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Have you ever been called "clingy", /jp/?

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I don't talk to people

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It's okay because this /soc/ thread started with a Touhou image.

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Have you ever been called "creepy",/jp/?

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I only cling to the computer.

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No pretty much the opposite of clingy


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Have you ever been called "/jp/", clingy?

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Lots. I didn't understand and every time I asked it was like, "The fact that you are asking supports my opinion that you are creepy."

Sorry for not psychically know all the social rules or whatever.

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I've been called a sarcastic smartass all the time. And I fucking hate people.

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I hate that word, it always makes me feel like a creepy stalker rapist.

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It's okay to respond to off-topic threads seriously as long as we sage!

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I've never been called either because I don't talk to people and I don't let people see me.

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Good thing truNEETs like us have never left the house since we were born, hey?

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Yes, it is, loser. What are you going to do about it?

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It's okay to make meta posts as long as you're self-aware!

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For all that /jp/ claims to browse every page, once it hits page four nobody's going to give a shit besides people who enjoy bumping shit threads for fun.

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You talked to people at least until you were 16, fart commander.

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y do u hev 2 b so med? ;-;

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>For all that /jp/ claims to browse every page

Sure is 2010 in here.

In before catalog users.

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In a perfect world where everyone posted with sage it'd eventually fall into the depths and be forgotten and delete itself.
But in the real world, discussion will bring out discussion which brings out people who'll intentionally bump it.(like the faggot OP)

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No one gives a shit.

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Do you have that image "god creates OP" or something like that?

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No, I ignored social interaction completely in high school.

And don't call people names, it's rude.

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So would good threads. (And I'm using nokosage before you bring that up.)


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No, though I deserved it in one of my relationships. Generally, my attitude is the opposite to that of being clingy. I got my life. My projects. My space. I don't have a girlfriend, but if she is, she better not intefere with any of that, or she'll be gone pretty bloody quick...

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I was called clingy only once.

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upboated ;)

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Thanks for the update :-)

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/jp/ - University Blog

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The opposite.

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No, but I've been called scary; does that count?

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I actually dropped out when I was 14 or so, I spent all my time biking during the day and browsing the internet at night.

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Why aren't you clingy, /jp/? The normals all say your kind are clingy and difficult to deal with.

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Many people who have gone through the clingy phase ended up losing hope and giving up.

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Same. People weren't just skeeved out by me or whatever, they were actually physically afraid of me.

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No, that's even worse

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Maybe if I got into a relationship, but I'm not normal enough to attempt that.

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I remember the highschool kids joking about how I was a murderer or I'd do a mass shooting at school someday.

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I don't give a fuck. You can cheat on me and sleep around if you want. I have valuable things to do with my time, so if you don't want me to just ignore or dump you then you had better prove to me you're worth it. I'm not going to waste my time obsessing over you if I could be playing STGs and eroge instead.

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What is this clingy.
Its for cling on to LOVE?
Perhaps its same as many long LOVE relation.

one day im met a strange girl who ask me this question "when will you have a girlfriend?"

Actually I respond that I have GF. Already. lol
But LEN is more spiritual relationship.
I think its ethereal, maybe. Tatoeba its relationship like Christian will have with this deity.

But, despite this Christian idea is very widespread in the world, many people in the world will never accept idea of a more spiritual relationship.
Indeed, its perhaps taboo for mention this.
Sometime, I really think every guy in this /jp/ is more smartest and enlighten than many people in the real world.

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stop bumping the thread with your inane blogging you attention whoring shitcunts

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the normals are bullies

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Why do people see being "clingy" as a bad thing? If I had a love partner who wasn't clingy I'd feel like they don't love me enough. But then again I don't know anything about relationships.

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I learned fast: I've been "distant and weird" since late elementary school.

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Who anxiety disorder here

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Thank you for the 2hu loli.
Yes I am clingy so I abandoned social interaction.

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I used to be really clingy and emotional, but it made me get bullied a lot in middle school. So then in high school I was distant and kept a sort of unhappy expression that kept people away.

It worked wonders, nobody talked to me.

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Clingy? I love clingy Yukari.

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Yes, it works. I think my father hastened the process by belittling the shit out of my bookish little nerd ass. I don't blame him - it was only a matter of time. Being a ``faggot'' is simply not an option in this universe.

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I'm sorta glad I got bullied though, looking back I was a huge queerlord.

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We /soc/ now

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I've never been called that, but I know that I am.

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Yes. In high school I was told almost on a daily basis that I look like a vampire.

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Also, I've never told anyone this, but I attempted suicide in the bathroom once. Been thinking about it lately as well.

Feels bad man...

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You're pathetic, kill yourself.

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I have been called "creepy" on multiple occasions. I have been legitimately thought of as a "rapist."

People sometimes get physically afraid of me, since I get irritated and angry at them easily, and often. It always confuses me, since I'm not a physically violent person in the slightest. I guess it's just my absolute largeness.

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I think I should get checked out but I'm avoiding doing so

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To be honest, I was a diligent student with a strong sense of justice. Too bad neither of those qualities allow you to be a wimpy spergnerd fagstorm, especially if you're slightly fat and four-eyed. Kids aren't supposed to be mini adults. It's cheating, it makes others look bad in comparison. The smart ones are supposed to concentrate on sports and play dumb.

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Yeah and my girlfriend left me because of it.

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I pushed the garbage can over, got on my hands and knees, and started pulling the mess of discarded food out onto the filthy pavement in front of the dumpsters. I think I'm right that this was scraped off people's plates, but there also seemed to be scraps from the kitchen too. The garbage a little deeper down is darker and more brown. I decided it must be older than what's on top, so that's what I want. I practically had my head in the can as I scooped out garbage from deep inside.

I noticed myself breathing hard. I hadn't been this excited in a long time. I sat down right in middle of the mess, scooped up a handful of it and pressed it against my vagina. It felt cold and gross but I didn't care. At least some of it went inside me. I was really wet already but the grease helped it go in.

This is what I wanted, I thought to myself. Naked, sitting in a pile of garbage and masturbating with it. My heart is pounding and I feel alive. I can get so sick from this but that just makes me more excited. There's a beer bottle in the pile. I pulled it out and set it aside. Some grayish lumps of something. I think it's fat and I push it into my vagina along with wilted, mushy greens and some rice. They must serve a lot of rice because it's everywhere. A long black and silver strip of skin from a fish. It really smelled putrid. I pushed it inside me too. This is what my body is for, I think. This is what my vagina is for, making me feel like this. Why did I try to avoid it for so long?

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That's not me, ignore him onegai.

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That's not me either.

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If you continue to impersonate me I will report you. Impersonating another user is against the rules.

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sent ;)

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Leaked trips won't take me down, no~

I'm the real Gomenasai, but no matter what the say~

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I warned you! Don't come crying to me when you are banned, kudasai!

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Yamete yo~

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I want a clingy yandere girlfriend.

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Yandere doesn't have an off button.
It isn't something you want.

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That's OK, I wouldn't want her to ever not be yandere. I can handle it.

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You should practice by playing the same eroge every single day, then setting alarms to wake you up twice during the night so you can play it some more. Even when you're bored of it, don't stop. Oh, and pick one that you didn't even particularly like, either. You'll get sick of that shit real fast.

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That doesn't sound too bad. I think I am ready.

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But there is a big difference because in real life the girl will be touching me and presumably engaging in "relationship activities."