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Left or right?

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Left or right what?

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Seiga because she is into kinki stuff http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taoist_sexual_practices
and she doesn't have brain problems like Kasen.

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Which hand would you use to pat the left hermit's head?

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I'd pat it with my boot.

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lefto to marry, right to procreate

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old hags are disgusting

would fug left

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Seiga is twice the hermit the red one could ever be.

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I like Kasen as a character a lot more but Seiga NyanNyan's outfit is a lot better. Tough call.

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Left or right?

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Explain the brain problems, not saying you're wrong, but just asking.

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Don't sexualize the hermits, /jp/

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Left. That super-tight shirt makes me want to free dem titties

Right. Lewd Yukari.

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I'm trying, but Seiga is super sexy and I don't know what to do.

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Seiga would take off after sex and that would leave me emotionally compromised. Kasen wouldn't have sex with me in the first place.

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I would have sex with you.

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Remember your training, anon. Be calm and unmoving like Mt. Fuji.

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That's very kind, thank you.

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even mt fuji has to erupt one day, if you know what i mean.

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We can all be friends

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I like moving though. I need to be free. Seiga's seductive nature is chaining me to the lewd.

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None = homo
Both = manwhore

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I really love that image, everything about it is beautiful.

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I pick Kasen to save her from Seiga's lewdness.

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it can't be helped

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Why is Seiga such a lewd old hag?
I bet she does lewd things to poor Yoshika.

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Left is best. Pink is best.
I would endeavor to be a better person just to make Kasen a little happier.

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Would you have sex with her, though?

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Oh yes, but only if she wants to and is willing to do so. It's not a subject she likes much, you know?

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married of course
because that way we are bound for ever and ever

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Of course. Just bored of the asexuals.

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Yandere Kasen arouses me.

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I pick both

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...there'd have to be something really wrong with me if I could be asexual around Kasen.

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It would mean that you are a true hermit who has been freed of all earthly desires and is close to enlightment.

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I don't think I can be a true hermit.

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S-Seiga-sama!, use my body as you please!

Even after my body has rotten away, please take care of me!

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If you knew what she'd do, you would never say that.

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Both Kasen is pretty cool I wish ZUN would do more with her though

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Eromame does it again, now I feel like raping underage Touhous.

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What? How?

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You MUST NOT sexualize young Touhous. You must protect them from all forms of lewdness.

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get the fuck out christfag

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Kasen defending Seiga is a nice change from the norm.

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She has to, Yoshika can't take care of her own needs with her immobile arms.

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I'm ambidextrous.