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Why can't she just open a border and drop her into a black hole or something?

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Or a rabbit hole? Hueahueahueehhy

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think shes takin the piss m8

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that wouldnt be direct combat u dumb shit

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Why doesn't she just manipulate the border between being able to beat the Watatsukis and not?

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As everyone keeps saying Yukari has limits and is no "LOl BORDER HAXXX!!" like people would have you believe.

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Do tell

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She can only meld and partition things. She can't directly influence the thing itself; in some cases, even dividing something doesn't lessen its potency.

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Why didn't she just move the border between fucking up the Lunar invasion and not fucking up the Lunar invasion?

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That's not the point you brain dead retard. Why would she limit herself to direct combat and just surrender?

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pls just stop
it hurts my shame

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In english?

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because winning completely one-sided games isn't any fun. do you even canon? everything goes according to her plan, whether you like it or not.

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Why doesn't she open up the border between author and character and rewrite herself into the undisputed victor of everything?

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She's not omniscient. No telling what sort of tricks those cheating Gensokyons have up their detached sleeves.

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At least finish reading the goddamn manga before shitposting with it on /jp/.

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Don't the Spell Card rules prohibit the use of youkai abilities? The idea is that strong and weak opponents are on equal terms, so Flandre couldn't just destroy the opponent or Remilia couldn't change Reimu's fate so she loses.

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Only when the rules are in use.

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The truth is, all Yukari has power over are ACME portable holes.

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She can break down the boundary between two things to combine them or construct a boundary to divide one thing into parts.

Dividing something doesn't necessarily weaken it; if she, say, divided Suika's gathering ability in half, Suika could just gather it back together into a whole.

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I did faggot and it didn't explain my question.


They weren't playing card games. Moon bitch was going on about leveling all of gensokyo with her magic fan

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Please don't bully Yukari.

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what if maribel learned to control boundaries and she moved the boundary between not being a time traveller to being a time traveller and then she went back in time and became yukari

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So what if she combined the boundary between life and death in someone or separated the boundary between a person and life?

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then that settles it

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Obviously, in the former case they would become a true immortal, and in the latter, they would be dead.

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Combining life and death doesn't cause death and creating a boundary isn't the same as severing something.

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you could also make the case for this creating a split timeline

pc-98 gensokyo (and maybe seihou) is pre-yukari time travel
windows gensokyo is post-yukari time travel

of course this is all stupid tumblr headcanon stuff and ZUN will never explicitly address it but hey its fun to pretend

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You get Youmu/Youki.

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That sounds pretty hax to me. How did she end up losing the first lunar war then? And why didn't she just break down the boundary between time and drop moon slut into a black hole?

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They had better technology and magic. Also it's possible Yukari wasn't as fully in control of her abilities then. I doubt manipulating boundaries is effortless, and manipulating the border between life and death is probably more strenuous than manipulating the border between シ and ツ.

The Lunar Capital may have even had anti-boundary guns, or maybe it was the whole Heroes thing where they had someone whose magic abilities included hampering others' magic abilities. You get into this sort of Magic: The Gathering dickery when everyone has some unique and powerful superpower.

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Because the moon has magic and technology that can even stop such things.

I don't get why this is difficult to understand. The moon is a place where research has been allowed to continue, unimpeded, by the same people, for thousands of years. Actually, if CiLR chapter 3 is any indication, it would probably be an understatement to say that it has been hundreds of thousands of years.

Of course they have ridiculous shit. They had invented suspended animation chambers back in like 500 CE,

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Because she didn't want to start a war with the moon.

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Like my Suika example, the Lunarians have magical technology Yukari can't best, specifically that dealing with eternity. Something infinite split in half is still infinite.

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But Yukari didn't want to beat them up.
She just wanted to troll Eirin.
She was quite successful.

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Honestly, this stuff about the Lunarians having all this ridiculous technology that can do whatever they want sounds just as dumb as Yukari having all this ridiculous power that can do whatever she wants.

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Why does it sound dumb?

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Small imagination. Yukari and the Lunarians have power far beyond human comprehension, but that doesn't mean they have infinite power. Either way, trying to describe it in human terms is futile; hence, they both seem retardedly overpowered to us.

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Modern Gensokyo is fairly recent. The advanced civilization on the Moon goes back at least a few centuries. They also have reasons to have anti-youkai rayguns, perhaps even before Yukari's invasion (we still don't fully know why she did it, something about an energy source?)

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Oh shut the fuck up, that's such a copout.
"Trying to describe it in human terms is futile?" They're fictional characters; WE came up with them.

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We came up with geosynchronous satellites before we had the engineering knowledge to describe how to make them work.

Fiction would be dreadful if humans couldn't imagine beyond their capabilities.

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No, ZUN came up with them.

Humans can comprehend it if they try, but if they just give up without trying and decide it's stupid, well then that's that.

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That's silly. They're alien, but not *that* alien. They're basically to classic sci-fi what Gensokyo is to traditional fantasy. They are not eldritch abominations beyond our understanding.

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They're also cute too.

Just look at their outfits!

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How did the rabbits get on the moon, anyway? And did they make it in the shape of a rabbit pounding mochi, or was that just a coincidence?

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I think Moon rabbits are native to the moon.

There is strong evidence that they aren't Youkai, which makes them all the more mysterious.

Maybe they're like rabbit-angels or enlightened rabbits. I don't know. They sure have cute outfits though.

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Yukari sucks. Her plan was a complete and utter failure and the one saving grace that could have somehow made her look good decided to sight-see around the moon instead in a passive-aggressive bitch fit in order to show Yukari she can't do whatever the hell she wants.

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but she succeeded at what she wanted to do

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She wanted to fuck around with Eirin because Eirin wanted Eientei to appear 'human', which of couse puts them on the opposing side to Yukari.

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Toyohime's power is also a form of manipulation of borders. In fact, that's how she appeared here to confront Yukari in the first place-by manipulating boundaries Yukari was using.

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her only real strength is the quantum fuckup fan

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ZUN says in the interview for the sequel to PMiSS (I forgot the name of it, it had Okuu in it and shit) that Toyohime is actually quite extraordinary, but the artist didn't portray her or her abilities too right.

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No she didn't. She lets others think everything went just as planned. Deep down inside she's tearing her hair off. I bet she sleeps entire winters because she can't live with the shame of every botched "master plan" she ever tried.

That sure worked wonders when only a handful of people know about what happened and she's in good standing with the human village.

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Well, of course she's in good standing with the human village. She gives them medical care and has her rabbit sell medicine there all the time.

Yukari did succeed in permanently fucking with Eirin's head though.

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>No she didn't. She lets others think everything went just as planned. Deep down inside she's tearing her hair off.
If it's so deep-down that even ZUN lied to us about it in his narration, it's well-hidden indeed.

>I bet she sleeps entire winters because she can't live with the shame of every botched "master plan" she ever tried.
Maybe, but this wasn't one of them.

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Not really, she didn't. She only proved herself worthy of being noticeable by Eirin. She got promoted from a speck of dust to an ant in Eirin's mind.

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I figure Yukari wanted more than just sake and only acted the way she did to save face.
Yuyuko was the true victor of SSiB.

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Aki Eda didn't really portray it right, but Toyohime is supposed to also have powerful boundary control and used that to find Yukari. She was supposed to be a Yukari2.0 in terms of abilities the same way Yorihime's power correlates to Reimu's.

The fan is just a weapon, not her power, hence why she was so worried when Kaguya took it and started fanning herself. Anyone can use it, she is just the owner.

Her actual powers include:
"Good fortune; can manipulate the boundaries between the Earth and Moon, and between the scientific and fantastic versions of the Moon; can link the sea and mountains."

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Or you could read the end of CiLR without puling shit out of your ass:

"That ominous smile left a deep scar in her mind, something she would never be able to forget. To make those who cannot die question the meaning of living. To make them fear the unknown, what they cannot understand. "

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>create hole in spacetime near gravitational body
>create equivalent hole further above gravitational body
>release a mass in between
>it falls forever
>infinite energy
>infinite moneys
>2hus: 11eleventybillion
>Atheists: 0
>Problem, secondaries?

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Actually, Yukari just doesn't like Lunarians and so she wanted to show Eirin that she can surprise them if she tries.

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>hurr yukari planned everything

no she didnt

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when's the last time an ant deeply scarred your mind and left you questioning the meaning of life

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You're only proving me right. Yukari only led Eirin to notice certain things she didn't notice in the past. A scientific god-mind like her doesn't really spend a long time meditating on the unknown or on the limits of human life.

>> No.10597518

a speck of dust to an ant isn't leaving a permanent scar on one's mind to the point of where Eirin completely lost her cool. She was completely mind-fucked by YUkari.

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>Aki Eda didn't really portray it right, but Toyohime is supposed to also have powerful boundary control and used that to find Yukari. She was supposed to be a Yukari2.0 in terms of abilities the same way Yorihime's power correlates to Reimu's.
Did ZUN really say that specifically? I only remember something about the fan not being portrayed properly.

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Back when I was a kid and watched ants fight a grasshopper.

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of course she didn't plan everything, nobody tells yuyuko what to do
but in the end she got the result she wanted

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i think eirin's a bit older than that

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>Eirin wanted Eientei to appear 'human', which of couse puts them on the opposing side to Yukari
If Yukari opposes humans then why is she a moderate human lover

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Because Eientei going to the human side gives them a HUGE power boost.

Yukari wanted to show Eirin to not get too uppity or something ike that.

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she just wanted to keep eirin in line

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That was the first time when thoughts like the meaning of life crossed my mind. I bet Eirin never really thought about it. She did make the Hourai elixir.

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>moderate human lover
What? She's a bit close to Reimu, and she sometimes pops into Marisa's house. That isn't anything more than the rest of the youkai that sometimes visit the Hakurei Shrine.

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Why didn't Sakuya just stop time and beat up Yorihime? Because Plot

Why didn't Reimu just use Fantasy Heaven to win without even trying?
Because Plot

Why didn't Yukari just gap Toyohime in half?
Because Plot

>> No.10597555

More like, because they couldn't. Because those kinds of things don't work on people of that level.

>> No.10597556

first two-because spell card rules
i'll give you the third one

>> No.10597560

You could say the same thing about the actual fights in the games...

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>curve spacetime inside object
>object becomes more dense
>increased density overcomes the strong and weak nuclear forces keeping the atoms stable
>object becomes a supercritical nuclear bomb
>this is a painless method of execution which you would be grateful to receive in lieu of the other possibilities

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Yukari is an overrated useless toho who wants to look smarter than the dumb blonde she looks like.

easiest extra stage boss
shitty personality
no sense of humour
tries too hard

Yuyuko was the real mastermind in SSiB, yukari a shit.

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is sakuya french?

>> No.10597593

french maid

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Why didn't she just stop time and move all those knifes away with her own?

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It's amazing when I see things like this. I don't know nearly as much about physics as you, but you make it sound pretty fascinating. I tried to study physics and all, but by the time I got to the stuff about capacitors it was just too needlessly complicated, tedious, and boring.

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Out of mana?

>> No.10597603

those are her own knives
the moonbitch used them against her

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Remember how awesome and clever the fights that involve time are in JoJo? ZUN should have known better. Just giving your character JoJo inspired powers does not make writing good fights any easier. It makes it even harder.

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Please do not use the surprise bar meme.

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she was surrounded by lightning

>> No.10597617

Why doesn't she just pick up her own knifes again? She does it all the time.

>> No.10597620

no pls

I've seen too many franchises die that way
Split timeline is a shit way to go.

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>> No.10597627

would you rather have the big reveal in plot to be that maribel is actually david bowie?
i know i would

>> No.10597639

Because plot

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Yeah, I think it's a lot simpler if we just connect the PC98 canon to the windows canon, like one of Reimu's official profiles in EoSD does. It's easy to explain away small changes of appearance, or even Alice's change in apparent age, if we take into account that Gensoukyou is a place full of magic. And the small name changes are even easier to explain. Aside from some things like that, everything else matches up just fine.

>> No.10597648

Well consider the fact that moonbitch is wrapping everything in lightning and she cant still get hurt during timestop

>> No.10597650


My dick really likes Miko Yukari.

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alternatively you can explain it with nanomachines

>> No.10597655

That's not Yukari, it's Suwako.

>> No.10597661

>She can't just gap Moonbitches into oblivion because they are protected by insanely strong magic.
cool fanfic dude

>> No.10597657


Cool fanfic.

She can't just gap Moonbitches into oblivion because they are protected by insanely strong magic.

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Did you miss the gap?

>> No.10597665


Except it's clearly stated in CiLR.

>> No.10597669

That's Yukari being jealous.

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There are only 3 ways that a character who stops time can lose.

1. They can stop time, but are unable to actually hurt their opponent during that period. They can never win because of that.

2. Stupidity. The character just doesn't use his/her powers in any usefull way for no reason.

3. Any sort of asspull/deus ex machina, like sudden heart failure in the middle of the fight.

Unless you are a genius writer you will never create a good fight between someone who can stop time and someone who can't. Only some power like large scale reality warping would make for an even harder to write fight.

>> No.10597680

>clearly stated
if it was stated i'm pretty sure it wasn't clearly

>> No.10597686

all that's stated is that yukari said they're strong

>> No.10597690

>1. They can stop time, but are unable to actually hurt their opponent during that period.
Except we already know that this is how it works for Sakuya. Why else would she place the knives in midair and then restart time?

However, what she can also do is speed herself up so that she can move in ridiculously small amounts of time (read her PMiSS article). But this wouldn't work on the Watatsukis, I guess.

>> No.10597693


You forgot:

4. Anti time-stop magic

>> No.10597697

Yukari's face looks like "all goes according plan, I don't need move a finger on a shitty like you"

>> No.10597698


She said that she couldn't just penetrate the millennia old lunarian magical defenses.

>> No.10597700

Or you can whack them on the head from behind when they aren't looking.

>> No.10597712

More like she's crying her heart out and is trying to disguise it.

>> No.10597707

That assumes they don't know you are there. It worked against Dio because of that

>> No.10597710

madoka did it right i think
homura can beat pretty much any witch apart from walpurgisnacht, who is simply too tough to get damaged by her

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Actually, his little greentext wouldn't work because it relies on gravity, which is inherently weaker than either of the forces it must overcome.

Saying that you're making it denser is saying that you're not only increasing the gravity, but that you're also increasing the strong and weak forces within the object.

>> No.10597738

Well she stole the moonbitches' booze so they have to go to the store to buy more.
And that's mildly annoying so I guess it counts as a victory?

>> No.10597745

i know i would feel utterly crushed if someone jacked my beverages

>> No.10597763

Why didn't she just take those knives and point them at Yorihime again?

>> No.10597764


>> No.10597771

She was surrounded in lightning, even if she stopped time she was screwed.

>> No.10597781

>Why can't she just open a border and ...
That's crude and lacks elegance.

>> No.10597788

using yuyuko to break in their house and steal their booze is elegant?

>> No.10597794

>implying I wasn't dumbing it down for uneducated NEET /jp/ers

>> No.10597799

Yuyuko is elegant even for steal booze.

>> No.10597820

Dodging lightning bolts frozen in time seems doable.
But I guess having her lose the fight on purpose was also part of Yukari's master plan to steal booze.

>> No.10597828

yukari encouraged the SDM crew + reimu and marisa to go to the moon so that they could act as decoys
she knew they're not going to win

>> No.10597832

>yukari encouraged reimu [...] so that they could act as decoys
But she went with Reimu, how is Reimu a decoy if they are going together?

>> No.10597835

she didn't go with reimu, she went with ran

>> No.10597844

Oh right, this is SSIB, not IN.

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>> No.10597932


Sakuya wasn't even really trying. Same with Reimu.

She even said they are the bad guys this time so it's okay if they lose.

>> No.10598008

reimu was trying
but the moonbitch was basically like her except well trained

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What a nice powerlevel thread you have here, guise. I, might as well contribute with my ideas.

Why didn't Yukari just gap Detroit's sewer system to the moon?

>> No.10598017

why didn't yukari just gap the flash to the moon?

>> No.10598018

Detroit's sewer system is too strong for any 2hu to comprehend.

There is no being in existence that would dare unleash those horrors upon the Earth or Moon.

>> No.10598021


>> No.10598028

What if she gapped people up off the streets instead? Could the Lunarians deal with all those gang wars, drugs dealers, and bears?

>> No.10598035

she should gap adam jensen from 2027 detroit there

>> No.10598037
File: 705 KB, 900x1179, f097bf28c8e07bfa6ef1951fcddc5f4a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It would certainly mean the Defense Corps would get to see some action.

But that would mean the Moon would have to retaliate. Gensokyo better be ready for kebab.

>> No.10598043

Are they even equipped to deal with bears? They've got rabbits. That doesn't sound like a matchup well in their favor.

>> No.10598052
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Not just any kind of rabbit, Anon.

Rabbits with GUNS. Magic guns that can shoot multiple, trackable bullets.

That and they've got the lunatic eyes.

If it starts to get dicy, they can call on those two Lunarian gate guards. They've got spears or halbreds (Or something). They're good.

>> No.10598064

but, are they trained in gorilla warfare?

>> No.10598061

>they've got the lunatic eyes
I don't know if you've been to Detroit, but they're already a bit of crazy over there.

>> No.10598075
File: 173 KB, 662x920, 1355098525767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, they're rabbits. Unless you mean combat against gorillas, I guess Detroit would be the same.

Just have them conjure up the illusion of fish and lure the bears to fight against the Detroit gangs.

All in all the moon would do fine! They don't have welfare so Detroit would have to go back to Earth.

>> No.10598084

Eventually, but can you imagine what a war with such a place would do to such a supposedly pure environment? Half the city on fire and moon rabbits hooked on meth, man, I'm telling you.

>> No.10598092

Oh dear.

I'm sure the Moon would have an excellent drug recovery program, maybe it involves petting their ears. Detroit is definitely dangerous though!

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A Deus Ex/Touhou crossover would have been far better than SSIB

>> No.10598098

>Any sort of asspull/deus ex machina, like sudden heart failure in the middle of the fight.
Rolo ;_;

>> No.10598100

Cyber Punk Gensokyo would be awesome!

Imagine all the pretty neon lights and amazing Oriental Architecture.

>> No.10598101

ITT: Butthurt

>> No.10598103

We were talking about that the other day, actually, and I think the general consensus was that it would be pretty good.

>> No.10598104

i can't even begin to think how it would work

>> No.10598106

Please do not use the crossboard feature.

>> No.10598108

I was in that thread. I think it'd make a neat little series or game.

>> No.10598114

I got that picture from /jp/, you idiot. In one of those jp Denton threads

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File: 153 KB, 1280x720, butt hurts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here you go, anon! Use this next time!

>> No.10598119

please do not use the responding to shitposters feature

>> No.10598117

whoops, meant to quote >>10598106

>> No.10598121

Who are you talking to? OP?

>> No.10598125

Did you read the rest of the comic? This was a part of her plan.

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The worst thing about SSIB isn't the art or the fact that a new character beats many popular characters. The worst thing is the pacing. It's just horrible. Imagine if during Cell Games part in Dragon Ball, Cell didn't just start with Goku. Imagine if he started to fight against Piccolo first, then Trunks, then Vegeta and then finally Goku. It would have been a mess and boring as hell since you already know that Goku is the only one that matters. Replace Goku with Reimu and you have SSIB. You know that Reimu will be the important match. Who reads SSIB and thinks "Oh yeah, Yorihime will totally lose agains Sakuya. This manga will be over soon!"

>> No.10598186

it might've been a way to depict the earth crew being the "bad guys", seeing as you usually work your way up to the final boss in the games one after another

>> No.10598197

DBZ fights take way longer than the ones in that comic, and that's a huge understatement, and you know it. It takes you less than a minute to read each of those.

And for your information, vampires are top tier, and Remilia would have been able to do something if Yorihime didn't summon the -chief Shinto god- on her ass. She even flew around the moon in like an instant.

>> No.10598212

>The worst thing about SSIB isn't...the fact that a new character beats many popular characters
Yes it is.

>> No.10598213

You could always go read Tag Dream if you want the top ten popular characters being invincible.

>> No.10598217

reimu was the only one who managed to actually cause a stalemate though

>> No.10598226

The fights in DBZ take longer because they actually matter. If Goku vs Cell was over in 12 pages people would be pissed, since it was at that point the most anticipated battle.

As for Remilia, the game canon already established that Reimu > Remilia so having Remilia fight before Reimu does pretty much nothing of value besides saying "Hey look, Yorihime is pretty tough. But is she really as tough as Reimu?"

>> No.10598227

That wasn't through power, it was just because she threatened Yorihime with a big chunk of impurity that Izanagi washed off of his ass when he got out of Yomi.

>> No.10598231

>As for Remilia, the game canon already established that Reimu > Remilia so having Remilia fight before Reimu does pretty much nothing of value besides saying "Hey look, Yorihime is pretty tough. But is she really as tough as Reimu?"
False. It established that Reimu can beat Remilia in a Spell Card Duel. Not in a contest of power.

>> No.10598241

Then again, this wasn't a contest of power either. It was just a spell card duel. Which really, anyone is supposed to be able to win. But I guess Yorihime is just powerful enough that it doesn't matter...

>> No.10598247
File: 371 KB, 852x1200, silent_sinner_ch16_20.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SSIB is spellcards as well. Afer all, this is why they are even fighting like that

>> No.10598250

the whole "spell card rules being canon" thing feels like a really half-assed attempt to explain the gameplay

>> No.10598282

Nanoha Force is actually much worse in that regard. Seriously, if you hate SSIB because of new characters beating old ones, read Lyrical Nanoha Force. SSIB will feel a lot more tame after that.

>> No.10598317

I completely agree with you.

>> No.10598360

Makes me wanna read Lyrical Nanoha Force. I've seen shows where the protagonists just win every single battle to the point where everybody else just looks useless, a few too many times.

>> No.10598363

Knowing this, would you still have Reimu over as a houseguest?

Incidentally, I don't actually mind Yorihime. She was more of a "doing your job" sort of character, and was only on edge because she was told that invaders would be showing up any minute. And after all was said and done, she was decent enough to Reimu on the moon, even though she didn't really have to be. No, it's Toyohime that I don't like, what with her threatening to blow up Gensokyo for the crime of being mortal and filthy and unclean. That's just plain rude.

>> No.10598367
File: 646 KB, 1413x2000, 384403_07.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shoot, forgot my picture.

>> No.10598371
File: 41 KB, 384x403, 1284153801500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh no. No no no. How evil!

Reimu, why?!

>> No.10598372
File: 20 KB, 800x473, yorihime1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, one difference though is that unlike DBZ, Touhous actually fight in very different ways instead of all punch punch energybeam. It could have been at least somewhat interesting to see in action if Aki Eda could draw action scenes.

I can't understand are so defensive about known characters losing to new characters though. New enemies are supposed to be threats to show off. Tommy raped the established Power Ranger cast when introduced and kids loved him for it.

I did love Yorihime eating Marisa's stardust though. That was adorable.

>> No.10598374
File: 36 KB, 335x269, 58255325.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is the most evil thing I've seen in my live.

>> No.10598377

Yorihime was also on edge because while she is absurdly powerful, she has to finish all of this without exposing herself or the Lunar Capital to any impurity at all. That means she can't kill them no matter how much she wants to. It's no wonder that she accepted the use of the spell card rules.

And yeah, honestly she was pretty ok. That scene with Toyohime was kinda annoying, but the fact that it was all according to plan for Yukari made up for it.

>> No.10598390

the canon is pretty inconsistent with danmaku
in SSiB you see yorihime eating the stardust and saying it's sweet, while in the fighting games you see the same stardust causing visible damage and knocking the target back

>> No.10598394

Yorihime has strong jaws?

>> No.10598421
File: 2 KB, 128x128, Touhoudex_Yorihime.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's all about how those new characters are presented. Beating the established cast is one of the most risky ways to introduce your new character. If it works, your new character will be awesome. If it doesn't, your new character will be seen as an overpowered Mary Sue(or maybe a Villain Sue, like in Nanoha Force).

Tommy became an important member of the cast and an ally of the rangers. Yorihime never appears in any of the games and only in some of the printwork again(one of them being the Inaba manga whose place in canon is dubious). This makes her feel like some weird one-shot character who's only purpose is beating up characters people like. She would probably be more beloved if ZUN actually used her for something important again and her presence influenced the games in some way.

>> No.10598427

it's more like
the spell card rules imply that danmaku is all about beauty, and doesn't actually pose any threat to the opponent, while the fighting games and several other canon works imply otherwise
for instance, perfect memento in strict sense mentions the "destructive power" of marisa's danmaku, or something along the lines

>> No.10598429

u wot m8?

>> No.10598435

ZUN will probably include the moon honies in another game. Maybe they'll be advisors or something. It would be neat to see more of the Moon doing their thing!

>> No.10598445

lel all the tears.

>> No.10598518

Interviewer: "She [Yorihime] feels like the powered up form of a main character."

ZUN: "That's because she's basically a cheater. Her abilities are not grounded on science in the least. She is just as strong as the god she summons. She's so strong, I could only get away with putting her in a comic, because you need to be able to defeat all of the bosses in the games and all. That't why I have to limit her appearances.

From the Symposium of Post-Mysticism. It probably annoyed me more than Yorihime herself, who I actually kinda like.

>> No.10598527

I think it also serves the purpose of establishing more background information for some characters (notably Eirin), as well as helping to explain the nature of the Lunar Capital in general, which was sorely needed. Let's face it, we only know about 5 Lunarians, and 2 of them are on Earth, and for the last one, well, we only have the name.

>> No.10598572
File: 165 KB, 467x562, yorihime_chan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is especially bad if you look at all the spellcard rule stuff. Aren't they there to ensure that anyone can win in a fight? Why would you not be able to fight against Yorihime in a spellcard duel? Is she for some reason allowed to make unwinnable spellcards? Is it because she is ZUN's special snowflake? Or is it because he just wrote himself into a corner with his spellcard rules and just decides to ignore them?

>> No.10598580


Because of ancient lunarian defenses that would warp it inside her uterus instead.

>> No.10598589

You forgot
4. Their powers last for short amounts of time/need a long buildup to be used/can't be used very often, so they can't completely rely on it to win every fight.

>> No.10598594


The fuck? DBZ had the worst pacing in the history of anime.

If they did SSiB DBZ style we would have whole chapters of Reimu charging her orbs.

>> No.10598598


Tenshi beat the crap out of tons of popular characters. Reimu included. While Reimu vs Yorihime was more of a tie.

Yet I don't see people raging about Tenshi.

>> No.10598600

Tenshi also gets beaten by 10+ characters in that game

>> No.10598603

i think that making spellcard rules part of the canon was a dumb idea
they should've stayed as a gameplay element and nothing else

>> No.10598605

They probably won't even realize the sake is missing. Yukari is a fucking failure at life

>> No.10598611

probably because in the end she gets her ass beat by yukari

>> No.10598607

Tenshi is wonderful, anyone who hates Tenshi is just bad and should feel bad.

>> No.10598608

She should have lost by her 3rd straight match.

>> No.10598615

But they did notice, it was shown in SSiB.

>> No.10598614


Pretty much this. SSiB was done so wrong it hurts. I know it was the first "official" Touhou manga and all, but it was still...

First half should've been about Moonbitches, so we got to know and like them.

>> No.10598621


Last time I crushed one. I was thinking how fragile and easily life can be extinguished and how my life is really no different than an ants and will go by in a split second on the universal time scale

>> No.10598628

no, it was after that

>> No.10598625

Tenshi's fight with Yukari was before she went down and stomped everyone, I thought?

>> No.10598627


Except she pretended to lose.

>> No.10598631


It was. So she was most likely not fighting at her 100% either.

Especially since Yukari really wanted to beat the shit out of her. And she's completely fine after that.

>> No.10598635

You actually plas as Tenshi though. In SSIB you just sit there and watch. In SWR you and Tenshi beat everyone up. It's the same reason people don't hate Kyle Katarn in the Star Wars games. He's very powerfull, can use Light and dark force powers and beats hundreds of sith like it's nothing. But you are playing as him so it's all cool.

>> No.10598636

just looked at the event timeline in SWR, shit's rather confusing

>> No.10598641


Suika goes to heaven -> Earthquake -> everybody fights Tenshi -> Tenshi rebuilds the shrine -> Yukari destroys the shrine and fights Tenshi -> Suika rebuilds the shrine -> Tenshi fights everyone -> party in heaven

>> No.10598658

Can Tenshi beat up Slutnarians?

>> No.10598657

She was a bad girl and I need to spank her now.

Do spankers only hit the buttocks or can they hit the vagina?

>> No.10598668

No, because they have the Canon Seal of Protection as seen in >>10598518

>> No.10598669


They should be called Mary Suenarians

>> No.10598683


I'm not sure if ZUN is retarded or just don't give a crap about what he says.

Tenshi is pretty much the same. All fights she lost she lost on purpose. Only fight with Yukari is debatable, but then Moonbitches didn't really fight Yukari either.

>> No.10598693

then there's yukari herself
we've yet to see a fight that she has actually lost

>> No.10598696


see OP?

>> No.10598704

she didn't fight her, and it was all part of her plan anyway

>> No.10598705

I still don't get it. There's a perfectly reasonable explanation for the Watatsuki's sheer power. This is how they should be. Why all the butthurt?

>> No.10598708


He's a retard. It's the reason he says he doesn't want too much canon because he fears "alienated fans". His brain is just too small to come up with comprehensible plot and powerlevels. It's also the reason he has the spell car system where "anyone can win".

>> No.10598718


She surrendered admitting she couldn't win. That's worse than a loss. She basically said she couldn't even put up a fight. Like a toddler vs a heavy weight boxer

>> No.10598721


>Why all the butthurt?

Are you projecting? The only butt that hurts is your mother's after I got done with it

>> No.10598725

Get the fuck out.

>> No.10598730

Tenshi beat everyone up and succeded at not coming off as a Mary Sue. Maybe it's because her powers aren't as hax as the moon bitches'

>> No.10598727

she specifically says "direct combat"
few would be able to directly fight an opponent armed with a fan that fucks shit up on atomic level in a large radius

>> No.10598735

The explanation from ZUN basically just ignores all the spellcard rules that he established. If Yorihime can ignore those and somehow be unbeatable in a fight then why can't other characters do the same? Why can't Sakuya just stop time and just stab her enemy? Why can't Reimu just use Fantasy Heaven for as long as she wants to win every fight?

>> No.10598738

ZUN probably regrets making spellcard rules canon and thus ignores them whenever he feels like it

>> No.10598749


Why would she limit herself to direct combat?

>> No.10598754

From what I can tell, while the attacks themselves were not lethal nor undodgeable, Yorihime simply has too many of them (wasn't it at least a million different attacks?) so she can never be predicted, and each one is still high difficulty. Although that still doesn't explain why the characters never cleared a single card (from what I remember anyway).

So if you have more power than Tenshi you're a Mary Sue?

>> No.10598755


Tenshi is moe~

Moon bitches a shit

>> No.10598762

Actually, the lightning knives wasn't dodgeable even with time stop. That really is cheating.

>> No.10598772

You're a Mary Sue if you are badly written, manly.

>> No.10598774

I would like to see frustrated yukari.
Pouting and tantrums suit a little girl like her.

It would be super cute.

>> No.10598808

It really is just bad writing and planning from ZUN. He established a rule system that every character follows and that allows even the weaker characters to beat the toughest enemy. Even the Taoists and Hijiri follow those rules and they shouldn't even know about them. Yet suddenly he gets the idea that some characters should just be unbeatable because they are just that awesome even though those rules are there to prevent that. It makes no sense from a canon perspective and just raises needless questions.

>> No.10598838

tfw reimu thinks she killed sakuya in eosd because she's human

tfw reimu doesn't know shit about the rules she wrote/stole

>> No.10598843

it's best to pretend the spellcard rules only exist in the games

>> No.10598849

they're from the moon, they don't give a shit

and neither does ZUN

>> No.10598864

Which is probably the worst thing you can do as the creator of your series: Just not giving a fuck about canon.

>> No.10598881

it's been 4 years since SSiB
hopefully ZUN got his shit together since
we'll be able to determine that with HM's story

>> No.10598884

also, forbidden scrollery

>> No.10598907


It's already broken, he can't fix it. The cracks and superglue marks will always be there ... hell, he probably got worse

>> No.10598910

So far the newer manga have been handled far better, with new characters being the main focus of the manga since ch 1. On the other hand, they also have no big fighting so all that controversy like in SSIB can't even happen.

>> No.10598916
File: 1.20 MB, 1000x1320, 1girl+ass+bandages+barefoot+blush+bottomless+breast hold+breasts+chain+cuffs+cum+cum on body+cum on breasts+cum on upper body+dildo+double bun+female ejaculation+highres+insertion+kneeling+large breasts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course he has. He had a smashing success taking the opposite approach with the Horny Hermit. Kasen doesn't even fight and fans want her to be strong, because she is so mysterious and there are many reasons to believe she is more than she lets on.

I bet if she fought Reimu, Marisa, and Sanae now and beat them all fans would cheer and see it as another step towards confirming her to be the Third Deva of the Mountain/Suika's girlfriend

>> No.10598921

I think ZUN learn his lesson that having powerlevel serious moment is a bad thing. He just stick to what he does best which is pleasantness in a disturbing world.

>> No.10598934


How lewd! What is that sticking out of her anus?

>> No.10598948

It's one of those lunar femptofibres.

She's permanently sealed in the lewd unless someone else helps her.

>> No.10598967


It's awfully big, I hope she's ok

>> No.10598972

ZUN had to have been drunk when he said that. Its internally inconsistant.
The lunarians have a weekness- the Earth itself pollutes and weakens them.
Reimu never tried Muso Tensai.
They never met Sanae- who is a God.
They have never met Yuuka, who the Lunarians could not fight because of the pollen her plant armies throw off.
Medicine, Hina and Yamame simply radiate the kind of pollution the Lunarians avoid simply by existing.
The only reason people think the Lunarians are unbeatable is that ZUN ran his mouth off. Nothing in the manga itself suggests that they are that overpowered-except maybe when they are on their home turf.

>> No.10598999

If Eirin and Kaguya can fight just fine without worrying about impurity on Earth, then I'm sure that any Lunarian would be okay. Kaguya did use her powers of eternity to lock the history of Eientei for a while, but the impurity didn't really harm them any, nor did it harm or hamper Udonge any.

Reisen also met and fought Sanae and Medicine.

>> No.10599005

I'm pretty sure they implied the fan can nuke the entire place at an atomic level. Sanae, Hina, and Yamame didn't even exist back then.

Are they actually -weak- to pollution, not simply disgusted by it? I just recall Toyohime discussing Gensokyo's impurities followed by nuclear threat. Is it really different than their mentor Eirin's racism?

>> No.10599010

>They never met Sanae- who is a God.
She's a living god to be exact. Or to put it in a word you understand, a prophet or Messiah.

And no, she's league lower among the great Shinto Gods that Yorihime can summon.

>> No.10599011 [DELETED] 

Homos are disgusting and should be genocided. They're nothing but cogs in the big jew scheme to destroy western culture. Copy and paste 10 times if you agree.

>> No.10599040


Yukari has a huge fetish for interracial and want to cuckold every male human in the village with her big yokai cock.

Beside that she clearly doesn't give two shits about humans.

>> No.10599063

>Which is probably the worst thing you can do as the creator of your series: Just not giving a fuck about canon.
i honestly don't know why you're demanding that he give a shit

moon princesses don't use spell card rules on the moon


>> No.10599152

>Why can't she just open a border and drop her into a black hole or something?
Yukari doesn't do this because it's more advantageous to her if the Loony's are alive.
Yukari mockingly and insincerely admits defeat because she's permitting them to save face.

>> No.10599238

If we actually bother to think about it logically, we'd see that there are many other possibilities: 'she doesn't want the Lunarians to know she can' or 'she would be risking having the other Lunarians come and destroy Gensoukyou and her with it' or 'she's really just trying to troll Eirin, so there's no need to do anything more than distract the Watatsukis' or whatever.

But there's always the classic 'it wouldn't work because Toyohime has Lunarian hax'.

>> No.10599260

Raymoo said she could beat moonslut if she wasn't playing the bad guy, but then again it's only at card games

>> No.10599265


Why are people in gensokyo following the rules all the time though?

If they are strong to enough to steamroll everyone it's not like they are going to be punished for breaking the rules anyway.


I never got how can yukari disappears with gensokyo, aren't there huge implyings about her being ancient like a million years old?

>> No.10599281

>Why are people in gensokyo following the rules all the time though?
Probably for two main reasons:
1. It allows one to safely fight the Hakurei miko without having to worry about accidentally killing her or anything.
2. It's fun.

>I never got how can yukari disappears with gensokyo, aren't there huge implyings about her being ancient like a million years old?
I only meant that they'd wipe out both Yukari and her Gensoukyou at the same time.

>> No.10599287


Except Yukari could just border hop out of there and Kaguya and the other lunar sluts live there

>> No.10599289

Doesn't Gensokyo explode if Reimu dies or something?

>> No.10599301

Reimu can technically use Fantasy Heaven for as long as she wants, but according to her it takes the fun out of battle.
So couldn't she have actually beaten the moon sisters if she wasn't playing the bad guy?

It's unknown what will happen to Gensokyo but according to her article in PMiSS something very bad.

>> No.10599314

She could've just flew out of reality forever and bombarded absolutely everything without being touched.

It would've made for a very boring manga.

>> No.10599318


1. Some characters surely wouldn't care much about killing the miko in the process to pursue their goal.

Let alone the fun.

2. I've always seen Yukari as an almost omnipotent character just so bored as fuck she makes shenanigans all the time. I don't think something in the universe beside her cousin Nyarlathothep or something could deadly harm her.

>> No.10599324

She could, but it's already been stated in her official profile that Yukari loves Gensoukyou. She might not abandon it so easily. But even if she did, Toyohime could probably follow her. As for Kaguya/Eirin/Reisen, well, they've allowed themselves to be influenced by Earth's corruption as of TH8, so they probably really can't go back now.

No, the border won't be maintained so it'll just start to fade.

>> No.10599328

That's what I'm saying, so Reimu could actually have beaten the moon sisters right? So they're not so mary sue-ish if Reimu could've actually beaten them if she took out her deux ex machina powers. I mean if a character can be defeated by Reimu that doesn't make them a mary sue right? Since she's the heroine?

>> No.10599343

I'm not of the opinion that Musou Tensei makes Reimu truly invulnerable. She's leaving reality, so that just means that she exists somewhere else, and any character who can follow her can then potentially harm her. And these are Lunarians we're talking about. If there's one group of people that this trick probably wouldn't work against, it's them.

Yeah, I also am a fan of Yukari being absurdly powerful, but I just think that Lunarians tend to be even more absurdly powerful.

>> No.10599346

Wouldn't that make Reimu a mary sue?

>> No.10599352

Not really, since she can be beaten fairly. And that herself doesn't use that because it's unfair. Besides, she is supposed to be the most powerful in Gensokyo so I think it's supposed to be okay.

>> No.10599356

>Besides, she is supposed to be the most powerful in Gensokyo

>> No.10599366


Doesn't train, too lazy, and still fucks up entities thousands of years old with god-like (And sometimes being gods themselves) powers.

Has the ability to just walk out of reality and fuck everything up with no discrimination.

I'd say that's mary-sueish.

>> No.10599370

Do you think Yukari can manipulate any boundaries, or ZUN just didn't specify at the time? Toyohime's boundary manipulation powers are much more specific so it seems like she can do a lot less, but is it really less than Yukari I wonder? While it wasn't very clear in the manga I do think Toyohime caught Yukari by gapping using her own boundary powers or something like that.

>> No.10599371
File: 328 KB, 600x600, 753ecc2de99c76d880ec989f370fdf4c6518714a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Until ZUN finally makes a new gensokyo arc where Reimu discovers she is a baby from the planet Vegeta send to gensokyo before freezer destroyed it.

Yukari now live in a kame-house and is an overall pervert while Marisa basically became Yamcha.

It is the only solution to keep up with their power level.

>> No.10599379

Either that or Tag Dream.

>> No.10599397

She also has good luck, intuition, never gets fat and smells most likely very sweet!
At least she doesn't give a fuck about whose ass she's kicking. That's what you gotta like about her personality.

>> No.10599408

Reimu is a ridiculously Sue. Many people in this thread still don't seem to know what Sue means. It's not about how powerful they are, but how much the universe seems to gravitate toward them. Reimu beats people up and they love her afterwards, like Marisa and Remilia. She doesn't have to train since she's inherited awesomeness.

But never mind being powerful just because, there was a chapter in one of the canon books where Reimu stepped in the water and fish rushed to form a bridge beneath her. Animals love her that much for no reason. It's hard to get more Sueish that that.

>> No.10599414

>I'd say that's mary-sueish.
Sure, but Mary Sue isn't the same as being the most powerful in Gensoukyou. I think we've already established that spell card duels aren't really that great at measuring how powerful a character is. On top of being intended to allow anyone to win, we've got super badass oni being put at Stage 3. Etc. And as for Musou Tensei, well, being untouchable isn't the same as being able to defeat everyone. It only forces a stalemate. But even then, I've already explained why I don't think it makes her totally invulnerable. Well, there's also the fact that she's still a human, so she can't just stay off in Musou Tensei land forever (she needs to eat, drink, sleep, etc.).

Is there any dispute that she can manipulate boundaries? As for Toyohime, her abilities don't seem to have been portrayed well by the one drawing SSiB, according to ZUN... Given how the story played out, it seems pretty safe to say that she can counter Yukari's ability though.

>> No.10599439
File: 177 KB, 547x736, beb1d0828de7997c2a5254e09ac5f949.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


She's insanely powerful. Her sword is pretty much an "I win" button and she can throw mountains into space.

The thing is her powers are not as flashy as summoning countless gods, or vaporizing Gensokyo.

Doesn't change the fact that she could easily turn Gensokyo into a wasteland with a powerful earthquake.

And don't forget she defeated Suika when she got serious. And Suika is supposed to be around Yukari's level.

>> No.10599442

Actually, I don't think it's that safe to say that Toyohime can counter it entirely, since Yukari simply had no reason to use it at that moment, and had every reason to just act like she couldn't do it.

>> No.10599451

They may not be as flashy, but they're still pretty flashy.

I still don't get what that temperament thing is though, exactly. Is it the emotions of the sky, or what?

>> No.10599455


It's sounds more like Saint Mary mother of Jesues thant Mary Sues.

Reimu is the messiah that is all.

>> No.10599459


Not to mention Remilia landed quite a bit of hits on Yorihime.

Hell, she kicked her in the face.

>> No.10599476

I meant if Yukari's boundary powers are more specific and limited, about as specific as Toyohime's manipulation of boundary of earth and moon, scientific and fantastic, sea and mountain of the moon, and that ZUN just didn't think to specify at the time, so people took it as Yukari able to omniscient manipulate any and all boundaries and she is basically god from that interpretation.

It could be that Yukari also just has mastery of specific ones that she has in her spellcards. I mean, if you think about it, even just having control of a single boundary of, say, here and there would qualify as "Manipulation of Boundary". It's as vague as Yuugi's power over "supernatural phenomenon".

>> No.10599477


Actually, it was stated in SoPM that land gods can be more powerful than highest gods in their own land.

And Sanae is protected by two land gods. Including Suwako, a primordial goddess.

>> No.10599483

It's what she gathers from people personalities or emotions, then it turns into scarlet clouds which can change the weather or create powerful earthquakes.

>> No.10599492

Tenshi is a Celestial
Celestials live in Heaven
Gensokyo's Heaven is in outer space
Yorihime and Toyohime live in outer space on the moon
it all makes sense now

>> No.10599494


Reimu's "flying from reality" thing is just a side effect of the whole border hax that Yukari is using on Gensokyo since forever.

If lunarian counter magic works on her powers it would work on Reimu's powers too.

>> No.10599505
File: 278 KB, 708x1000, 25390319523dc1ab989ff0a9e4a897df6b9eb582.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Was it ever canonically mentioned that she is into the whole submission thing or is it just some weird secondary belief due to some strange misinterpretation of one quote from one phrase said in one ZUN's interview while he was almost in a coma due to alcohol?

>> No.10599510

The latter

>> No.10599511

>Besides, she is supposed to be the most powerful in Gensokyo

What? Nothing like that was even ever suggested in anything canon.

She's great at magical sports involving magical fireworks. That's it.

In a serious fight against the likes of Suika or Tenshi she's completely screwed. Actually, they beat her up in the fighting games. And Yukari beat her up at the beginning of SSiB.

>> No.10599517

Reminder that Reimu could just easily teleport out of reality and bombard anyone and anything into submission.

>> No.10599518

It's because Tenshi wanted people to come fight her (that's the reason why she started the incident). But for some reason, that seems to automatically equate to being an M, even though she later went and paid everyone back (including Reimu).

>> No.10599524

No, she was just attention whoring. She wanted people to come punish her for her crimes so she'd get some attention, and her enthusiasm and wanting to be beaten up was interpreted as masochism. She DID say "punish me~" though but out of desire for people to pay attention to her and try to fight her rather than any sort of submission.

>> No.10599525

300 posts and no Shiki yet
Good job /jp/
No need to use the trump card

>> No.10599530

It's not nice to ignore me, Anon...
And yes, Reimu lost to Tenshi in canon.

>> No.10599533


Except Suika would probably just rip the dimensions apart with pure strength, Yukari would use her borders to counter it and Tenshi would just cast her temperament Ragna Blade.

>> No.10599538

Please don't even start with that, I'm going to get a headache from all the "Eiki strongest just because Yukari implied it." (there is literally no other evidence for it other than that one statement)

>> No.10599535

What about Shiki? Will she nag her enemies to death?

>> No.10599539

>She DID say "punish me~"

Her body is tougher than diamonds.

Their attacks were probably tickling her.

>> No.10599543


Can she instantly beat anyone by the sheer force of her frigidness and hard work though?

>> No.10599551
File: 4 KB, 126x106, 0_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yukari, Yuyuko, and Reimu combined are still no match for Shikieiki

...according to Yukari

>> No.10599555

But come to think about it. Shiki only works on mortals. Whoever can die, she can handle them for judgement. Which put Mokou and Kaguya out of the question since they cannot die.

>> No.10599556

Eiki pokes at character's faults. Yukari meant there was no point in arguing with her. Stop this shit, seriously. She's just going to nag you, that's all Yukari meant you homonozzle.

>> No.10599559

The most dangerous power of all.

>> No.10599576

But that also means she is superior to her. Even if Yukari can pull all sort of shit on her, She can see it through her black and white. Also Yukari is a mortal and can die thus she has to kneel down upon a Yama's judgement.

>> No.10599578


Didn't Suika beat her to claim some lands in heaven?

>> No.10599580

She actually just wanted to fight Reimu, she tells the other touhous she is not interested in fighting them, but since they went to heaven they can try and stop her. She says it in way that make the other touhous mad resulting in them telling her that they are going to beat her, to which Tenshi replies with a "go ahead and try it" her actions were misunderstood and that spellcard that makes Tenshi invulnerable to stun added to the fuel.

>> No.10599582

Shiki has "Wall of death" which is beyond Yumemi level

>> No.10599587


Maybe she really wanted to be beaten.

Life is boring as hell in heaven and since she is strong as hell and stuff she may have build up the fetish.

>> No.10599588

There was a thread last year where I tried to explain that to a bunch of faggots and after dozens of posts, they still wouldn't even acknowledge that it was a possibility. It sure is nice to see an anon repeat the same thing here. I wasn't even going to try.

>> No.10599585

>Also Yukari is a mortal

Ka ka ka.

>> No.10599590

Youkais are mortal. They can die despite having a long lifespan

>> No.10599593

Yukari said in Phantasm that if one could beat the Enma, he could do anything he want. And Gensokyo still has order.

>> No.10599598


I'm totally not some old abomination from the void with total power over every thing. Me, mortal? Suuuuure.

Trust me, I'm a youkike.

>> No.10599599

Oh okay, then I guess it's safe to assume the same faggots I'd started to argue with are the same you argued with, then there's no point.

>> No.10599602

Yukari can erase her own boundary between life and death if she pleases, thus becoming immortal.

Also, who says Yukari can't beat her? She was only saying she can't argue with her.

>> No.10599608


She let everybody win.

And she later defeated Suika.

Not like Suika cared much, they are probably on a similar level.

>> No.10599607

What is that?

>> No.10599610

Everybody defeated Suika in IaMP. Can't take the fighting games as references.

>> No.10599609


You can beat your mom in a fist fight, yet if she get mad at you you are screwed as shit.

That's why you can't beat yama.

>> No.10599612

>You can beat your mom in a fist fight
Can he ?

>> No.10599616
File: 678 KB, 800x1040, 87c7909bb48bbb1457e07430b5567c07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only person Tenshi didn't beat is Reisen.

Could it be..?!


>> No.10599617

Never played PoFV?


>> No.10599618

Her profile says that she is really proud of her powers and doesn't like it when people doubt them, that's why it makes think she didn't want to be beaten just play danmaku like other touhous did.

>> No.10599624
File: 170 KB, 640x960, 6d48841c482b4bfb68d02d82f32feed827f3063d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


So Suika was like: "Sup' bro mind if I take that soil to make oni rave parties with my crew?" and then they fight in a mock-up. After that tenshi go "Dude go find a work or I don't know it's not your fucking moma's house!" they then repeat the mock-up and that's all.

Did Tenshi ever fight seriously?

>> No.10599621

I don't remember this being said... And it makes no sense anyway. The only one who can do anything they want, is the one who has completely subjugated everyone else. As opposed to beating up just one person.

So the yama puts the food on the table and the youkai don't have a paycheck, so they can't get it for themselves, huh. That sounds terrible.

>> No.10599631


SWR is different. All of it's routes happened.

>> No.10599635
File: 1.36 MB, 1500x1125, 1girl+alcohol+ass+barefoot+bow+chain+crossed legs (lying)+cuffs+dress+feet+fireworks+gourd+hair bow+holding+horns+legs up+lying+on back+orange hair+panties+pantyshot+pantyshot (lying)+red eyes+sakazuki+.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Simply the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo"-Aya Shameimaru

>> No.10599638

Why doesn't it make sense ?
She meant if you could beat the highest authority, you could do anything you want.
And i say Gensokyo still has order because it hasn't turned into a youkai bloodbath. That also means nobody has beaten Yama.

>> No.10599639
File: 432 KB, 800x600, 3290e66ff15a829d66a1dcd28ec789db.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Yes. When she beat up everybody in her route. Reimu included.

>> No.10599643

She fights seriously in her story mode. in the other ones she doesn't thinking she was to strong for the other touhous. Then when she sees they aren't complete weakling, she uses her last and more powerful spellcard, hell even the theme turns more serious.

>> No.10599648

Wooh, Aya, the most unreliable news reporter in Gensokyo who makes shit up everytime she doesn't know what to write. Source: StB, DS.

>> No.10599651

It said by a tengu. So it doesn't count. It's like a Ukrainian or Belarus said that Russia is the most powerful nation on earth.

>> No.10599652


It is you americlap.

>> No.10599653

I'd still like to know where it was said, since I don't recall ever reading anything like it.

Also, it hasn't turned into a youkai bloodbath because the youkai decided amongst themselves to try and create a balance between youkai and humans (within Gensoukyou anyway), and then proceeded to go outside the barrier to fetch food routinely. Yukari and Reimu are two of the main people that are always trying to make sure that balance remains, because without it Gensoukyou will go poof.

>> No.10599656

Nevermind, I found it. I hadn't looked at Sakuya's scenario yet.

>> No.10599657

Sorry, but I'm not a yankee. Also I'm not saying that US is the most powerful nation either.

>> No.10599660

So when will Gensokyo goes full Sieg Heil?

>> No.10599678


From what we know yokais are patiently waiting for some sort of apocalypse to occur so they'll be able to remake their realm of darkness upon heart like it was loooong ago.

Speaking of that, is it possible that the keystone of heaven is the reason yokais lost their hegemony on the world?

>> No.10599682

The keystone? What does that have to do with this?

>> No.10599685


Read PMiSS afterword.

They could rape humanity back into stone age if they really wanted. They just choose not to.

>> No.10599712
File: 1.57 MB, 1470x1470, 0c3e2db0f9144caaaa0c793cf5e13304.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If not for Yukari acting like a butthurt old hag Tenshi would be living in the shrine with Reimu now.

>> No.10599727


Reimu's finger would be sore from all the fingering if she had to take care of Marisa, Yukari, Suika, Tenshi and all the random girls wanting her.

>> No.10599745
File: 343 KB, 800x700, 1girl+bat wings+blush+face+grey hair+hands on own face+no hat+no headwear+open mouth+red eyes+short hair+solo+sweatdrop+wings.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

L-Leimuuuuu! Why didn't you mention meeee? ;_;

>> No.10599749

> random girls

>> No.10599753


Zun says nothing about that in the afterword.

>> No.10599816

I think he's talking about the Monologue.

>> No.10600912
File: 144 KB, 700x990, 33283729_big_p1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The strongest. And hottest.

>> No.10602290
File: 116 KB, 600x888, 589d3c9a59bba2c3d0b00d113f6b8742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just so you know, that's Meira. This is Yorihime. But I can understand your error as they're indistinguishable without their trademark outfits. Also you're wrong. Toyohime is best.

>> No.10602579
File: 687 KB, 725x1024, 1362057221332.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Even though it is heavily implied that being due to the comfort of their life now (all they do is basically being drunk and sleep and hunt for humans once a month outside the barrier) they don't want to start an invasion it still has a big flaw as a theory. Why didn't they went on a rampage when their existence was denied right before they came up with the idea of gensokyo? Were they really too lazy so they thought it would be way simpler to secede from the world and still say "Whatever we can invade then whenever we'll feel like it"?

It would make sense though, even when they were believed to exist they didn't eat humanity until it went full extinct. There were gods and heroes but the youkais were still far more numerous and strong but only lived their lives (while drunk of course).