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Hentai has taught me that girls have the same pubic hair color as their hair color. For example blond girls have blond pussy hair, pink haired girl have pink, ect.

Is this actually true? I even got some barf-bags and opened a blond 3DPD video to check but they had nothing there! Now I'm even more confused.

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Someone explain me how did she end like that.

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oh my G*D i WANT to smash the kiester

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What color is Yugi's public hair? Does it change when he becomes Yami?

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I think it's true. If you look at the arm hair of people with different colored hair they're a bit like the natural color of their hair. Granted, it may be darker like a dark blonde or a dark red.

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His hair is the same though dude

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I love that there so many virgins on this board.

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I don't know, my uncle has brown hair and his beard is blonde.
Maybe if you have brown head hair, blonde beard hair, you will grow red pubic hair?

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Pubic hair tends to match eyebrows

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And now this thread has given me a new fetish for Byakuren, as if she wasn't already sexy enough.

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I have blond hair but my pubes are light brown but I don't know if girls work the same way or not

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I wonder if bird youkai have a small tuft of downy pubic feathers.

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Okuu has gradient hair too. But people rarely draw it.

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Someone needs to draw this. PLEASE!

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Pubic hair seems to be a darker version of the hair color. Eyebrows as mentioned earlier are good comparisons.

I'd also like to mention that at least for guys, their facial hair is pretty much a carbon copy of their pubes. Both in color and in texture.

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So what, does Okuu have gradient hair pubes or black feather pubes?

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I vote for black feathers.
Feathers are fluffy as fuck and Okuu is fluffy.

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Do boys have the same pubic hair color as their hair too?

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Imagine how nice it would feel to finger her. Her soft silky smooth feathers brushing up against the palm of your hand..

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I'm a boy and I don't even know.

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Why not grow out your facial hair and see?

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Your body hair is all the same color.

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Does it even matter? All pubic hairs are fucking disgusting and should be shaved.

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i cant though.. it doesnt grow...

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You just need to grow it enough to tell the color. It doesn't have to be a proper beard.

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Not everyone is a pedophile like you.

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Mine isn't. Now that I think about it I have like 5 different colors of hair.

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Seconding >>10585491
I want to see Okuu with feathers down there now.

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Why shave what nobody else can see?

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I am actually thinking about making an h doujin soon. How much interest is there for Byakuren and gradient pubes?

But I'm bad at coloring and am only comfortable with black and white doujins. Would shading really convey the true nature of her radiant, myriad-hued pubes?

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Sure you are.

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Just do pubic hair. Colouring is a gimmick.

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If a girl has pubic hair, she's too old.

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Ginger pubic hair is so exotic.
Best viewed as a sprout or tuft in a snowscape on a sunny day for the perfect copper glow.

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I prefer black pubic hair. Also people with brown hair usually have black pubic hair, I think.

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Marisa's curly wurlies

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Well, my hair is blonde but my pubes are dark brown. But my facial hair is also dark brown. Too many co-dominant phenotypes in my genes, I guess.

In all the 3d porn I've seen, the blondes have brown pubes. But, some of the gingers have firebrush going on down there. I guess it all comes down to blood purity.

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Thank you for your domain knowledge.

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I can confirm this. My head hair is blonde, but some of my hair is so pale as to be invisible, and my pubes are a very dark brown.

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I second this. My head hair is blonde and grey, but the rest of my body hair is dark brown.

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Pink panties don't suit Marisa well...

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Good lord WHY. It's like she has a lower beard.

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I think it's cute. That's not even a lot of hair.

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If the lower beard is made of the softest babby hair then I think it's beautiful. If it's made of Nigerian tough-tier hair then yeah, it's WHY territory.

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someone stole her dress bottoms so she got a taste of her own medicine

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How mean. Marisa doesn't steal clothes.

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no but she steals something more valuable virginities

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That's dumb. Marisa is a girl.

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>mfw she combs and straightens them

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I'm sorry but no, it's way too dense for pubes.

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There is no "way too dense" for pubes. Pubes are great thing no matter how many are there.

But what >>10586028 said.

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Are you around weebs? I'd appriciate it if you could translate this.

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Not gonna lie, this is cute as fuck, are there women like this out there?

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There are. But their pubes are dark, rough and scratchy. Not light, curly and fluffy

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>There are
>But their pubes are dark, rough and scratchy. Not light, curly and fluffy

So.. there are women like his who are not like this?

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Girls can grow dicks, too.

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I have very light blond hair and my pubes are white to the same blond depending on length, so there are probably women with similar pubic hair color.

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Could you post a picture of your pubes please?

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Hell no. Go find some random slut.

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he just did.

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Thanks man, I'm going to use that one in future.

I just did.

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Sorry, I didn't read the entire thread so i missed that.