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NEET LIFESTYLE THREAD. How are you taking it easy this weekend?

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I feel kind of sickly

I think its because I've been eating too much microwaveable food and ice cream over the past week

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playing games

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Please stop trying to force this.

Someone make a better thread. This is violating the mod-imposed subject guideline.

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>Job: Unemployed
Being a NEET is his job. Nobu is a fucking badass.

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I'm happy now.

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Here's your obligatory fakeNEET. Happy now?

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Not until you delete this thread and repost it with that picture.

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What is the autist whining about? I don't understand. I feel bad for those who have to moderate /jp/, it must be hell. So much sperg. Triggers so light.

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god anzu is so sexy.

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i can't stop thinking about milk

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Did you know that 2% is called half and half because the farmers used to milk in the evening and let the milk sit over night to cream and froth up, then they'd skim the cream off and milk again into the same bucket to create half skim and half whole?

That way they could make butter with the cream.

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lil wayne is ded

rip in PISS u wil nvr 4goten u wr da bestst

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’Sup fellow NEETs
Got an exam tomorrow, still have ~6 hours to cram
I’ll NEET it up real good in the afternoon to make up for it!
Living the life

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>What is the autist whining about? I don't understand.

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Ron paul call. Freedom is die. O no.

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Epic ironings bro. xD

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Still got to go to work on Saturday. Shit sucks man.

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Exam on weekend? Engineer?

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Today I turned 18 and and and my mum bought me BEER! キタ━━━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━━━━ッ!!!!
But! But but but! What's most sugoi about it is that when I drank it, I had an alcohol flush reaction! ( ≖‿≖)
For those who don't know, alcohol flush reaction is something Asians have! ( ´∀`)

So! Maybe it's possible that I'm actually Japanese?! I don't know...kyaaa~! (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

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Fuck you.

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Which sites can I use to earn money as a neet?
I tried Mechanical Turk but i'm not an americunt.
Is that clickworker legit?

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I ate too much tonight at some buffet, I feel like I'm going to have a food baby. Too much shrimp but it was tasty shrimp.

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happy birthday

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It's pointless. The only way to make money at your computer is get a legit stay at home job.

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Please stop making these.

Their purpose seems to be about making people hate neets/mock them.

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Such horrible fucking posts. Why don't you dildo princesses scamper over to /r9k/?
You do not belong on /jp/.

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but then I wouldn't be a truNEET anymore

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I’m NEET and I’m all for mocking the terribly annoying “NEET pride” posters.

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what NEET has to do with otaku culture?

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Don't you enjoy the Internet? The path of the truNEET leads to the gutter.

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>Turning on your own to fit in.

I really hope you'd get more of a spine and stop doing this. You're only embarrassing yourself, bootlick.

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My right testicle hurts. I'm very troubles.

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Who am I bootlicking? The only thing we have in common is that we’re unemployed bums. I don’t think they even enjoy otaku or doujin culture.

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I'm lurking that other thread about science and math, I signed up an account at khanacademy.org, I hope I stick with it enough to learn Algebra again and more

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/r9k/ has been here for years it's no secret at all.
I'm so glad we have an explicit rule allowing people to come here and shit all over the board with this.

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I did all of pre-algebra. It is a good website and Sal is a good teacher, but for some reason I still don't know how to add and subtract numbers.

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Why does the American school system still make children memorize equations (and other replicas from a time when calculators didn't exist) in the 21st century?

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I don't get it. Why do you waste time like that? It isn't interesting at all. And you already learned that once so it's not even new to you.

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Because the kids are there for seven hours or so every day, and since it's daycare they have to fill that time with something, idle hands and all.

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Well guess it good to have them in your head, I was never good at math though towards the end of middle school and into high school I failed almost every class.

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anzu a cute and sexy.

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Do any NEETs here take adhd medication

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go post about your feels on /r9k/ or /adv/, no one gives a shit, i'm not your friend just because we both are unemployed

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a shit

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Why do you ask every single thread?
Are you a repetitious otaku?

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I'm too scared to walk to the cornerstore to buy myself some food

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IT'LL TEACH YOU DISCIPLINE (or something else we can use as a cop out).


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/jp/ is always going in circles! We're all repetition otakus.

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Sign up for PostLoop.

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is it full of pakis m8
wot i do is i just gan ew m8 a mite b a neet but at least am not a paki
gets some rite laffs n then tha just ask is to gan in for some fags ya kna

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How bad can it be? You just go down, buy your stuff, maybe say hi to the person working at the least, and go home. Unless you live in a bad area that is.

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I've never asked before
You got me confused with another guy

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Go cry to your mother, you pussy ass bitch.

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Self improvement is a normalfag related habit and is against the spirit of true /jp/

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What about becoming better at videogames?

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I live in a poor area with lots of subsidized government housing

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contest NEET here

the wins have been bad this year

just $500 and a $100 prize pack I won the other day so far in 2013.

I really want to win a trip to Europe or Asia so I can NEET it up over there

soem lucky faggot in the forums I post in won an all expense paid trip to Japan

lucky cunt

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I finally got a job a week ago. When I worked, I realized how much time I squandered at home doing nothing and if I didn't work hard on my pursuits, this is what i'll be doing because I would only be good for unskilled labor.

I quit, and i've been 50x more productive then I have ever been. Truly, I have grown to appreciate NEET life.

>> No.10616768

You must have a lot of luck to be able to make it in contests like that

>> No.10616778

It's really time and effort

I spend an hour a day finding and entering contests.

200 daily entries entered, about 25-30 once contests entered.

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You will treat it like nothing again, in time. Might be a few weeks, might be a few months. That feeling always comes back.

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>properly name the thread in the subject field

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No. That picture is even worse.

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Feels weird to not be a neet anymore.
At least I got a night job so I keep my sleep schedule and don't have to deal with customers much.

>> No.10616793

anyways any neets hurting for cash I suggest entering

if you're from a first world country chances are there's a contest forum for popular contests in your country

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I almost got a job. Went through all the trouble applying but after the first day I realized the drive was way too long. I can't justify going to work 30 miles away for a $11 an hour job unless it was super easy, but since it was factory work I don't want to come home exhausted after 12 hours.

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This is a quiet weekend, haven't done anything today or tonight. Tomorrow night I'm just going out for pizza with my father at some usual local place. This weekend feels like it's over before it even began. I can't wait till warmer weather, this sucks.

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Get an education or learn a trade, cuz the future is only going to get tougher.

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i took a really stinky shitty right now

>> No.10616811

Me too, it stung a bit coming out. Too much nuts to eat.

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Yeah I'm in a pretty bad spot. I'm not smart enough to get a useful degree and not social enough to make it in the world of trades without eventually becoming a serial killer.

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The orange blossoms are starting to bloom today. The air in this part of town smells sweet and it turns me on. I'll probably cut my hair and shave later.

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I didn't even bother shaving today. I might tomorrow if I feel like it.

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A friend i haven seen in nearly a year showed up yesterday and asked if i wanted to go out for a beer this weekend. I haven't left the house in 4 months.

>> No.10616832

did you fug

>> No.10616834

I'm jealous
Even though I don't work or go to school, I still have friends and family who will do all they can to pull me out of the house.
I wish I could not go outside for 4 months.

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Who is the truest truNEET of /jp/?
Who experiences the most despair?
Who is most likely to kill?

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My last real life friend stopped inviting me over back in 2008 or 9. I kind of miss hanging out with someone in their room.

We haven't even spoken online in half a year.

>> No.10616839

Yes, why?

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I had a few friends when I was much younger but it was mostly because my parents knew them. We used to hang out in my room occasionally but usually we were just playing ps2. We had some fun times playing through co-op arcade games and stuff.

>> No.10616860

Playing videogames with your friend is fun, i'd much rather do that than go out for a beer.

>> No.10616863

Yeah we destroyed Gauntlet: Dark Legacy on co-op. We also played a lot of split screen shooters like time Crisis: Future Perfect or the Medal of Honor games.

>> No.10616869

I feel trapped

how can I even go to interviews if I have no money for the bus?

>> No.10616877


Walk, I guess.

I still don't understand, in an age where we can easily communicate across the entire surface of the earth, we need to show up physically to an interview a few miles away.

>> No.10616876

>Yeah we destroyed Gauntlet: Dark Legacy on co-op. We also played a lot of split screen shooters like time Crisis: Future Perfect

Me too. Had a great time with my friend and brother playing these ones

>> No.10616886

If you didn't do interviews you might end up hiring some nervous loser, how terrible would that be?

>> No.10616887

web interviews would be nice

>> No.10616888

I just realized I put down Time Crisis. I meant Time Splitters but Time Crisis 3 was also an awesome game. We used to create the funnest maps to play multiplayer on.

>> No.10616892


This really would be great. I'd feel much more confident.

>> No.10616898

Sign up for private trackers, they have web interviews.

>> No.10616896

What happened to NEETs when humanity had to fight for survival?

Starved to death?

>> No.10616897

I didn't even noticed, I read it as Time Splitters anyway

>> No.10616905

Oh I just remembered another awesome game! Does anyone remember the game Frequency? That was one of the funnest music games to play 3 or 4 way multiplayer on ever.

>> No.10616913

Everyone was a NEET back then. I look up to the truNEETs of olde who lived off the land as hermits and sages and were the stuff of mystique and legend.

I wish I could become one but I'm too reliant on technology.

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I'm going to florida with my family I don't want to go I hate talking to them.

>> No.10616921

I haven't been on a vacation in 5 years
I wouldn't mind a trip. I stay in my room because its safer but sometimes I feel kind of groggy because I feel like I'm breathing in the same air day in day out.

>> No.10616923

I went to Florida once in my entire life when I was younger. It was to Disney land, surprisingly it wasn't that good to me. I had much more fun going to the usual Wildwoods New Jersey with my family every summer which we don't do anymore. I had some good times down there.

>> No.10616927

Is Black Books good?

>> No.10616936

I want to emigrate to Bong land but I have no skills so I'd never be able to

unless I impregnated some girl then maybe

>> No.10616934

Don't worry it's ruined now anyway, and no I don't mean because hurricane myon.

>> No.10616941

open your windows

>> No.10616939

Any real life friends from my life years ago don't even know where I live now, compounded to the fact that either party hasn't bothered to keep in touch.

>> No.10616942

Goodnight /jp/

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What is bong land

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sleep well!

>> No.10616956

Can you perhaps point me in the direction of some online contest communities?

Much appreciated.

>> No.10616957

you get to smoke anime weed all day there. It's a little island in the middle of the ocean somewhere.

>> No.10616960

g'night! I'm getting to bed soon too.

>> No.10616965

Um, do you happen to be low intelligence? Just asking. Please think about this whole situation before you post again.

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>> No.10617002

No, it isn't even that. Please think harder.

>> No.10617003

Yes, go watch it and stop shitting up the board.

>> No.10617009

Nice grammar mr "high intelligence"

>> No.10617011

No, it really doesn't take much brains to figure out that it would be redundant for the person who is trying to win a contest to give entries to other competitors.

>> No.10617015

You type like a girl.

>> No.10617016

>it would be redundant for the person who is trying to win a contest to give entries to other competitors.

Do you know what redundant means? Why is it that pedants like you so rarely understand even the language you use?

>> No.10617017

Nice punctuation.

>> No.10617024

>tfw weekend neet thread becomes a big pissing contest

when will the pain end

>> No.10617018

suck my cock dude

>> No.10617022


I suppose they're roughly the same though.

>> No.10617029

When NEET threads are banned and the retards who infest them rooted out.

>> No.10617034

Yeah here we go again. Good thing I'm about to go to sleep. You can argue all you want about pointless things now for all I care in the thread. Today overall was shitty on /jp/ anyways.

>> No.10617036

You realize they're allowed to consolidate the shit right ?

If they weren't it would just be spread across multiple threads.

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NEETs are scum and need to eradicated from this earth.

>> No.10617095

I agree with you. Kill the NEETs.

>> No.10617099

I only read your post because I saw a picture of Alice next to it.

>> No.10617101

Want to take it easy but cant

Been hungry for a little while but have no $$$

>> No.10617113

Guys help...

been a hiki for 13 years but my mother is leaving town for a week and I have to act like a human being. This means COOKING food... with an oven and fire and shit.

I don't eat organ meat, butternut squash or much sea food. What are some good/easy/relatively healthy meals to prepare that will help me avoid starvation in super hiki mode?

I my culinary repertoire is the following:
eggs, cereal, fresh berries, bread, boneless chicken breast (pan fry), rice, potatoes, cottage cheese, fruit, oatmeal, penis butter/jam, canned ham/tuna, almonds/walnuts, fajita/wraps, baked salmon, shake and bake chicken, steamed vegetables, hamburgers, cheese, hemp hearts, flax, chocolate pudding, macaroni, hotdogs, chili/refried beans.

Will red wizard need food badly? am I going to die?

>> No.10617120

Mix every ingredient you have into a big blender and make it into a nutrient sludge.

>> No.10617122

ask for money you stupid nigger

>> No.10617129

ask her to buy an week's worth supply of instant noodles

>> No.10617134

Why do you say this?

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Make sure it's shrimp flavor.

>> No.10617138

This is what my life is like on a daily basis.


>> No.10617143

I have 10k in the bank and 300 on hand but I doubt eating pizza every night would be good for my colon.

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Are NEET's gay for bbc?

>> No.10617152

Then just don't order pizza or burgers you dumbfuck. Get wraps and veggies and shit.

>> No.10617149

who gives a shit, its only one week, you are a hikki who don't know any better

>> No.10617150

Saw this on /x/ the other day. Shit's scary.

>> No.10617156

2* weeks

>> No.10617158

Beat the NEETs.

>> No.10617164

I used to browse /x/ a ton, but I stopped right around when that person with the trip named Aeris was causing a shitstorm. Sometimes I go look but the closest I see to anything paranormal on there are the nope threads.

>> No.10617172

me too
/x/ is a great shit now, but it used to be amusing

>> No.10617177

Everyone there used to have a posting style that would sort of maintain the atmosphere of the board, if that makes any sense. Now it's full of /b/ level humor and stuff like that.

>> No.10617181

LOL. I was diagnosed with autism, it feels nothing like the video shows! My boyfriend kinda likes my autist mannerisms. :3

>> No.10617189

So how do you propose attracting theNEETs and then disposing of them discreetly?

>> No.10617191

What the heck? What website is this? Where can someone go to meet Neets that can teach you Japanese and drink beer with? This guy sounds pretty cool.

>> No.10617192

Please don't post Youtube comments here.

>> No.10617207

It's from japan-guide dot com.

>> No.10617209

There are a few good threads once in a while. I only go there for the creepy threads (creepypasta, pics, websites, etc.), if something major's happening (last year during the Olympics and 12/21 was pretty fun) or for ARGs.

>> No.10617212

But it feels weird to remind yourself that outside of the /jp/ shitposting there really are people like that out there.

>> No.10617218

They were pretty on top of the Aurora shooting too, listening to police scanners and coming up with interesting theories and stuff. All bullshit, of course, but interesting.

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Be a NEET they said. Its great you can do whatever you want and take it easy they said.

I'm hungry all the time and bored out of my mind. Even the internet gets old and my mom won't leave me alone.

>> No.10617224

If you're hungry and bored, maybe you could occupy yourself by preparing some food.

>> No.10617231

Yeah, and now we're kinda investigating that asian chick's death (Elisa Lam). It became quite interesting when we discovered that the tuberculosis cases happening in LA could be related since the name of the test for TB is Lam-Elisa. Creepy coincidence.

>> No.10617227

I feel really happy, my cousin is spending the night. Last time she was over we talked about planets and stars and had to cut the discussion short because she needed to take a shower and go home. Just a few minutes ago when I walked into the kitchen and saw her she asked if we ever finished that discussion, and then started the discussion again before I excused myself for a shower.

I hope my parents think I'm not acting suspicious.

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>Be a NEET they said.
No no no. You were supposed to FAKE being a NEET and carry on being a college student, engineer, programmer or whatever.

>> No.10617235

Thanks Anon!

>> No.10617242

It's all a conspiracy. The CIA-Rockefeller-NWO-Illuminati-Alien alliance had her assassinated for taking their candy. Is that the essence of /x/? Haven't lurked it enough to make a firm judgment.

>> No.10617237


Are you going to have sex with her this time?

>> No.10617257

What hoity toity jobs.

>> No.10617253

The essence of /x/ is that and fags trying to practice magick and perform tarot readings over the Internet.

>> No.10617260

Doctors, accountants and scientists a little better? They're around too.

>> No.10617259


>> No.10617266

Anyone remember /x/ when it was all about trying to summon a succubus?

It's how I lost my virginity

>> No.10617262

You're pretty close. The tinfoil hats there think the government wanted to make a test on TB in some shady LA area, so they killed some random girl (who happened to be an innocent tourist), put her in a water tank to infect everyone in the hotel and voilá.

>> No.10617264

No, but she wore short shorts and I won't mind her leaning against me or resting her legs on me.

>> No.10617269

Enjoy spending the rest of eternity in Hell after you die, sinner.

>> No.10617270

More pretentious jobs.

>> No.10617273

There are a few still trying that, but tulpa is the new fashion now.

>> No.10617277 [DELETED] 

le tinfoil hats

>> No.10617291

i feel so sleepy but i don't want to sleep this is killing me

>> No.10617293

I always search for unemployed people in hope of finding the perfect NEET for me. I'm not the only one, r-right?

>> No.10617296
File: 49 KB, 600x600, 1362204644006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mfw you actually work or are studying towards one of those jobs. It's nothing to be ashamed of anon. We need our medical attention and discoveries to improve the standard of living. All the truNEETs died out long ago.

>> No.10617300

speak for yourself, falsNEET

>> No.10617322
File: 59 KB, 313x286, 5466.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I read somewhere that japaneses take english classes just to talk and express emotions with gaijins
also I heard that some japaneses look for foreigners to cry on their shoulders

is this true?

>> No.10617332 [DELETED] 

I'm not a NEET, but I work in a normal job you would get with a high school degree. I really never graudated high school and really was jobless for a number of years.

>> No.10617335

I'm not a NEET, but I work in a normal job you would get with a high school degree. I really never graduated college and really was jobless for a number of years.

>> No.10617337
File: 88 KB, 400x400, 1355102576685.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10617340

That's still somewhat impressive in a sense if you consider an undergrad is the new high school in today's economy. There was a time when people could just graduate from HS and march into good careers at large companies willing to train them. Boomers should check their privilege.

>> No.10617343

Yes, that true 
Myself come here for that

>> No.10617345

I actually get bad hives from drinking alcohol. Apparently along with the flush reaction I get hives too. It's terrible, it lasts for several days.

>> No.10617349

It just takes longer to find an open position. That's why we have a large number of NEETs. This isn't just a /jp/ phenomenon.

>> No.10617352

Ah, that's understandable given the legions of underemployed college grads applying to and working McJobs. I mean over half of American new grads are either underemployed or unemployed IIRC.

>> No.10617361

I quit a few months after the evolution of combat update. Kind of sad, I was really close to 99 farming too

I would have come back for the pre-eoc servers but they want me to pay for membership. Fuck that

>> No.10617357

Any runescape otaku in here?

>> No.10617359
File: 655 KB, 1000x1292, alice_15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's very hard to fuck up pasta, spaghetti in particular. You have macaroni though, the "harder" part is draining it well. Boil water, use a little canola oil, like a small spoon of it, if you have chicken consomme you can put a bit of it in there, and some salt. You can melt some of that cheese (gently!) and eat it with that too.

Cereal and bread for breakfast, take eggs and fry yourself some of them if you want something for a sandwich with cheese. Tuna is also nice. For extreme lazy eggs you can grab a small container, coat it in butter completely in the inside, break the eggs and scramble them and put that in the microwave for like 20 or 30 seconds. The butter is so that it doesn't stick to the container.

Snack on fruits. I don't know if you're ready enough to make rice in a pan. Or chicken. but if you have a rice cooker that shouldn't be too hard.

I remember fucking up a lot when I lived completely alone for 4 months trying to get a few dollars at a faraway job. Just ask if you need something else. I wish I could cook for you anon. I only cook for myself and it's kind of sad.

>> No.10617362

It's been a year that I've graduated by the course of Computer Science. Seems that most of the people from my batch has a fucking job and I guess I am the only one who isn't. My knowledge in programming isn't that great but I can do desk and office jobs and shits, it's just that my place doesn't reek opportunities. But lately these past months small call center companies starts to sprout within the city's premise.

Should I give it a try? Even though that I've applied to this kind of job before and I fail hard in interviews.

1 Year and still a fucking NEET.

>> No.10617371

>13 years

Is your Mother like 90 or something? Either that or you counted your childhood as being Hiki.

>> No.10617367

Well you gotta start somewhere. Try getting something at least related to your profession though. Tech support is better than literally flipping burgers.

>> No.10617370

>applied to this kind of job before
This is a NEET thread, kindly leave to /normals/ please.

>> No.10617373

They sell these $10 membership cards near my house. I just have to suck a few dicks and I've got a few months of membership.

>> No.10617375

I read combat update and thought people were discussing SWG, how disappointing.

>> No.10617376

I remember someone tried to start a runescape friend chat, I think it was called respondpls. I never joined so I have no idea how it went

>> No.10617377
File: 71 KB, 400x326, 2wei12-post.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I only cook for myself and it's kind of sad.
I do this too. It kills my motivation to try to cook and learn new things or even cook at all.

I too wish I could cook for /jp/. Being a maid seems like it would be a simple yet pleasant experience.

>> No.10617379
File: 41 KB, 412x499, kiririn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How am I supposed to take it easy with all these people talking about jobs?

>> No.10617380

20 year Hiki here. Whats up guys?

>> No.10617383
File: 55 KB, 600x450, rokkenjima.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So how would a /jp/ mansion work?
What amount of money would the owner have to have?
What rules would have to be made?

>> No.10617388
File: 52 KB, 696x785, 1352616926648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please no.

>> No.10617394


It's okay, I got no fuckin job man.

>> No.10617395

I want to live on the second floor.

>> No.10617396

30 year hiki here. What up guys?

>> No.10617398

I just want a little dark room and never leave it. Is it okay?

>> No.10617399

>So how would a /jp/ mansion work?
It wouldn't.

>> No.10617397
File: 37 KB, 459x512, 1332430917553.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's why we're friends.

>> No.10617401

I'm not aspiring to stay NEET for a long time, so when I have enough money for a summer house I will let /jp/ use it if you take care of it. How does that sound? You will have to wait like 10 years though.

>> No.10617402

Yeah I give it a week before the first murder occurs.

>> No.10617406

I would love to solve a murder in a mansion with /jp/ers.

>> No.10617409

it was sudo in the kitchen with a lead pipe

>> No.10617410

Butcher knife*

>> No.10617412

*Jumps out window*

>> No.10617425

I'm not taking it easy at all.

>> No.10617445

Anybody want to kill a NEET for free? I even have a gun.

>> No.10617446

Don't worry, it's all just an epic ruse by steam shitposter group. It will end soon enough.

>> No.10617453

I'd rather rug your back and talk you down.

>> No.10617456

Northern California NEET here. Anyone wanna fug?

>> No.10617459

Rub, even.

>> No.10617465

Yes. What city?

>> No.10617475

San Jose.

>> No.10617486

Oh my, what a coincidence. I live around Townsend.

>> No.10617488

Stop misusing the spoiler function.

>> No.10617492
File: 58 KB, 460x300, 1335346301179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10617491

Stop misusing the crossboarder function.

>> No.10617496

Yeah dude, white pride worldwide.

>> No.10617499

Let's do this.

>> No.10617509

You gonna pay for my gas?

>> No.10617513


>> No.10617516

You first.

>> No.10617517

You gonna pay for this?
*whips out dick*

>> No.10617520

No, I will not pay for your dick.

>> No.10617523

The deal's off then. I'm only looking for a sugar daddy.

>> No.10617524

How much do you want then?

>> No.10617526

What do you have on you?

>> No.10617528

About $40.

>> No.10617529

Give me all of it and we're in business. Where do you want to meet?

>> No.10617535

Oh yeah, and I want the wallet too. You can take your cards out, but I really need a wallet.

>> No.10617536

Your place.

>> No.10617537

So cheap.

>> No.10617541

Are you going to leave me an e-mail or what? I'm not putting my address on /jp/.

>> No.10617544


>> No.10617556


>> No.10617562

Please respond.

>> No.10617561

Which thread? Sounds interesting.

>> No.10617570

Well, the investigation has been quite dead now because we're waiting for the tox reports. But there's a shitty thread right now: >>>/x/12208771
Here's a post that basically sums up the case: http://websleuths.com/forums/showpost.php?p=8947313&postcount=1266

There's a thread about Columbine too, if you're interested: >>>/x/12210453

>> No.10617571

I am going to subscribe you for some christian newsletters, so you can be cured of homosexuality.

>> No.10617572

This is my idea for an anime or a manga.

A rich young NEET with millions of dollars to blow and nothing to do comes up with an idea - The NEET Lifestyle mansion! He comes to /jp/, emails a group of people he meets in various NEET threads, and eventually gets 9 NEETs with no reason to live and no hope of happiness to come live in the mansion - all expenses paid.
There are 5 Guys and 5 Girls BTW ;):

Guy 1 - Typical "stereotype" of a Neet. Fat, lazy, anime and child porn obessed, and of course it's his first time out of his parent's basement since he lef the womb.

Guy 2 - A tranny. He acts woman-ish. looks like a woman-ish, and is tsundere for Guy #3.

Guy 3 - Friends with Guy #5. He's nice, average looking and acting, but it's later revealed towards the end of the first season that he was molested by his father multiple times.

Guy 4 - Richy rich. Comes off as nice, but self-centereD, and is kinda removed from everything going on, too, but he participates in all of it. Takes a real interest in Guy #5. Has his own private bed room. Stuff happens in there later on...;)

Guy 5 - The real protag. Sweet, nice, empathetic, intuitive, emotionally a woman, physically boyish, mentally smart, but innocent. Lot's of flashbacks to his life prior to the mansion.

All but two of the girls are just back drop characters.

Girl 3 - Blond, pretty, borderline normie, crushes on Guy 5, and a love square ensues. After he lets here down by episode 3 or 4, she gets all tsundere towards him. She's just a NEET because of nonobvious physical maladies.

Girl 5 - Girl 3's main frieind. She also connects really well with richy rich. They're good friends by the end of the first season.

What do you guys think of it? I want to hear some constructive criticism! :D

>> No.10617575

>Guy 3 - Friends with Guy #5. He's nice, average looking and acting, but it's later revealed towards the end of the first season

>> No.10617580

I'm-I'm sorry! I should've use the spoiler tags ;_;
I just got so excited...I'm sorry!

>> No.10617581

It's pretty nice, but too many guys. Make guy 2,3 and 4 into girls and it's perfect for me.

>> No.10617585

Thanks for responding dude, I really like it when /jp/ responds to me.

I will read it!

>> No.10617586

Always sex with you normies, isn't it?

>> No.10617589

Hey, we're all friends here, right?
You're welcome.

>> No.10617591

I don't want to see any guys besides the protag and his friend. And no homosexual tendencies (unless it's between girls). Are you a girl or something?

>> No.10617590

Well, I want to keep the numbers kinda even. 2 of the 3 backdrop girls will be sexified to the max, though, and Girl 5 will sex it up with Guy 3 BIG TIME about 7 episodes in.

>> No.10617592

Sorry, there's going to be some homo, but there's also going to be some lesbo going on between the grills too. It's going to be an all you can NEET fuck fust.

>> No.10617593

*fuck fest.

>> No.10617594

Probably a grill.

>> No.10617607

Minus NEET mansions, hasn't this been done before?

>> No.10617609

Disaster. Before my shower, another cousin asked if I wanted to do something. I said yes and after hanging up realized how late it was. I went out to the kitchen to try to call back, and my cousin who I was going to talk about the universe with said to go with him because he hasn't done anything during spring break yet and it ends in two days.

When I come back, she's already asleep. I'll have to wake up early (for me) tomorrow in hopes of starting another discussion with her. I hope she spends the night again tomorrow so I can show her some stars and planets in the sky.

>> No.10617614
File: 74 KB, 916x706, despair.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please reply.

>> No.10617647

Won't anyone reply, even if it's to make fun of me?

>> No.10617654
File: 356 KB, 704x1000, 1359281203464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a NEET. A truNEET.

But sometimes I have to pretend to want to be a normal so I can qualify for more autism bucks.

Once I do they leave me alone again for 1-2 years where I can live in peaceful bliss being funded for being autistic. My parents support me because they'd rather have me alive to spend time with them every day instead of dead in the ground. What more can a NEET as for?

>> No.10617665

Why is that girl's foot broken?

>> No.10617672

So she can't run away.

>> No.10617679

That's sad. ;_;

>> No.10617686
File: 134 KB, 1377x1078, [HorribleSubs] Kotoura-san - 06 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_23.23_[2013.02.20_09.59.15].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have you never heard of placement tests, skipping grades, honors/IB/AP classes/programs, magnet schools or private schools?

Fucking retarded NEETs.

>> No.10617688

Are you that desperate?

>> No.10617692

The OP did not put "NEET Lifestyle" in the subject field. Please do your job and delete this thread, janiturd.

>> No.10617697

Yes, but that temporary email address became inactive.

>> No.10617766 [DELETED] 

Who vagabond neet here. From 2007 - 2012. I've been living my life wandering outside. I spend most of my time sitting on the park bench daydreaming and stuff, sometimes on the mall when the weather is hot or on internet cafes. I got my money from my parents who thought i was studying my fucking architecture course but infact i was droped out because of anxiety problems they didnt even care about. I always go out at 7 a.m and go home at 10 pm. then sleep and that cycle went on for full 5 years until i got a job on May 2012 for 5 months and now i was neet again but a kinda "shut in" type now.

anyway gonna get an accounting degree this june and i hope i would get a boring office job with minimal socialization and after that my life is complete :)

>> No.10617772

Wrong thread, bucko. See >>10617692

>> No.10617897

this character is missing a beauty mark by her lip or eye.

>> No.10617909
File: 48 KB, 600x440, 1361516863599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All I see is a sperg out. Thread dead now too.

>> No.10617928

Do your job and delete this thread, janishit.

>properly name the thread in the subject field

>> No.10618035

Why couldn't I have been born a cute NEET girl?

>> No.10618041

Cave into the demands of an autist who calls you 'janishit'? Pls. no. It'll be funnier to let him sperg out.

>> No.10618134
File: 1.09 MB, 1800x1500, becoming a little girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NEET General, my computer chair just exploded and nearly ruptured my anus.

What are some decent NEET worthy chairs that are on the cheap?

>> No.10618171

just migrated here from the neet sex /soc/ meetup thread. please be kind to me and accept my values.

>> No.10618178

I have the house to myself for the weekend. There's a full pizza in the fridge, tuna salad, and a sandwich in a container.

I'm so excited.

>> No.10618191

house party!?

>> No.10618200

Why can't I find another /jp/ to fuck.

>> No.10618205

No, I don't have anybody to party with. My plans are to clean up and play through Persona 3. I might watch a few movies while I'm at it.

>> No.10618239

What gender of /jp/ are you looking to fuck?

>> No.10618240


>> No.10618249

damn, ok

>> No.10618265

I believe the correct name would be /soc/.

>> No.10618280

Why, you wanna fuck or something?

>> No.10618300

Yeah but I don't meet your criteria.

>> No.10618316


Woah, all these /jp/sie girls!

I thought I was the only one.

>> No.10618317
File: 37 KB, 700x756, 1352498782434.png.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who vagabond neet here. I have done that for five years straight, my parents thought i was pursuing my fuckign architecture degree but infact i was just wandering around. I always stay sitting on the bench at the park daydreaming the whole day, sometimes when its too hot or raining I stay at the mall or internet cafes still daydreaming and stuff. I've done that shit from september 2007 up to May 9, 2012 the day when my parents knew to be my graduation my mind was fucked up so I stole some money from my them to be used for survival fund as I seek for job.

And then some kind of miracle happen and I got a job exactly on that day May 9, 2012. I don't know if that's just a coincidence but the only thing i clearly remember is that i was listening on this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYk7nE2e0MQ continuously on a loop while i was waiting the queue for the interview.

>> No.10618320

I doubt you're a female. In any cause I don't really care about gender. I'm going to sleep, if you're interested feel free to email me

>> No.10618324
File: 225 KB, 1600x1200, Bald-eagle-wallpapers-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NEET thread?

Here is some NEETS for you!


>> No.10618330
File: 512 KB, 1000x667, IMG_4454-20130316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tomorrow I'll be registering my grandfather's bike under my name for street use, so I guess it'll be mine from then on.

>> No.10618361

I did the same during high school for several weeks. The longer I did that, the more scared I was to actually go to school. I stopped that when my teacher was about to send me to a different school for special kids.

>> No.10618371

It's only a matter of time until I enter such a life. Not scared, but I'm certainly in no rush for that time to come.

>> No.10618390

when my funds run out I'm not getting a job, I'll just open the portal

>> No.10618397

that's what they all say

>> No.10618522

Grad student here.
I'm NEETing it up in the lab - watching anime and posting on /jp/ in between experiments. I've been here since early friday btw.

>> No.10618529

How many /jp/ers do you think have actually opened a portal? There's got to be at least one or two.
You can't all be posers and fake NEETs.

>> No.10618531

some guy from a previous NEET thread earlier this week said he was going to do it that day

someone asked him to stream it but he said no

>> No.10618537

Oh look, the scaredposter runs away to another thread, how surprising.

>> No.10618538

why the fuck haven't you NEET's moved to the UK yet?


>> No.10618539

Because I'm a native Briton and white. The only way I could get benefits is if I became a poof and complain about discrimination or something, but then I'd basically have to suck a few cocks to prove it.

>> No.10618541

I am scared shitless of becoming homeless, but it'll probably be for the best. At least it'll force me to kill myself or get a job. I'm not exactly in a position to get a job though, and with multiple mental disorders and no education, it's going to be very difficult.

>> No.10618549

I'm in the same spot. I don't have much formal education and I have too many issues that wouldn't allow me to work anyway. I think it's actually a sort of comforting feeling knowing that you have no other option than suicide, you don't have to worry yourself thinking about the future because you already know what's coming.

Right now I'm just enjoying myself day to day while I still can, I want to get as much enjoyment and peace out of my life before I have to go, and when the time comes I won't be upset or angry or wish I had lived differently because I'll have lived my life how I wanted.

>> No.10618564

>multiple mental disorders
Can't you get disability benefits?

>> No.10618591

What's the neetest state of all

>> No.10618602

I'm not NEET but I want one or more nice /jp/ friends so I'm asking here. So if your interested in making a friend and:
-Don't care if they are particularly interesting
-Don't mind not having much in common
-Have a variety of interests
-Have anything you want to talk about/stories
-Use steam or MSN
-You're not a bully

Please respond!

>> No.10618608

Are you a girl?

>> No.10618614

No :(
I know a girl who makes online friends though

>> No.10618617

Ikea has some cheap office chairs.
Unless you prefer sitting on the floor.

>> No.10618620

Well that sounds like a one man party to me.

>> No.10618622

It's kind of depressing knowing that it's coming, but at the same time, I just can't be bothered to make any changes. I've only ever bothered to apply for a job once or twice, and the second time, I couldn't even pick up the phone.

I'd be a lot happier if I could experience a few things before I had to go. Ever since playing Doom way back in 1994 or so, I've just loved seeing technology and video games advance. Oh well, can't have everything my way.

I've only started seeing a therapist three months ago, and from what I've heard, you need a pretty long (documented) history of mental issues.

I believe Norway has good neetbenefits.

>> No.10618635

I woke up at 10am, a phone call from my stepfather, he quickly wanted a quick loan and as always I took it for him since I am unable to say no to certain people.

After that I was spacing out trying to, not to go back to sleep and wake up at the regular 2pm or so, ended up drawing lewd pictures for a couple of hours.

Now I'm going to make some noodles as breakfast, maybe re-watch Kaiji and play some games, as for Sunday I'll just repeat the some process that's been going on for the past 12 years anime and games

>> No.10618638

What kind of lewd pictures do you draw, anon?

>> No.10618640


I could be your friend.

I'd need to make another account though.

>> No.10618644

My government cheque for autismbux hasn't come in for this month yet... I'm scared.

They'd tell me if they stopped sending them right? I don't know what I'll do if I don't get my money.

>> No.10618648

Mostly just sketching my last night vivid dreams.

Today I sketched Iori doing lewd things with her body.

Usually I draw cute little girls doing lewd little things.

>> No.10618649

dude.. it's the 16'th

it would have come by now

>> No.10618653


Lemme see.

>> No.10618654

I live in a shit-tier country so I can't live out of goverment money, but what's worst is the internet services around here. I can't properly enjoy NEETing with shitty internet.

>> No.10618664

phone them, ask them


>> No.10618659

I have shitty internet too. I always feel like I miss out on so much like mmo's with /jp/ and stuff

>> No.10618668

"hi can you send my free money now?"

No thanks I don't want to make them mad. And its not like they're going to drop everything they're doing to confirm if my cheque was sent out.

>> No.10618689

Has anyone else accepted Jesus Christ into their heart?

>> No.10618694

Just how am I supposed to reply to this?

>> No.10618697

I could show you my earlier sketching, but I would like to, not show these since they are not that good as the ones I did a few years back.

My hands have been shaking for the past years a lot, to the point that it is quite hard to write my name down, a shame since I quite enjoyed drawing, I still do though, but it is becoming increasingly hard to do so with all this shaking.

>> No.10618703

>My hands have been shaking for the past years a lot
You should stop drinking alcohol, this is an INTERVENTION!

>> No.10618721

Both of my parents were alcoholics, thus I don't really enjoy drinking, at all and if I do drink It's just a few glasses of wine, since it's the only alcoholic thing I can drink without vomiting out instantly due to the awful taste.

Generally I drink around 2-4 times a year and never enough to get myself drunk.

And so far what I've seen, when I drink my hands actually cease to shake to some degree.

Alcohol is freaking expensive too

>> No.10618724


I don't care if it's bad. I want to see something you made.

>> No.10618732

How dirty are your rooms guys? I almost never bring food into mine but as I almost never clean, all around my desktop is full of hair... and skin.

>> No.10618738

My steam is: Boseph

Just for anyone whose interested

>> No.10618739

I have an OCD for cleaning, I am constantly vacuuming and cleaning my room.

The bathroom is the worst, I have a thing for the smell of chlorine so to take a sniff of the scent of it I'll make up an excuse and clean the bathroom all clean with it just for the smell of it.

>> No.10618742


I always sit at my desk, so usually it's just a messy desk. Sometimes I have to eat on the floor because there's no space on the desk though.

I give it a general clean sometimes if I don't like how messy it is.

>> No.10618754

D.. do you want to m.. marry me? We complete each other.

>> No.10618755

I have an OCD for cleaning too. But just for computer desktops. I hate it when people have a shitload of shortcuts and things they never really use.

>> No.10618765
File: 17 KB, 250x315, 5252552.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now lewd but, have a Freddie cropped from lewd things.

>> No.10618770

I was going to ask him the same but then I realized it would actually be troublesome for me, because even though I have my room pretty dirty I have an OCD for, let's say "order", and cleaning requires moving things and... Don't you fucking move my things!
Now I think about it this is probably why I never clean.

>> No.10618775


I think I added the right Boseph.

>> No.10618783

Which one was it?

>> No.10618851
File: 857 KB, 940x1156, 1358566398728.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

s̩̤̼̺͓̭̲͎ͯͧ̂͛͢ ̱ͬ̽ͭ͗̃̾g̈̎̽̅̉͆̓ͥ҉̮͙͈͍̙͍͙ͅo̝̠̳̯ͫ̆͛͌̓̔̅̄́́ͅa̴̶̹͇͖̙͉̩̎̀̊̓̀ͨͥ͛͌l̖̾̔̓͊ͮ̄̑̚̕ ̗̜̖͙̻͂ͮͭ͐͂i͒ͯ̾҉̬̟̟̣̮͈̱̬ș̵̢͈͖̬̹̱͔̓̊͌̈͑͗͡ ͈̱̉͌̉͝t̵̳̬̩̦͍̰͚͗͐ͬ̇͊́̉̀̕oͪ̆ͦͨ̒͆́͞͏̨̠ ̢̳̫́̒̎̽̾̚d͈̹͓̗͔̟̫̩̱͌ͦ͘e̺̺̤̻ͧͧ̓̃ͣ̂ͦ̐͢͝s̭̻̥̦̮͌̉͛ͅt͚͙̮̦̋́͜r̘͓̞ͪ̀͑̃̅̍ͯ͗ͬo͓͚̗̜̞̭̐ͩ͌͘͡͠ỷ͎͖̒͌̊ͮ͢ ̈́̂̓̊ͥ́̄̉ͩ̀͏̻̻̭
̈́̉ͬ̍̓̽ͯ͝͡͏̦̖̬͉̼ẅ̳͇͖̭̰͚̤͓̊̕h̴̛̟̙̻͔̒͑͡a͎̫̭̰̹̓͂̈́͑ͪt̵̹̜̬̼̝͐̾̀ͬ̃ ̸͕̄́͊̆̽̀͟ýͩ͗̅̆ͩ̃͏̲̳ȏ̯͉̣̹̞͛͝ú͇̗͖̟̺̫̫͊̃ͣͬͧ͗ͣ̀̀ ̧̪̱̤͉ͨ̐̎̿̋̉̃l͇͉͙̮̝ͬ͋o̙̝̬̿ͦͭ̊̊̑v̨͍͉͒ͥ͌͞e͇̬̭̟̦̭̳ͯͮ̓ͨ͟ ̗͔ͯ͌͌ͯ͒̂̿̽w̡̐ͪ̃̑̏ͦ̾̊̚͏͖͎͍i̵ͤ̆҉̬̩̭͕̬̰̱l͊ͭ̆ͧ͜҉̫̬͔̻ͅl͆̇҉̠̥͓̮͙͙̘͓̖ ̡̳̼͕͍ͨͨd̫̼͒ͮ̈͌̄͠î̙̪͔̦͊̃͂̍̍ͫ͂̚e̡̹̦̜͖̗̪̻̝̤ͨ̌ͮ͑ͩ̔̀̒̃
ͭ͊ͬͨͣ̆̆ͨ҉͖̣̠͖͈̦́m͗̂ͮ̄̕͠҉̘͈̱̤̟̪̦͍̜o̸̡̻̰̼̘͓͇ͨͯͥ͊̅̀̓͊͝o̶̟͓͔̤̥̣͛ͫ͆̚͘͠ͅt̤̘̘͎͕͚̫͔ͨ̏͌ͧ͂̐ͤ̕͞ͅ ̵̼̤̫ͯ̿l̨̛̗̮͓͓̗͐ͩͅi͇̻͐ͦ̂̔́͞ę̩̳͍͎͗̎ͬ̈̔͝s̴͈̺ͫͪ͒̃͋ͨ̊ͦ,̶̳͖̪̅ ̧̣̝̹̞̤̇̆̽ͮp̨̛̣̱̯̆ͮe̶̞̱̤͈̙̫ͬͥ̂͑͒ͫ͑̚ö̵͚̘͚͖̤̞̝́̐̑͋̐͐̀̂͢͟p̲͖͉͇̯̯̑̔͊̀̀l̸̲̬͋̃̈́͡e̟̝̭̯̠̳͉̮ͣ̚͟͡ ̶̱͙̲̘̮̥̼̇ͮͫ̉͗ͣͪͅd̻̞̦͇̬͋̋̀̏͆́̀̚i̢̢̲̤ͨ̄ͬͤ̿̓ͧ̕e̷̴͇̘͙ͪ͗̊̓̌̐͞
̏̏͏͍̝̗͈̠͡͝mͪ͐ͬ̽͛̐͗͌́҉͖̭͉o̧̺̥͓͕͑ͬ͊̄ͩ̃o̢̠͓͕̱̮̜̭̍͐͊̑̈́̉͢͢t̢̧͉̤͉͎̬̅ͦͮ͡ ̨͙̣̦̉͑ͮ͐ḣ̡̲͚͈̬̮̥̓ ̍̑ͫ̅̓̉ͦ҉̟̞̬͓̤ͅͅk̲͎̦̼̔͛̋͜ȋ̩̏̋ͣṉ̄ͪ̇̒ͤͨ̓ͯ͘͝

>> No.10618936

I got a cold for the first time in 2 years.

I feel like shit ;_;

>> No.10618964

I wonder how much time has passed since last time I got sick.

>> No.10618972

I find that I never get sick now. It's probably because you get sick from other people.

I'm afraid my immune system will deteriorate.

>> No.10618978

How can you get a cold if have no contact with other people? Or are you just a fake make believe NEET?

>> No.10618991

Use your imagination.
It's an airborn virus so it could easily go through the vents.

>> No.10618994 [DELETED] 
File: 49 KB, 640x480, ggnore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just give it to me straight, will mixing these kill me or do I need something else as well?

>> No.10618999

i wouldn't trust on these, better search for a more safe mix instead of trying to mix random shit form your house

>> No.10619002 [DELETED] 

I went out and bought all this though. I couldnt find proper ammonia.

>> No.10619008

Just because someone's NEET doesn't mean he can't interact with people ...

>> No.10619017

Oh right, so that's why I never get sick.

>> No.10619020

You never get sick because you don't wash your hands.

>> No.10619029

Explain further.

>> No.10619035

I live with my mom nerd

My mom works in a hospital so she's around sick people all day...she probably brought something home

>> No.10619036

Since you don't wash your hands you're constantly in contact with tons of nasty stuff (not to say that you aren't always, but more than the average person) so your immune system is way stronger than people that wash their hands.
It's like someone who fights a ton of people on a daily basis versus some skinny nerd that washes his hands.

>> No.10619037

You're not truNEET then.

>> No.10619060

Sounds reasonable, but then by never being around people my inmune system deteriorates (I guess). But even if it does, by not being around people there's nobody to get sick from.

All in all this seems like another reason to just stay in my house.

>> No.10619068

People aren't the only thing you can get sick from.
Food, water, air, things people touched or were around.

>> No.10619080

No problem, I know what I buy and how I cook it.

No problem, water purifier.

Well, I'm fucked. Now I'll be paranoid about getting sick for some time. Until I simply forget about it, having bad memory can be good sometimes.

>> No.10619095

I decided to go to the cinema alone yesterday, it was long after release so there wouldn't be many people and I've been meaning to watch it for a while.

I went in the early morning too, stopped at corner cafe then went to buy a ticket. It then turned out that the film stopped showing the day before.

It was pretty depressing but I came all the way out and used the opportunity to buy essential groceries because I was surviving on stale bread and canned food for the past week.

My day was lightened up when I saw a few cute japanese couples between 20-30yrs. They were dressed quite modestly with one women in a light pink dress that had white frills and the guy in smart casual. They also had a daughter no older than 6 wearing a red, frilled dress.
The times I happened to see them between my shopping, they were very much lovey-dovey as well as doting.

The groceries the had selected and the way they chose them, carefully picking the item then affectionately consulting their partner and sometimes getting their daughter's opinion (who replied in a childish nativity, may I add); it felt very surreal as if I were watching the characters in a SoL.

It probably seemed strange from a bystander's view but I just couldn't get enough of watching them go about their lives, it left me in a daze every time I could steal a glance. I should also add that they spent most of the time in the fruit & vegetable area as well as the butchery; seems they'd make fresh home-cooked meals.

The time came when I finished getting what I needed as well as a few extras, heading to the counter and then in pure coincidence I find the same family at the checkout. While the couple were purchasing their things, the child was playing some imaginary jumping game nearby using very exaggerated movement akin to a rabbit. Every now and then she'd move to the mother and cling to her leg, or try to hold the hands of her parents.

Probably only time I'll see them. I just wanted to share. It was heartwarming.

>> No.10619392

Ugh I hate my life.

>> No.10619404

I want to hang out with Josie Long but that will never happen and now I feel bad

Sorry for the blog

>> No.10619408

you are too romantic, better turn into a nihilistic cynic

>> No.10619430

No, you should just be too lazy to form opinions. That's MAXIMUM take it easy 100%, aniki.

>> No.10619447

I like to take it ea

>> No.10619458

you are right, i didn't though of it

>> No.10620442

Do you guys like sitting in the dark?

I always see portrayals of NEETs sitting in dark rooms

It really depresses me to sit in the dark so I always keep a lamp on

>> No.10620454


I leave the lights off at night so my dog can sleep, but otherwise I at least leave a shade open enough so that I can see my surroundings.

>> No.10620558

I do. Used to do it all the time when I was truNEET. After reading the /x/ archives I quit. Made me too jumpy.
Gonna drink some this weekend. I might clean too. I don't really know. I slept most of the day which, being truNEET behaviour, is not a good thing for me to be doing these days. What with hw and all.

>> No.10620589

>After reading the /x/ archives I quit. Made me too jumpy.

I know what you mean. When I used to browse /x/ and when they had decent threads about personal experiences or urban legends I would read them for hours and get all jumpy. When they dump the ton of links to creepy wiki articles I will read them for a long time and by the end of it I feel really paranoid.

>> No.10621011

What caused you to become a NEET?

>> No.10621028

It's a /jp/ requirement for admission.

>> No.10621274

Should I take shower+masturbate or just go to sleep?

>> No.10621336

The hygiene/pleasure combination then sleep.

>> No.10621637

So you want this to be the Touhou tech support board then?

>> No.10622308

I like reading www.experienceproject.com and masturbating to the lewd stories

>> No.10622612

Feelio when 'rents want you to move out :c

>> No.10622933


>> No.10622967

cause he aint got no fuckin job man

>> No.10623285

I just went to sleep and ended up having a wet dream. What a waste.

>> No.10623543

any suicide NEET's wanna meet up and eat ourselves to death?


>> No.10624599
File: 2.05 MB, 500x500, 1363517426411.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been NEET for seven years now, and i'm 22 years old.

What do you you reckon, what tier of NEET am i at this moment?

>> No.10625440
File: 126 KB, 500x706, 12189489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh jesus christ
I've got to go to work tomorrow man ;_;

>> No.10625472

why is everyhting so boring

>> No.10625533

The world's not boring, you've just become a boring person that can't keep himself entertained.

>> No.10625533,1 [INTERNAL] 

who NEET her

>> No.10625533,2 [INTERNAL] 

Aged like age

>> No.10625533,3 [INTERNAL]