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If you guys read moonspeak, you would understand that these girls are saying what type of guys they would like at night.

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Please confine your shitposting to existing shit threads.

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whatever, shitlord

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Someone with a sense of responsibility, and who will always stay by my side...

Someone who wouldn't mind small ones.
...I'm not saying where.

A guy that's a bit forceful.
That's my type <3

I'll pass.

...I don't like it rough.
I like someone who is capable of taking the lead.

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they are obviously talking about their ideal lifting partners

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youmu is so dreamy

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Here are some final bosses.

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The one one in the right is saying that the person asking the question wants to go to hell.

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So delusional it's disgusting.

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Such a good girl, Suwako.

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ur delusional

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Mokou is so good

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Sanae and Youmu a cute

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Please translate it, my friends.

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do it yourself

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They are translated on danbooru

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translate THIS!

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I'm a FAG.

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Why not just ask them what they are looking for in a man, normally?

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Ah yes, thank you.
Here they are for anyone else that was curious.


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go fuck yourself

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Fuck you!

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>Dominant Koishi
>Horrible pervert Ran
I can't take it easy like this.

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That artist just assigns personalities at random for all characters that he isn't sure about. After all, his version of Miko is incredibly lonely and desperate to find someone to listen to.

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So what's your (inferior) preference, anon?

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The point is to show women look for different things when it comes to love and sex.