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What is the single most offensive thing you've heard said about your favorite Touhou on /jp/?

Awhile back, someone said Ran looked like a dude.

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She doesn't get many bad things said about her.

Mostly it's about her being lazy or not calling her by her proper name.

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Someone posted a picture of her peeing on a grave.

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Dude looks like a lady

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Patche is fat



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People saying she's only good for her sex appeal.
I hate those people.

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How is that offensive?

All that mama Ran shit, that's offensive and pretty disturbing.

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People say she's a slut.

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I don't think I've heard anyone say a single offensive thing about Nitori.

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She does though. Even Helen agreed.

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she has a dick

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No bullies on /jp/, OP, so I can't say I've heard a discouraging word.

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Youmu's a dork.

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People say that she's shit.

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Her hair is cute, damn it.

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Me talking to you're favorite Touhou:

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All those masochistic side of hers

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In this Anon's boat.

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Superficial and Shallow Human?

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He posted another picture of Sanae.

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honestly, this was probably a thinly-veiled sanae thread from the beginning.

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Probably something slut or speed related.
I don't really keep track of that sort of thing.

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Old hag.

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Luckily, I don't express strong feelings towards any touhou, otherwise I would have left a long time ago since everyone gets picked on once in a while which would be unbearable to see. However, I hate when people post nasty things like grotesque, vore or severe bullying, no matter who the suffering girl is. I feel horrible that I can't even try to help them from this side of the screen.

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>looked like a dude.
That's it?

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You're a good man, anonymous.

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>looked like a dude
I like girls who have a manly ass. Like, you'd say it's the ass of a man if you didn't know her actual gender (no, it isn't a trap and her ass is smooth as a woman's, no hair at all).

Lion from Umineko is the embodiment of my fetish. Yeah, I consider her a girl.

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Anything lewd involving her is such a huge insult that I wanna hurt the person who is responsible for it

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Yup this is what I was talking about.
It's not really anything offensive, just a joke that I don't mind, although I don't find it all that funny anymore.

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What if it's non-violent and she enjoys it?

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I'd lick the asshole of your favorite Touhou until she literally shat on my mouth. Every other Touhou would laugh at her naked body, ass crack and ahegao face. She'd feel the worst form of humiliation.

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People calling her a clingy crazy bitch with emotinal problems and when people are asked to list their most hated touhou her name will be posted 5+ times.

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Severe bullying, you say?


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Ran is the man!

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People saying she's evil, when she's actually a good girl that done nothing wrong ;_;

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I think it's funny as fuck, still, that flash video I linked to you, I have it bookmarked.

But you should find it funny too, you don't really love your 2hu until you can also make fun of her.

Also, the China thing is funny to me because it shows how the Japanese language is kind of fucked up especially with it's Chinese character origins. It also shows how because of this fact, Japanese are to an extent illiterate.

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she is

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Doesn't works if you don't know her name

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>so weak she cant even take a walk. thats not how it works.

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Not sure how you can browse /jp/ and find something so mundane disturbing.

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I find all the "mother touhou lel" things disturbing and sick, good thing there are other anons who feel that way too

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People say sometimes she's emotionally insecure, but it's rare and untrue anyway

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Mazacon threads make me want to vomit. You aren't alone.

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People make up fake mental disorders for her, like schizophrenia.

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there's this guy who said heterochromia is a bad thing i want to punch him

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Just say Alice isn't Tsundere

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How come most people think that schizophrenia = split personality when it's clearly not true?

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Haven't really heard that much, is that bad?

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Oh god, why would they do that?

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Because they are tertiaries.

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Maybe they are being ironic, maybe it all started as a ironic joke and people started taking irrational hate serious

We will never know for sure

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Flandre is (along with Cirno) one of the most popular/well-known Touhou characters among ``tertiaries'', that is, people who don't really know a lot about Touhou. This is largely due in part to her theme song, which is well known among non-fans as the song in Ronald McDonald's Insanity, and also in ``Death Waltz''. Thus, Flandre has become a symbol for people who are only fans of Touhou in the weakest respect, many of whom have never even heard of the actual games. So a lot of folks on /jp/ consider her the ``worst'' Touhou character, due to her negative reputation among the more serious fans.

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That aint fair, Flanny is a great gal.

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Wriggle is a boy

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not really, she has like, nothing going for her at all...

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Lewd feet

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She's blonde
She's an immortal loli.
She's playful and cute.

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She's a glutton, they say.

Where in canon is she ever implied to actually be overweight? I don't care if she likes to eat a lot, she's still a beautiful, elegant, and slender princess to me.

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She may eat a lot but she's definitely not fat.
I don't think spirits would get fat anyways, I'd bring her to a buffet for the both of us.

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Thanks, anon.

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Hungry ghosts generally appear as having large bellies though.

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I think the worst thing I've heard about Komachi is that "she's kind of lewd".

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Bellies are cute, chins are not.

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And that's what makes Yuyuko so special.

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There are tons of doujins with her being a prostitute, which makes me sad.

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>She's blonde
how boring
>She's an immortal loli.
>She's playful and cute.

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Anyone who lives for 495 years and still looks eight is an immortal loli in my book.

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you know...

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Isn't it just one (not counting the sequel)? Regardless, it was pretty mean; iirc she loses her mind in the end.

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Are you saying zombies and vampires aren't immortal and undying?

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they can be killed, bro. its not legit immortality.
its not like the moonbitches who cannot die/be killed.

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It must have been really boring for Flan to be stuck inside that mansion for all those years.
If I got to meet her and was somehow able to not combust, I would take her bug hunting.

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You are stuck in your room, aren't you?

>> No.10532766

Not stuck, just drawn.

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nitori a nerd

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People say a lot a mean stuff about her looks but I think she's very cute and feminine.

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She is fugly and her clothing style is horrible.

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Mokou is one of my favorite Touhou character designs. Probably my 3rd favorite Touhou.

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Some bully said she's 2nd worst 2hu

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