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Ara ara~

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I feel like I'm the only one on /jp/ who doesn't like Ran

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I don't like her either.

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y-you too...

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I don't like her either.

Futo supremacy.

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Wow, there is a mama ran anime?

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"Ara ara" can easily be translated you piece of shit Gaia faggot.

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you gay, son?

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"My my" sounds stupid

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Sorry if I don't like catgirl-shaped robots. I actually prefer independently thinking girls.

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plenty of other superior touhous drawn with big boobies

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You just watch yourself pal, We're wanted men. I have the death sentence on 12 systems..

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Why is that?

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No taste in touhous

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lol@ this tryhard homolord

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My point was that he isn't the only one.

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i don't dislike ran, but she's pretty far down the list. overshadowed by her vastly superior master.

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I don't like foxes
I also don't like her relationship with Chen because it makes me feel jealous
Also her hat is stupid
Also I'm not a furry
Also it feels like she just cleans up Yukari's shit off the floor

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Not in a way that sounds motherly and sexy.

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Would you have sex with Ran if she was your mom?

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ewwww, shit tier 2hu

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Yes and bareback.

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>not Flan

get with the times.

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Would you have sex with Flan if she was your mother, /jp/?

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What anime is this Ran look-a-like from?

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That's so retarded I nearly threw up on my keyboard.

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That was the point, silly.

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Ara ara~

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Too small to ara~.

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To aru Majutsu no Index ep 14

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such a douche

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The cutest mondaiji.

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I agree. Lazy people who don't know how to use Google to find out the answer to easy questions are pretty big douches.

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Funny guy.

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Call me old fashioned, but I remember a time when a man could ask for source without disgruntled nerds jumping down his throat.

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And at that time, the internet was shit.

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just click the fucking google button and shut up

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Nah I'm good, stay angry dweeb.

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No bullying