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• yukari
• donut

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Actually OP, those are "onigiri", a rice dish. Some people call them "rice balls". Those people are idiots.

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I wish I could have those rice balls right now.

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But they are balls comprised of rice.

It's not wrong, even if it's not the technical name of the dish. It's like calling lasagna 'noodles-and-cheese brick.'

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Yukari so cute!

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You mean "onigiri".

You don't call kebabs "meat on sticks".
You don't call mousse "choco-foam".

Please respect other cultures' languages and cuisines.

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But you don't call lasagne that, just as you don't call spaghetti "floury noodles".

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What, you never heard of beef-on-a-stick?

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I do call both of those things by those names.

Those are rice balls, like kebabs are meat on a stick.

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Those are jelly filled donuts homolord.

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Of course not. That's because I'm of Italian descent. I also pronounce ricotta Re-gaugh-ta.

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I'm sorry, I forget words sometimes.

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• unloved dog

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Those look very delicious, I would have one as well but I've got to keep track of my weight.
Sorry Yukari.

Whatchya reading there?

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>I also pronounce ricotta Re-gaugh-ta.

You're getting confused with boats.

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But that's not true at all!
You're very lovely!

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I don't think she can hear you.

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Wait, rice and seaweed are fattening foods?


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I had to live beside a bunch of wops my entire life, eventually the pronunciation stuck.
Most of them are still assholes anyways, and extremely loud.

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Depends what you've dressed them with friend.

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Yukari looks very happy

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Don't be silly, shes just shy like everyone else I talk to.

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in italy does pizza come in squares

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Listen: http://www.forvo.com/word/ricotta/

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Pizza is peasant food in Italy, just like tapwater is in Ireland.

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Rice is starchy and seaweed is salty. The base ingredients are bad enough.

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Kebabs are the ultimate peasant food. Literally dog food, then they sell it to Brits as a delicacy, now it's one of their most popular dishes.

British settlers got TROLLED HARD.

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you'd be happy too if you were a omnipotent Youkai bitch like her.

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I find it kind of funny how peasants hundreds of years ago eat better than most people today, well that is if they ate anything at all.

Tougher cuts of meat like the shoulder or rump would be considered peasant status, yet here we are today eating random ground up animal parts made into paste and formed into disgusting little patties.

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i dont understand how these can be good. its just packed rice and a slice of seaweed, right? where does the taste come from?

id rather eat something with taste thats actually good, like carrots or snowpeas.

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You don't have to worry about it going bad, though due to the preservatives.

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It's a simple filling lunch.

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Fuck yeah, horse meat!

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You got started without me you son of a bitch.

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I don't see what's wrong with eating horses though. Or dogs.

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Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub.

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