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Don't rely on the wikis for information. They have shitloads of theories and fanon stated as facts about the characters.

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remember, youmu is half-phantom now (:
yuurei means phantom (:
we write touhou canon (:

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holy shit you are fuckin mad bro lol

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b-but wuat should i use to get info the cannon material is too vague help me guise i sux so many dicks ;_;

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I like them mature and experienced.

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He fucking stole my post.

Don't listen to him. I'm the one who was mad, like two months ago.

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oh okay
holy shit you were fuckin mad bro OH

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tl;dr what am i supposed to be getting from this

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It took them months of debate and a lot of drama to figure out that just maybe
>Abilities: manipulating darkness
was better than
>Abilities: ability to the extent of manipulating darkness

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but this is my thread im shitting lol
why are you mad

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epic image d00d

now stop shitting the thread

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But it isn't.

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It's about touhouwiki writing touhou canon.

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so what's this about?

wiki information being shit?
Tewi might be super old?

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Yes it is.

This is the conclusion an army of neckbearded weeaboos came to, what makes you more of an expert than them?

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tosiaki, certified japanese expert

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"I'll catch a /jp/sie for sure this time! This trap can't possibly fail!"

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Most likely both. I don't get what's wrong with the wiki to some people. I don't really look at those fanon pages or the fanon trivia. I mean they can be a little silly with some things like the Phantom thing but it's still a good source of info. Too bad they suck at translating.

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I don't know if that's going to work out the way she wants or not.

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The thread belongs to the board after it is posted, not to you.

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Nice try turdnugget but I can delete this thread you know. Meaning I own it.

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That's quite the bait.

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thats some epic troll logic man

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Scrubs put so much fanon shit and their opinions in wikis

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I love have red links and stubs for story information on the official games and characters, but twenty bullet points about the biggest memes in "Fanon Culture".

I don't know when they decided fanon was appropriate for a reference wiki, but it's dumb and I hope Nekoscarletgate happens all over again.

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fucking old hag
I wonder how old is Eirin.

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The wiki estimates her to be hundreds of millions of years old. But they make tend to just make shit up so if you really want to know ask ZUN.

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"According to ZUN"
hundreds of millions

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Whoever put that in probably just read it on her wiki page and put it there.

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I'd like something like thwiki.info but in English.

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Didn't the wiki page say he said that in a drunken state?

I just remember that being rather funny when I saw it

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It doesn't list any reference or even give any context or anything.

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The great things about the Japanese wikis is that they keep the fanon and theories on completely different wikis from the canon stuff (at least for the wikis I have read).

A good example of this difference is the information the wikis have in DiPP. The English wikis claims that Alice was probably the person in the old DiPP story (making no mention that by the time she was introduced in the Windows series ZUN had already rewritten the story). The Japanese wikis with only canon information say that Alice and Mokou have spell cards sharing the name 「蓬莱人形」, that the spell card comment for Mokou's references the CD, and that the story was revised in the second release. The theory wikis say that the spell card comment suggests that Mokou is the one in the stories, but the first story can probably be disregarded because of ZUN's comments that the second version is a revision.

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thwiki.info is pretty empty. It's mainly for linking to other wikis.

From NToJ, Izanagi created Japan 25 million years ago. Izanami died sometime after that, and then after that Tsukuyomi was born. Eirin is said to be older than Tsukuyomi, so that at least gives a minimum boundary of Eirin's age. The pulling of the keystone to create Heaven is a maximum boundary, but it's impossible to know whether or not it even happened, and we don't even know when it was supposed to happen.

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they arent real fukin nerds get a life lel

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You again. I thought we got rid of you last time you brought this up.

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This probably sounds dumb, but I'd like it if the Wiki had no original content whatsoever, besides the obvious headings and so on. No custom descriptions, no overviews, no speculation, no summation of events, just straight-up facts and figures and sentences copied and pasted from the games/textfiles/manga (and their translations).

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Well I stand by what I said. It should be a reference for official materials and canon information, with some separate articles for factual out-of-universe information (lists of doujin artists, for example).

Obviously you disagree and so do a lot of people, but fanon has already creeped in and started to take over large parts of the wiki. One day they'll have so many baka jokes and shitty fairy scribbles that their wiki will be devoured like a fat weeaboo whore gobbling up Pocky.

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> Eirin is said to be older than
Is not a reliable source. Plus, if it requires a bunch of extra information (some of it also never confirmed to be true in Touhou) to explain what her age is instead of it being stated directly, then it doesn't belong on a fucking reference wiki.

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This brings up a dilemma:

Is ZUN in a drunken state a more reliable source than ZUN in a sober state?

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Whatever he says directly is reliable. Whatever is indirect is not so reliable, such as "it is said that" or stuff written inside the Touhou universe like the Gensou record which ZUN says is not to be trusted.

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I thought I'm desensitized to the wiki's fuckups already, but apparently not. I'm genuinely mad right now.

I'd like something like en.touhouwiki.net, but in English.