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What slice of life shows does /jp/ take it easy to?

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/jp/ is my favourite slice of life.

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What the fuck are you talking about? This isn't /a/. Suck my fucking cock dude.

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Taking it easy is normie trash. Real truNEETs live a dangerous life on the edge.

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I don't watch slice of life because i'm not some weebmoeshitfag who doesn't have any friends and can only experience friendship through them.

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Are you looking for a hug?

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What are you doing here

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Good for you.

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OP, come to /ota/

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Email lewsahs

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As many times as I seen it I can still take it easy to Lucky Star, there's nothing to really follow, it's cute, and it's colorful. All I need sometimes.

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But what you said was true for me.

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So how depressingly sad did it make you?

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Not very. I'm just aware that it's true.

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It's good to be self-aware.

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Why does your name have a ᠎ in it?

I've been noticing this for weeks now.

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Maybe he's Mongolian.

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epic meme
Also picture.

So I can less obnoxiously namefag.

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Damn you're the ruse king

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Thanks, I take pride my work of rustling the jimmies of /jp/.

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Everyone check out this obnoxious namefag: