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Thanks mum.

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I told my mom to stop bringing me my dinner because it made me feel like a lazy slob

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I wish my mom would bring me dinner.
My dad stopped buying dinner for anyone but himself. I'm starving to death.

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No lady I don't wanna /ss/.......

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I dont know I just don't feel comfortable I guess.....?

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mommy's legs

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Back when we had food stamps she'd make dinner every night, it was great.

That was long ago and now dinner usually happens maybe once every 2 or 3 nights.

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Worst hair
Worst hag
Worst fanbase
Worst Touhou

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That's not Byakuren

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Damn, wish I had some Japanese curry right now.....

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take your matriphilic sexual deviancy to /d/

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I wish I loved my mom like I love her.

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You gay?

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That's not Mima.

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Fuck you!

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Sorry old woman, I don't like curry

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What does breastmilk taste like?

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Momma's love

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fuck off

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C-can I impregnate Kanako?

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No. Too old to have kids.

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When my family was poor, we had to eat corned beef and rice every day. It was a meal you could prepare with materials bought in bulk.

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Drunk hags are best hags.

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consider the following.jpg

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Oh my goodness... Byakuren!

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I knew it!

she is shinki!

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No she isn't! Where's the sidetail?

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I want to raise a baby with Kanao.

I would be a devoted father.

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Every time I see this image I always hope that it was made with her loving warm poop. I know this artist in particular makes scat drawings as well from time to time so the notion seems very likely.

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I always figured Byakuran was the sanae of the group.

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Has mother ever peaked at /jp/ masturbating?

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when's the last time /jp/ has smelled their mama's panties?

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I'd lick that wine off of her.

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I was in eight grade.

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I want a tall woman who would act very protective towards me.

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I was also in middle school the last time I did it.

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I wish I never left the womb

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These shitty mazacon threads have ruined Kanako and Ran for me, I just hope you're all aware.

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Its warm, soft, and safe. The ultimate NEET zone where you don't even have to eat or breathe on your own.

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You'd never see your mother's face

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So? It doesn't even have to be my mom, in fact I'd prefer it not to be. Kanako probably has more room inside of her.

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Stealing wifi? How do you have a laptop?

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We go without nightly dinner to pay for the internet

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How does that kind of an arrangement work? Your mom pays for internet but not food?

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We can go without eating for a while easier than we can go without internet

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Your mom uses the internet too?

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Yeah mainly for facebook and netflix

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People see things differently, Don't let silly character interpretations upset you in a fandom which has quite an undefined universe.

Just imagine how these guys shout "Mommyyy~~!" while trying to ram into Kanako's lap in a boss fight and get killed.

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I don't think anyone's that fucking retarded.

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Mom looks nice when she gets dressed up to go out

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Eirin is a better hag.

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no u

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im not gay i just want a girl in my age range you know?

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epik :^)

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Please take your irony elsewhere.

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What's this from?

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I like it.

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What a shitty profile.


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Take your matriphilic sexual deviancy over to >>>/d/

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How about you die?