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>between genders

What does this mean?

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Who decided having lowercase "i"s in an otherwise uppercase font was cute?

PROTIP: it isn't.

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Kasen is one of the purest Touhous. Sexualizing her is wrong and should be punished severely.

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Like...heterosexual relationships? That's a natural thing, Kasen. You can't forbid that.

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Says the biggest whore.

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I want to she punish my dick with those bandages.

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Angry about lewd Kasen is best Kasen.

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Oh Kasen, if only you knew how many times I fantasized about impregnating you.

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>heterosexuality natural
>in Gensokyo
Obviously you don't understand how this works.

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Bandages get dirty easily and stink of sweat.

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sweet Kasen sweat.

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I'm sure she keeps them clean.
Moreover, how would they get sweaty? There's no arm under there, you know.

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who u quoting

also it's official canon that every touhou has a male sex slave chained under their beds.

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/jp/ pls...

Don't sexualize Kasen

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>implying implications

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Except Marisa, who just steals everyone else's and NTRs

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>Counterimplying implications

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But that's against the law!

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Why her?

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but Kasen is a lewd girl

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oh please. There is no way someone that strict can be lewd even in fanon.

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No she's not. She's attractive, yeah, but isn't lewd.

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someone post that picture
you know the one

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You know, the need to corrupt the pure and what not.

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That's stupid and very barbaric. You should be ashamed for thinking like a caveman.

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Well then it's not her that's lewd, it's the people corrupting her.

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But I've wanted to be a caveman ever since I was a little kid. I want to fight dinosaurs and rape whoever I want just like they did!

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I can beat you to death with a club if you so desire! Name the time and place, barbarian.

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Cavemen didn't do those things. They hid in caves, looked for food, and died a lot. That's about it.

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I think they raped. Or maybe females were more willing back then. I don't know. It's a mystery.

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I'm a paladin, can I join your party?

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Cavemen shouldn't fight other men, we should all get along.
You don't know that! Shut up!

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I don't think like that, fagprince.

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dinosaur monsters from ages long forgotten were their food, dungeons were their caves, battle was their death!
Revere the barbarian of the times past, for he was here before you and he was better then you!

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attractive, hot, lewd...
are same thing to me.

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And neither do you.
You're just using cavemen as an avatar for your violence and rape fantasies.

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This one story made me realize Kasen has the best breasts out of all Touhou characters.

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what stupid logic and reasoning. 実に a barbarian in every shape and form.

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blod elf paladin?

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Don't worry, I may have a penis but I'm not cis scum. I'm really a girl on the inside that also happens to be a lesbian. Now let me stick my outtie vagina inside you.

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You're very mistaken, anonymous.

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who cares?, I'm here only for post lewd Kasen pics

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Which one?

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You should post good Kasen pictures then, like that one.

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I don't really care but can you at least mind your grammar? It's irritating for the eyes.

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It burns the eyes it does

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I want her to do her best try and to de-sexualize me.

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Image dumps are dumb without any discussion to go with them. Surely you have something to say about a Touhou if you're bothering to save lots of pictures of them, right?

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It'd be a lot different than you're thinking, I'm sure.

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Wow whoa.

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Why NOT her?

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She's going to castrate you, anon.

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What, we can't simply enjoy the lovely pictures anymore?

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I have been wearing the same underwear for a week. I even ejaculated on it every day. Today accidentally I smelled it and the scent was so strong and musky that it make my knees go weak.

I had a ragging boner and ended up masturbating again. I think I'm not going to wash them. I'm sorry for posting this.

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Did ZUN ever mention anything about how long WAHH is going to be? Because so far the plot has not really picked up on the whole "Is Kasen an Oni or not?" thing. It gets hinted a lot but never is plot relevant. I hope the manga won't just end this year without clearing anythign up or just mentioning it in some anticlimactic way in the last chapter.

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I haven't changed my underware for 2 weeks a while back and I've been wearing what I have now for a week except I haven't ejaculated in them. They get dirty but no one see's so I don't care.

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Shouldn't you want to impregnate someone willing to share that desire? As in someone who wants to get pregnant, I mean.

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You can, you can. But if you're not saying anything about the pictured Touhou or just about the pictures and whatnot, why not just use a 'booru?
Discussion is good.

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Consent is not a prerequisite to desire.

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not that one

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Either way is gonna be good for me, excessive mental lewdness is a problem in my daily life.

Maybe he just determines the base plot, setting and general development of the story (as certain limits the artist can't cross). And the artist work is to go from point A to point B, while asking ZUN about information of his fantastic world, asking permission to include something that could become a "canon" fact or something.

I wish to know what is ZUN's role in the development of his "delegated" works, like printed works and fighters. Sometimes it seems like he doesn't participate, care or supervise enough, like when he clearly stated that Patchy's dress hadn't any stripes, and in the fighters she ended with a plethora of sprites depicting said stripes.... how could he not notice that.

And what about Marisa's silly tiny hat?, did he approve of that?, or was he convinced by the artist?, it would be hard to believe that he doesn't proof-read that stuff.

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Maybe he just changes his mind about stuff a lot? Like with the Patchy stripes.

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Look at pictures, ignore text. That's the best way to read threads like these.

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Yuugi and Suika are blonde but Kasen is very pink. Why?

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What did you say?

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no fucking shit einstein

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ZUN said in one interview that he didn't describe the weapons of the moonbitches clearly enough to Aki Eda. This means ZUN doesn't care as much about the manga as he should and probably just lets the artist decide about quite a few things.

Which is pretty stupid if you ask me. Those things are canon material after all, so ZUN should pay full attention to those.

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Because she is special.

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Will Kasen appear in HM and lend Reimu her strength to fend of all the other religious groups?

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Well the writing is pretty consistent while the depictions vary wildly, so I presume he writes out a script and lets the artist interpret it and add asides and gags and tiny hats. But I'm pretty sure the story/dialog in all official works other than Inaba is directly written by ZUN. He doesn't seem to be too concerned about exact visuals.

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> I'm pretty sure the story/dialog in all official works other than Inaba is directly written by ZUN
I'm still deeply in doubt.

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I doubt that as well, especially based on stuff like >>10542898. He might write certain lines for the characters but not all. I'm fairly sure of that.