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Well, I'm still in love with Alice.

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Loose anus Alice

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butt slut

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Alice is one of the most interesting touhous.

I wish more doujinshi explored the variety of her mental problems.

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poor alice she is so cute for be a crazy bitch.

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I fucking love Alice.

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I bet she doesn't shave her armpits or her snatch.

At all. So erotic.

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what about her legs?

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Who is more mentally unstable


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I would have to imagine that it would be Medicine.

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I would imagine Alice seems the sanest on the surface, but deep down is another story. I bet if you got to know her you'd find her more unstable.

And that's cute.

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This is a really cute depiction of Alice. Thank you.

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100% natural! Why bother shaving when you live in the woods by yourself and wear such concealing clothes?

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Parsee is the craziest but she is always crazy.

The cute thing about Alice is that her craziness is variable.

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I want to twirl her hairs in my mouth.

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hey, not my damn fault, I didn't post it

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Before or after a long hot and sweaty day?

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I bet she would make a good christmas cake.

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How old do you think she is?

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Thanks for reminding me, I need to shave my butthole.

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Love with Alice!

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Indeed.A girl who lives alone and talks to dolls while dead sober?

Now, in MS, the PC goes rampaging through her house, blowing up so many of her dolls. Uh-oh.

Then she shows up to stop, with two dolls to her side in battle and aims to put stop to Marisa. Her friends - only friends, now, but where did she learn to speak and wear clothes? - are destroyed several times(what goes through her mind when she rebuilds them?), and she is beaten up as well.

After, she is more prepared. But there's so little of previous dolls there(albeit more powerful), only some strange-looking wagons. And those are destroyed as well. At this moment you realize that Alice's doll, which had been so carefully crafted, were all destroyed by Marisa, for if she intended to hide them you would have seen none. ALL her friends are broken to little pieces, she has nobody (left) to talk to. With that in mind, she aims to defeat Marisa with power that she didn't rebuild(revive)[And possibly actually cannot repair fractures,etc] her dolls for...fails...and Marisa steals the book.

Geez, couldn't the situation get any worse? Surprised she didn't suicide after this. So, instead...
Now consider MarisaxAlice pairing behind that.

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poor alice. if only she had a personality1

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she has an anus

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Good morning, Alice.

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I'm pretty sure she had more than two dolls in MS, man.

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They work together well in IN, and she did not have a choice but to leave Maiki anyway. The whole place was slagged by Reimu. It seems in IN that they have reconciled their differences, and while they are likely not lesbian lovers, they get along fairly well. They have a light back and forth bantering, but thats expected from friends.

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Indeed, but I mentioned both "so many" and "destroyed several times", latter of which was after "two dolls by her side". Interpretation of that battle can vary.

Okay. I was wondering how it could be made worse. While I certainly didn't get that implications in games(but I've only read the translation on wiki which doesn't include ending), this is worse imaging than my worst imaginations, second only to having the Grimoire eat her mind and take control of body as "modern Alice". No, she wasn't kidnapped for sex. It is just that only remaining place for her to live was the area of those who sealed, blew up and generally beat everything and everyone. Ahahaha.

Well, IN is several years later so there's that. But while I'm not sure what is their standard polite communication to someone they don't like(if they even have such thing), that has quite some potentially unhappy implications since how goes from that to light banter?

Would the defeated Alice be forced to find a place to stay in Reimu's shrine until she gets her own after that? Or would she try to set up on her own and Marisa, who she knows destroys with nary a thought and is stronger than her, starts to pester her?

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Even after she became an old hag?

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She's no hag.

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nice boots

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Update: I still love Alice.

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Nice, solid, tight.
Make sure to keep me updated on any further progress.

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I don't think toes can curl in the opposite direction.

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I'm doing it right now. Sorry about your dexterity.