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/jp/ is currently in the age of mazacon.

Our previous age was the era of suck my cock dude.

Has the transition been kind to you /jp/?

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Suck my cock, dude.

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The only thing I like more than a nice penis is a lewd mommy!

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Begone, relic of the past.

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What if I want to suck my mom's cock?

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Wouldn't you rather want to smother your face in mommy's puffy vulva instead?

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MILFs do me harm. This transition has been unhappy indeed.

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says you

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Then don't ask.

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Puffy V's are for lolis only.

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They were precious times, but sadly normies and faggots will find a way to popularize and corrupt this as well.

It pains me but we needs less threads to keep it alive.

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can we use a word that isn't mazacon
it's the most annoying buzzword

why not just call it a motherfucking thread

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we already have a thread but whatever

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a thread?

there are like 5 mother threads right now

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If you are middle aged, what would be considered a mother to you now would be normal for you to hit on. Mother complexes are destinied for normality. It's basically the opposite of pedophilia, where it's normal for kids to be interested in each other and then less normal as you get older.

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oh right. I don't check /jp/ as often as I used to

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My mom isn't a loli.

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i don't want to age

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The appropriate term is "pedosexuality," thank you.

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No, I prefer cocks.

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I happen to like the term philia. Imagine if they changed Philadelphia to Sexualdelphia. It just wouldn't work.

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No way, I prefer "Prepubescent Enthusiast".

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All eras converge into the present at the same time.

The age of belly and mature midriff, the age of flat and the age of healthiness...

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But "philia" is reserved for objects. Using the term "pedophilia" implies you think of children as objects instead of people. It's not "homophilia" or "heterophilia," now is it?

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Where did you ever get that rule from? It's completely wrong. Even in the post you quoted, it uses philia to refer to people (brotherly love).

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Really? I have heard it a goodly number of times.

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will the next age be of the fluffy tail?

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>the love of feet

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lol wow what a cool thread

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also -phil, word-forming element meaning "one that loves, likes, or is attracted to," via French -phile and Medieval Latin -philus in this sense, from Greek -philos, common suffix in personal names (e.g. Theophilos), from philos "loving, dear," from philein "to love," of unknown origin.

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oh man i just wanna shove my face in her tail.

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Why not have both?

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We are still in the year of our lord LEWD

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I wanna shove my face in her ass while her tail waggles over my head.

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that's sick

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I don't have a problem with mazaacon but could there be less roleplaying to go along with it?

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I'm okay with mommies.

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You are faggot

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Yukari is a temptress, not a mommy

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That's not Yukari.

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Ran has the fluffiest tail.

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He's correct

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Please refrain from meanness on this board.

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>He thinks thats Yukari

Secondary detected.

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Why does she have vibration lines

Is there an earthquake

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This picture made me laugh.

Yes but I like Momiji a little more, but they both have a special place in my heart.

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She's having trouble balancing her boobs.

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Try bending over in that position while carrying around 50lbs of boobs.

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A-anon, stop looking at me like that, I'm just an old woman~

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Thank god this doesn't apply to the ass.

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What happened to the sex with youmu age?

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Will Parsee ever have /jp/'s love and attention?

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I would like to marry Udonge, is that legal?

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When /jp/ likes yandere shit.

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What's wrong with yandere shit?

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What do you think Youmu's feet smell like?

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But why?

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Nothing, I find it kinda hot.

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She has though.

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I don't really care as long as she would make me lick them.

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Cutest outfit.

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I think you're right, she kind of has a cute outfit. I'm sorry for bullying her in the past.

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It's just destiny.
This year happens to be the Year of the Snake.
It has been foretold by the ancients that this would be the year of the Mazacon.
As you can see, the newer surge of Kanako threads has directly correlated with Mazacon threads, along with Kanako being associated with motherliness and mazacon themes. This year is her year to shine, in which she is her strongest and sweet feels of Kanako flow through all of us.

Long live our kind, motherly, snake overlord!
Long live Year of the Snake!

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If you want to get into canon only, then only Ran really qualifies for this sort stuff. In terms of thread content, canon was thrown out the window a long time ago.

Of course a mazacon thread is going to be filled with secondary stuff. By its very nature that's what it is, since there's barely anything to work with in terms of canon. Going into a mazacon thread and calling someone a secondary is like going into a gay bar and calling someone a faggot.

I don't think it's inherently a bad thing, but opinions may differ. In short, if secondaries bother you, these threads probably aren't for you; you're welcome to stay, but you probably won't have much fun.

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So you guys admit to being secondaries.

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Well, I suppose, except we don't get our idea from fan work.

>inb4 lelelelelelel sekondari hahaha umad

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Mazacon is pig

Can't you be lewd towards older girls without disgusting cross-generation incest?

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What if I dicked your mum instead of mine? Would you be fine with that?

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I think that's what most of us are.
My real mom is old and wrinkly. Never in a century would I think of fucking her

I suppose that mazacons are more attracted to motherly figures, rather than their own mothers.

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If that's the label you want to use. I've played and beaten the games, but I don't limit my enjoyment of touhou specifically to the canon works. But if that's what puts your mind at ease, be my guest, sport.

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Justice to all Freudians!

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The Touhou in the picture you called Yukari is Byakuren you autist.

>> No.10551333

It is just as the MILF Autist foretold.
Truly he is a man of extraordinary vision.

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I guess neutrally? I don't see any of the Touhou gals as particularly motherly, and I'm not into the having sex with your mother thing.

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Mazacons are the worst kind of Touhou fans

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seconding this

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This thread is not even human. Pathetic

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I had an oedipus complex before I found out about touhou. you guys are all secondaries.

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I'm happy to be alive to see how the best girls get their rightfully attention.

At the same time is sad, we're riding the crest of the wave.

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this is what flanshits really believe

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hurrrr they're mothers because they're old as fuck

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no one cares you autismal shit

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Buddhists are pretty cute.

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no one cares you autismal shit

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No bullying

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Big mama ran butt.

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best mommy 2hu

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Yukari is not a mommy, she is a temptress.

You will find no motherly love from her.

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Best granny

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You mean mattress.

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She's 17 you gerontophile.

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I thought she was supposed to be one of the older Touhou.

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Yes she's one of the most ancient and powerful beings in Gensokyo

but still 17.

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Shes around 1200 years old.

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She is a lewd old hag

The lewdest of the hags

Forever 17 is a lie

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what old is loli suwako or Tewi?

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Ancient lolis are still lolis
Their bellies prove so
Ancient women will always stay women

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tewi is like 1300

suwako is the one of the oldest at like 2300.

old hags.

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I'm not particularly picky.

Some variety would be nice though. /jp/ always has to gorge itself with one trend before moving to the next.

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Suwako I can't remember, but Tewi is implied to be outright ancient, I believe.

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but Yukari looks like teen

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That's correct.
But you shouldn't forget that it's also a man's duty to swallow a beautiful woman's lies and bullshit.

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"Hundred of millions (Stated by ZUN)"

Talk about an old hag...

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I'm not a doormat.

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You don't look a day over 12,000.

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Mommy's lewd breasts

>> No.10551566

Still not as lolish as in BAiJR

>> No.10551578

too big

I want a small chest mommy

>> No.10551584

probably Erin helped in the evolution of the Human Race.

>> No.10551589

Posting spoilered NSFW images is still against the rules.

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I know. I'm looking forward to walking the 10 steps to my router. I posted it for my homies on /jp/.

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you're a cool guy

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Eirin is the best.

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Surely you don't want moot to lose out on precious user base, do you.

>> No.10551621

We really need to start making better use of range bans.

>> No.10551657

Oh but of course.

The children are too precious to crack down on.

>> No.10551727

And don't forget about the passes.

>> No.10551744

>Our previous age was the era of suck my cock dude.

When was i when that happened

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I wasn't that guy in the first place. All I did was come in and say that your posts are redundant.