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What if you were the mommy /jp/?

What would you do to your son?

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Ban him from the computer and force him to play outside.

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The same ur mom do to me lel

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Good one!

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I don't think he would appreciate that.

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What the fuck

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Uno Makoto - Mama Tama

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Ara~ You're bigger than your father~

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Seiga confirmed for best MILF

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If you were going to molest your son you'd rather let him be:

a)A exercised, tanned handsome youngster full of joy and life who you could deprive of innocence with your perverted antics and listen him cry himself to sleep every night.

b)A fat pale and bitter shut in more likely to rape you at night and brag about it on 4chan than play your mommy-son games.

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you are so mean..

everytime - every damn time - i watch an anime and hear that "ara ara" sound i could just melt. Now I need to find the next best anime where a hot milf says this to the protagonist in a sexual matter *and the quest begins*

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Imagine if your actual mommies read your posts.

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Fuck Ran, post more Seiga

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Neither. I don't like MILFs and I don't want to be one, but if I was a parent, I would like to teach my kids to be competent and capable people who could buy me drugs.

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>Fuck Ran
I wish I could (;ω;)

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What about onee-sans? I bet Yuugi would always come home drunk and take her sexual frustrations out on her little virgin brother.

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No thank you...

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Who would be your ideal onee-san then?

Iku would be a pretty good runner up.

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Komachi i guess

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Have you been sniffing mommies panties again? It seems like I have to discipline you some more...

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please do, I've been a very bad girl.

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Ara~ That looks swollen, do you want mommy to help you with that?

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I think Keine would be my pick for an onee-san.

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fuck u

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Lately I can only get off to the idea of being a horny mom.

I have detailed fantasies where I corrupt little kids, specially my imaginary son. I temp and tease him daily until one day I find him masturbating to my panties. Then I begin my assault. I embrace him and let him suck on my breasts, I pet him and tell him how cute he is. Then slowly I start to stroke my child's cock and he would innocently shake his hips. When my son cums I would kiss him to make sure he will always associate orgasm with me.
Then I would lick clean the mess he made. Now the fun begins. I lay on the bed and lock him with my legs (I had a urge urge to ride him but then I found it's dangerous for little boys). I spread my pussy and let him slowly enter into me. He clumsy humps me and while sucking on my breasts, his face is too cute! I caress him and let him remember than mommy will always be there for him.
Suddenly, he is about to cum, I lock him ever harder to make sure he cum inside me. My sweetheart lets out cute little moans and hug him never wanting to let him go.

Later, I would get ride off his room and he would always sleep with me. From morning to night I would always have sex with him, making him addicted to my body. Eventually he would impregnate me with twins, a girl and a boy. Then the happiness starts all over again.

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ara ara~

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Sounds like every mother son doujin ever.

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Yuugi, Meiling, Komachi, Iku, all would be good onee-sans

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Probably raise him to a normal child and hold him away from any weird fetishes. Set times for PC and TV and make him go to sport clubs, even if he dosn't want it.

I'm too normal for this board.

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And Mamizou too, I guess

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I wish there was more like this picture. It's arousing.

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>and make him go to sport clubs, even if he dosn't want it
Please don't, it's not nice at all.

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Nothing, I'd be going for my daughter instead.

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>make him go to sport clubs, even if he dosn't want it
Worst potential parent in this entire thread.

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What would you do if he resists to have sex with you ?

Would you just let him go ? No.
Why ? Because kids need discipline.

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Please continue guy..mother/son is my fetish

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Thanks for working hard in my fields today...Here, let me help you take a bath~

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