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Did you even get Ran a thread for Mother's Day, /jp/?

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Fuck you, Chen is her shikigami, not her daughter.

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This may surprise you but a lot of people on this board consider Ran their mother.

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I got her a bucket of water.

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It's not mother's day, faggot.

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Lay off, dude -- there's still a month before Mother's Day, so I have plenty of time to get Ran a thread.

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oh thank god, i thought it really was mother's day which is why my mom was so angry today, but it turns out she was angry because of marriage!

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You could have easily found out if it was or not using google you raging faggot.

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it was yesterday in UK

I wish my mum was more of the coddling type, she's really affectionate but she wants me to be an independent "real man" because she thinks that's what will make me happy.

I would be happiest if she would just accept I'm weird and let me live with her forever. Loving her gives me direction in life...

Anyway I got her flowers and a cute card for mother's day

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She always did seem motherly. In fannon.
Good job! You win the prize!
Shut the fack up :D

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Do you like her in a sexual way? If she came into your bed how would you react?

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Have you tried talking to her about it?

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Last week we went out for dinner and when she started talking about me getting a job I cried in the middle of the restaurant. She took me home in a taxi and hugged me all the way saying how much she loves me and how we can work past any problems. I think she might have a clearer idea now. The main problem is that she thinks I'm capable of having a normal, extroverted normalfag life which is completely impossible for me. All I want is to stay at home and be a sort of awkward NEET maid for her but I don't know if it can ever work.


Lewd, anon. It's not like that.

...well okay, it is a little like that, but I'm not REALLY a mazacon. Just a little.

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You live in the UK, right? Where about?

I'm asking because I want to be your friend.

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(´;ω;`) how cute ... I'm really flattered but I have panic attacks when trying human interaction besides /jp/ ... hence why I can't work ... but thank you anyway, you just made my night ...

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I have social anxiety too but it isn't as bad as panic attacks. You don't get panic attacks when interacting with your mother, do you?

I'd still like to know where you live please, since I might not be able to be your friend anyway.

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There are some ways of doing work from home.

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This is a mythical belief passed down by falseNEETs to lull us into a false sense of security. Be careful, friend.

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Is that Scotland or Nothern Ireland or just North England? Sorry, I don't mean to be so demanding but I want to know please.

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How would you feel if you came home tomorrow to the howling moans of your mother, and came in the room just as we had our orgasms?

I could be your new "uncle"

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I don't think he leaves his house often enough to "come home".

Do you even hikki?

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Sorry but I don't want to be too specific



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Alright, I understand. Thank you for your time and sorry if I put you through any stress.

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If you don't tell me where you live im going to find you ive done this before.

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Please don't post things like that I have a nervous disposition

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its already too late

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Stop bullying my friend please.

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I'll get her more than a thread, because she deserves more. She is the best goddamn touhou and she deserves the world.

Sadly, all I have to offer is my love, my heart and my semen.

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i think she want's you to keep the last one

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It's a package deal.

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Yes, thank you. You understand.

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One day closer to the promised day, /jp/. You don't want to get her something at the last minute, do you?

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Think again.