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Why is /jp/ the last bastion against normalfags?
Why was this website run down by meemshouting inbeciles? 5 years ago I never thought something like this would ever happen.

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get out of here grandpa the internet is for the younger generation

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Going by his cartoon picture (and the particular cartoon he chose), I think he is part of that generation.

Meanwhile I'll continue not to give a fuck, just as I did five, ten, and fifteen years ago.

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I love you too, my comrades.
And I choose the picture, because I just downloaded it from /a/. I don't normally save anime pictures, I'm not underage.

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When you use greentext I ask who are you quoting.

When you say based I ask based on what.

When you use spoilers I shout fuck off with your spoilers!

Put this in your signature if you are the remaining 4%.

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Holy shit get a load of how insecure this guy is

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>I'm not underage
Yes you are.

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He's a perfect addition to /jp/

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Meme spam is annoying, but you don't have to coat that in irony. Just say "meme spam". And don't intentionally misspell the word or put it in scare quotes. It's a real word and 4chan is the last place you should be complaining about it.

Download a spell checker.

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it's not :)

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Get a load of this underage. I bet you get drunk off of soda,too.

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>When you use greentext I ask who are you quoting.
I do this too holy sh*t!

>When you say based I ask based on what.
Haha good 1 didnt know about it

>When you use spoilers I shout fuck off with your spoilers!
Thats too rude I don't do that I just tell them to stop using surprise bars...

I would put it in my sig but that last one is too rude i wont put it i'm sorry......

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this thread is becoming too epic for the win for me

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>taking a /jp/ anons cock up your butt

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fuck off

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cocks and anuses are so hot!

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So jealous right now...

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Hi there,

I searched the archives but I couldn't find the post to which your quote was referring to.

Could you please give me a link, so that I can understand your post in context?


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So, cock thread?

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Where are the obese neckbeards?

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Uncut dirty smelly cocks only.

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>/jp/ meetup

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It actually comes from a meet up 3 /a/nons had where one sucked and fucked the other two, apparently it was a very enjoyable experience.

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It's like I'm really on /jp/!

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Me in the center being completely ravished.

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Me on the left dick kissing and having cum sprayed all over my butt.

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No offense dude, but you're kind of a slut.

I'd still fuck the HELL out of you though.

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I'm not a slut, I just want to make everyone feel good! If I can feel good while making others feel good then it's only a win-win situation... Don't you think so?

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Don't you mean the right?

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me on the top left not getting or receiving pleasure

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Me with the tail buttplug inserted into my anus.

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that's me faggot

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I-I guess so.
Sorry about calling you a slut.

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You're still a greenhorn, sweetie! Gotta make that tight little butt used to a good dick before you can have a real one! You'll be begging for it at the end of the day, but your cute little desperate moans and your expectant little face are just so cute! I don't think I'll be giving you dick just yet~

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I'm pretty sure I had that up my ass, gaylord.

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You lied to me /jp/, the aneros is not amazing.

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>My knees hurt, I'm hungry, the moans are too loud, I wish I was at home playing videogames.

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Please do not misuse the quoting feature.

Why do I keep giving cocksuckers a chance when they're obviously crossboarders?

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Oh, no problem! I kinda like it when you talk dirty!

I feel a little sad too, to see that so many of the people who enjoy my hobby are not native /jp/ers... I'm a native /jp/er, though. Would you like me to comfort you?

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Tell us more about your hobby

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Why do dicks bring everyone together?

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Ah, I'd love to. I'd love to so much! But a good girl never tells! A good girl knows how and when to use her mouth! Am I wrong?

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You are right but don't be like that, tell us about your hobby.

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Non-NEET normalfag here on /jp/ "to do damage". I'm going to post 5 times after this and in so doing almost effortlessly ruin 5 threads.

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Holy shit why is /jp/ so fucking epic today

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Use your mouth on this!

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god dman i hate normal fags so fucking mcuh

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>Why was this website run down by meemshouting inbeciles?
Strange because a fair number of meems came from the original people of /jp/

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mem THIS

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These new idiots got no clue of what they are complaining about my old gayfriend.

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Me on the bottom left.

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I enjoy /jp/ because it probably has the highest number of oldfags per capita out of all the boards

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You are pretty skilled at eating bananas.

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who neet here?

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I wish all EETs would leave /jp/

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>linking people to /z/

You know you don't do that anymore anon. You remember the last time someone did that right?

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I don't know, it just is. the jp in /jp/ doesn't ever mean anything anymore, this is just board of cool stuff with cool people.

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Is Chen eating chocolate? Is she trying to kill herself in attempt to get attention? What a whorebag. Shittiest 2hu.

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No, I don't remember.

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Wow, some of you actually still believe this.

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I thought that was just dogs.

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>not remembering what happened at /z/

Fuck off faggot.

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She has a chance of being poisoned.

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Sorry, I've only been erhe since 2010.

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fuck the janiturururueruehruefrnaejfkanevgjnsjkvgfnasdjklnvgfzksdfjgn ksdfgklsdfbgkdfjbgdfbgskl

why was this deleted?

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