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Life is suffering.

The cause of suffering is desire.

To free yourself from suffering, control your desires.

To control your desires, follow the eightfold path.

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I want to have sex with Namu-san.

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But OP's pic isn't Kanako.

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worst and most evil hag

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Lies and slander

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you can follow the eight inches of muh dik

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The Noble Eightfold Path

Right view
Right intention
Right speech
Right action
Right livelihood
Right effort
Right mindfulness
Right concentration

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I need help with that

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Seriously? I thought you were supposed to shave your head and become a wandering beggar.

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The Five Precepts as taught by Gautama Buddha

Do not kill.

Do not steal.

Do not engage in improper sexual conduct

Do not make false statements.

Do not drink alcohol.

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>Do not engage in improper sexual conduct

I quit.

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>Do not drink alcohol.

Fuck that.

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I already do though

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I think hijiri's the only one who actually listens to that.

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"At all times I think to myself:

How can I cause living beings

to gain entry into the unsurpassed way

and quickly acquire the body of a Buddha?"

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What happens next?

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>Do not drink alcohol.

This is way too hard, sorry Byakuren

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life = suffering
suffering = desire
desire = 0
=> life = 0

Why would you want to make your life worthless? At least with suffering it has some meaning to it.

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What does sex with Buddha feel like?

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That isn't what eightfold means.
Plus 'mindfulness' and 'concentration' are pretty much synonymous, as are 'action' and 'effort'. Not to mention the fact that 'mindfulness' covers 'view' and 'intention' anyway...

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Do not engage in improper sexual conduct doesn't mean don't engage in sexual contact

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The idea isn't to remove your desires, but to control them, into more... desirable? desires.

It's still absurd, though, as not all suffering stems from desire, and life isn't only suffering.
Y'all need to work on your philosophy.

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Can I have sex with Namu-san then?

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But this lady here says she'll listen to ALL my desires and even teach me how to be immortal. Why should I give up on enjoying life?

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Can I have sex with Miko then?

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>Do not drink alcohol
This one seems a bit specific.

Out of all the drugs in existence, both naturally occurring and synthesised, or even those created by the human body, why ethanol specifically?

Ethanol is also commonly found in most fruits such as apples. Does that mean it is considered taboo to consume those too?

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No you can't.

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FUCK YEAH YOU CAN. And after that we can go snow boarding with Futo.

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I think it can be interpreted to mean that one should have any of things in such quantities that they impair one's ability to reason.

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Mikos are celibate, so no, you can't have sex with a miko unless you marry one after they retire.

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Miko's not that lewd.

If you can get into a relationship with her, then I don't see why not.

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That is true OP, I have heard the quote "desire is the root of all suffering". If you had no care, not even for your own pain. Would you feel much misery at all? Sadly were just human, physical pain can destroy us. You can enter states of that purity through meditation though or in tastes of it through psychedelics.

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I can wait!

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your Buddhist Nirvana is nothing but a desire for death! I embrace life, and all the suffering that comes with it, because life is also filled with beauty and love.
Grow up buddhists.

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Stop trying to sexualize Miko, /jp/. I'm warning you, i won't hesitate to kill you if i must. I've killed people before.

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>Tells us to grow up
>Post implies hedonism


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But that's wrong. Everybody knows that life is just a simulated criminal reform program.

I hope you are behaving yourselves /jp/, because when you wake up from the simulation, you might not get a second chance.

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>"desire is the root of all suffering"
Who are you quoting?

In all seriousness, though, that straight up isn't true. If someone were to, I dunno, punch you in the gut right now, that'd be suffering for you - or if not for you, for most people - but not because of any desire of your own, simply because you just got punched in the gut and that's a painful experience.

Not only that, having no desires at all could in itself lead to misery, as it would cause intense boredom and stagnation.

Thirdly, pain can't destroy a person on its own, as it is psychological and does no lethal damage in and of itself.

Apathy isn't a virtue. Not caring about things just makes your life empty and lonely.

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Whats with all this Theravada bullshit? Its Mahayana time!

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What if there were a manga about Jesus and Buddha being roommates?

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Ichirin is a nun, don't sexualize her.

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Can I have sex with her?

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No, nuns are also celibate, like mikos.

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Oh, that's Ichirin? Didn't recognize her in that outfit. I want to have sex with her.

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The Forbidden Fruit is that much more delicious!

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It's disrespectful to fetishize those who have devoted themselves to celibacy for their religious beliefs.

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I love how it says make false statements instead of lie. It really puts the concepts of bullshit and ignorant speech into an antique perspective.

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no philosophy other than hedonism makes sense. everyone lives by hedonism, everyone is only seeking to maximize their pleasure in the long run. hedonism doesn't only mean party 24/7 do drugs all the time.
our entire political and economic systems are based on the very premise that people try to maximize pleasure, benefits, happiness, good things in general for them.

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But I believe in the Supreme Balance. If they remove themselves from sexuality, I must make them even lewder than normal for equilibrium to be maintained!

Also they are hot!

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how can you move towards enlightenment when the desire to achieve enlightenment would only lead to suffering

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my philosophy is
- reality is objective; there is only one "truth"
- be rightful in all things
- be the person who you are and do what you have to do
- seek out utopia and the Nietzschean Ubermensch

seems to make sense to me

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>everyone is only seeking to maximize their pleasure in the long run

This may surprise you, but not everyone is a psychopath.

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Those aren't philosophies of motivation, though. Indeed, other than the first, those aren't even philosophy, and are more along the lines of personal aims as opposed to universal truths.
Further, what, under your ideas, determines rightness? What about the concept of the utopia? Those aren't the basis of a morality. Hedonism is.

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How is "be rightful" not a moral command? Granted, taken along with the next command it is immediately complex to the point of practical subjectivity; but it's still along the same lines as "Do not make false statements" and "Right mindfulness". The real difference is that, instead of giving a certain axis of morality, it simply states that such a thing exists; that's what the Nietzschean Ubermensch represents.

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Thankfully, the label "improper" is extremely vague. Loli/shota & oral sex are perfectly fine.

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Oral sex is my favorite sex.

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Though "be rightful" is a moral command (which I don't think I ever said it wasn't), there is nothing in that list to define the rightness. Things like right and wrong are meaningless unless one has a means to define them, which is sorely lacking. "Right mindfulness" falls under the same category; the rightness is subjective. Contesting an ethical philosophical stance with a list which contains no ethical philosophies doesn't work as an argument against the first idea, in this case hedonism being the only logical philosophy; without the defining of a moral stance the concept of rightfulness becomes meaningless.
The idea of not making a "false statement" is objective (assuming we agree that truth and reality are themselves objective), and so that line is in a different category to the other two.

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So improper sex would be vaginal with adults?

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This guy knows what's up.

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There's probably some kind of Buddhist canon law that goes into the specifics, like with Catholicism.

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>there is nothing in that list to define the rightness.
It's right there at the end, that's what the Nietzschean Ubermensch represents. It's one of the core concepts of his philosophy of the post-scarcity world; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%9Cbermensch#.C3.9Cbermensch_as_a_goal

The rest of your post has rightfulness being undefined as a given, so I can't respond.

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Improper vaginal sex could lead to pregnancy, and anal sex could be too gross/messy and it can hurt.

I only listed my favourites, not everything that might be allowed.

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>The real difference is that, instead of giving a certain axis of morality, it simply states that such a thing exists; that's what the Nietzschean Ubermensch represents.

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Just saying "be rightful" doesn't mean anything. What determines rightfulness to you?

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I liked this thread better when it was about having sex with girls.

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>Zarathustra presents the Übermensch as the creator of new values
>they must be motivated by a love of this world and of life
Love of life is a very broad and vague concept. It gives some obvious morals, such as that killing is wrong, but when it comes to the finer points it isn't clear at all. Is it better to prolong life as long as possible, at the cost of quality of life? Is having life at all the optimal state of any being? That stance, while nice to say, doesn't stand up to examination. To create a moral system, one needs more focus and clarity than "life is great, yaaaay".

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To add to this, as I feel it is rather disconnected from my previous arguments; as "love of the world and of life" doesn't work as a practical ethical standpoint, again, the idea of rightness falls into meaninglessness, thereby again causing that list of ideas to be sorely lacking in moral definition.

Also, sorry for forgetting to sage so much.

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Rape that bitch

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How can I free myself from desire if I'm confronted with a babe as bodacious as you? Alas.

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I feel like jepi fairly buddhist, and tends to embrace a fair about of the buddhist ideas whether they like it or not. Almost always buddhist threads are long and quite involved, and a lot of people contribute.

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>Almost always buddhist threads are long and quite involved, and a lot of people contribute.

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First time awkward or "having sex with your mom" awkward?

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I don't think anyone here is qualified to make that sort of judgement with any sort of conviction.

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If someone is into type of guys like Buddha ... nevermind.

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Whatever, I'm converting to Christianity instead.

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>not walking the path of the Avatar

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What the fuck am I reading.

My nigga.

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Why the fuck are you people discussing things like "morality" in a topic about spiritual development? The latter is about evolving as an individual, the former is about devolving.

Oh right, how could I forget. Religion isn't about spiritual development. It's a tool to control people.

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Alcohol yes but not cigarettes? Fuck that.


NO, it's Forbidden. Don't twist words anon.

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Holy shit, I want to be dominated by Byakuren.

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buddhism a bit of a shit

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>Religion isn't about spiritual development. It's a tool to control people.

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Miko's actions reflect that actually.

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Miko didn't try to control anyone though religion, Byakuren pls stop.

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She tried to control a whole country.

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She was ruler, she had to practice buddhism publicly or else the populace wouldn't support her anymore. If anything, she was the one being controlled, having to practice taoism in secret.

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real talk tho it has been that since the first religion

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wait what the fuck did time just repeat itself
am i in the past
is it groundhog's day
what is happening
why are some of these posts the same
did i hit past 88mph

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I could take psychedelics drugs or meditate and get pretty much the same effect. One's easier than the other

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But he's right

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Would /jp/ worship Nurgle or Slaanesh?

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Nurgle. Slaanesh has some horrible downside where you can't enjoy anything after a while right?

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It's more you need to do more hardcore things to maintain your high.

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Still trying to figure this picture out. So shes in the back seat, with vag on the back of the front seat? Why?

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I don't think you're supposed to think about it, man.

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/tg/ pls go

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/jp/ is all about stagnation.

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wich primarch wuld u fugg?