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It's a full moon tonight, /jp/. I don't know who to fap to.

Keine or Kaguya?

Pic is who I am leaning towards.

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Is it? When I saw it today it looked almost full, was biding my time to make a Kaguya thread. Oh well.

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Keine. And imagine yourself having sex with and impregnating her.

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Fap to gay sex

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I do this every time too.

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fucking saved

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Please don't fap to Touhous.

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using ◯ is so friggin gay and i don't get why japanese love using it so much

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Tonight is not a full moon. The full moon in February occurs on the nights of the 25th and 26th. Someone made the same mistake a few months ago. Stop spreading lies.

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I wish Keine was here right now to fug in my bed

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[citation needed]

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Take a look at any moon phase calendar.


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This artist is taiwanese, and ◯ is used because it's ROUND and ROUND. It's so ROUND. It's just a way of censoring things dude. Go with the flow.

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Alternatively, you can just look up full moon dates.


The day before and after the full moon are still very bright, but only the day in the middle will have an actual full moon with that nice brightness.

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I don't think Keine would want you jerking off to her.

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But why would the sky be lying? The moon is full tonight. It was even fully visible half an hour before the sun set.

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Personally, fap to reisen.

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>Aoshima is Taiwanese

[citation needed] for this, too

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Is it really that hard to just write ペ out in that picture? I see this shit in eroge all the time, makes no sense censoring it if it's supposed to be ero from the start. Then again it's probably there just for the aesthetics.

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Get off your ass and look at tonight's sky (ESTfag reporting in).
>Keine or Kaguya?
Keine for sure.

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you will never be a little boy again and feel the protective motherly love of keine-sensei, who treats you like her own child even though you're just one of her students


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The person saying it's a full moon is lying. Even if you look at the moon, you can see part of it is still shaded.

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>Keine or Kaguya?
>No one has any interest in Kaguya

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Do you think she's a shotacon?

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If his name was 'Ching Xiao' or something, then yeah. But wouldn't Taiwanese who speak Japanese be incredibly rare?

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Probably not without mysterious drugs from Eientei, no.

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Of course not!

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Yeah. She thinks it's a waste of cum and not that comfy. She'd rather you fuck her and cum inside.

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I recognize that artist from NND's set to awesome music, but I have no idea what his name is.

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what is this chuck norris or something

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Absolutely not!

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Well I want the pleasure of cumming inside. I'll take responsibility afterwards! I have a steady career and a house. It's depressing when alot of the rooms are empty though.

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Do you think Keine would make a good mother?

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Oh, definitely.

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She doesn't even know you, anon. It won't work, especially if you're coming on like this.

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Being with Keine would be worse than being with a regular woman because instead of just being cranky and blood shooting out of her vagina she turns into a beast

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Oh, Ex-Keine's not that bad.

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Do you think that Keine would be one of those overbearing, stereotypically Asian mothers, when it come to school?

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I think that's a stereotype that comes from Chinese people living in the West, not Japanese people.

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Keine, a school teacher and were-hakutaku. As a school teacher, and a strict one at that she would probably keep her anus in very good condition. Whether she keeps a literal stick up her butt is something her student may wonder about however. However, on full moons, Keine turns into a hakutaku and hangs out in the woods. The closest thing the hakutaku can be compared to is the cow which will be used as the basis for this analysis. Cows do not clean themselves at all. They also slightly poop into their own vaginas without a care apparently as well. If we go by common assumption that Ex-Keine is more bestial in nature, she might not bother to wipe entirely if she's in this state. She possibly wouldn't even care if some of it got on her legs or feet as well. She would probably wipe and shower once she returned to normal, but for the small time every full moon between the period she poops and the full moon ends her ass is most likely entirely unwiped and covered in shit. Anus is most likely clean for all periods besides that however. Anus is shockingly dirty during the aforementioned period however. She might not poop at all during full moons however as when you poop isn't set in stone. She might have even obtained a habit of pooping beforehand and not eating if this actually does happen to reduce the chance of herself pooping during that time. I imagine when Keine first contracted lycanthropy, she must've been absolutely ashamed when this first happened, coming back to her normal sense while having a shit covered ass and legs. However, if we consider a Keine proud of her other side, then she might not be that entirely repulsed by her own shit. How she views shit after that first time would determine her anus cleanliness of today. She could've even possibly have erased the history of it. However it most likely did happen.

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Oh yes!

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why dont you fap to some 3D girls OP?

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>See me after class~
Oh my!
I know where this is going.

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Her bobos are so big they're blocking out the zoom layer boobs.

That's my kind of woman.

captcha: milk ubminter

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Do you?

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Leone, Kaguya probably has neither butt nor breast and is a meanie to boot.

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Why are you upset? It's only natural to have this sort of this occur~

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Not full, tonight's is 96.49% full.

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No need for conflict!

Everyone does it!

I even think it's cute!

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That shading on her ass makes it looks like she has cellulite

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That's not that bad. If she's a teacher and dad's a lawyer, guess the kid has to be a doctor though.


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"Private Lessons~", obviously

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Please do not depict Keine sensei so lewdly.

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Keine's hat.

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I love this dang gif!!!

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I want to do lewd things to that hat.

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What lewd things can you do to a hat?

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Laughing at retarded kids with Keine!

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I want to eat out Keine.

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Keine is a glutton

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Green or blue, /jp/?

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I want to hang out at Keine's house, eat her home-made dinner and drink while having a nice and pleasant chat with her.

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Kaguya catches a lot of flak, but one ought not disregard the beauty of a moon princess!

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Someone has to eat history.

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tonight I realized I need to buy a telescope to feel complete moongazing

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*tilts fedora to a 90 degree angle* Indeed good sir, one ought not. :) Kaguya may not be the most popular of Touhous for various reasons but canonical and otherwise, but let us not forget that according to her mythological background she is quite a beautiful gal indeed! +1 internets to every good sir capable of recognizing this cerebral fact. One ought surely extend such a compliment!

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*tilts fedora to a 90 degree angle* Indeed good sir, one ought not. :) Kaguya may not be the most popular of Touhous for various reasons both canonical and otherwise, but let us not forget that according to her mythological background she is quite a beautiful gal indeed! +1 internets to every good sir capable of recognizing this cerebral fact. She is definitely worth a closer inspection, in my book! Ha ha! One ought surely extend such a compliment!

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fuck you

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I thought that was kind of funny. Relax d00d.

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Why are you so mad at Kaguya being canon beautiful?

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what the fuck is wrong with her spine?

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What the fuck is wrong with your FACE, nerd?

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whoa calm down dude

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Sorry. I get kind of angry sometimes, especially when it comes to Kaguya. I didn't mean it, please forgive me Anon-kun!

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no one insults the princess, bitch

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Without a doubt one of the best.

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Keine < Ex-Keine

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Someone has to eat Keine too.

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can't control her beastly urges

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Fucking Keine all the way, she's the kindest youkai to humans, the most maternal, and a teacher. Also, fuck Kaguya, and her seven impossible desires, and her stupid qualms with Mokou.