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Got this from a japanese aunt.

Looks like cookies, tastes more like pretzel

Can anyone tell me what the hell this says?

Specifically I want to know what the different types are.

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Why don't you just ask your aunt, you putz?

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Slightly better picture

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>Looks like cookies
No, they look like crackers.

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She doesnt use cell phones or any type of technology.

The only way to communicate would be mail. And I dont care enough to write a letter

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>And I dont care enough

Then why bother /jp/ with this? Reported.


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I figured someone on the jap board could tell me what it says.

Sorry if it makes you all buttmad

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I think the grandmother says something like "delicious...they'll make you say "ha...[sic]"
sorry im not the japanese expert here

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also, the せんべ part you see on the bottom of the flavor descriptions indicate "rice cookie"
obviously, the black square is seaweed flavored, and the one to its left is sesame oil flavored

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They're like a rice cracker, cooked/flavored in seasonings, usually soy sauce.
Hard, crunchy cracker.

I like the ones with nori on them.
Just eat one already and find out for yourself.

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the one below the sesame flavor seems to be some sort of salt flavor, and the one below that seems to be the equivalent of bar-b-que
the one to the right of seaweed is sugary, the one to the right of that is some sort of salad flavored? そふと might be colloquial. Finally, the one shaped like her face is literally "grandmother flavored"

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I think people are just mad because you have a japanese relative OP. Forgive their rudeness

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I'm mad because OP doesn't know the difference between a cookie and a cracker.

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can you tell us the difference between a cookie and a cracker?

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>Grandma flavored

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What are you, British?

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>the one shaped like her face is literally "grandmother flavored"
like flesh or like you just ate her out?

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alright, why is そふと is hiragana when most other sites that feature this same type of cookie put in in katakana like ソフトサラダ
also what the fuck is it

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ask the OP
fuck i think he left

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Japanese is never really restricted on if one should use hiragana or katakana.

The reason why they chose to put part of it in kana instead of katakana is simply for aesthetic reasons.

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Why did you spoiler the image? How retarded can you possibly be?

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Maybe it means old-fashioned flavour? Like, if they used to make the cracker in one way then changed the ingredients/whatever, that "grandma" flavoured one would use the old recipe?

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From left to right:
Soy Sauce
Delicious Granny Flesh (or Honey)

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Wow. You guys actually helped. Gained a very high amount of respect for this board.

Im not sure quite how to describe the grandma flavor. Not sure if thats a good or bad thing.

Thanks all.

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Go away and stop asking for translations from here.

I am dissapointed in the people here who helped him..../jp/ is changing.

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>I am dissapointed in the people here who helped him
It was a slow day. Sue us.

You really didn't need to bump this.

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Not him, but you could flex your nerdmuscles on someone with a better attitude.

I'm more disappointed that the janitor deletes a thread where OP asks if he needs a special visa to go to a job interview in Japan but leaves this. here. I guess asking for consistency from him is too much.

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maybe more people reported it

i report some off-topic threads but not others

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To be honest, I didn't read any of his comments after the OP.

>I figured someone on the jap board could tell me what it says.

>Sorry if it makes you all buttmad

I feel a little bad about helping him now.

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It's okay. I'm sure he's a nice person who deserved our help, he just got a little defensive because he's not used to local etiquette.

He should have lurked more and he is at fault, but you did a good deed and you should be proud.

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/jp/ has been changing ever since we first came into existence. We've gotten slightly better since /vg/ was made but still, the number of oldfags leaving is far higher than the number of newfags moving in.

It's a losing battle son, one that /a/ lost a long time ago.

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>nice person

Does a nice person not respect somebody until they do something for them?

>Gained a very high amount of respect for this board.

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>the number of oldfags leaving is far higher than the number of newfags moving in.
What if they’re moving to /vg/?

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They might, but the VN generals there are rather....poor. We only discussed a newly translated VN for a week or two after it's translated. After that we will have exhausted all conversation material whilst the people over /vg/ appear to enjoy talking about the same stuff forever.

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People also seem to post about untranslated games. I only recently started reading the thread, even if there’s a lot of talk about games you probably have already played a long while ago, the atmosphere is somehow relieving. You should know what I mean.

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I just checked out /vg/ and saw a Katawa Shoujo thread with 600+ replies. I'm never going back there again.

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Our VN general thread has a particular focus on untranslated games though.

Check out the MGQ thread, it's got no actual discussion but is purely fanfic.

Fucking disgusting.

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I don't understand
why is helping this man a bad thing for /jp/

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This isn't the "jap board", for one. Also, /jp/ isn't your personal translation service. If you don't understand why it's bad after that, you might be a bit dumb.

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We'd rather not have 50% of threads on /jp/ to be translation requests which bring nothing of value.

Spoonfeeding is also a horrible practice, like the saying goes you could give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or you could teach him to fish and he'll never go hungry again. Encouraging people to look for stuff on their own makes them more resourceful, but if they never learn how to do that and rely on others then you end up with /a/, where threads are constantly spammed by "sauce" posts.

/a/ have learnt this too late, they didn't listen when people say spoonfeeding is bad and now they're full of idiots spamming source requests.

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I think translation requests encourage some learners of the language be proactive and give them a chance to put their skills to the test
and although I agree with you, I think you're being a bit paranoid. Helping one man doesn't deserve this kind of negativity, Besides, /jp/ is listed under "Japanese Culture" so it is technically a jap board
you can help people AND encourage them to look for stuff on their own can't you?

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Why did you bump this, dumbass?

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No, helping one man is the same as helping everyone. Look at /a/, before the split we were very strict about this, then after the split everyone became more lax and now they're fucking everywhere.

/jp/ is Otaku Culture, it hasn't been Japanese Culture for a long, long time.

I'm stopping here to hopefully stop any further discussion because you've just bumped this topic for no good reason.

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Why don't you ask /vp/ to translate stuff for you then because "technically" they are a Japanese culture board too?

Did you just see the "/jp/" like most and think we must drool over stuff like this?