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prove to me she aint a pest and ill eat my hat

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better watch out op wriggle has one fan on /jp/

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Please don't bully wriggle she is a good girl.

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>SHE is a good GIRL.

woah this is a controversial topic

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You can't. She's an annoying little shit like every other minor youkai. Exterminate on sight.

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>minor youkai

What qualifies as minor youkai?

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first three stages

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Things like that.

I'm pretty sure Wriggle is in the 90th percentile as far as all youkai go.

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1: Be a Youkai that has little power and be unable influence Gensokyo in any way
2: Be a Youkai that no one takes seriously
3: Be a Youkai that has no plot relevance

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Man, that picture manages to be really disgusting.

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Since when are ever lovely fireflies considered pests?

Stop already.

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Get lost.

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Isn't Wriggle a man's name?

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You first. I'll wait.

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I want to knock up wriggle

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Three things it is:
1. verb
2. surname
3. name of game character

Only third has gender, and there is not census on it. inb4 canon wise she is girl

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i swear to god u cheeky cunt if u bully him again ill hook u in the gabber m8

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You can't run from the truth forever.

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It's also the name of a baseball stadium in Chicago.

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Wrigley, not Wriggle. Like the company that makes gum.

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Wriggle his nice feet. She has strong foot muscles because she practices her patented Wriggle Kick often!

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Oh ho!

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How many wriggles could /jp/ take in a fight?

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Shit, I'm glad it wasn't just me.

I don't know what it is, but something just disturbs me about that pic.

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It would be nice to help her relax after a long day.

Two-thirds at most.

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Depends, am I fighting them all at the same time or one by one until I get too tired?

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One on one, but there are infinitely many Wriggles, and you can't last forever.

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Does her butt glow?

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Of course.

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Would you prefer it a bit brighter?

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Wriggle gets some weird doujinshi

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Wriggle is one of the worst looking characters. Only a handfull of characters like Yamame or TD Mamizou look worse.

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Thank you for your opinion.

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>1.42 MB, 2116x3052
Christ All Meaty, that's big. And it's a jpg? There better be some grade-A quality files embedded in that mother fucker.

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It's a fact. I called ZUN and he confirmed it.

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>TD Mamizou
So you think she looks OK in the manga I'm guessing?

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Yes, way better. I hope that FS design stays in case she makes any future appearances.

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What happens if you spray bugspray into Wriggle's vagina? Does it cause her to writhe in pain and pee uncontrollably? Or is it pleasurable and cause her to orgasm?

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Aren't many insecticides nerve agents?

Then you should see similar symptoms thatpeople do when exposed to nasty stuff like Soman and VX.

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SPAT my fucking drink out dude

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A youkai below age of consent.

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You get stung to death by a swarm of hornets.

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Looks more like a convenient reading light

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My name isn't Snicker you dumb bug

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Make that two

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Wriggle is a cute girl!

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Too bulky. I much prefer the sleek model.

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Doesn't everyone?

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That guy apparently doesn't.

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You thought nobody would get the joke, but I did. So cute.