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Will Yukari ever take a main role in Touhou again?

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She has the main role in my heart.
And my dick.

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I hope so, I like Yukarin

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Yes, my dad works in Sega and said Yukari will be the main character next time

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Yukari always has a main role in Touhou.
Even when it doesn't seem so.

...especially when it doesn't seem so

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I mean fuck, have you been reading WaHH?

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I want more than JUST AS PLANNED bullshit.

I want to see Yukari get down and dirty against somebody and seriously get pissed off.

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An embarrassed Yukari is the best Yukari.

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A molested Yukari is the sexiest Yukari.

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Yukari is at her best when things just aren't going her way.

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Welp, time to fap.

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that shit is awful

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yukari is a good touhou don't post things like that

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She'll never be seen seriously pissed off. Were that the case things obviously didn't go "just as planned" for her.

pretty much

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I wish Yukari would kidnap me and take me to gensokyo.

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and drops you at 70 feet above the ground

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You would be taken as a food source

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Yukari got pretty mad at tenshi but she wasnt really furious. She just threw out some nasty words.

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>yukari is a good touhou
But she's a bloodthirsty predator that abducts people from the outside world for those who want to feast on their flesh.

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Yukari's done plenty of screwing around though, we need some other masterminds to have some fun and maybe actually see some success.

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Cheering for seiga, myself.