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What makes them so great?
What are some of the things you would like to do with them?
What do they smell like?

Let's discuss and have fun!

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He didn't post anything lewd.

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I want to do silly things with a loli and share lots of laughs together and then eat sweets and fall asleep together.

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Maybe I should have specified that this thread is about 2D, if that's what you're worried about.

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We're not allowed to discuss anything that violates United States law.
Pornographic lolicon violates United States law.

It's also creepy as fuck. moot doesn't want you on his site.

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How come this girl didn't have a proper scene, Key?

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>a visual depiction of any kind, including a drawing, cartoon, sculpture, or painting
>Nonrequired Element of Offense.— It is not a required element of any offense under this section that the minor depicted actually exist.

Just fuck off. Go to Tor hidden services or something.

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He didn't post anything lewd!

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But we can't even talk about it, that's the point. Wikipedia says lolicon is lewd. Disagree? Tough shit.

If this was a general thread about little girls, that's fine, but it's clear you're anime pedo creeps trying to discuss something that has been banned by the site admin.

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Nobody's posting loli porn. In all the loli threads I've seen, none have had porn posted in them. By far the bulk of the responses were entirely text.

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You're talking about it right now.

>Do not discuss anything that violates local or United States law. This will be severely punished and strictly enforced.

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I'm sorry, I didn't realize we were being raided. Why don't you go to /tv/? All the real pedos live there.

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Talking about loli isn't illegal. Talking about their soft skin, shiny hair, and slim legs is not illegal. Talking about their cute laughs and heartwarming smiles is not illegal.

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What about talking how adorable they are?

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Of course talking about adorable lolis is not illegal.

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fuck you go to hell

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I want to rape the shit out of them. Pic related. I'd set something like this in my basement (if I had one), keep them chained to the walls, give them daily doses of acid, play dubstep and confuse them with some bright LEDs. I want a little metal cage with wheels so I can take her from one room to the other. What if one day I forced one to consume all sorts of hallucinogens and then released her in a rural area on the other side of the country? Maybe she'd think that the rape dungeon was just a bad dream or weird fantasy. She'd be pretty fucking confused, unable to explain the timeskip or why her kidnapper released her. That's something I'd like to see.

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Lolis? On my /jp/? Get out fukkin pedos and get jobs lol!!!!

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please don't be cruel to innocent little girls

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What's with the influx of anti-loli people lately? They're getting kinda annoying.

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There are thousands of JIDF posters on 4chan these days. They prefer shota.

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Jehovah's Witnesses stopped going door to door and are preaching on the web.

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By the way, is there a collective term for people who like both loli and shota? Because I was referring to both, even though shota threads are rather rare.

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>is there a collective term for people who like both loli and shota?
2D only pedophiles.

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Ignore refags and they smell like crayons and cherries

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Works for me.

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>It's also creepy as fuck
back to SA with you

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Tell me about it. I wish they could just leave us alone! Why should they care if we like adorable 2D little girls and want to talk about them!

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Yeah this thread was ruined before it even began. All the loli-haters must be on all at once.

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Today I talked with the guy who made this meme!

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Muh freedoms

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9/10 times discussion is okay. Uploading actual pornographic images is illegal.

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It's legal.

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You're making me think lewd thoughts.

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Be careful, those thoughts violate US Law.

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Which in turns violates US Law.

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I require you to post more images so I can see if I am in clear violation of United States law.

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[le citation needed]

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I shall now begin to violate the US law.

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Please stop, this is getting too lewd for me

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Stop this is in violation of everything! How could everything get so violated!

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I see that's not the only thing getting violated.

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And will continue to.

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You think you would pick a less well endowed female to violate US law.

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Who knew breaching the law could get my dick so hard?

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violate it more

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This is bad, really bad.
You'rre mkaing me uncomfortable /jp/.

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ITT: OP creates a thread and argues with himself in order to get these threads banned like previous shitposters did with MMO threads, that LN magazine thread, and the OC thread.

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Am I violating the US law yet?

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Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen goods are now forfeit.

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that feel when dynamic IP

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OC threads are banned now too?

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Not yet, you need to violate the law more before it notices.

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Why am I being turned on?

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B-but that's so lewd!

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You can't post that here, this is a christian message board.

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I'm worried this thread will spell the end of loli threads.

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Fuck you.

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Its just one guy.

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This is only the beginning of what /l/ was supposed to be.

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It's two guys dude.

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Well the last one was deleted by mods anyway.

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Well its still not going to get them banned because of two idiots.

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it's 2 guys as everyone else sits back and enjoys.

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1 guy posting images and 1 guy dicking around/shitposting. Yep, end of loli threads everyone.

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I fucking hate these half-assed "animated" images.

They look fucking dumb.

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Yeah, we're supposed to be discussing whether or not loli should be legal, right?

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I don't expect it to. I just think this is better than the usual "why don't normals understand?" or bickering about the definition of pedophile that these threads usually end up as.

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They'll never end, this isn't the end of anything.

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It's legal butt face. Stop spreading disinformation

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It hasn't even started.

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Best case scenario would be discussing loli related media, while posting cute sfw images.

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Except in the commonwealth cuntries.

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I was kind of hoping this thread would go like the last one, but for some reason the direction is completely different.
Sorry, but I'll just delete it and try again another day.

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Sorry, I got mad.

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loli threads are a hit or miss. some get ruined from the very beginning and others go on without anyone throwing a fit over people liking what they don't like.

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R-15 OVA

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But Tor is full of normal retards. I want to discuss 2D and 3D lolis with /jp/.

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Be honest. Do you have an attraction to 3D or not?

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No sir.

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Exactly this. Tor is filled with people who want to see the awesome cool deepweb and those who know that the whole deepweb thing is a sham. Basically put, /b/.

Apathetic at best.

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Then do that here and ignore everyone being an ass to you about it.

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why was this deleted

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NOOOO I just took a showerrrrr! MUST. NOT. FAP.



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Why would you fap to this horseshit?

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Oh no, this just urges me to watch a hentai video.

>> No.10573007,5 [INTERNAL] 

I haven't touched my wang to h-anime in so long since most of it is so shitty. The only thing I could still do it to is probably Princess 69.

>> No.10573007,6 [INTERNAL] 


Here is a good one http://myanimelist.net/anime/14379

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