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When was the last time you went shopping with your mom?

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About six months ago my mum made me go with her to buy a suit because my brother's wedding was coming up. Then on the day I made myself sick so I didn't have to go.

I wish I could return the suit and spend the money on a fig, but I don't know how.

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A few days ago, I help her carry the shopping bags because we don't have a car.

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>I help her carry the shopping bags

beta as HELL. she's never gonna let you stick it in at this rate.

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That's gross as HELL dude

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i miss being a little boy because my mum would put me in the shopping trolley and i'd fly around the aisles and it was amazing

she also let me put the pound in to get the trolley and get it back out and sometimes she'd let me keep the pound and i'd spend it on sweets

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u dont wanna fug ur mom?

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we went to the mall together to buy clothes, but she only took me there i buy them by myself, then we ate dinner there

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Over 6 years. I miss it.

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>Then on the day I made myself sick so I didn't have to go.

Why are you such a waste of life?

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I wouldn't touch her with a finger. Besides, she's 3D.

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Is it time for another thread again?

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