why haito piggu no get games.

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>I was under the impression that PM2 is the only good one.
It's not. But it's the only translated one.
PM3 gets a lot of flak (quite understandable though) for taking out adventuring. But it made up for it by expanding on social hierarchy and stuff and is honestly quite great with all the jobs and the expanded parenting role.
PM4 is pretty much the most simplistic and thinnest game of the entire franchise gameplay-wise, but had fancy art and stuff or something. And thus I tend to argue the game is really nothing special in comparison to the rest of the franchise.
PM5 is wonderful though if I were to say so myself. I can understand people missing the more direct fantasy setting of the first games, but I otherwise really feel like they capitalized on all the strengths of the previous titles with this one.

But PM2 is wonderful. Play it and see what you think of it. It should be on abandonia and all kinds of other places as the translation is abandonware.

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Hey, really big thanks for the serious reply, I appreciate it.

Unfortunately I don't have a 32-bit OS capable of natively running 16-bit exes, I guess I'll need dosbox for this. Oh man, mine's currently configured to autorun UUW with Roland MT32 sound emulation. brb new config file

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PM5 is shit because it takes too long and the girl is hideous.

PM 6 will probably have a Stocking outfit.

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My favourite thing about PM is watching my daughter grow from being a cute, innocent young girl, to being a slut that dates guys twice her age.

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twice the age of a loli is like 22. It's only weird if she was like 25.

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She is 15 and he is in his 30's. I think that is pretty lewd. And then on top of that she is dating multiple dudes.

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Okay, after finishing PM2 and researching the franchise, I can understand why PM2 is often considered the best one and why no one has bothered translating the others.

PM2 has the cutest daughter, PM3 and PM4 take too much away from the game mechanics and PM5 is very different, also the girl is ugly.

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I don't know, but I hope most of them die. I'm not even joking. I've seen so much shit from "game journalists" that I just want them to disappear.

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>also the girl is ugly.
But she is adorable.
All of them are.

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Did you read this?

Interesting stuff if you care about this sort of thing.

The last paragraph almost brought a tear to my eye.

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Yeah, I did read that and found it interesting, as I really do care about that particular era in PC gaming. Many crazy things happened. People consider Wolfenstein 3D the first 3D game/engine ever, although Ultima Underworld predates it and is considerably more advanced even when compared to Doom engine.

The direction the mass markets took, even back then... it's unfortunate. Why are FPS games so popular?

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>Ultima Underworld

Holy fuck I loved that game. Especially combining items (dat popcorn) and actually spelling spells with runes.


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>"MS-DOS?! Ewwwww!"

Also he makes a good point. Why do people call the game abandon ware? It's kinda like thinking Touhou games are free games.

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Because it actually IS abandonware. It's not freeware, but rather, abandoned. Current license owners for distribution in the western world are not enforcing their ownership nor giving a fuck.

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>Why do people call the game abandon ware?
I know that it's technically not abandonware. But it's recognized as such for whatever the reasons by pretty much most of any place that distributes them.
And it has never been taken down. So I don't know. It's a faux-abandonware game through breach of copyright or something.

But it's not exactly as if it's possible to purchase the game, so it's pretty much for the better this way.

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The/his point was that Gainax still owns it and it doesn't matter if it's distributed in the west or not to determine if it's abandoned.

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>>10653163 and it doesn't matter if it's distributed in the west or not to determine if it's abandoned.

Surely that's the very definition of 'abandonware'? The term has nothing to do with legal status.


Wait, so there's a partial patch out now?

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Gainax? No, not really.
>It seems that all rights to the games outside Japan have been granted to some other company in asia
Abandonware is the best description for PM2's official english translation.

Yeah. I think translation progress is over two thirds already.

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>Surely that's the very definition of 'abandonware'? The term has nothing to do with legal status.
So iDOLM@STER games are abandon ware because they aren't available to the west?

Translation, sure, game no.

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I should have phrased that better. PM2, to my knowledge, hasn't been legally available in the west for ages short of the secondary market, and it seems very unlikely to ever be re-released. It's abandoned. Pirating it doesn't harm Softegg, Gainax, or the series's future prospects in any way that I can see.

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>Yeah. I think translation progress is over two thirds already.
It's going to be the game of the year.
It already was when it came out in Japanese. With the English translation it will be the game of the year once more.

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It's going to still take way too long to play a full game of. And then /v/ will find out about it and spam stupid shit all the time and ask /jp/ if they heard of it and what they think about the glasses girl.

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If someone decided to acquire the Princess Maker IP and then rerelease all the old games it would hurt them to have a free version available.

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That's why I noted that it's not likely to be re-released. Hell, PM2 is a dos game from 1993. Unless I'm mistaken, there's been no interest in releasing anything else PM-related since then, either.

Do you really expect the scenario you sketched out to occur? It's a massive stretch to claim pirating the game is harmful because it might hypothetically divert sales from a re-release all evidence indicates will never even happen.

I admit piracy isn't always harmless, but in this case it's as victimless as a crime can get. It might even be a minor good for the series- I'm sure I'm not the only one who's bought many games I pirated and liked.

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X-com was re released even though it was a dos game, and also piracy of an outdated version was the reason RPG makers weren't released for the computer for USA any more.

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Some asian company already owns the distribution rights for PM outside of Japan. Apparently they don't give a fuck.

The Gainax-SoftEgg-Intracorp deal is dead. SoftEgg's translation is abandonware.

If anything, having the old PM2 available is just a free advert for the series. But in case the licensee wants to release it on gog.com or something, that would mean the end for the title's abandonment.

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I don't know about Rpgmaker, but you're really reaching with the X-COM comparison. That was a critically-acclaimed series with actual name recognition and multiple releases all the way up to 2001 even before the reboot. Princess Maker is an obscure Japanese raising sim with exactly zero titles released in the west and, again, nobody has shown any interest in even doing so.

Let me ask you again- do you seriously expect to see PM2 end up on GOG or something like that? I mean, that would genuinely be cool, but get serious.

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25% till christmas.

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I love these sorts of raising / management girl sims.

I'd especially love to find one for a wife/girlfriend. I did find one called Custom Mate that looked good, but it's old and not translated.

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I honestly thought that was a small infrared camera on her head.