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Old thread: >>10507086

Talk about Touhou and other STGs. Chat with fellow players, blog about your progress, plead for help on problematic spots, and so on.


New challenges for this thread!

Scoring challenge: UFO Normal
1. Every shot-type is welcome
2. The run must be done within the thread, no old scores.
3. Either screenshots or replays will be required for posts with scores.

Special challenge: Crimzon Clover Unlimited Mode
1.Tiebreaker on clears will be lives > score.
2. The run must be done within the thread, no old scores.
3. Screenshots or .inp's will be required for posts with submissions.


Previous challenge winners:

Scoring challenge: PCB Extra
1,248,139,230 (SakuyaB) >>10530141

Special challenge: No-Focus PCB Normal/Lunatic on SakuyaA
Normal: Clear, 5 extra lives >>10524396
Lunatic: First Primsriver non-spell >>10527067


You have time for until this thread ends (i.e. it hits the bump limit).

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks for participation, everyone.

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>Crimzon Clover Unlimited Mode
May as well start making the OP images other STGs too.

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I'll remain within Touhou for now, unless I run out of patterns to screenshot.

I was asked to consider non-Touhou shmups for the challenges, so here you go. I'm aware of the fact that the people in these threads are mainly Touhou players, so I'm certainly not going to stop keeping the OP Touhou releated. This is /jp/, after all.

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Which is best?

-Auto collect all items

-Double point-item value

-High power

-Extra life

-Special abilities that activate randomly

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Youmu is best.

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>I'll remain within Touhou for now, unless I run out of patterns to screenshot.
Well, that's a long time before you go with other STG OP then. Soft refusal

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where to get crimzon clover?

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*whips out crimzon clover cd*

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>Special challenge: Crimzon Clover
hundreds of working AC STGs in MAME and you come up with shit.

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>Crimzon Clover

the fuck?

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Retards will complain about anything really.

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lol wtf y is dere non-2hu in op??

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Should have gone with DoDonPachi, /jp/ is really good at it and they would have no problem with it. We used to have some SOF-WTN(on his third month playing) tier players over here a few years ago.

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how do I get these ching chong games on my xbox?

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At least pick a good game, OP.

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Yeah, is he serious with this Touhou shit?

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<%SeppoMobile> Can someone go screenshot a cute pattern
<%SeppoMobile> And, any ideas or requests for the challenges in the next thread
<@Underscore> Crimzon Clover.
<@Underscore> Unlimited mode. For MyonHUTINA.

<@Underscore> Heh, you actually did it.

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Why is IRC in charge of our threads?

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they're behind the scenes pulling all the strings in the STG threads and starting all the troll arguments for their own enjoyment

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because we actually know how to run a community.

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He's taken challenges suggested by people in the thread before. Did anybody make a "next challenge" request this time around?

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That post totally doesn't make you sound like a pompous asshole.

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A tripfag is full of himself?
I'll alert the press.

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you forgot the "i" in ruin

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Crimzon Clover sucks. Pretty sure only the retarded cave fanboys really like it. Better than UFO? What kind of moron would actually believe that?

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Did someone say Crimzon Clover?


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now do that with type-b shot

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I'd prefer to see type-i, to e honest

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A friend of mine told me that the only way to get good at these games is to kill myself until I'm reincarnated as somebody with talent. I guess he was fed up with me complaining about my DDP scores.

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Your friend is correct, actually.

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>A friend of mine told me that the only way to get good at these games is to kill myself
Is your friend a Yagawa fan by any chance?

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He plays Garegga for score, so yes.

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Someone 1cc this.

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Yes, I think someone requested CC Unlimited in the thread as well.

Also, I have a hard time understanding how many people complain about the challenge they weren't going to play anyway.

Also, if you have to post IRC quotes, at least remove the names.


Should the next challenges be purely Touhou or shall I think of another non-Touhou special?

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more non-Touhou, just something less ass & easier to find dl links for that aren't full of viruses & preferable a mode you don't have to grind to just to unlock.

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what are some good games like this? all ive played is deathsmiles

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DoDonPachi. Be sure to play as shot type B-S. You get to play as a green helicopter, so it's really cool!

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wait a minute are you making fun of me

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like STG? check out the STGWeekly Youtube show!


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>Special challenge: Crimzon Clover Unlimited Mode
oh fuuuuuuck yes

It's breakin' time.


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holy shit, un squadron
that game was like my entire childhood

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Quoting a post from the previous thread.
>Why hasn't nobody bothered to rectify this by modding in a better system or just removing trance entirely.

Hook th13.exe and inject 0's at 0x4be808 (spirit count address of jap 1.00c)

Autoit code in case someone wants to use this:

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Quoting a post from the previous thread.
>Why hasn't nobody bothered to rectify this by modding in a better system or just removing trance entirely.

Open th13.exe and inject 0's at 0x4be808 (spirit count address of jap 1.00c)

Autoit code in case someone wants to use this:

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How to make 10D not suck.
>trance any time over 1.xx
>trancing uses exactly 1.00
>trancing can stack multiple times
>stacking near the end adds more time but less score multipliers, near the beginning the opposite

No idea how difficult it would be to actually make those modifications.

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Something that isn't terrible that you can just run in MAME please.

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Found this, 1cc PCB

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DoDonPachi. No laser scoring challenge.

Using B-S is actually really good advice, seeing as how it's the best shot type. Being more serious now, A-L is probably the best for scoring, while C-S is probably the best for survival. The people that say DDP is easier than IN Normal usually play with C-S and just blast everything in a mindless fashion.

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I see what you mean, it took me almost 10 seconds to find a clean download for it. That's just ridiculous and unacceptable.

>> No.10534501

The site that set off my antivirus last time I was looking for it.

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/jp/ who were the most impressive players from 2012 in your opinion? doesn't have to be Touhou related.

>> No.10534980

the moron who needs to use an antivirus

>> No.10535024

Riz (rest in peace)

>> No.10535041

My Adobe flash player didn't crash at all during 2012. I think it's pretty impressive.

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>(rest in peace)

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lol. i think he meant stg players ^^

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Which touhou game is most played in terms of scoring (which game is the most competitive)?

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Riz stopped posting on /jp/, it seems. For reference, he got the final challenge run a couple of days ago or so.

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Doing a little bit of TD. Trying for 1CC'ing Hard with all the shot types.


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Just because he stopped posting with a trip doesn't mean he stopped posting, And his 6/6 doesn't mean he's going to stop playing either.

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PCB and IN are the most competitive overall, but you can find competitive categories in any of the windows games except for PoFV.

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I don't think he posts on /jp/ because everybody here is terrible.

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Unfortunately I don't have a huge amount of time to spend on the challenge this week... but here's a quick and dirty run. Better scores await.

Ending of stage 4 boss was hilarious and amazing. I almost wanna upload the replay just for that.
Ending of stage 5 midboss was unfortunate.

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Several /jp/ players are better than Riz.

>> No.10536050

like godzilla

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Got this almost a week ago but eh, forgot to post it.
Implying anybody is as good at final spells as me.

>> No.10536689

Several? You mean the 6 or 7 (4 of which don't actively play anymore) that also happen to be IRC goers?

>> No.10536711

I would agree with >>10535903.
I lurk sometimes, but this is my first time posting since the last time I used a trip.
>And his 6/6 doesn't mean he's going to stop playing either.
I'm still deciding what to occupy myself with.
I'm still friends with a lot of cutie-muffins that post here.

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Well, congratulations on achieving your goal. Funny how the worst shottype took you the least amount of time.

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streaming IN for a bit

>> No.10537810

this guy is so cute when he dies

>> No.10537896

CC huh? Interesdasting

>> No.10538333

Aww thanks.

Someone asked for this, so, I put this in my bashrc:
and then use the command "streaming" in a terminal to stream the top-left 640x480 pixels of my screen to twitch

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Thanks for the stream.

>> No.10538340

No problem. It's fun to have viewers, and I think it makes me play better.

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>playing Battle Garegga without scoring
Is it even possible, you really need those extends.

>> No.10538958

There are people who are completely oblivious to the fact that people play these games competitively. Fuck, some don't even know that there is strategies to increase score

>> No.10539303

No miss has been done. Just gotta keep that rank under control

>> No.10540358

In CC, how long should I be holding hte lock button if I'm trying to maximize dps on a boss or something? Also, how do I tell when I'm going to break and when I'm just going to clear the screen with the bomb button?

>> No.10540375

Also, is it always better to double break right away if I can, or should I wait until my normal break is almost over?

>> No.10540389

Have you tried learning through experience?

>> No.10540398

honestly, it's quite difficult for me to tell what's going on most of the time

>> No.10540405

Just release it when you get full lock, doesn't really matter that much.
There's no reason you should wait until normal break is over to double, unless you need the invincibility frames for something.

>> No.10540413

Thanks. Full lock is when I stop hearing the high pitched sounds, right?

>> No.10540427

Also, when you reach maximum possible lock (varies depending on if you're in break/double break mode) the final high pitched sound will be noticeably different, which is extremely important on stages in Unlimited mode since that's when all the bullets go away. Doesn't do anything special on bosses though, except for killing attack patterns.

>> No.10540437

oh wow, just tried that now. and realized I was probably never getting full lock before. Thanks

>> No.10540457

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's nearly literally impossible to clear Unlimited mode without the bullet-clearing from full lockon kills.

It's also the only way to score well, so there's that too.

>> No.10540478


Were you always Youmu Konpaku? I'm pretty sure you had a different name.

>> No.10540657 [DELETED] 


Are you too important to reply?

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I just played a little of UFO.
What am I supposed to do with the Big UFOs? I assume getting 3 of the same color will give you more points/bomb pieces/power chips?
Or does it just multiply the score for grabbing the pieces that it absorbs?

What's the earliest stage I get max power on normal?

>> No.10541272


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Streaming some Touhou! Open to suggestions!


>> No.10541282

This. CC is fun but I have no fucking clue what's going on ever. Just explosions and music and racking up points and BREAKING SHIT

>> No.10541378

with regards to this, is it considered cheating to turn the alpha on the star items all the way down and to turn the effects to minimum?

>> No.10541853

Nah, Youmu has always been the tripname for the MyonHUTINA tripcode. I've used other trips in ages past but I don't think more than a couple people know which ones.

You say that like it's a bad thing.
Nah, not really. I still like having the alpha around 60 so you can still see them, but don't get shit like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMvdJZHJrv8

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>> No.10542164

>What's the earliest stage I get max power on normal?
Stage 2.

>> No.10542788

Playing SA normal as Reimu/Yukari

How the fuck do i beat Satori's last spell ;_;

>> No.10542854

Open your eyes. There is no trick. Either your reflex are fast enough or you need to grind a few dozens hours in various stg.

>> No.10542869

Your swearing is evidence of your anger. Such emotions will make you mess up. Stay calm!

>> No.10542877

It's a fixed pattern. Just practice it until it becomes muscle memory. Shouldn't be hard at all on Normal mode.

>> No.10542887

That spell is really fun to dodge on hard, along with Wind Blowing Down from Mt Ooe. SA has some of my favorite patterns.

Until Orin happens.

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File: 1.13 MB, 1268x480, hot eredar dick.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't go as high as the circle shows, about where I am is the safe zone. I'm bad at drawing circles with paint.

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Thank you for your input guys.
I have another question - is there a way to unlock stage 4 in practice without beating it? It's kinda silly that you have to finish the stage to train in it.

>> No.10543070

Hm, whoever said that windows-era games are harder are harder was right. Also, TH6 refuses to start on windows but works fine on wine too XD. Problem with dirextx7 and screen not allowing 640x480 for laptop.

However, not sure how much since I shouldn't be improving so rapidly just because of difference in difficulty(fast improvement should max out in 3-5 plays for me). Main thing that is throwing me off is that while beforehand our favorite bloodthristy serial killer's hitbox was marked by black triangle on a ribbon it is now the belt bukle and the head is the obvious black thingy. Given how much I use peripheral vision to dodge, it is kinda distracting to constantly guess your hitbox being a space higher than it is ><.

On the other hand, focus is actually useful now for anything else than graze.

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File: 466 KB, 640x480, Two border breaks run ruined gg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10543300

You could always install the hitbox patch, though most people tend to look down on it.

Yukari is one of my favorite battles. Neat spell cards, awesome music, and just a cool character.

>> No.10543380

Nothing wrong with playing with the hitbox patch unless you are playing for competitive purposes.

>> No.10543382

I thought if you were playing for proper "competitive purposes" the hitbox would be useless since it lacks the precision you'd need.

>> No.10543400

True enough. Though, the point was simply that if you are playing competitively then a modded game would be a definite no-no.

I don't know much about EoSD score play but it would surprise me if the hitbox wouldn't be at least a minor advantage.

>> No.10543548

Initially didn't want but it might help, though not sure how much it'd help - making Reimu hair blonde might also be 'nice'. Good thing most bullets head from top to bottom.
That said, atm I assume that hitbox is a rectangle bit bigger than the belt buckle....though quick search reveals that it is actually a circle now?

How come?

>> No.10543641

>the general size of a Touhou character's hitbox is around 5 pixels in diameter (the actual shape seems to be a rotating square with rounded corners). Starting in Perfect Cherry Blossom, Reimu traditionally has a smaller hitbox, measuring about 4 pixels in diameter.

>> No.10543658

>How come?

My understanding is it's not accurate, or becomes misaligned when you die. Something like that.

>> No.10544029

Except that's measurably wrong. The fact that they say it's a rotating square makes it clear that they're just looking at the hitbox indicator dot.

>> No.10544308

Top five in no particular order:


>> No.10544509


>> No.10545717 [DELETED] 

mai sekrit club xd

>> No.10546579

Player hitboxes in the Windows Touhou games range from 2x2 to 3.5x3.5, depending on game and shot type.

>> No.10546685

Wow ZUN is dumb.

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i keep trying to 1cc mystic square but keep getting raped at this part and it's pissing me the fuck off

>> No.10547269

Guess what happens if you sit on top of her head.

>> No.10547275

cheese happens

>> No.10547287

how does collision work with half a pixel

>> No.10547292

The trick is to move in a sort of ∞ pattern about a third of the way up from the bottom.

>> No.10547311

I want to try out crimzon clover, but there seems to be only one link for the v.1.01 patch and it's dead. Could anyone post a mirror? Google doesn't do shit.

>> No.10547321


>> No.10547369

Thank you very much.

>> No.10547643

Stay on bottom and dodge left-right as if grazing, moving upwards sometimes to avoid having the curvylaser fuck you sideways when it is too far away. I find the pattern before that one many times harder tbh, kind of weird place to get stuck at.

>> No.10547976

How much does the Type Z ship cost in Crimzon Clover? it's not showing up in my shop yet, do I need to do something to unlock it?
This game's not bad, stage 5 is kinda fun & the Yagawa references are cool, I don't like the scoring system though.

>> No.10548027


What does the patch do?

>> No.10548070

What the fuck am I reading? Whining about Crimzon Clover, one of the greatest doujin games ever, in a shmup thread?

Wow. I know that we, the shmups forum, generally look down and laugh at this place for being... well, you're you. Need I elaborate? But jesus, I didn't realize that there was living, breathing proof.

Have fun struggling to clear Touhou games. I'll be enjoying the entire genre and not just a mere part of it.

>> No.10548097

Where in the heck do I get Crimzon Clover???

I'll stop shitposting on /jp/ for a week if you spoonfeed me this once.

>> No.10548100


You should probably read the thread

>> No.10548113

>Wow. I know that we, the shmups forum, generally look down and laugh at this place
We also look down and laugh at the shmups forum.
at least read the thread >>10533948

>> No.10548118

>We also look down and laugh at the shmups forum.
but that's where all the best players post

>> No.10548160

Not all.

>> No.10548168

Indeed, a handful of players there are really good but a lot of people on there are really exceptionally bad. Same thing applies to this side most likely but the best players posting on Shmups forum doesn't automatically make it good.

>> No.10548192

How can you possibly laugh at us when you're abysmal at these games? Sure, we have losers like DrPlankTrouser, but that's only one guy. Pretty much everybody on /jp/ is like him with their whining and insufferable self loathing.

>> No.10548203

You have to 1cc either simple or ordinary

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File: 11 KB, 200x200, 1347705699977.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am an undercover ircfag who is half the reason /jp/ stopped having pofv, melty, and soku threads. I can safely say that yes, we do gather up to bully lower level players on /jp/ when we're really bored.

>> No.10548218

I'm a lower-level /jp/ player and the vast majority of the time I'm simply ignored. People have helped me out occasionally, though.

>> No.10548223

I'd already 1cc'd simple but hadn't bought Type-2 yet, it showed up as soon as I did, Thanks anyway.

>> No.10548242

We don't bully through text, but through actions during the match. Subtle, but it works. And yes, ignoring a plead for advice is one of the many ways that they bully people, some will just let out a simple, "Practice makes perfect!" You'd be surprised how upset that makes some people that are expecting actual advice. I haven't actually partaken in it, but I have joined people playing PoFV years ago and made a complete dick out of myself, so I suppose it counts.

>> No.10548250

but practice makes perfect is good advice...

>> No.10548258

And you people wonder why your games are dead.

>> No.10548261

It's also worthless. Like telling someone that breathing air will help you live.

>> No.10548271

I think the problem is if you're playing at a higher level, it's hard to take a step down and think like someone who is just starting out does since what you may be doing is completely different from what they are doing for now.

>> No.10548272

not necessarily. Some people just assume there's an easy way out of a difficult spellcard, when oftentimes they simply haven't practiced it enough

>> No.10548284

Hold shift for focused movement. Easy.

>> No.10548298

Dodge bullets, suck less. Stop being so shitty. Kill yourself until youre're reborn with somebody with talent. That's so easy. :V

>> No.10548306

do you think people actually get mad about this? it's incredibly blatant trolling, and it's not like you have a monopoly on good advice. Even if no one responds in the thread, they can always go find a decent replay and just figure it out from there.

i don't know how this is applicable

>> No.10548307


>> No.10548312
File: 966 KB, 247x248, 1356596708831.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I almost 1CC'd 13 on normal last night, Miko's 2nd to last spell card got me...

ARGH, I'm so fucking close to my first 1cc, but I still can't get over not bombing from years ago. (TH11) It sucks!

>> No.10548318

It's not dishonorable to bomb :)

>> No.10548322

Go for it again, just don't forget to bomb when you need it. You get three and a half bombs for free on her stage essentially.

>> No.10548326

I know you're currently in the process of not taking it easy, but can you tell me if it's possible to erase high scores and game progress in Touhou? PCB in particular.

>> No.10548329

Delete your score.dat

>> No.10548330

delete scores.dat

>> No.10548333


>> No.10548335
File: 174 KB, 424x240, 1357268665596.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know, but the thing is 11 taught me you get punished by bombing, it became 2nd nature. I keep telling myself "I have to bomb, I have to bomb!", but it's not natural, if anything it's forced.

By all means, i'll try it again. But god damn it, I thought I would get over it by now.

>> No.10548338

Which shot type are you using? If it's Youmu or Sanae there are times where you just have to bomb in TD. I couldn't imagine beating Miko's nons with Youmu without bombing.

>> No.10548360

I switch between Reimu and Youmu, since it's defensive and offensive styles.

I will force bomb with Miko's nons cause they're absolute bullshit. But for her spellcards that's the problem. I know how to get around those, but it's those bullets that I think I can dodge that get me. I think I can dodge it, but completely block out the possibility of bombing.

>> No.10548401

Sprites are necessarily measured in pixels, but the game plane is not; a square with 3.5px sides is still measurable. A sprite's hitbox isn't dependent on pixel overlap. The actual rendering isn't pixel-perfect either, otherwise the graphics would only move in pixel increments.

>> No.10548407 [DELETED] 

lel xD

>> No.10548543

So about CC.
Simple mode is something like easy. Slower bullets, less bullets and the enemies aren't as aggressive. In exchange there is no break mode and barely accumulate any points for buying upgrades?

What exactly is Break and Double Break?
Are they used for scoring or just to kill everyhing on the screen?

Is the point of 'lock on' to gather all star things within the lock on radius or is it really supposed to hit back row targets on bosses and multi-segmented enemies?

What other cool facts are there about this game?

>> No.10548568

Another one is hold shift and dodge by the barest margins, a technique called streaming. Streaming instead of randomly moving all over the place makes aimed patterns in games ludicrous amounts of easier and more profitable.

Or you could, you know, just watch few replays. That's probably the second best tip ever, after intro on streaming.

>> No.10548578

That might help. Your conclusions about simple seem mostly correct.

Breaking gets you more points in addition to more firepower.

I'm pretty sure you stop drawing in stars while you're locking. In unlimited, if you get max lock, you clear all the bullets on the screen when your lasers/missles hit. You also slow down while locking, so it's sort of like focused movement.

>> No.10548586

also worth noting is that double break makes enemies fly faster

>> No.10548598

Not strictly correct about the locking. You clear the bullets if you kill an enemy with max lock or max lock -1

>> No.10548607

Maybe I was mistaken then. I noticed that the numbers were huge during Break mode but I felt like my score was still small.

I don't know about unlimited but in simple and original you will gather nearby stars automatically but if you lock anything in the range will get sucked in.

Also is it normal for vertical movement to be disabled while locking on?

>> No.10548616

oh, so that's why the bullets weren't cleraing when I was max locking those flowers on stage 3. thanks

>> No.10548622

Not sure about your first two points, but movement should be free while locking. It's probably your keyboard. You might want to try remapping the keys in keyconfig

>> No.10548640

does locking do any damage to the 2nd boss in CC?

>> No.10548693

Thanks for that link. I was able to multiply my score by over 6 times on stage 1 after using lock on more.

Thanks for the suggestion. I had to move the shot buttons up 1 row. I'll need to do this for touhou too.

>> No.10548722

After fighting him I can't imagine how long it take to beat him without using lock on.
Try using Break on him.

>> No.10548946

Why am I so awful at stage 4? I seriously can't get through it without at least 4 awful deaths... Went from max lives to nothing that last time. Argh.

Nah, breaking hugely increases the amount of points you have. Compare any Type I/II score to a Type Z score; Type Z gains Energy much faster than the other ships, so therefore breaks more, and accordingly its scores are much higher.

When breaking/double breaking your break rate (score multiplier) is multiplied by 2/4, you can lock onto more things allowing for x4.8/x6.4 bonuses instead of just x3.6 (the other score multiplier), and can kill things faster allowing more things to spawn to replace them.

Oh yeah, killing enemies quickly causes more to spawn, if you didn't know, especially the larger enemies.

You also fly faster as well. In Type Z mode you can zip around the screen like mad.

Sure, locking does damage to everything. Also, if you kill a boss with a max (x6.4) lockon in Double Break mode you get a huge amount of points compared to if you do it in any other matter. You should always finish boss fights in double break with a max lock.

I usually save the breaks until around where he shoots those random green bullets, that'll last you long enough to do the entire third stage in double break 'cause it's a pain.

>> No.10549344

Most of the players in any community are really exceptionally bad.

The worst posters on the shmup forum are the ones who say stuff like, "shump farm so bad :-DDD :V" yet continue to post there anyway. Try making intelligent posts if you want to improve the quality of the forum, instead of shitting it up worse anybody else.

>> No.10549687

Mikkey pls strm.

>> No.10550216

>11 taught me you get punished by bombing
Yes, because losing power that you gain back in 5 seconds is definitely more punishing than losing a life.

>> No.10550408
File: 583 KB, 640x480, L3BiN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Scoring challenge: UFO Normal
Score: 1,043,215,920

Replay: www.mediafire.com/?7jf2ux8uqg14492

Mediocre route/dodging but, happy I reached a billion.

>> No.10550744

Simple is only hard if you're going for score. Yay shotgunning enemies with Raiden-speed bullets with minimal resources.

>> No.10550747

Why not just upload the replay to gensokyo?

>> No.10550749

Type Z is so goddamn broken. You can ramp up the break gauge with the few frames of invincibility really damn fast by hovering over a hit box, ala DFK-style.

You can hit the last score extend barely trying on Original Mode.

>> No.10550775

can you 1cc unlimited with it?

>> No.10550780
File: 249 KB, 1024x668, 1354715915973.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The guy who couldn't bomb yesterday here.
Finally had my first 1cc, and almost got over my "bombphobia"

oh man, it felt SO good to finally get that after 2 years, I don't want this power trip to end.


>> No.10550783

congratulations! What do you plan to go fornext?

>> No.10550785

Well i'll finally be trying my hand in the extra stage, but after that I think i'll head to 12 or 7 again, and see if I can get past those.

>> No.10550791

Cool. I've never completed an extra stage :( not to discourage you though! I look forward to hearing about your coming victories

>> No.10550799

Unlimited, no.
Original, fairly easily.
The brokenness is not it's survivability (for the most part anyway) but in how much the score ramps up with the Z compared to I/II.

>> No.10550803

>downloaded Mushihimesama in 2004
>still haven't cleared it's Arrange mode
The day I clear this is the day I throw a celebration.

>> No.10550810

so, don't compare type-z scores with type-1 or 2. I don't see the problem. No one compares youmu scores with yukari scores in IN

>> No.10550811

Sweat, thanks.

>> No.10550816

I watched your replay, just for fun, and to give you some advice if you ever come back to TD.

You missed a very key trance point in stage 2, right before Kyouko's fight a nice chunk of bomb and life fairies enter, trance to get them all.

You should also aim on stage 5 to have enough trance when the first life/bomb piece fairies enter, there should be plenty of trance from the enemies spawning on the right side of the screen to fill your gauge.

Nice job perfecting Futo, on that note, and capturing Guse Flash was pretty cool, too.

>> No.10550820

The "for the most part" is for the one exception where the score breaking means you hit literally every single score extend. Hell, at parts during Stage 5.1 and 5.2 the game doesn't display "next extend at" because I'm at max lives and I go over a few milestones like that.

Really broken for scores
Semi-broken because you get more resources than a Touhou game

>> No.10550823

Thanks for the feed back, I'll keep that in mind.

>> No.10550830

>more resources than a Touhou game
even types 1 and 2 can break far more often than anyone can bomb in touhou.

If you can't achieve the basic survival goal of an unlimited 1cc, it's not broken for survival. If it's broken for scoring, just don't compare it to other types. I don't see how this is a problem.

>> No.10550829

I only really play TD nowadays, so I'm glad to provide whatever help I can give. Best of luck.

>> No.10550834


Whenever I see 'feed-back' as unconjoined words, I get images of unimpressed farm animals scoffing their food.

>> No.10550835

I didn't know people actually watched the random replays people posted in these threads. That's very sweet of you anon.

>> No.10550847

If it's a TD replay I don't mind offering advice, like I said in my above post. It's the only touhou game I feel confident enough to offer advice.

>> No.10550859
File: 359 KB, 640x480, th038.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10550866

I don't post there though. I mostly play Touhou games anyway and it's better to talk about those on MoTK

>> No.10550905

Primarily wanted this replay solely for /jp/.

>> No.10550939
File: 316 KB, 640x480, th039.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

double gay

Didn't end 2 spells in time, bombed on another, lost 60M from that. Shitty timings everywhere, lost a couple million from that.

>> No.10550988

You don't need to spoiler the link like that.

>> No.10550995



I'm pretty happy with this run...

>> No.10551327


I've been streaming, but not sure how much longer it will go.

IN hard at the moment.

>> No.10552979

Should I stream my CC runs?

>> No.10552994

Yes you should.

>> No.10553021


No, you shouldn't.

>> No.10553026

I vote yes.

>> No.10553049 [DELETED] 

Alrighty then.

>> No.10553071


>> No.10553200

Can you remove the caution in MoF, it's breaking all my focus on Hina fight

>> No.10553213

Once you play carefully enough it doesn't show up anymore.

>> No.10553284

Option -> Hint -> Off

>> No.10553340
File: 178 KB, 980x762, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.10553489

What even causes it? I usually ignore it.

>> No.10553540

I think it marks the last position that you died at.

>> No.10553587

I'm streaming again, stop by if you want to chill and chat. I'm planning to give CC the ole college try, but don't expect to see anything like Youmu's playing.

>> No.10553742


>> No.10554190 [DELETED] 
File: 365 KB, 640x480, th041.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

+bombs on every supergrazing spell.

>> No.10554331


Hey, I'm going to stream several Touhou.
I've managed to do a couple of 1cc on normals and have managed to beat 3 extra stages,
If that's a representation of skill. I'm doing this for fun.

>> No.10554405

Your mission-

score over A,000,000 points in Battle Garegga

>> No.10554418
File: 357 KB, 640x480, th042.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Grat run until final non. A disaster there and after it where I messed up countless times due to nervousness. A run that could have easily been 2.6B falls flat on it's face once again. At least I can get 2.0B every run now.

>> No.10554435

A is a letter, not a number

>> No.10554447

Maybe it works in hexadecimal.

>> No.10556296

Fuck Yuugi and Fuck Ichirin

>> No.10556309

twitch.tv/chirpy13 LLS LNB attempts from a rusty haven't played in 3 months guy

>> No.10556769

Fuck you.

Stay shit, scrub.

>> No.10556778

wow, so many streamers as of late.

>> No.10556785

Should add Streaming General to the OP.

>> No.10556793

Eat a dick

It's fun to see people do various play-through
It gets me fried up too.

>> No.10556821

>as of late
It's been like that for a while

>> No.10556892

Anyone want to list the Touhou Extra stages in order of difficulty?

I can't even beat one but I'd at least say MoF seems easiest, it's mostly gimmicks with the boss.

>> No.10556920

From hardest to easiest, in my opinion of course.


>> No.10557020

Haha, I beat MoF, PCB and IN, in that order.

>> No.10557122

To me it's something like:
Easiest: EoSD
Hardest: GFW

Haven't played TD extra to a clear yet.

Note that this is a list of how hard I find them as I am now. I don't know how I would have ranked them if I had no previous experience in any of them.

>> No.10557311

UFO hardest extra? Wow you're one ignorant UFO fanboy.

>> No.10557353

Except I'm not.
They're all pretty easy so it's hard to choose the hardest one. I went with UFO cause it's the most annoying one for me.

>> No.10557407

I'd put EosD as easier than TD, simply for the reason that those fucking souls on the top of the screen have baited me to death more times than I can count.

>> No.10557604

No PC-98?

>> No.10557654

Generally when people talk about Touhou like that, they mean from 6 onward, stop being so weeby kudasai.

>> No.10558418

FW > SoEW > UFO > SA > MS = EoSD > MoF > Phantasm > IN > LLS > PCB

>> No.10558547

What's with you people and putting Fairy Wars as the hardest? It shouldn't be nowhere near the top.
It's more about getting enough resources from the stage and planning your freezing/bombs than any actual dodging really.
But once you know that, it's really easy.
I mean technically yes, it would be considered the hardest since you're gonna die and bomb a lot, but the game showers you with resources, so you can just force your way through.
Not to mention it's the only extra stage where the bombs deal damage to the boss even on spellcards.

>> No.10558661

Just my opinion:
SoEW > FW > SA > EoSD (no patches) > IN > Phantasm > UFO > MoF > PCB
Never played MS's EX, and haven't played enough of LLS's to judge. SoEW's position could be considered pre-mature as well since I haven't beaten it.

>> No.10558674

FW Extra is harder than UFO Lunatic. FW scary.

>> No.10558715

streaming pcb, probably practicing stages 4-6 no focus

>> No.10558721

chum is that you

>> No.10559191


no, that's not me. I havent actually played SoEW extra stage, but here is how i would rank the others:

FW (try getting a NMNB of this one, if you dare, shit's tough yo) > TD > IN > MoF > UFO > SA > MS > EoSD > PCB > LLS > PoFV

Flandre is easiest but Patchy and books could be troublesome. so it doesnt get ranked last. Marisa is rough, stage portion has rough spots too. UFO stage is rough, boss isnt. IN has that one non-spell. MoF has that one timeout. etc.

but yeah im not sure how someone could think FW is not among the hardest extras. it's not even much easier than the lunatic mode.

>> No.10559675


LLS LNB attempts again.

>> No.10559912

In terms of scoring:
PCB > IN > UFO > TD > SA > MoF > EoSD

In terms of first clear:
SA > TD > EoSD > UFO > IN > PCB > MoF

In terms of patterns:
IN > PCB > UFO > TD > SA > MoF > EoSD

In terms of shit:
SoEW > all

>> No.10560449


From hardest to easiest:


I only cleared PCB, IN and TD...

>> No.10560532

Question regarding SA. Why does Marisa's orb pattern keep changing? (I've counted 3 different ones already). How I change them?

>> No.10560538

I think it's focus and shot button at the same time to change patterns. Not sure though.

>> No.10560543
File: 179 KB, 1280x994, Best 2hu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh. It seems that it's Marisa+Patchy only.

>> No.10560672

These touhou IRC's are filled with legit faggots. Apparently if you mention a games flaws you are lying and get banned.
That faggot dickass powertripping elitistic gay-asshole self-loathing dick kickbanned me from one channel again (Seppo's own words, I like it. Describes him perfectly. At least he knows he's pathetic)
By the way, I know you actually love seeing your name posted, despite you saying otherwise. I can tell you're hungry for attention and I'll be happy to oblige you with that.

How can you play a game filled with girls yet love cock so much? I've always wondered that.

>> No.10560674

Oh and #kusoplay is the IRC room of which I speak.
I advise you to go there if you want to visit a room filled with wanna-be elitists that are actually shit at the games. I guarantee you'll barely know any of them, yet they speak as if they're gods gift to STG's.
Don't say anything bad about the games though, that will make them cry.

>> No.10560687

i don't give a shit faggot

>> No.10560696

naming the channel you speak of is very...let's call is classy and mature. I may not know what everything was about, but I know Seppo well enough to know he doesn't ban people for no reason, so you must have done something, at the very least. butthurt little children rageposting is actually pretty amusing, though.

and doesn't the name of the channel imply they're know they're shit at STGs? you're being silly.

>> No.10560692
File: 321 KB, 555x776, d686864846f4f43fa1003470fc8824e9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well you best start giving a shit, eh?

>> No.10560708

Wasn't this gone over in the thread just before this one? Something about the undercover IRC Illuminati going on /jp/ to kick them out of their own threads?


>> No.10560715

I understand that you're trying to subtly imply you aren't from that channel but some parts of your post give you away completely. Mainly the last line.
Besides, why should I care about keeping their channel a secret when they act like such blatant assholes?

>> No.10560719
File: 1.23 MB, 840x3888, 1347868530269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10560725

/v/ tier reaction images. That'll show me.

>> No.10560731

sorry, but when someone names a channel shitplay, it means to me they play like that. I couldn't think of another reason. I have never visited that channel nor do I intend to simply because you are trying to make /jp/ flood it.

>> No.10560732

I saw that too, what the hell

>> No.10560739

Not your personal army.

>> No.10560744

It's a well known fact they say they're shit, but don't actually believe that. Despite it being true.

>> No.10560742

How about you fuck off with your IRC drama?

>> No.10560746

How about go fuck yourself?

>> No.10560756

IRC is known to be filled with elitists. This is nothing new.

>> No.10560760

This seems like it will be interesting. Can you guys tell me where I can get the game?

>> No.10560766
File: 434 KB, 900x900, 1354029243551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>drama in the STG thread
Can't you people get it in their your heads to stop shitting this place up with your drama?
Quoting the last 15 or so posts.

>> No.10560775

that may be true, you may be very right about them actually thinking they're good, but where is the basis of your assumption? it's a personal thing for me, but I don't like assuming things without any sort of semi-proof at least.

>> No.10560780

Keep this on your own board you weeaboo fucks

>> No.10560815

I am so bad, but I'm one of the highest ranked players in the world, so let me just go on /jp/ to beat them up and then post about how bad I am!! ;_; I sure hope that SOMEBODY will praise me!

>> No.10560835

That sounds exactly like them

>> No.10560883 [DELETED] 
File: 101 KB, 1093x900, 1352618096529.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

face when making account on shmups forum to escape this shite on jp

>> No.10560897

But you're jumping from one bunch of elitist assholes to another!

>> No.10560913 [DELETED] 

after lurking for a while i think i can deal with it because at least they seem honest in their assholery

>> No.10560920

everyone is assholes?

>> No.10560959

Yeah, it's pretty much a decision between which assholes I prefer more.

>> No.10560986

how do each of the assholes differ though?

>> No.10560995 [DELETED] 

I'd love to say something about putting this thread back into the hands of anon (you know, actual jp posters) but the IRCluminati will just scream "lol leejun xD" and you fucking IDIOTS will eat that shit up and parrot it.

I sincerely hope this other STG shit like Crimzon Clover keeps up just so there'll be a more solid case for having these threads moved to /vg/.

>> No.10561001

Some are firm whilst others are nice and soft.

>> No.10561002

Most of those forums have gotten over themselves too. Since it seems like most 4chan posters are depressed or depraved that's not possible for them.

>> No.10561021

Late night stream. UFO normal again, for now.

>> No.10561064

Shmups forum is a far better place to talk about STGs. Except if you openly admit that you suck and constantly whine and complain about it. As long as you can ignore people like Gus and the, "Oh, that's so easy :V" crowd, it's a pretty good place.

>> No.10561104

I've never heard of that channel before but with a name like that how can you not expect it to be full of shit?

Doujin games have always been /jp/-related. The fact that you wanted to see the Touhou gameplay threads moved off-board even before they actually included other shmups just shows how much of a shitposter you are.

>> No.10561328

I see these comparisons of Extra stages, but where would PCB's Phantasm fit in?

>> No.10561386

In your mothers gaping anal hole.

>> No.10561677

Does anyone have any sheetmusic for touhou songs arranged for guitar? Everything I've found is for piano

>> No.10561823

I don't think this is the right place to ask, and sorry but I can't help you with your query.

>> No.10561827

Quickly google it and you will find it in 5 seconds.

>> No.10561878

But they're all for electric guitar, I was looking for acoustic ;_;

>> No.10561903

I don't get it, how is TD a hard first clear but labelled as possibly the easiest game

>> No.10561949

It's hard for a new player since they'll probably die a lot, and TD is stupidly resource stingy if you die at the wrong times.

>> No.10561960

The normal stages are the easiest, not the extra one.

>> No.10562093
File: 10 KB, 250x250, Sanae all alone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are you so mean?

>> No.10562707

How much of /jp/'s population actually play the games?

>> No.10562713


>> No.10562724

I don't play Touhou because they're pretty shit compared to other shmups like Ibara or Ketsui.

>> No.10562775

Everyone, I would like to imagine.
If you don't play 2hu you shouldn't even be allowed on /jp/.
In fact, captcha should be replaced by spellcard capture.

>> No.10562835

Yeah, but then people would just keep reloading it until they get an easy one.

>> No.10562844

Could just make it Eternal Meek on Lunatic, soon we'll have lots of really good Touhou players.

>> No.10562852

That kind of random-but-simple card would actually be pretty easy for a machine to dodge.
See: PoFV's AI

>> No.10562877

Well, when you put it like that, it's probably better not to use spellcards.

>> No.10562932

We're gonna need a new thread soon.
Could our IRC overlords perhaps make the next challenge less shitty than this one?

>> No.10562946


>> No.10562953

So, you posted a UFO Normal score, then?

>> No.10563294

<[not gonna namedrop]> I know you've played for longer and still suck.
<[not gonna namedrop]> Please. Grow a pair.
<[not gonna namedrop]> My attitude is fine. No need to get upset because I have a different opinion on things and don't call myself shit all day.
<[not gonna namedrop]> I've already beat the EoSD WR
<[not gonna namedrop]> I'm just not going to prove it.

And you wonder why you weren't wanted there. Sleep well, take it easy.

>> No.10563297

Having a non-touhou challenge was fun. I'm glad I was introduced to CC even though I haven'y unlocked Unlimited yet.

>> No.10563311

>I've already beat the world record
>I'm just not going to prove it
It takes a lot of balls to say something like this, regardless of the subject.

>> No.10563347
File: 87 KB, 346x347, Eiren and Kaguya laughing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I've already beat the EoSD WR
>I'm just not going to prove it.

am i being trolled

>> No.10563365

<[not gonna namedrop]> I don't troll.

From the prince himself.

>> No.10563856

>Except if you openly admit that you suck and constantly whine and complain about it

You can openly admit you suck. Just don't blame the game for your own lack of skill. Accept that your deaths are your fault and you'll be able to post whatever the fuck you want without being ridiculed - in fact, people will be happy to help.

DrTrouserPlank was ridiculed because he cried about the games being unfair and impossible and cheap, etc. when in reality he just sucked. And people still tried to help him all the god damn time.

>> No.10564030
File: 1.74 MB, 1200x1727, yuuka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Giving attentions whores attention is exactly what they want, stop it.

>> No.10564040

speaking of sucking, I'll be practicing some pcb hard on stream for about an hour.

>> No.10564092

It's one guy on his personal crusade against the world.

>> No.10564244
File: 154 KB, 600x600, 29564906_m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Doing Lunatic tonight. Don't expect any clears though.

>> No.10564771

New thread