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Is that Yukari's rumored mating signal?

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I don't like it when old ladies try to dress and act young

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Yeah it's gross

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Silly Yukari, no man would bother with your hair when you show your cleavage.

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They are already perfect, they do not need to go out of their way like this. I love them as they are.

Of course, if they just want to have fun or whatever, that's fine.

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I, for one, think it can be rather arousing at times.

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cloths alittle bit small isn't

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Yukari would be Gensokyo's cougar imo

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I want to put my face between those giant boobs.

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That's like the point.
Suwako's kiddy clothes are too small for Kanako's curvy, fertile body.

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yeah it is. I want to make an older sexy lady feel young. Using my penis of course.

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Kanako is slim and graceful, not curvy

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If Yukari wanted to look young she could just gap herself to a younger age.
Doing something like that is probably for the sake of people who enjoy that sorta thing.

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if yukari wanted she could gap herself to become our mom and things would be different around ;_;

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I wouldn't want Yukari to be my mom

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Why would you want to get rid of your current mother? You're terrible.

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Would you have sex with her?

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You do realize that unless she brought Ran with her you're going to be the one to do everything around the house and take care of her right?

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I wouldn't want to, unless its a mom like Yuugi.
I get most of my strong masculine features from my mother's side.

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Good thing Yukari is not an old lady!

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i wouldn't mind. i already take care of myself so adding an extra person isn't much and i like others eating food i cook.

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Yukari's dick

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Yakumo-sama t-twin tails i'm not sure what to think of this predicament but if you think it is good than I will trust your judgement you have never been wrong

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I still wonder how touhous learn their magic.

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Maybe they're born with it

more importantly 42 secs up from 30s to post now? I MAD

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>born with it

Now imagine a touhou with really shitty magics like ... Wriggle.

That touhou has to live for an enternity with that shit kind of magic.

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Controlling insects isn't shitty.

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Controlling cool insects like rhinoceros or stag beetles ain't shitty.

Controlling flys, roaches 'n other shit insects. Thats shitty.

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better than your magic

do you have any idea how powerful insects can be
a swarm of just about any bug of your choice can do immense damage

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dunno about that anon but my mom is abusive as HELL. I'm glad to be away from her. I wake up crying because of nightmares about her and yell myself awake sometimes. My brother does the same thing, from what he's told me. He told me it took him around three or so years to stop having nightmares about our mom.

I'd much rather have a touhou as a mom.

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Yukari is so cute and beautiful I can't stand it.

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Whats with the frog designs on her skirt and top? I feel like I've seen them before.

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>do you have any idea how powerful venom is
>a can of just about any bug spray of your choice can do immense damage to insects

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I bet the jews did steal Yukari's cash.

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Are these on the sadpanda site?

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Quality bump (:
Thankyou (:

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Your'e wellcome

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>still doesn't know about gap moe

There is no one more appropriate for it.

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some are born with their magic
some read magic books and shit

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A key difference from Reimu and Marisa is that Reimu is naturally talented in magic, but is lazy as a result, while Marisa has little natural talent but works and studies really hard, hence making her more proactive.

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Copying other's spellcards isn't the "hard yet correct" way.

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I want Yukari to scour my urerhra with her beautiful gloved fingers.

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>Hot finger inside penis action

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>mfw i'd fugg a hagg

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I like her hair when it's up

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Buns are the best hairstyle.

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Imagine being a 10/10 from early teens to late twenties. Now imagine what goes through your mind when you realise your beauty is fading and you will be a disgusting hag within 10 years and you will have nothing because your life was built around being the most beautiful no matter what room you entered, and then one day some young girl straight out of high school is an absolute bombshell and the men that were chasing you cast you aside to have a shot at the new prettiest female in town.

You'll look at pictures and say "Yeah.. I just need a small facelift and hair dye" so you get them, and you feel your youthful beauty for a few months until you spot your lips aren't as plump as they once were. Then your eyelids start to droop, your health is beginning to decay, and men aren't interested in you any more. You're just like any other hag: Disposable.

I thank the lord Jesus Christ for making me ugly from birth, so I will never fear the degeneration of beauty. The only direction I can go is up.

Pic related, what you used to be.

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Look at all that momminess.

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Yukari is a temptress

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Well, Ran is just perfect and she always will be.

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Ran a shit

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I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

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Oh, I messed up the quote. Guess my memory isn't what it used to be.

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Close enough, we all got the reference.

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Would you be Yukari's shikigami?

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If she'd let me, but I don't think she would. Chen might, just because I doubt she comprehends what an arrangement like that really entails...

I don't think this is such a good idea.

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Yukari-sama arouse me too much

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Why is dearmybrothers' artwork so perfect, /jp/?

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Because he's got mad skills.

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Only if her breasts weren't as lewd as in OP's pic.


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Disregard Yukari, Post Ran

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Becoming Ran's shikigami is also acceptable.

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Why is her tongue so long?

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It's fried tofu, silly.
Kitsunes love fried tofu.

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It's a piece of tofu, not her tongue.

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Scroll of frolicking animals
It's also a spellcard

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>A-anon, I'm an old woman, I can't be cute!

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I wish I was sexually minded enough to come up with a response that would make her heart skip a beat.

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Well, you're looking real cute right now, Ran. Guess age has nothing to do with it.

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She's all flustered, it shouldn't be hard. Try, try!

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And to think, this is the same /jp/ that hates RPing.

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/jp/ also hates tripfags yet clusters around every tripfag that is somewhat known

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We're being tongue-in-cheek.

I-It's not like we enjoy roleplaying, or anything...!

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I tried for a whole 10 minutes and the best I could come up with is "you're cute".

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warning! approaching kimeimaru levels of sexy

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Say she's a "Cute-sune!"

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I wouldn't have been able to come up with that in a million years. Thank you.

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I like to think Ran has a complex with her ears, hence the weird looking hat.

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No problem!

If you really want to make her blush, you should say that she's quite a "foxy" lady!

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You're really good at this. I wish I was as sexually literate as you.

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H-hello foxy lady, I think you're a cute-sune.

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This artist is diamond-hard penis/10