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Can we have a Remilia-sama thread?

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Panties on head charisma.

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Why not?

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Please don't be mean.

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This is my favorite Remilia pic.

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I think Remi is my waifu...

is that ok?

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But vampires have no reflection in the mirror, therefore it's not Remilia but an impostor. Why do you state it's your favourite Remilia pic when it's not even her?

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Yes, but have you got your mandatory tattoo?

Please don't abuse Milady.

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I'd be afraid of a tattoo artist not doing her justice.

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Is that you?

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Vampires hamster do, Stoker agreed.

Cool, is that yours?

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It's not a mirror. Otherwise her bow would be reflected properly.
Though I think that's just the artist messing up. The pic is funny because Remilia is reacting to her reflection as though it were someone else, precisely BECAUSE she has never encountered her reflection before.

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My obsession is slowly creeping toward that way, but for when I become that insane, I'd like to get something more personal and discrete. Like her sigil from GoM.

And no, does he even lift?

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He looks like he may have picked up a dumbbell and moved it around in some vague semblance of proper lifting.

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You're right in the sense that it isn't a mirror, and that's because the whole reflection is off. Look in a mirror and hold your hand up to yourself. If you rose your left hand to yourself, your reflection should be raising its right hand. Thus...

In the photo you'll notice Remi's left leg is closest to the mirror. That should mean that her reflection would have its right leg closest to her, but instead it's showing her left leg being closest; an improper reflection.

So yeah. It's not a mirror. It's some other reflective surface. Probably why Remi can see herself in it.

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It depends on the mirror. And some vampires can have reflection on any mirror.

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Ah. I thought it was just the artist messing up the bow, but you're right -- Remilia's entire body is flipped.

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She is so adorable when flustered

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Pretty good image.

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let me fix that image for you, friend

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I appreciate it Anon, I'm going to remove my small copy.

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That might just be the swelling from the tattoo, His forearm is proportionally smaller.

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Why would anyone do this to Remilia-sama?

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Remilia scared to sleep alone.

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Would you, /jp/?

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I would read her a happy story and let her fall asleep on my lap.

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No way, she'd just wet the bed.

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You wouldn't want to feel her warm urine tinkle all over your crotch and wet your undies?

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I would...

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Would you let her drink your blood?

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There are solutions to this problem.

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The thought of Remilia wearing diapers made me spit coffee all over my screen, asshole.

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I wouldn't mind if she wet the bed. I would get to comfort her and explain that she's a good girl even if she wets the bed. Then I would get to change her clothes and make sure she is nice and dry before she can go back to sleep again.

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What are the "rules" for being turned into a vampire, anyway?

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but vampires scrape and lick
didn't that Dracula from Billy and Mandy tell you?

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Going by Bram Stoker's Dracula, you have to die from the blood loss.
However, since I Am Legend brought about the whole vampirism as an infection phenomenon you just need to be bitten.

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That's a weird reaction to cuteness.

Isn't death from bloodloss the rule for Remilia? Something about she can't drink enough and therefore can't make any vampires.

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Yeah, according to her character profile she just doesn't have the appetite. And she always makes a big mess of her dress while drinking. As seen in >>10562757

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It's OK, I have rubber sheets.

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Well, going full canon vampirism is not about being an unstoppable and powerful well known being but about infiltrating a community and slowly feed and destroy it from the inside, pretty much like a virus.

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That sounds legit awful.

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>Liking Remilia

what in the actual fuck

she's worthless and only in one game not counting fanmade games

You need to step up sempai to a real woman like Sanae

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You just invalidated your entire post.

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It wasn't the rest of the blatantly obvious troll post?

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I only scanned and saw Sanae. My undying hatred of her propels me to post about her and much I dislike her. Making me ignore whatever else is in the post.

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But diapers are cute. I'd like to see Remilia wearing some

I wear them sometimes because at age 23, I still wet the bed

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How is Sanae a shit when her mothers are loved by everyone?

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because "sanae a slut xd"

I think she may look dull compared to Kanako or Suwako but aside from that I don't know why people go full retard on her like that

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I hate Kanakow and her character, she's ambitious and only cares about gaining faith. Truly an evil 2hu. Sanae's just Kanakow's puppet. And she annoyingly sticks her nose into things too much. But I like Suwako, she's probably the only one I'm okay with.

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I remember the last time someone posted that.
>will probably destroy mirror with danmaku
Top shelf quality post.

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Does it have to be death by blood loss from the bite? Or could she just leave you to bleed out?

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>only in one game

confirmed for not playing touhou games

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Mos def agree. I wouldn't even know which tattoo parlour to go to.

Awesome choice. I'd be afraid of someone confusing the sigil for a Celtic cross and thinking I'm a skinhead or something.

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This is an important question I need to know if Remilia-san can turn me into a vampire so I can serve her forever

I will work hard serving my lady cleaning the SDM and changing milady's bedsheets until I am promoted to head footrest where milady will allow me to stoop beneath her body so that she may use my head to rest her feet

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Yeah, those aren't even fried beans.


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That sounds like a demotion.
Be ambitious, Anon!

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"Their main diet consists of the blood of humans. Those whose blood has been sucked by one will neither die nor become a ghost. They will turn into a zombie for a while before evaporating under the sunlight".

Indeed!, like becoming her hot-water bottle!. dibs

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But what happens if you run to shade using that time?

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Am I the only one who wouldn't go to Gensokyo to hump people?

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I wouldn't, I'd go because of magic.

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It's not that we are going to Gensokyo to sexualize 2hus, it's just that that will be one of the many things we will do.

That's ZUN's definition?

Ha! I won't be tricked into giving up the opportunity to be used by milady! You can only aspire to be her teacup holder, my desire is that strong!

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>turn into a zombie
I don't think you could plan something like that in that state.

Well, humping has never been my main goal. But it's an important part in a healthy relationship, don't you agree?.

And for my own safety, I would try something as stupid as trying to hump a girl with superhuman strength.

Only if she wants me to.

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Do you think Remy still knows how to speak Romanian?

>> No.10563184

She probably does. But this gave me an idea; what are the odds Flan knows a language she was never actually taught? Just seems kind of par for the course with a batshit vampire.

>> No.10563199

She could know from all the books she reads.

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Not quite what I meant. Just that somewhere in the back of her head is some random language that probably doesn't have a reason to be there.

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What happens if you were indoors when she bit you, say, she got interested in a Outsider, invited you over, and bit you.

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Depends on what Flan and Remy speak when they talk together.

In fact, given that Meiling spends a lot of time with her, she could be fluent in Mandarin for all we know.

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You could make that arrangement with. Shade and shelter in return for a pint.

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PMiSS definition.

We don't know if there's a way to drain your blood or arranging something before she bites you so she can turn you into a vampire.

And besides, there are better ways to become immortal, or stop the aging process at least, like drinking 2 sips of the hourai elixir, or drinking the blood of certain Youkais.

And by becoming a vampire you wouldn't be able to transfer your body warmth to her... providing that vampires have low metabolism, thing that contradicts their superhuman speed and strength.

Oh well.

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Vampires are inherently erotic creatures. It's supposed to.

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I don't know why, but the idea of Remilia biting me during sex gets me as hard as diamonds.

>> No.10563340

What does Remi's semen taste like?

>> No.10563343

I lick the thought of a vampire biting my dick and sucking the blood from it.

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mountain dew

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I don't need your help for this.

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You said Utsuho's tastes like mountain dew!
Does that mean Utsuho and Remi are the same person?

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You have a point. There's a need to be practical in one's quest to serve her.

One more thought: what kind of relationship do you suppose she has with her (useful) subordinates? I imagine she probably considers them serfs or feudal servants, given that she grew up in medieval eastern Europe. The fairy maids and hobgoblins would be the peasants, of course.

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Who would want to be a servant? Your plan for going to Wonderland is to immediately place yourself below someone else? Whattafuck man

>> No.10563402

It's not like most people here have the qualifications to be head maid.

>> No.10563400

I would guess how a monarch would view a vassal. Not too close in terms of relations, but reliable

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Beggars can't be choosers.

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Forget I asked.

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Well, Mugetsu does and her only job is to appear from somewhere and attack people.

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I'm a follower, not a leader.

Please remember where you are posting.

>> No.10563427

What's your point. You can post here and still have your pride and self-worth.

>> No.10563429

It's implied that Mugetsu isn't actually a maid, but just dresses up like one for fun

>> No.10563434

I think the point of ZUN defining it that way is that it lends itself to gensokyo. If she was able to make a vampire following she wouldn't be there in the first place.

>> No.10563436

Just because you're Remilia's personal footstool doesn't mean you can't be proud of it.

>> No.10563442

You cannot respect yourself if you are proud of being a foot stool.

>> No.10563455

You can if it's your greatest achievement to date.

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Please keep this on topic, about Remilia-sama.

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>turn into a zombie for a while before evaporating under the sunlight

>will neither die

Uhm... How is becoming a zombie and then evaporating not dying? Sounds an awful lot like dying to me.

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Issues with becoming a vampire aside, would you let Remi bite you?

>> No.10563713

I wouldn't taste very good.

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I think it means that your soul is extinguished as well, rather than being sent for judgement by the Yama.

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I wonder how Remilia feels about biting. Would she bite any commoner? What about someone close to her?

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I would rather donate my blood to her by drawing it into a plastic bladder, which she could sip out of like a juice pack.

But if she insists...

>> No.10563853

Given that the humans she feeds off of are outside gutter garbage, I imagine she really doesn't mind that much. Though I believe type B is her favourite.

>> No.10563910

>I think it means that your soul is extinguished as well, rather than being sent for judgement by the Yama.

That sounds like a really good deal for someone otherwise destined for hell.

>> No.10563924

>I wonder how Remilia feels about biting. Would she bite any commoner? What about someone close to her?

She only feeds on people who are terrified of her. If you wanted her to eat you, I imagine that would disqualify you.

>> No.10563957

Why do they have to be terrified?

>> No.10563999

I don't know why. Maybe she thinks it's undignified to feed on people who aren't afraid of her. Maybe she's just a sadist.

>> No.10564021

To be clear, it isn't a biological limitation. It's just her preference.

>> No.10564045

Anyone else wish they could be her personal slave?

>> No.10564058

She already has Sakuya for that.

>> No.10564064

So you just have to kill Sakuya first.

>> No.10564075

It would be nice if I got to work together with sakuya and remilia ordered us to do lewd things to each other for her oen amusement.

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Sakuya is her chief of staff and is treated more like a vassal or servant, as stated above.

We're talking a slave that is forced to wipe floors and clean excrement from toilets and is beaten for the slightest provocation

...I think

>> No.10564079

Your best bet is probably to work as one of the maids under Sakuya, and bide your time until you have a chance to murder her and take her place.

>> No.10564080

She's the head of staff, but she ends up doing all the work. She can stop time, though, so it's no big deal.

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That's because the fairy maids are useless

Which actually means she would enjoy your services immensely and you would be spending most of your time doing menial chores

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There is glory in all work.

>> No.10564168

>That's because the fairy maids are useless


>> No.10564178

ZUN said so

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Flan can speak Korean

>> No.10564227

2hu Spellcard - "All Bombz On Me"

>> No.10564256

And that was terrible.

Anyway, it's from the point of view of Hieda, and we know it's a very biased point of view deliberately put with false informations from diverse youkai. I totally see Sakuya inflating slightly her work to make it sound even harder.

But until we have more canon information, I admit that the Hieda book is the closest to the truth we have.

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Drank sign - blood pools

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Remi art is always beautiful

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I swear, half the cast is in love with Marisa according to fanart.

>> No.10564429

Does Remi drink purple drank?

>> No.10564441

The role of a bull dyke suits her well.

>> No.10564459

Didn't the games mention something about how she didn't even really get along with the other magicians? Yet they're always portrayed in some weird love triangle.

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They get along just fine. Marisa is blunt in choice of words, but that's it.

>> No.10564596

Marisa x Alice OTP from IN. Marisa and Patchouli "worked together" in SA. More than enough reason to portray them that way.

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I want to pick her up, but I don't want to be disrespectful.

>> No.10564627

What is ふええ?

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Why did they put poor remi through a stretcher? ;_;

>> No.10564862

proportions looks pretty ok to me, a lot better than most

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>activate: hologram
input, password: ...

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mr. Guiney's, ciet.. heated


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So much shitposts in this thread...

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Cute as HELL♪

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And posting an image ensures your post is not a content-less shitpost?

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It's even labeled with my blood type!

>> No.10567778

Marisa's version of master spark seduces those hit with it.

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>> No.10567799

lol shebites! She bites and bites and bites!

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>> No.10567815

My two hundred years old toddler can't be this cute!

Seriously, Onikobe Rin art may not be the fanciest but some of her drawings are gonna stay burnt in my memory unlike others who people would categorize as "better"

>> No.10568051

You're ojou-sama's favourite! Lucky~

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