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If she only had tits...

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She's the attractive kind of loli with a womanly figure, unlike disgusting child porn.

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Loli is attractive to most females like myself. Most just deny their impulses, however.

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I thought Tenshi was just an adult with a flat chest, like Shikieiki.

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Errr, not really. If anything, her portrait, sprite, and profile seem to suggest she's around Reimu's age in appearance.

Probably one of the reasons why she's so insanely popular right now.

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I'm anti child porn and anti loli because it reminds me of child porn. >_<

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Yes. But not the fake ones.

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Why is Yuka always wandering around half dressed?

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Cuz she is just THAT HOT.

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But Reimu looks like someone in her early 20's, so yeah!

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She also masturbates after eating pancakes.

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>>1057288 kind of loli

Shes not a loli shes a flat woman.

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Everyone in Touhou is loli. Wake up to the Real World.

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I still think Tenshi is just supposed to be someone with an appearance of 19-21ish, but is just flatchested.

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Oh you.
No look at SWR and so on

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The ladys here would like to have a word with you.

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As a woman, I can comfortably say that, without a doubt, I fucking love the Touhou lolis. Flat chests are a major turn-on for me.

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>>1057311 portrait

She looks 20ich in it.

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I'd eat her peach.

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How old do you think Reimu is by now anon?
Shes hiting the 20s in SA.

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Shes about 21.

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Put yourself in her situation. If you were Yuka, you'd want to walk around half-dressed, too.

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need moar Yuka fucking Reimu doujins

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All doujins where Yuka is raping are tentakels doujins.

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Well, there's a Reimu fucking Yuka doujin.

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thats one and yuka is not doing the raping so it sucks hard.

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But it's Yuka getting tenderly loved.

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But Yuka can be extremely cute and innocent you know!

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that sucks more

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