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Always remember to take it easy, /jp/, above all else.

How is your NEET day coming along?

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I got a job and ruin your thread with this statement.

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I'm going to take in a cat. We will cuddle every day and love each other forever.

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Just reading comics and trying to decide what anime to watch next.

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I got sick.

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Work extra hard so I can get a raise in my welfare!

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Just playing some video games.

I was playing with a few of my online friends earlier but they f*cking suck!

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Stop posting Deen's shit, goddammit.

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How the fuck did you get a job? I've put out like 70 god damn resumes in my city with a resume of false work experience and I've only had 1 interview.

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At least DEEN finishes what they started regardless of how shit it is.

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Did you go to job center?
How big is your city?
How hard is to get an easy job somewhere?

And if you really can't then look somewhere else lol
Also, try training courses. Dunno where you live but in my country job centers offer these and they pay you for attending

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-Official /jp/ reminder-

If you are currently employed, enrolled in education OR receive a welfare check you do not belong on /jp/. End of story. If you are in the aforementioned categories, please evacuate the premises immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.

[Additional message] Please ignore falseNEETs who try to plant doubt in your minds. This is and forever will be the truNEET golden rule, those who disagree don't belong.

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Go back to sperging about this on the archive all day.

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Feels good to be truNEET!


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But without welfare how could I afford living in my basement and buying candy for catching lolis?

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Get parents that love you.

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You think your parents would notice them in there.

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Every night I usually buy a 22 oz of Guinness and a 24 oz tallboy of Busch light and a pack of cigarettes (Marlboro Black Menthol), with my autismbux. I drank the tallboy last night, but didn't drink the Guinness, so this morning (it's 10:30am here) I opened the Guinness and am currently enjoying it. I anticipate spending the next 8 hours browsing the internet and fapping, where then I will go to my Mom's to do laundry, eat a delicious dinner, and watch The Walking Dead.

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What's that, can't deal with fingers?

Pic related, it kills you.

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>/jp/ since 2 years ago

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Good. Please take your "epic" memes with you. This is proof that the truNEET message is warding off falsie subhumans.

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NEET has become a prison. At first it seems like paradise, but after years you see how the walls have drawn themselves around you. It becomes a curse which is impossible to shake off.

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I read some comments on both sataku complex and crunchyroll and now I can't seem to take it easy.
I've also been traveling for 5 hours

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Being ostracized by society for simply not conforming to their norms is suffering.

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>being ostracized

Doing it wrong. That's why you falsies are unhappy, you're not truNEETs. You're just failed normals.

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Why do people get mad at me when I complain about Deen's shitty Higurashi adaptation? Do they actually think it didn't ruin the whole fandom?

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Because you bring it up in every thread. It's annoying.

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My cousin wants me to take him hiking, so I'm leaving in about fifteen minutes to do that.

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Protip: Use family connections, it's the only way to get a decent job these days.

If your family has none, you are shit out of luck, unless you are charismatic enough to get those connections at a University. But then if you were, you would not be on /jp/ right now.

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Relaxing drinking some hot chocolate in my housecoat. Thinking about going to the shop later for some food, but it seems too cold.

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It's only one if you let it become one.

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is this the blog thread? i normally use tumblr so im new here, got some stories to share about being lonely.

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I bring it up in every thread where OP uses a screencap of the anime.

It doesn't get NEARLY enough hate. That's annoying.

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I am eating cereal, wearing a fluffy jacket, and watching rupaul's drag race. What is life?

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>watching rupaul's drag race

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That is all.

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I can't help it that I find DEEN's Rika better than the original. 7th expansion can't draw a loli.

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I hated it at first, but then I couldn't stop watching it. My name is anon and I am an addict.

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Drinking beer and listening to doujin music

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Replaying Final Fantasy Tactics for the billionth time. This time, I'm going through the PSP version to check it out. Dark Knights are broken as fuck.

I'm almost done with it, but I still need to go through all the sidequests, old and new, and venture down Midnights Deep.

Why is Cid still so overpowered? not that I'd use him, of course.

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I'm playing through FF3 for the first time today.

If you've played it could you tell me if there are lots of classes like in FF5, or if this is it. I really liked Blue mage...

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So you care more about how good Rika looks than how fucking ruined every single character and plot element is?

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I'm sorry, I haven't actually played that one. I no longer have a DS, and I wasn't a big fan of the remade 3D DS titles.

I'm sure someone will come along shortly and answer properly, though.

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I know I do

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That's a grandma.

The real Rika isn't even a character. She is just a plot device.

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Does this make you mad?
I like it when you get mad, it is cute.

Stop being mad at other peoples likes.
You big fat loser.

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I meant to quote >>10530657

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But I wasn't being mad at anyone...

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For me, it was different. First months were hell, then isolation helped me a lot and after several more months I have decided that it was fun but never more, I don't want to live like that to the end.

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Why are you trying to be me?
Or are you misquoting?

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What are you talking about? Learn to quote properly.

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You learn to not learn to quote misquotings that you did. Maybe.

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Awl naturale

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Am I still a truNEET if I trade stocks? I am very worried that I might not be anymore

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You live outside the system. You outlaw.

Fuck the haters.

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I wish neet threads would go to /r9k/, /soc/, or /v/ where they belong

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thinking about killing my parents to cash out on their life insurance policy

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That's a big decision make sure you talk to them about it first!

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/r9k/ already has NEET threads.

/v/ has Touhou threads and /a/ has VN threads.


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Starting NEET threads in /a/ and /pol/ is actually pretty fun. The reactions are hilarious.

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have you ever pretended to be dead in front of your pets to see how they would react

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I used to make this thread on /g/ over and over:

Seriously, search that text and read the responses. It's amazing how much people will defend their non-NEET lifestyle.

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Pissed in my first bottle.

Holy shit, what a rush. Could become very addictive.
I was emptying my pissbottle into the bathroom sink and pissed in the bottle again even togh the toilet was right next to me.

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What kind of grades did you all get in school?

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I used to get good grades (except at PE) even though I didn't study. How about you?

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It's so convenient, I've been doing it for years because the bathroom is on the opposite side of the house from my room and I don't want to walk through the house and put up with my parents talking to me.

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I was top of my class in elementary school, but then in middle school I started skipping school to use my computer, then I dropped out of high school to become a truNEET.

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What about the smell?

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Grades 7-10 As and Bs
11-12 Bs, Cs and I think I got a D once. I attended about 2-3 times a week, sometimes skipping a week here and there.

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I got a few A and B in the subjects I liked, but the rest were D's and below, I dropped out Junior year in the end

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I use bottles with lids and empty them on the garden outside my window.

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Why is that loli so innocent? I want to lick her ass cheeks.

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Who was the princess of your elementary school? Did you want to fuck her?

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Top grades in junior school and early secondary school.
Pretty much all Bs at GCSE.
Cs and Ds at A-level.
Dropping out at university.

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Mostly C's in high school.

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Bad. I was in the class for special kids. The teacher treated me like a legit retard even though I was just a bit slower, he would make us walk in a line because some of the kids were really fucking stupid and would get lost in the halls. My worst memories come from music class because we had to share the classroom with the normals so he made us sit in a corner and stay away from all the expensive instruments, and to keep us busy he'd give us a box with triangles. Sometimes he'd put this weird plastic stuff around them to make them silent. One time I took the plastic foil out and started playing it really hard, one of the kids with a guitar complained and said "Teacher, the retards are making too much noise" I felt hurt like I had never been in my entire life and started crying. The teacher asked what was wrong but when I explained to him he didn't understand and called another teacher. She didn't understand either. I kept repeating myself but she turned around and said to him,

"I can't understand a single thing he says" or something like that. School was probably the most traumatic part of my life

It was also a HUGE waste of time. Since they didn't teach us anything (they just made us play with papers and glue all day) I was unprepared for highschool and couldn't make it

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>The teacher treated me like a legit retard even though I was just a bit slower
Seems like he was right.

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I would love to fuck an elementary school princess...!

>> No.10531486

"usage of slang" is one of the clinical indicators that medical professionals use to diagnose retardation

>> No.10531496

I should hope so. Nobody with a decent IQ is going to be caught talking like that.

>> No.10531505

Mayve English isn't his first language.

>> No.10531503

There was a princess in every class, so I don't know which one was the princess of the school.

They were all really cute.

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Find a job that allows you to take it easy anon! Excessive overtime a suffering.

>> No.10531510

So does that mean I can get welfare if I start using slang more often?

>> No.10531517

No, you need to forget how to express yourself without using slang. Like people who use "fap" out loud, not on the internet, are retards.

>> No.10531519

Fit the dysfunctional stereotype anyway you can. Medical problems (need to be more than mild social anxiety here). Poor as fuck (hustled in the projects to survive etc). Fucked up family (abusive, divorce, parent in jail etc.).

>> No.10531525


yes. they just walk away like they don't care. those fuckers

>> No.10531533

i dont want you guys to get my money, i want you to die of starvation, wat do?

>> No.10531534


Ill assume you weren't much of a studier

>> No.10531540


6 years neet etc..etc..he knows whats up.

btw say hi to laquesha for me.

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Retards and the people who give rise to retard offspring should be burned alive and flushed down the toilet in the crematory employees' bathroom.

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We missed that chance with Romney and not electing some of the craziest GOP.

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A lot of people in my country say "lol" in real life when they find something slightly funny. They don't even speak English, which makes it even more retarded.

>> No.10531568

I think animals can smell chemical changes in our bodies..

A few years ago my dad had a heart attack (no worries he's alive and well, and it's all thanks to my cat).

We were sitting down to watch television and my cat started making funny chattering noises (the kind when a cat is stalking an insect/bird) at my dad. We were both confused, because cats don't often make those noises at humans, and my cat never had. Knowing something was amiss I picked up Dally(my cat) and examined him. But nothing seemed wrong. Several minutes later my dad excused himself, saying he didn't feel too well, and was going to lie down. Several minutes later Dally went in his room and shit on the bed. Stinking up the entire room (keep in mind my cat was 17 at the time so we thought he'd gone a bit in old age) I walked in and my dad wasn't awake, shook him, and he wasn't responsive. We called the paramedics and he was rushed into surgery. I miss Dally Doo, he was super awesome!

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I was in an all-boys elementary school. How sad is that, /jp/?

>> No.10531575

>We were sitting down to watch television
Get the fuck out of /jp/.

>> No.10531578

Not that sad. It's not like you thought about girls all that much then.

Although I'd always get in trouble with the teachers for what was essentially sexual harassment. I even made the girl I liked afraid of me. Why didn't I become a rapist?

>> No.10531586


I miss my Dog very much.

>> No.10531588

Catholic much? lol mafias, torture, burnings, civil wars, monasteries and orphanages. And so much molestation!

>> No.10531589

teach me how to dougiw]

>> No.10531595


everybody does it
erry erry body does it

>> No.10531600

It must be sad if he is a non-homo pedo.

The poor dude never got to talk with a loli, ever.

>> No.10531605

What kind of stuff did you do and were you friends/close with the girls you touched?

>> No.10531609

Tell us about all the lewd things you did with that prepubescent little girl.

It's okay if you fabricate shit as long as it's lewd.

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>non-homo pedo
Doesn't really exist. Homosex and pedo stuff have been connected since ancient egypt, grease and babylon.

>> No.10531620

Have you read the Hush saga in Batman comics?

Don't do it!

>> No.10531623

Until the faggots betrayed the pedos a few decades ago in order to be accepted. Straight pedos exist since that day.

Also, heterosexual pedophilia makes more sense. A shota can't fuck your faggot ass with his weak penis.

>> No.10531633

Right. Explain the "Boku no Pico" faggotary, then.

I'm right, you lose, I win.

>> No.10531635

What about every single person in /jp/?

>> No.10531644

All prepubescent boys can ejaculate in hentai.

I. FUCKING. HATE. THAT. It's even worse than Rustle's lolis.

>> No.10531646

Because it isnt shit you sperglord

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Do a good deed;
Kill a NEET.

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I guess I could make a "what about every ____ in your ___" grade joke, but I can't muster up the effort.

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Do a good deed. Eat a squid.

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Lately I've been pretty annoyed by how little I prioritize my hobbies with all the free time I have. I'm a terribly cultured person so I should be spending all the time I have either finishing a game, watching a movie or going through an anime/manga series, but instead I just find myself mindlessly sitting on my office chair and doing nothing.

Is there some sort of NEET motivator that makes you more engaged towards your hobbies?

>> No.10531665

I'd eat her squid if you know what I mean.

>> No.10531672

I like grade jokes. Especially they come from a loli's delicious mouth.

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File: 84 KB, 1280x720, [Coalgirls]_Bakemonogatari_07_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[5A3F66DC].mkv_snapshot_16.53_[2013.02.24_15.08.57].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty swell, except !bar is bullying me on /ota/.

>> No.10531687

You deserve to be bullied.

>> No.10531692


There is nothing you can do except fight it or pick up something to learn as an extra filler in your day. Next you'll be sleeping at random times for no reason. The final stage would be not doing anything and spending all your time here.

>> No.10531701


thanks for the weird story, dude. my condolences about your cat creature thing being dead

>> No.10531705

I'm at the final episode of a cartoon series I'm watching, but I don't want it to end. It'll make me cry.

What should I do?

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Cool viral marketing, bro.

Fucking desperate.

>> No.10531708


Watch it and cry then pick up another cartoon.

>> No.10531717

Mona the vampire?

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File: 63 KB, 1280x720, [Coalgirls]_Bakemonogatari_07_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[5A3F66DC].mkv_snapshot_17.34_[2013.02.24_15.44.52].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We all know you're upset about your /ota/ ban, Trevor. There's no need to lash out.

>> No.10531710

End yourself

>> No.10531712

Buy a loli and watch the whole cartoon again with her.

>> No.10531714

Make up your own ending.

>> No.10531720


I also want to reply to you

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I'll reply to you.

>> No.10531739

But you are Trevor.

>> No.10531747


Thank you!!!!!

>> No.10531749 [DELETED] 
File: 25 KB, 1280x720, [Coalgirls]_Bakemonogatari_07_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[5A3F66DC].mkv_snapshot_20.07_[2013.02.24_15.14.03].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's not funny.

>> No.10531751

Get heavily drunk, then finish it. Drink more once it's over and blog about it on /jp/.

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File: 151 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Inu X Boku Secret Service - 08 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_14.37_[2012.03.04_07.59.18].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It wasn't a joke.

>> No.10531769


Nice try, Trevor.

>> No.10531774

We can all tell from your image names that you're Trevor, stop digging yourself deeper into that hole.

>> No.10531778

Epic anime screenshot, /v/ro.

Sticky this shit, mootles!

>> No.10531781


Okay you know hes Trevor. Now what are you going to do? Stop helping him shit up the thread.

>> No.10531795
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He's actually not but it's fun watching people insult him by calling him me.

I bet his butt is pretty flustered right about now.

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File: 1.54 MB, 390x219, 1335687610623.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's what tru tomodachis are for.

>> No.10531794
File: 70 KB, 1280x720, [Coalgirls]_Bakemonogatari_07_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[5A3F66DC].mkv_snapshot_17.42_[2013.02.24_15.45.24].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These filenames are standard CCCP screencaps. Don't tell me you use some inferior player like VLC?

>> No.10531799

What is this some kind of Magical Trevor youtube bullshit or some fucking shit

shut up

>> No.10531801


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Cool script Trev-kun

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Not using MPlayer.

>> No.10531810

>Magical Trevor

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shit, nigga.


>> No.10531814

The cow is back

>> No.10531821

Savlonic is the best Weebl.

Worst Savlonic, but it's about Japan and has kaiju and stuff.

>> No.10531824

I spent a good portion of my middle school career doing nothing but watching that in the computer lab along with the Star Wars Gangsta Rap flash.

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File: 710 KB, 1000x1031, 1342143316485.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 34 KB, 429x279, starwarz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Why did Flash artists ever think radial gradients for shading were a good idea?

>> No.10531832

It's not the east nor the west side.
(No it's not.)

It's not the North nor the South side.
(No it's not.)

It's the dark side.
(You are correct.)

How about those Tales of the Leet flashes.

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>> No.10531841


>> No.10531835


i like that song

>> No.10531838

That's just how it was back then, which was a while ago.

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>> No.10531842


Anyone have a version that's doesn't have its audio tweaked?

>> No.10531847

Knock him out the box, Luke.

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>> No.10531856

Woah, that thing is still around?

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I got no fuckin job. Want more money though. What do?

>> No.10531860


Thank you for making my day a little brighter.

I'm going to sleep now before something ruins this good day.

>> No.10531865

When other people start saying this, are you going to sell T-shirts or something?

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I hope you sleep well, friend.

>> No.10531891

Or you could get a good degree.

>> No.10531906

Y-you mean my degree in pop culture is useless? ;_;

>> No.10531925

What do you mean my black transgendered womyn studies degree is useless?
I blame the patriarchy.

>> No.10531929

what did you learn there?

>> No.10531997

we studied gangam style and redbit memes

>> No.10532064

I'm on probation and my probation officer keeps threatening to violate me and take me to court because apparently being employed is a part of my probation terms.

I have a 3 yr probation sentence and I've got 10 months to go, and I was employed for about 14 of the 26 months I've been on probation.

Would a judge actually lock me up for being unemployed?

>> No.10532074

good advice. I have a degree in Italian Studies and got my current job thanks to my parents

Just ask your mom or dad if they know anyone who runs a business. You'd be surprised. I get minimum wage but I sit around doing nothing so it's a fair trade off

>> No.10532090

What are you on probation for? Please be as specific and detailed as possible. Use names if you can.

>> No.10532093

oneechan, i want to die

>> No.10532105

public lewdness

as you know, the United States is under feminist rule, so "crimes" like this are met with severe punishment from these batshit crazy cunts.

>> No.10532110

Did you ask someone if they would suck it?

>> No.10532112

if it bothers you, maybe you shouldn't be waving your dick around in public, dumbass

>> No.10532127

I have absolutely nothing to do and I am bored as hell..

>> No.10532138
File: 77 KB, 1280x720, [Coalgirls]_Bakemonogatari_09_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[94459939].mkv_snapshot_09.18_[2013.02.24_15.00.33].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My, my. An awful lot of blogging in this thread. It's sort of getting my knickers in a bunch.

>> No.10532153

He probably just got back from a party with his "bros" and was drunk.

>> No.10532210

Please add me on Skype and talk to me, I need desperate attention: coolbear.23

>> No.10532263

Also depends on how long you've been unemployed at a single given time I would think. If you haven't done anything for an entire year then it looks like you aren't trying much. Getting a shitty McJob shouldn't take that long especially if you have experience.

>> No.10532414

I don't know what you mean.

>> No.10532484

get out of /jp/ faggot

>> No.10532522

I could ejaculate at 12 years old

>> No.10532575

Bs and As in middle school
Mostly Bs, with a few As, a few Cs and an F in high school
All As in college

>> No.10532607

I got my grandfather's motorcycle running today. I've been riding it for a couple hours now. It runs alright, a bit jerky at higher speeds and it doesn't idle, but it runs and it's able to be ridden. As it is now it's just too scary to ride on streets with cars. Having an idle would be most reassuring thing on that bike so you don't have to manage the brake, clutch, and throttle at the same time.

>> No.10532625

my mom and dad have no friends so no connections

no job for me ever

>> No.10532634

Is that a bad thing?

>> No.10532648

not necessarily

but having no money sucks, I'm not on welfare

>> No.10532684

My mother told me she got a letter from my incarcerated father's lawyer stating that he has a little over $10 million stored in an offshore bank accounts and the case trying to prove the money was obtained illegally doesn't have enough evidence, and quite the contrary, so it's being thrown out. Supposedly my father has also found religion while in prison so he wants to make up for never being there when I was younger.

First, I feel I should not even believe this. How feasible is something like this to even happen in the first place?

>> No.10532687

That's what job placement programs are for. Connections are for rich kids whose jobs consist of getting blowjobs from secretaries. Like the President of the United States.

>> No.10532705

I've been wearing the same glasses for the past 10 years and the frame is just about broken. I haven't been to an optometrist alone but whats the rough estimate of how much I should pay? I checked the sites online but they never list them...also having anxiety about doing something on my own since my mom was always with me when I got new glasses. I can just get the prescription and order some frames online?

>> No.10532711


nice VN idea

>> No.10532720
File: 52 KB, 840x525, 1280983836822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This isn't a Rika thread.
Fuck you, OP

>> No.10532750

Anyone have any advice regarding seeing a psychiatrist? My mother is making me go to one tomorrow and I don't really know what to expect.

>> No.10532754

I have no idea if things like that happen. Just don't get scammed. Be very cautious if your mother is stupid. Don't let her do things quickly or on her own. Don't be obedient.

>> No.10532757

I think those are the ones that just give you drugs.

>> No.10532786

Forgot to say: don't accept explanations easily, read between the lines of any instructions you get, verify everything starting with that letter. If something seems wrong, maybe you should go to the police. Even replying to the letter might be a mistake. The most important thing is to be assertive.

>> No.10532952

Earlier when I popped into my aunt's house for a few minutes one of my cousins poked me in the back like she normally does and it was somewhat comforting and made me feel very happy. She has the nicest laugh in the world and just thinking about it makes me smile and blush. I've never seen her wear pants either, which is nice. She's usually in some sort of sundress or tshirt and skirt. She's so short and cute, you just want to pat her on the head when she's nearby.

I can't believe I have a crush on a nine year old.

>> No.10533002

Guess you're the token creeper for the family.

>> No.10533019

awful. I decided to try the thread yesterday and add other NEETs from /jp/ and I got a brony and a normalfag from /v/.

no wonder everyone avoids those threads like they're spray-on-AIDS

>> No.10533030

don't say enough to incriminate yourself, psychological examination is 10% inane questions and 90% waiting for you to slip up so they can diagnose you as whatever they want.

>> No.10533035

I guess so.

I don't know what you're adding people on, but anyone who wants people to add them is always likely going to be some crossposter.

>> No.10533039

>likely going to be some crossposter.
Yeah but I can't even think of a reason for that though.

>> No.10533053

For them to want to be added is reason enough. Just goes hand in hand with the whole socializing thing people like to do.

>> No.10533057

you're probably right. the people I want to add aren't the people who add anyone anyway.

>> No.10533069

>it was somewhat comforting and made me feel very happy
>She's so short and cute, you just want to pat her on the head when she's nearby.
that's how cute little kids are supposed to make you feel dipshit

>just thinking about it makes me smile and blush
whoa there buddy

>> No.10533088

If it makes you feel better, we have no blood relation.

>> No.10533235

I'm very skeptical over the whole thing right now. I guess time will tell.

>> No.10533237
File: 196 KB, 750x750, 1361683449016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I trust you're actually a student or employed like most of the anons here. Don't do anything perverted. Be a good role model and help out if you can. I had a nice cousin who used to come over to play vidya alot. She was really shy but gentle and wanted to be a nurse. Then we moved and drifted apart. Last time I heard she did drugs, dropped out of HS, ran away from home and is now pregnant. She's only 19 give or take. I can't begin to think what the fuck went wrong during the teen years. If you can help it, don't let that happen to yours.

>> No.10533247


please don't cry konata

>> No.10533267

I'm NEET, but I don't really see what that has to do with being a decent person. Ever since I've known her I've been NEET so it's not like she saw me stop school or never get a job.

I'm obviously not going to do anything to her but sometimes when she sits you can see her panties, so I sometimes peek.

>> No.10533278
File: 20 KB, 335x363, shrit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10533284

nite /jp/

see you tomorrow

>> No.10533289


>> No.10533291
File: 106 KB, 480x640, 1332148077377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw its 3:30am and you always wanted to go for a night time walk but you live in the ghetto so you cant go for a walk or you will get shot, mugged, and raped and not always in that order

>> No.10533305

Buy a gun

>> No.10533314

Well, I'm posting from my phone during my lunchbreak at work. So, not well

I just want to take it easy /jp/. Why does the outside world have to insist that I can't just do that?

>> No.10533328


Cause you gotta contribute to muh society

Being unhappy and working is better than happy and not working

>> No.10533331

I hate when I wake up so early at 7 AM, makes the morning go by so much slower.

>> No.10533362
File: 136 KB, 1280x720, New Jack City 1991 720p BRRip x264 aac vice.mkv_snapshot_00.36.03_[2013.02.25_16.37.35].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Consider slinging dope. You'll become a star of your neighborhood

>> No.10533494


If he is scared of walking down the street they will just steal his drugs and money.

>> No.10533526

If you're planning on using the same lenses, and you know which store they were bought from, there's a small chance you might be able to just buy the frames and have the lenses put on, which would be cheap. Unless you buy brand, the frames are only a fraction of the cost.
More than likely, is that they've stopped stocking those frames and you'll need to get new lenses or have the old ones cut, in which case you might as well have your eyesight checked and buy new glasses. This could go anywhere from 150-500, depending on how bad your eyesight is, though lenses past 200 usually means they have to have it specifically made for you. If your eyesight hasn't deteriorated much in the past ten years, you probably don't have anything that bad.

If you only have slight near/farsightedness and nothing else wrong with your eyes, you could try buying non-prescription glasses, which might cost as little as 20€.
If you do need a prescription, keep in mind that the glasses are cut to work best at a specific distance and angle from your eyes, so there's a reason you'd need proper frames, though in a pinch you could just jury-rig it.

To make it short, generally the thicker your lenses are, the more they'll cost. Checking your eyesight probably costs around 60€, though I have no idea where you live.

>> No.10533589

I might be looking for a job today.

Or maybe I'll browse /jp/, grind kanji, and masturbate.

>> No.10533765

I was supposed to go to the job center to introduce myself. After living off my parents and mental institutions for 6 years, everybody lost hope in my recovery and now I have to get autismbux. Didn't make it to the job center because of a union strike. I doubt they will accept that as an excuse, because I should have known of the strike. But I'm a neet, not some kind of person who watches the news. My social worker will have to deal with that. Seriously, what do they expect?

I have lots of things to do every day and I frankly can't keep up with local news. Learning japanese, working out with a full free weight set in my apartment and I have to watch a lot of anime series every day. Not to mention preparing meals. I have to keep my body and mind in optimal condition.

Then I worked out, watched lewd anime and masturbated. I'll maybe watch one of the Oscar movies and then go to bed early, I have a lot of reps to do every morning and I need to be well rested, so I go to bed at 8 PM.

>> No.10534427 [DELETED] 
File: 4 KB, 171x120, 1300052048997.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10534738

Yes. If their a dick judge, and there is plenty of them out there.

>> No.10534741

Today I saw my sensei's pantsu.
Too bad it wasn't as good as in my eroges.

>> No.10534764

Thank you for the pic, made me feel alot better when I read it. Haven't laughed that hard in along time.

>> No.10534780

Please don't use Rika to shitpost

>> No.10534784



>> No.10534888 [DELETED] 

That's cute, dude. Protect her so that she doesn't turn into a whore in 2-3 years..

>> No.10534892

That's cute, dude. Protect her so that she doesn't turn into a whore in 2-3 years.

>> No.10534903

Today the first thing my mom said to me after I woke up was "Go look for a job"

>> No.10534912


Naaa naaaa, why don't you get a job?

>> No.10535721


Thanks for sharing. You sound like a very interesting person. I hope things get better for you.

>> No.10535935

Any other NEETs with a short attention span?

I can't even watch anime or tv shows without alt tabbing 5 times to check 4chan

>> No.10536009

woke up at 3pm local time, had a fap, then I'm going to keep working on this email I've been trying to write for a week.

I've been trying to drink less alchohol since the other night when I made myself sick.

>> No.10536019


Yeah. I can't really watch anime anymore, I read manga sometimes because I can just start and stop whenever.

>> No.10536014


Yeah. I tried using Adderall but all I did was dance for four hours straight. Now I just sleep all day. There's no saving us.

>> No.10536225

I have to force myself to watch anime, which is sad. like >>10536019, I can still read manga though. When I try watching anime I'll get like 10 minutes in, check my 4chan threads, and then not watch the rest of the episode. Finally I just say fuck it and exit the anime episode

>> No.10536330

so that was you

fuck you

>> No.10536371

I can't don't anything else other than mindlesly browse the net with some background music, everything else is too much for my fried brains to handle. Not even manga.

>> No.10536401


drugs or just years of non use?

I'd like to think competitive videogames have at least kept my reflexes quick

>> No.10536418

I keep my mind active by debating people on /jp/

>> No.10536438

I am laughing so much at this.

>> No.10536444

Alcohol from an early age and years of internet overuse

>> No.10536473

my parents won't let me get a dog

>> No.10536506


Why not?

>> No.10536513

I got a dog three days ago
She is nice, I think we will be good friends.

>> No.10536516

You should not let them get a dog and see how they like it.

>> No.10536559

don't rape her anon

>> No.10536566

you sick fuck

>> No.10536563


I love you.

>> No.10536576

hey man, you never know with the type of people on /jp/

>> No.10536592
File: 359 KB, 1000x1200, 33121877.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just have problems motivating myself to start something. Once I do that I enjoy myself.

>> No.10536610

do it for your waifu

>> No.10536620


Yall niggas need multiple monitors. You don't have to always keep your eyes on the subs if you have that kind of problem.Only look at the other monitor when it's interesting.

>> No.10536623

If I were a little girl I would let the dog put its penis inside me.

>> No.10536633

well good thing you aren't you lewd slut

true, my graphics card is only a shitty GTX 460 so I don't trust it not to fry on multiple monitors

maybe when I upgrade

>> No.10536642

It'd be OK because little girls can't be lewd.

>> No.10536664

I'm ok with a single monitor since if I'm watching anime I usually don't do much else as I am most of the time and I'm good at multitasking otherwise. Though sometimes when I'm doing music related stuff the screen gets cluttered as shit because I need to have so much windows and programs open at once. Don't think that's worth an extra monitor though and my graphics is just a shitty Nvidia 9800GT. I also have a very small Dell flat screen monitor I picked up years ago for cheap at a pawn shop.

>> No.10536661

>true, my graphics card is only a shitty GTX 460 so I don't trust it not to fry on multiple monitors
>Shitty GTX460

Son, Nvidia cards run multiple screens just fine since before the 9900 series even. The GTX460 can run most games on high, so it won't have any problems with running another screen while you're watching cartoons.

>> No.10536666


I have two monitors but if I don't watch the subtitles I don't know what is going on. I only understand white people languages.


I have the same graphics card and it's fine. They aren't very high resolution monitors though.

>> No.10536671

>GTX 460
Your graphics card could easily handle three high resolution monitors. Don't worry about it.

What do you think people with multiple monitors did in the past with less powerful cards? Magic?

>> No.10536675

try living with an integrated 9100

>> No.10536800

My mom took me on a two hour walk just now to berate me for not finding a job in 5 months and telling me she's going to kick me out of the house in two weeks if I don't find something.

What kind of suicide attempt should I make that'll convince them to leave me alone, but won't do permanent damage or leave markings that might bother me in the future?

>> No.10536818

I don't know but your mother took you for a long walk and called it punishment? That's the strangest thing I ever heard of for punishment. My mother just turns into a screaming zombie when she's really mad at me and tries to take away and break my stuff. It's like trying to actually fend off a zombie but the catch is you can't seriously hurt it or kill it.

>> No.10536819

I'm not sure about the permanent damage, but popping loads of pills will not leave any mark

>> No.10536834

drink windshield wiper fluid

>> No.10536840


My mom is like his mom but even nicer that it is almost scary.

>> No.10536841

It will probably backfire and they'll end up annoying you even more by trying to turn you into a normalfag.

>> No.10536853
File: 14 KB, 600x41, uh oh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so ive been a NEET for the last 7 years

decided to read my grandmas email and search my name, found this

>> No.10536854

Easy, when she kicks you out of the house, walk to the other side of the street and lie down. Then wait until she lets you in again or the cops arrest you for vagrancy. If you get arrested, you have free food and shelter, so all's good.

>> No.10536850

Instead of suicide, you should chimp out and start smashing stuff, breaking windows, ruining the neighbor's car, throwing shit everywhere, this kind of thing.

>> No.10536858

My mom is nice most of the time and doesn't complain about me much. But mine usually likes to talk down to me and mock me a lot.

Yeah how would they go about forcing you out anyways if you refuse to move and have nowhere else to go?

>> No.10536865

>eah how would they go about forcing you out anyways if you refuse to move and have nowhere else to go?

The police.

>> No.10536873


And this. If I try a suicide attempt (and I did once) she will do everything she can to calm you down. When you let your guard down, she inches her way in to change your personality. Like today,I did something pretty "normal" that made my mom really happy,and then she started rubbing my shoulder telling me that my brother would help me get a girlfriend. (She found out after coming home and seeing him with his girlfriend). My brother is a completely different person and takes 1:30 minutes in the bathroom every fucking morning like hes preforming a satanic ritual.

>> No.10536876

Marry your computer.

>> No.10536881

For what? Not doing anything?

>> No.10536892



>> No.10536909

>can't handle the blossoming romance between you and your computer

>> No.10536907

I don't know what they could possibly do to me for doing nothing but if my parents do then whatever.

>> No.10536914

if you don't live in the ghetto get arrested when you go homeless

spend time in the prison library and no one bothers you

>> No.10536931

Trespassing is something. If your parents don't give you permission to stay, that's what you are doing.

>> No.10536935

You must be scandinavian or really delusional to think that's a viable option

>> No.10536946

For shame, it isn't even 18 years old.

>> No.10536956

This reminds me, how exactly does prison rape occur so much? I read articles with surprisingly high statistics of prison rape. Shouldn't it be hard to pull off? What are security doing?

Do you get any sort of compensation at all if you were just in for some minor misnomer or were wrongly accused, then get your anal cavity torn apart and contract AIDs?

>> No.10536978

>how exactly does prison rape occur so much
a nigger bludgeons a skinny cracker with his gigantic fists and then rapes him

>Shouldn't it be hard to pull off
why would this be hard to pull off

>what are security doing
not caring

>Do you get any sort of compensation at all if you were just in for some minor misnomer or were wrongly accused, then get your anal cavity torn apart and contract AIDs?
oh man are you 8 or something

>> No.10536995

There have been some cases of prisoners suing the state for breach of rights in rape cases.

>> No.10536987

>minor misnomer
You may be assigned to a minimum security place without hard criminals then. Chances of assrape would be lower with white collar tax cheats versus murdering gangbangers.

>wrongly accused
You may get some compensation but it's an uphill battle. The authorities don't like admitting those things.

>> No.10537011

>What are security doing?
The guards are only human too. Things work best when the prisoners and those who guard them get along. One way to keep the peace is to turn a blind eye to some things in return for overall better behaviour. No one really cares if the biggest group in jail gangrapes some scrawny nobody. Especially if that prevents them from doing more violent things and hurting guards.

>> No.10537025


It really could be considered as "cruel and unusual punishment"

>> No.10537030

Doubt guards would be willing to stick out their own necks to guard an aspie neckbeard all the time either. Prisoners don't have a gun to their head 24/7.

>> No.10537059

How do I fill my time now anime has become boring?

>> No.10537071

Increase posting time on /jp/ and /ota/. We need people like you.

>> No.10537076

My lip skin is peeling and it's driving me insane

Doctors keep giving me different creams but nothing works. The dead skin builds up and they don't know why. Fuck fuck fuck.

I want to rip off the hanging skin but I can't.

>> No.10537083

I accidentally chew mine off when I am not thinking.

>> No.10537086


most prisoners spend their time playing each other

no one cares about library

>> No.10537101

I get that too because I bite my lips a lot. My lip is burning because I just ripped off a piece of skin on a while ago. I can't stop tearing the skin off of them. In fact if I ever see any loose skin on me I need to tear it off. I just like tearing off my skin.

>> No.10537123

I have eczema, so I have dry skin. What I've found helps is removing/biting off what dry and dead skin you can from your lips, and putting vaseline on them before you go to sleep. Not a lot of vaseline, just enough to lubricate them. When you wake up they should be a little softer. If you repeat this over a few nights it should help.

>> No.10537131
File: 289 KB, 357x346, lemon key face.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mfw I truNEET all over da floor and tell my mom to clean it up

>> No.10537143

I never put anything on them but I do rip off what I can, it bleeds a bit much sometimes but no big deal since there isn't anyone around when I do start tearing at myself. It burns a lot after but I get used to it.

>> No.10537185
File: 197 KB, 200x225, accelisback.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're supposed to blame it on the dog you dumb fuck.

Bonus points if your parents beat the dog so hard that it dies.

>> No.10537208

That's not very nice. Please stop bullying.

>> No.10537250

if you don't have a dog then the trick is to break a window and say a homeless person did it.

bonus points if they go and beat the homeless person so badly he dies

>> No.10537336
File: 254 KB, 964x673, 1340076182809.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No. If he's going to use my meme I'm gonna bully him until he learns his lesson.

>> No.10537416

Come on, big boy. Teach me a lesson. ;)

>> No.10537425
File: 390 KB, 600x600, notamused.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/jp/ pls. Can we keep this a buttsex-free zone?

>> No.10537577

hey there big boy

sucky sucky?

>> No.10537748

>tfw you would like to go to prison to take it easy but they dont have internet there like in glorious scandinavia

>> No.10537915

All As in Primary School. Bs and Cs for Years 7, 8 and 9. Mostly As and 1 or 2 Bs in Year 10. I'm still to finish final year because I've been ill for over 4 years.

>> No.10537945

You empty it into the sink? That's fucking disgusting. Empty it into a toilet or at least a bathtub.

>> No.10537965

I used to shove girls into the boys' bathroom.

>> No.10537977

You need to either find things you are super interested in. Or, become super motivated by your hero. Who motivates you anon?

>> No.10538017

Don't take drugs. Don't take drugs. Don't.

>> No.10538085

but anti depressants and prozac can make him feel happy anon

>> No.10538390

>Don't take drugs
>Stay Miserable

Good Advice.

>> No.10538457

>what are side effects

>> No.10538721


I don't think it happens that often. I have a few friends that spent some time in prison but I don't really want to ask them because if they did get raped I would feel bad for asking. I am pretty sure it's just a way for people to scare us so we don't go to prison for free room and board.

>> No.10538915
File: 31 KB, 377x465, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just fucked up my chance to get driver's licence for car and because of this, I have to go by buss and I also have to pay if I want to try getting that licence again. So yeah, I basically just lost fuckloads of money and everyone will be dissaponted in me or will laugh at me. My mom was with me there and after failing I started to cry, because I just cant take heavy failures well and so I even embrassed myself. I have car already so I cant just give up on this like I usually do and I feel depressed as fuck. I also finally finished reading JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and I dont know what to read next.

>> No.10538939


Read Initial D. I've never read it so I don't know if it's any good but it has cars on the front. Maybe if you read that it will help you pass your test.

>> No.10538967

I had completely forgotten that manga. I was going to read it one point, but for some reason I didnt. I'll go download it and read it when I'm on better mood.

>> No.10539224

I'm really not a NEET since I study, but I'm off school for the rest of the week so I'm not doing anything at the moment.

Is this the everyday life of a NEET? Neat.

>> No.10539295


It depends on the person. Some people think going to work and school is fun. If you think that way you will hate it. I think those are mostly boring people who aren't quite smart enough to figure out what to do on their own.

>> No.10539302

It's funny that people dismiss NEETs as being unmotivated as a group failing to consider that they could be just as much if not more motivated than the average person just with different goals and aims.

>> No.10541235

I failed the learners test 8 times

>> No.10541269

it costs $15 to take it too, so much wasted money

I bet they laugh at me behind my back everytime I visit

>> No.10541922

Are you Australian?

>> No.10542016

>He doesn't know the side-effects
Treating depression with drugs is very, very bad. My brother was taken to a clinic because he was depressed and they jacked him up on anti-psychotic drugs. They fuck with you. Depression is something that can easily be cured, by addressing the cause. There is always a cause.

>> No.10542024

Zoloft and valium are fine, but they can easily be prescribed by a GP. Psychiatrists always want to put you on high-powered drugs. Don't let them.

>> No.10542058

>a bit slower

So what, you were autistic? If you are clearly making non-rhythmic noise and being a nuisance, then you clearly are a bit retarded. The kid seems like a jerk, but not wrong.

>> No.10542063

Just like my mom. It's even worse of they go to get physical with you and hurt themselves, than blame you.

>> No.10542068

/jp/, I need your assistance

I have a best friend who I watch anime and play video games with, and we eventually want to move in together. I also trap for him

Want to be NEET and just stay home together, but we're not autistic enough for bux. I have nearly $5k saved away, with more coming due to work. I should have $15k by mid 2014. If we move on, with 6 months of rent paid off atleast, could I invest a good portion of it by day trading and survive?

>> No.10542067


>at work
>reading manga on the computer like usual
>Human resources tells me to go their office
>5 of them sitting behind a desk
>they ask me about my day and how I've been
>"So, anon, can you tell me what's this?"
>they flip the monitor
>they start scrolling through my browsing history
>bunch of k-on and strike witches yuri, mostly H
>"its a... uh... romantic comedy"
>"I see. How old are these girls?"
>they all laugh
>they ask me if I've ever been sued and if I have any idea how expensive legal firms are
>supposed to pick up my last check next Tuesday

is there anything I can do?
I haven't signed anything yet

>> No.10542071

Hi /pol/!

>> No.10542075
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they say money can't buy happiness

what a joke

>> No.10542076

Claim Autism bucks through gender confusion making it hard for you to work, let alone tolerate being outside. How do you think all those nutty people who shout cis scum on the internet make a living, now one ever hires people like that. You can google up a few forums discussing this, if you can stand the company.

>> No.10542079

Thats too much work though, I just want to take it easy.

I used to be able to claim social anxiety, but my therapist has made me manage it.

>> No.10542097

Should have changed therapist.

>> No.10542107

Too late. I like not being anxious. Too bad I can't claim disability though.

>> No.10542124

>this was back in middle school
>since as long as I can remember I had a phobia
>this phobia was of public restrooms.
>I was scared about doing *it* in public
>I made sure to never use a public toilet, ever
>until that fateful day at school
>I was in 7'th grade
>dad got a promotion at work, was happy as fuck, decided to make a huge breakfast the first day he would go to work after the promotion
>everyone at home is happy, pancakes, eggs, bacon, french toast, ect.
>I eat like a homeless man who just won the lottery and decided to go to an all you can eat chinese place

>> No.10542128

>I was scared about doing *it* in public
it's not uncommon, you tend to only willingly use toilets you are comfortable and familiar with, that is unless you really have to go, in which case you overcome that fear very easily

>> No.10542133

>finish breakfast, start going to school
>feel awesome, dad is so nice now and the breakfast kicked ass, nothing can make this day happen
>right as I go through the big doors to get inside school it happens
>*buuurgh* a great evil has awoken in my stomach
>I think for a split second about using the restroom
>doesn't matter, bell rings and teachers telling everyone to hurry up and get to class
>rush in, take seat, pray to the ancient norse gods for help through my time of need
>stomach continues to rumble, even louder, it sounds like mount vesuvius is going to erupt in my pants
>girl next to me turns and looks at me funny, even she can hear it
>right as teach starts reading kids names for attendence, sharp pain goes through me like a sharp sword into my side
>it begins, I know it cannot wait any longer
>stand up, demand to use the restroom
>teacher can't even say anything before I rush out
>go to the boys bathroom, somehow I'm going to make it
>there are three boys in there, 8'th graders, bullies
>they block my way to the bathroom stall
>can no longer hold back the waves of fluid from inside me, it forces its way out
>as this happens one of them knocks me to the ground

I can't remember anything after that, I blacked out. The next think I remember is waking up in the hospital, somehow I got a broken nose, my clothes were torn, and my parents were looking down at me in the hospital bed. My mom asked how I was, I said I was okay, and after that the doctor cleared his throat to get my attention. I looked over and with a straight face he said the words I will never forget, they haunt me to this day, "Son.. you shit your pants"

>> No.10542139

It may seem obvious, but I know for a fact that you DO NOT have any right to computer privacy at your work place here. Even bringing/using your own personal devices at work can be regulated by your employer if they are in your terms of employment. You may want to talk to a lawyer on this since this is evidence of unprofessional conduct (a single count can get you easily fired in non-unionized zero tolerance places). You've already confirmed you were the one who accessed those lewd images too (5 professional witnesses even though you didn't sign anything).