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What do you think and what do you know about neko café /jp/?

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what's stopping the cats from shitting, pissing, fucking and fighting all over the place?

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Hahaha, look at how small she is. Silly asians.

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Cats are clean. They use the toilet. About that fighting though...

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Believe it or not my older sister got lots of money to set one up in London after we visited one in Japan.

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I think it's a good idea. Can we also have a little girl café for busy salarymen who do not have daughters?

This would be a different thing from a maid cafe mind.

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I'm fairly certain that's a child.

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As long as it isn't sexual.

Just for someone who wants a daughter but can't reasonably have one. She can tell me about her day, ask curious questions about my work, then draw me a picture.

It's like a strip club, but with pure love.

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That would be cool if a bunch of pedos would end up visiting instead of stressed men who want daughters.

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Would that basically just be a daycare?

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Stressed men who want daughters are pedos.

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She looks like a small adult to me.
Either way, very cute.

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She is a-working!!

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>little girl café
I don't think making little girls work is legal.

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i don't want to get cat hair in my mouth

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It's alright, it's not work. That day care post gives me an idea. It's like a day care, but there's a special rule where they have to act like the guys coming in are their daddies. So it's like a day care for them, but it's a cafe for the busy salarymen who don't have time for families.

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I don't think your day care is going to get much business when the parents realize what you're making their kids do.

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I fucking hate cats

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Why? This allows them a better variety of carers.

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Read some people's experiences about cat cafes, apparently some of the cats were docile to the point that they suspected the cats were being drugged to be more...docile.

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They will know because the daycare will be free. If they wanted their daughters not to act like daughters to lonely people, they would go to a paid daycare.

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The idea is interesting, but I'm almost sure this violates a few laws in pretty much every country.

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Now you're only going to get daughters from dirt poor families. You might as well just buy their daughters from them.

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But that's illegal. We got into this in the first place because of the legal problems of child labor.

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See >>10598482

There's a good chance you'll get the police paying you a visit. You know Japan, if this was legal they'd already be doing it.

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Then again, look at those U15 idol videos on Akiba Online.
If those are legal over there (they are), then pretty much everything else should be okay too.

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Back when I was young I worked to earn more for myself. Before my time, at the turn of the 20th century, your offspring would be working on the farm, at the local factory, or whatever else. Now when someone just a year younger than "legal working age" wants to, everyone is complaining with "think of the children".

Kids these days...

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I want a loli cafe.

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Why do people stop feeling bad about making us work when we reach some arbitrary age?

How come we live in an era where people can go "I have a penis but from now on everyone has to treat me as a girl?" but not "I'm actually 32 but inside I'm 12"?

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Absolutely disgusting. I don't want hairs in my meal.

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>"I'm actually 32 but inside I'm 12"
This is what I tell my parents every fuckin day...

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Is cat on the menu?

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Only in corea.

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I'm allergic to cats, so that would not be fun.

I'd need some Claritin D or a facemask to make it through.

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chen looks adorable

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because transgender is sorta cool, autistic parasites aren't

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The guy you're seriously replying to? He's a crapflooder, he doesn't mean what he says.

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Being transgender is not cool.

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It's a good place to be tricked by a neko yokai. I'm sure there is an ocasional kuroneko that works their way into the scene trying to find unsucpecting men to eat or turn into neko for lovers. Asia has these kinds of things. It's only in the Western world where witchcraft, ghosts/yokai, and possesions are pretty much not seen as real due to Aethisim. All of the Asians I met talked about seeing these things on a common basis.

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Tranquilizers and lots of 'em.

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Unless you go at pretty much the moment the cafe opens, the neko will all be tired and totally uninterested in human contact by the time you get there.

I love cats but they're moody fuckers, and the majority are not going to be much fun to interact with after a succession of strange humans have been pestering them all day.

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I love how imperfect and childish she looks there.

I'm fucking tired of perfect 2D females.

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Cats can be cute, and the ones that aren't assholes can be playful and purr when they come near you to be petted. But they make my eyes stream really badly, I wish I wasn't allergic to them. I couldn't visit that café because of the hairs everywhere.

Dogs are better, though.

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Letting cats onto tables is awful. Also, enjoy your parasites.

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Waiter, there seems to be a hair in my soup.

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I don't know anything about them, but thinking about it, it's fucking brilliant. Everybody loves cats and cats are naturally clean so no worrying about them pooping around the shop.

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That took long enough.

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i hate cats

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Did someone say Neko? If you saw this thing in the street alone at night in Japan would you be afraid /jp/?

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Heeeeeere, kitty kitty...

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Thats fucking gross. I can understand having an old cat or dog in a hardware store or something but I don't want some cat squirting musk or scratching dander into the air and into my food.

I bet the workers don't even wash their hands after slapping a cat out of the way

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My Dad hates cats and would never let me have one because he says they're for girls.

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having a dangerous mental illness is not cool

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Cats are filthy

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What mental illness?

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>I bet the workers don't even wash their hands after slapping a cat out of the way

Neither do I.
Cats are very hygiene obsessed, so it's okay.

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It is a mental illness but how is it dangerous?

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One time one of my cats was walking around with some poop stuck to her fur.

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Not that guy, but transgenderism is a mental illness, just like homosexuality.
It has (provable) causes as to what would warp a person to think these things. Most of which are caused by by hormone issues.

Of course you also have the idiots do it to be a unique special snowflake, but those are (were?) a minority.

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>I've never owned a cat in my life!

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My cat pissed next to the litter box the other day.
I was mad as hell.

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Why are you on /jp/ if you believe in mental illness?

How do you even communicate with the people here?

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I'm going to a cat cafe tomorrow actually with some friends

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> transgenderism is a mental illness, just like homosexuality

fuck off

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But it is.

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kill yourself

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I love the concept but does Japan just not have health inspectors?

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I think it's pretty impressive that the cats are also waiters in this cafe.
>what's stopping the cats from shitting, pissing, fucking and fighting all over the place?

Probably about 20 litterboxes, being spayed and neutered and being docile. Some cats just like to hang out with other cats.

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OP's in in London so England must not have them either.