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>But we're mother and son. We can't have sex with eachother!!

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Shut up and take off your clothes, mom.

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Yeah, no shit, dude.

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I don't see the problem

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In retrospect, I feel compelled to elaborate. There is nothing inherently wrong with the act; I just do not like older women.

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Says who ma?

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you fuckin wish, in your dreams.

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who are you quoting?

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Did you know that "each" and "other" are actually two separate words?

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mom my penis is itchy

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remimder that ur penis touched ur moms vag when u were borm

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whats she saying? do you fuck her?

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b-but i love you mom. is it not ok?

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no it didnt actually. c section.

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mommy don't touch me there...stop it....

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Aww... he has repressed memories. *pet pet*

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Incest is bad.

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Only for your genetical make-up.

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It's saying 大馬鹿。若い男の子がマスターベーションなんかで我慢できるわけないでしょう?ホントの女の・・・母さんの身体とビデオじゃ比べ物にならないわよ

Glad I could help you.

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what the fuck

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To be fair, if your mother was a goddess it probably wouldn't matter.

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Do you think she'd have sex with me?

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Sex with mommy

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This actually got an hova but it was shit.

Milfs are always welcome though.

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If you were cute

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Why don't you like me, mom? ;_;

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I wish Morrigan was my mom.

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Would you have sex with her if she was?

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I don't think I'd have a choice. She would violate me in so many ways.

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Keep forgetting the succubus part.

"Don't touch me there, mommy."

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Just relax and mommy will make you feel all good~

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I guess I sort of already had sex with my mom when I was born. I think they call it headfucking.

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too LEWD

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I would consider you to be the same person until they cut the cord. So it's more like your mother masturbating.

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I still do not understand what do you see in Mazacon involving Kanako. I like her as a character, she's innovative, strong, and ambitious. She has a great song and spellcards, and she's funny in her interactions in MOF ending. So why involve an oedipal factor in her?

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Rule No. 1: secondaries don't care about anything - only the looks matter

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Don't generalize, I'm a secondary and I care about their canon personalities. I also hate the mazacon stuff.

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Now I'm going to fantasize about Kanako reluctantly bending over the bed and lifting up her skirt, begging me to use her ass instead because she doesn't want an incest child, but sticking it in her already wet womanhood anyways.

What the hell have you done to me /jp/

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It doesn't matter what other people think!
All that matters is me and you...

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That's a bit unfair. I've played a decent amount of the games and can enjoy both canon and secondary personalities. Granted most secondary stuff isn't very good, however everyone is entitled to enjoy whatever they want.

There really isn't any reason to brow beat people over enjoying something that you don't.

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>There really isn't any reason to brow beat people over enjoying something that you don't.
I like everything. Things just are like they are, and my terminal autism compels me to spit out obvious things in a crude way.

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I can't see Kanako as a mom. Except maybe to Sanae, but only maybe.

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Don't blame /jp/ for your faults.

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I like Grandma Yakumo more.

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granny fucker

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Grandmas need love too.

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*slaps u with a glove*

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I wanna fuck you mommy!

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Does that mean you want to have sex with your sister?

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Sanae is the best type of sister, the kind that would suck my cock and let me fuck her in the ass while mom is downstairs baking cookies, thinking we're doing homework.

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What? No.
I'd have sex with Sanae, but not if she was my sister. Probably.

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I like the way you think, dude.

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>imblying segs

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So when will it be perfectly legal to pump your own mother's cunt full of cum?

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wait there's a law against that?

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Rule No. 2: Secondaries like to generalize to look like primaries.

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No one needs to know about it

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my mother is cleaning my room and she almost saw this thread good thing my fingers are fast enougn to scroll down to an innocent chen thread below watafak /jp/ stop doing this to me

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So you want to have sex with your mom, huh?

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show it to her "hey mom take a look at this" all tell us her reaction

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Don't worry, she's mine.

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Have you ever gave your mother a kiss

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My dick got hard from this quite harmless thread. Damn it... Oh well back to finding more mommy & son hentai.

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Oh oh oh my! I will be fapping to Kanako for the first time tonight.

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pls stop trying to be a little girl again its embarassing

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Fat. But it makes her hot somehow.

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Source? Google and iqdb couldn't find anything.

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lrn 2 saucenao

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A little natural sag can be rather arousing!

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my mom always use to hug for just a tad too long. and she wouldn't just do the playful butt pinch, I'm talking full-on grope.

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Is she hot?

>> No.10545006

Was she fat?

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I'd call her healthy. She's shorter than me now, so when we hug, her plush breasts push against me and she has to look up at me. I never know what to do

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Is it because you want to have sex wit her?

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>she wants to fuck

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I just want to kiss her, actually. A passionate, lustful session of tonsil hockey between mother and son.

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You know what she wants.

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what if your mom is younger than you, are you saying that is okay

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I love you.

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If Kanako fans are composed of the kind of people that post on threads like this one, then they're the worst kind of fans in existence. Poor Kanako.

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Why don't you come say that to my face. motherfucker?
My Mom will beat up your Mom.

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Either one of my dads could beat the shit out of your shitty mother.

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I want to cum inside my own mom so bad that this is physically painful. I-m going to kill myself.

>> No.10546068

Just ask your mother. Who knows, maybe she actually wants to fuck.

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I thought the urge was to kill your father.

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That was fantastic. I want more.

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If you're at that point where you want to kill yourself just try then. It's your mom after all she is doing it for your "sake".

Don't forget to say something like "It's your fault for having such hot breasts and ass you have to take responsibilities" and the like.

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jesus fucking christ

i was so fucking horny for having sex with my mom that i ended up doodling an animation of myself having sex with her

i feel so pathetic

i want to impregnate her so bad

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Mind to share the animation you horny little motherfucker?

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It's a little bit fast but the art is really good.

And your mom is hot.

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im going to take a cold shower i cant stand it

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What program you used to make this?

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what the fuck

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Isn't it amazing?

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I found an USB key and I didn't know whose it was so I take a look at what was inside and it was where my mother kept her photos of herself she did with her new camera . Naked or with lewd lingerie photos.

I felt guilty after fapping though so I didn't saved them for myself and now I regret it.

>> No.10546658


Why would your mom take naked pictures of herself?

>> No.10546661

Yeah, it is. I just can't believe someone here actually fucked their mom.

>> No.10546665


Middle aged women yada yada self camwhoring yada yada am I still cute uguh yada yada...

>> No.10546666


I don't think he did. He just has the hots for mommy.

>> No.10546673


Is she cute?


>> No.10546672

thank you
the wording in my post was terrible

i havent had sex with my mom


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Holy shit.

I just realized that my mother could have nakeds on her phone.

>Suddenly hundreds of /jp/ers start diving into their mother's cellphones

>> No.10546702

I've already checked. I've also check my dad's phone.

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I wouldn't say cute but her legs sure looks awesome in stocking and her ass is round and plump.

I'd cum deep in her if given the chance.

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Was it... was it good?

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Did you check their phones solely to see if they had nudes, or something?
I would never do something like that, because I wouldn't want my privacy violated like that. The fact that I dislike phones doesn't help, either.

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for the people who haven't seen it


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oh HELL no.

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D-do you really want me to wear this?

>> No.10547346

I can see her nipples.

>> No.10547352

Please stop making me want to have sex with my mother.
Otherwise I can't hug her without getting a boner and that would be awkward.

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I started that a few hours ago

Good stuff

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Has your mother ever peaked on you while you were masturbating?

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>> No.10548082

That post said nothing about mothers.

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Janitor I was just about to save that!

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Assuming you really wanted to save amputee porn, use Foolz.

>> No.10548577

I didn't even notice. I think that's just an artistic choice.

>> No.10548580


I think my brain shut down for a moment. I like catgirls. I like older women. I like Kanako. This is just too much. Nyanako can have all of my faith.

>> No.10548615

>This is where you come from

>[Screams Externally]

I can't do mother son incest, not even once.

>> No.10548619


>> No.10548629


>This is where you come from

You're penetrating the very place you came out from.

>[Screams Externally]

I have no mouth and I want to scream.

Maybe, I'm not the guy you quoted.

>> No.10548641

I like your mom

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Proves my point. Now kill yourself.

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>> No.10549688

There is a girl in my class that plays some sort of game with that dumb bear in it. I don't know what the game it.

She has a very Crumb-esque body. 5/10 mite fug

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I don't get this picture

>> No.10551777

suwacko is whacking kanako's bum

>> No.10551780

I think she's being spanked.

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>> No.10551823

Yeah but why
It reminds me of how people slap a cat's behind when its in heat and it acts weird

>> No.10553145

wait, why would you even have to mention that like its odd or something. this is jp. you realize amputee tag is absolutely gigantic on pixiv.

thats what i would have said to that guy 2 days ago.

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>> No.10553490


Why does she put herself after the verb in the first sentence of the third panel?

>> No.10553796

Would you inherit any snake features if Kanako was your mom?

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How this thread ended.

>> No.10554210

Do you think she would let me feel her belly

>> No.10554215

poor kid

>> No.10554244

my dick would be longer I hope

>> No.10554251

You'd get a forked dick, with spikes or grooves.

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>> No.10554389

still looking for sauce, google gives nothing

>> No.10554777


>> No.10554841

No, I'm pretty sure he was asking for an english translation.

>> No.10555009

This doujin is C83 only.
No mail orders so far! Shame that.
But I asked the author for it today.

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>There really isn't any reason to brow beat people over enjoying something that you don't.

Together, you and I can change /jp/.

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That heavy, soft motherhood.

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>> No.10556345


Living the dream.

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>> No.10556982

iz that poopzorz O.o

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>> No.10558222

no it's not

it's curry

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>> No.10558999

good thing I don't wear makeup.

>> No.10558995

I was inside her for nine months straight....awesome.

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best milf

>> No.10561199

what does this have to do with japan

>> No.10561210

Who give a fuck, weeb?

>> No.10561228

Who the hell says "weeb"?

>> No.10561236

what does Japan have to do with /jp/?

>> No.10561238

fuck all

>> No.10561244

Everyone, turbodork.

>> No.10561334

since i have never had a father figure in my life, I remain a beta male who has never reached psychological manhood and as a result attach myself to love with my authoritarian mother figure

>> No.10561349

Get a load of this new guy

>> No.10561379

-half of /jp/

>> No.10561385

Since I have never had a father figure in my life, I became my own father figure and therefore a superhuman better than you silly mortals, just like Jesus.

>> No.10562629


>> No.10562686

The name is in the titlebar of the first two, retard.