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Suddenly you got the chance to be in Gensokyo, but the trick is that you must emerge as a baby all over again from one of these ladies.

Choose wisely

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k a n a k o

i want to eat her placenta

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I'll go with Kanoko too. Not that I'm particularly fond of her but she is a goddess and I don't trust the others.

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making babies with Yakumo-sama!

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Chen as my sister? Yukari as my mom? Ran as surrogate mom?

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Kanako. Because Goddess.

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Ooo, this one's a toughie.

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im stuck between yuyuko or yukari. yuyuko would be fun because you'd get to play with youmu all day and chill with yukari and her crew on occasion. yukari would be fun because she is just fun in general and maybe you'd inherit some of her transdimentional powers. i feel either one would be good.

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Ara~ ara~

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the heck mean ara ara

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None. I'd rather take the sensei.

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Oh my~ / My, My~

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Eirin or Byakuren

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Kanako, because goddess mommy!

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I have the feeling she'd leave raising me to Ran.

Also, do we keep our memories?

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I love each BBA touhou.

I want to be their personal servant that they take turns and use me as their onahole and toilet.

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Mama Yukari.
But I would like to live in Eientei so Eirin would be fine too.

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No, you're reborn completely

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your pic needs more hags

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fuck your choices I pick Satori-sama.

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Will I be conscious inside of them? Do I have to leave?

I want to stay inside a touhou forever and become godNEET.

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Eirin might be nice. Play with the rabbits all day and can guarantee a good education. Plus front row seats to the occasional immortal fight.

Kanako would have the benefit of being the child of a deity; gaining powers through blood. Shrine work's a family business, though. Not gonna be able to do much else.

Yukari feels like a wildcard, but will likely be more mundane than I worry about. Probably just chill at her place and slowly move into the role of another servant maybe. Another pair of eyes and hands to help.

Yuyuko can give birth? She's a ghost! Well I guess I'll end up like Youmu; being half-ghost and all. Don't expect much from here.

Byakuren? Can't really say much. For some reason I haven't been brushing up on my knowledge of Touhou 12 or 13. I still feel like 12 was very recent.

I'd go with either Eirin or Kanako.

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I don't like this idea.

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Yes, you have to leave. You can't stay inside your mother forever!

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I'd probably get the most powers if Yukari was my mother, so her.

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You'd be a prince of the Netherworld if Yuyuko was your mother. That has to count for something, right?

Does Yuyuko actually do anything with her position?

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Yukari means hanging out with Chen and Ran in addition to Yukari herself. Yuyuko would basically be my aunt.

I fucking love the mature depictions of the old maid alliance. They are all great characters and you really can't go wrong.

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OK, you might have abit your past memories, but they'll fade away soon.

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Yuugi isn't an old maid.

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No. I just wanted to post that picture, it pleases me.

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I can born from a gap, with the probability of being a demigod using mommy's powers.

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I still don't like this idea.
I like me. I don't want him to fade away.

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I'd choose Yuugi and live on the fucking edge

If not, Yuyuko. She'd probably neglect me but she is cute and I'd Youmu nee-chan too to keep me company

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Yuugi would not be a good mother, since you would probably get fetal alcohol syndrome. She would be a good girlfriend, we could just sit around and drink wine and liquor all day.

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Alcohol is good for onis

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Coming into Gensoukyou through one of Yukari's portals is pretty much this already.
A woman brings you from beyond into a new world. A world with unfamiliar rules, strange and unexpected dangers, a foreign language (excepting a few), and inconceivable true magic.

What once was is no more. You are born anew.

--and then you immediately fall to your death, since Yukari gapped you in 50 meters above ground. She thought it would be funny.

The true tragedy: it won't even be that funny.

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Thats the thing thought you wont miss him because you wont even no you ever existed previously.

It would be as if you are right now. Always thinking that you are yourself as you always have been.

Think about that shit for a minute.

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I could do Eirin. I can't help but read her name in Jontron's voice.

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this image made me smile
i read everything in what i assume their voices would sound like

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Eirin. I want to be a lunarian, and playing sex with bunnies all day sounds fun.

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That's basically just killing yourself.
The new child might be your twin, but it'd be it's own person.

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translate it weeb

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more likely she'll gap you in the middle of 50 hungry onis

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>Thats the thing thought you wont miss him because you wont even no you ever existed previously.

>It would be as if you are right now. Always thinking that you are yourself as you always have been.

I am, right now, thinking that I am myself.
You are, presumably, also thinking that you are yourself.

That doesn't make us the same person. That doesn't make us any more similar.

You won't miss him, because you no longer exist.

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But this doesn't work. I already know I've done the things I've done multiple times over and that is why I'm still me. Its like in Dungeons and dragons, if you are true neutral you just keep living the same life over and over again, only those that align themselves can escape.

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That's it. That's what I hear in my head.

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If I get to keep my memories, I'd have a hard time choosing between Kanako and Yuyuko.

If not, I'd choose Kanako, seeing how Yuyuko treats Youmu I'd probably end up even more fucked up than I am now if she was my mother.

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Can a satori even have children?

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I'm not certain how she would have a sister otherwise.

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Good point, I didn't think of that for some reason.

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>Its like in Dungeons and dragons, if you are true neutral you just keep living the same life over and over again, only those that align themselves can escape.
I really don't think that analogy is applicable.

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Still not sure if she is developed enough to bear a child

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Does Yuyuko have a corporeal form to give birth with?

Regardless, I want her to mother me, and tease me like she does with Youmu.

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But what I am talking about is if you ever existed previously in another life with whole other memories you would never know.

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Eirin, easily

Yuyuko would be my second choice though, I think. Then Yukari, then Kanako, and then is anybody considering Byakuren at all?

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I'd like to have a mother that behaves like a mother for once, so she'll be probably my choice.
also you get born as youkai, and that's pretty awesome.

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>also you get born as youkai

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You can get the same lineage from Yukari, really. And it's not like any of them leave you human.

Though the first point is solid, though, depending on how you think Kanako or Eirin would treat a child.

She's a Youkai Magician, same as Alice

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dat suwakky would be gud oneechan

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>more likely she'll gap you in the middle of 50 horny onis

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anyone but yukari

she will porbaly end gapaborting you

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What if they're all male?

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Eirin. I loathe Eirin, but I am a man of science and reasoning.

I'd also wish to have daily chores and play around with all the rabbits. Though, I'd still have to listen to Kaguya and serve her, and that'd suck.

Stupid dumb royal NEET scum.

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Kindest mommy.

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Y'know, I thought of saying her too, but I didn't; because she's my waifu.
Would it be wrong to want your waifu as your mom?

>> No.10522052

Also would teach you kung-fu and shit
Pretty neat

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Is Eirin a virgin? You'd wonder that since she probably wouldn't touch filthy Earth scum or Moon Rabbits, she probably thinks she's too good for them. I mean she's most likely over thousands of years old. So she could've been married once, right? And what about Kanakow? She's a god right? She's probably gotten shagged to "spread her faith." Yukari's most likely been raped in her Maribel persona or gaped a couple of guys nearby and raped them. Byakuren's pure and that can be betted. Yuyu's a ghost and most likely died at a young age, she's still pure unless she gets drunk and fondles Dorkoumu but that wouldn't count, right?

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Is there any other girl who could be your mom that would enable you to visit meiling?

>> No.10522120

epic post dude im gonna repost it on youtube vids if thats ok w/ you

>> No.10522124

Thank you.

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Patchouli, Sakuya, Koakuma (stretching. here), and Remilia (that'd have to be more figuratively.)

I can't think of anyone else in close proximity with Meiling who is "motherly."

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Outside of the SDM? Not too many. Maybe Reimu, Marisa and Keine.

It'd be nice to have her as a mom, but there'd never be a romantic relationship (don't believe that everyone's down with incest just because you'd be into it; you perv). I could be okay with that, but even a god-tier best bro thing might be out of the question when it's with your mom.

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I'd say Byakuren is a strong, low-risk choice. You'd probably end up a total badass if she trained you from a young age.

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When you put it like that, she looks like a more attractive choice.

I'm personally pretty averse to organized religion and religious communities, but being a badass, expertly-trained magician sounds somewhat tempting.

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Would you have sex with your new Touhou mom?

>> No.10522231

You don't want to be trampled and have to lick her NEET feet?

>> No.10522249

She probably wouldn't want to reciprocate; and I'd hate to force anyone to do anything.

>> No.10522263

If she was my real mom and not an adoptive one, probably no. I'd still massage her shoulders and jokingly grab her butt and tits though

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Absolutely not.

I abhor the idea of being subservient. Merely being demanded to bring her tea would piss me off. I wouldn't be capable of separating my hatred of servitude from her actual self.

Then again, this hypothetical supposes that we just lose all memory of ourselves, so I guess that's a moot point?

>> No.10522271

Would you also jokingly grab her feet with your mouth and suck on and massage them?

>> No.10522277

Not sure about sucking, but I'd massage them very throughly

>> No.10522289


>I am a man of science and reasoning.
>I abhor the idea of being subservient.
>my hatred of servitude from her actual self
>moot point

*adjusts fedora* I must say you seem like a very classy sir :) +1 internets to you!

>> No.10522297

Maybe Marisa would be the best. You could go with her when she goes to bug Patchouli. Living at the mansion doesn't seem good for a normal human.

>> No.10522311

Would you massage Meiling's tired feet?

Mommy's feet get so tired, she has to stand all day...

>> No.10522331

I could put up with it and just be Meiling's child. Easiest solution is to just suck it up and deal with it. It wouldn't be the same love, but that's fine.
On the plus side, I get to learn martial arts like >>10522052 said, and I could find out what kind of youkai she is, since I'd be a half breed (or maybe full blooded; depending on how OP wants this to work).

Yeah, I would. Wouldn't you help your mom if she asked you?

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Wonder if she taught any ancient chinese techniques.

>> No.10522392

lmao srry XD.

I'll try to speak like a retard so you won't be so intimidated!

>> No.10522405

What about Kasen? She'd probably be like Byakuren, except way more hardcore

>> No.10522443

all men?

>> No.10522454


Hopefully Eirin can develop an elixir to soothe your throbbing anus

>> No.10522455

What? Are you asking if we're reborn as guys?
I'd like to know that too.

>> No.10522466

But Kasen can't have kids!

>> No.10522472

Yuyuko. I will tend to the garden.

>> No.10522477

You trying to put poor Youmu out of a job?

>> No.10522483

That's just a detail, she still can mother you

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I pick the hidden 6th option

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Either Yukari or Kanako.

>> No.10522544

But she's trying to become a hermit, to abandon all earthly desires! How's she gonna do that if she has to raise a baby, huh?

>> No.10522646

Well I don't know, she can find a way!

>> No.10522650

All that talk about meiling made me want /ss/ doujins.

>> No.10522696

That was a nice read. Thanks.

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Yukari because then I'd rule gensokyo one day.

>> No.10523962

Yukari doesn't rule Gensokyo; the Hakurei clan does.

>> No.10523970

Then, can I be born as the next Hakurei Miko? So I can be both the main character and a cute girl.

>> No.10523978

You're welcome to try. I'm pretty sure ZUN's keeping her from aging though.

>> No.10523981

If I pick Yuyuko would youmu be my aunt? Does she even age? Would that make her my childhood friend then?

>> No.10524005

Kanako, but only because I want to have a relationship with Suwako.

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It'd have to be Eirin.

Maybe I can be a badass Doctor and a genius.

Hang out with bunnies all day.

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Well, I was gonna say I want Ran instead of any of them, but, if I pick Yukari, she'll just be asleep all the time and Ran would take care of me anyway!

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Demon mommy?

>> No.10525546

Nobody rules Gensokyo; if anyone does, then it would be the Enma.

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Are there any side effects to being gapped out of the wound.

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I would choose Yuyuko. Eventually I will inherit her position as Sovereign of the Netherworld. I have many plans to develop it and make it a prosperous part of Gensokyo. The Netherworld is a land of opportunity.

>> No.10525839

>The Netherworld is a land of opportunity.
To do fucking what? Drink tea and water plants?

>> No.10525844

And what more do you fucking want? You will even have Youmu and Yuyuko along with you.

>> No.10525848

Party until forever!

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You don't want to take over as head deity of the Moriya shrine, /jp/?

>> No.10527131

The best thing about having Kanako as a mom would be that i would be close to the tengu girls and Nitori

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Just like those Christmas cakes, /jp/ is old and busted. /ota/ is the official new funposter hangout.

falseNEET can friggoff

>> No.10527153

I'd rather become the head priest alongside the head priestess.
With two mikos/monks, Sanae wouldn't have too...um...it would be better.

>> No.10527157 [DELETED] 

what the HELL is /ota/?

>> No.10527170 [DELETED] 
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A paradise where a funposter can be free from the janidorks tyranny. /q/ nazis aren't allowed.

>> No.10527191


No one cares about your shitty steamfag hangout.

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>> No.10527242 [DELETED] 
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please take your conspiracy theories to /x/ LOSER

>> No.10527248

A sad place where shitposters go when they get banned from 4chan.

>> No.10527257 [DELETED] 
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>banned from 4chan

Are you rusing me nerd? You think bans do anything?

>> No.10527261


Epic anime pic dude. You're sure good at ``funposting''. Get back to us when you can afford an actual domain name.

>> No.10527266

Eirin'd probably teach me a lot, and although I dont like the bunnies, being friends with kaguya would be neat.

Kanako, eh, I really dont like the moriya shrine, or the surrounding population. Tengu and Kappa just arent my bag, and I dont think having sanae as a big sis would be very cool at all. The technology would be interesting though, but I already have that in this life.

Yukari would probably sleep a lot, so I'd probably get that from her. Ran seems like an excellent mama, too, and chen'd be a fun big sis. I wouldnt learn much, but it seems like the easiest life to have.

Yuyuko, if she didnt eat me (just kidding!), would probably take it very easy, too. I'd probably pick up an interest in botany and kendo or fencing from older sis youmu, and the netherworld seems really pretty. I'd probably be a bit less than mortal if she were my mama, so I could use my extended lifespan studying and visiting all kinds of places, and learning a whole lot.

Byakuren..Hmm. I dont really like her much, because she's so decietful. She'd probably teach me all sorts of crazy magic to extend my life and empower myself, plus training at the temple with those people'd make me a pretty tough powerhouse of a kid. I dont mind the religion or anything like that, so that'd be fine in my book.

All in all, I'd have to pick Yuyuko, yukari, or eirin, in that order of preference.

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Fuck off.

>> No.10527275

stop replying

let them rot

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why r u so mad? ur dad wuldn't let u suck his cock or something?

/q/ueers r not allowed neway

>> No.10527286


You are so embarrassing. This posting style would have been retro in 2011. Not that you'd know.

>> No.10527293 [DELETED] 
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wow some1 call the mad as HELL police becuz we got ourselves a rate 1 offender

>> No.10527305 [DELETED] 

We don't want you on /ota/ anyway.

>> No.10527344


And no one wants you here. Good deal. Now get back to sucking ZUN!fag's dick and talking about this season's epic animays.

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Trying too hard to fit in.

>> No.10527382


You should go make some more epic "funposting" threads like this one


Truly dot-tk's gain is /jp/'s loss.

>> No.10527398 [DELETED] 

That thread is 100% accurate information. Only /q/ueers enjoy neonazi-/jp/ and its totalitarian rule.

>> No.10527410

having this little lowlife on ota is a loss for ota. the fact he just now knows about it just shows how stupid he is. this guy is a pure neo-/jp/ piece of trash.

>> No.10527433 [DELETED] 
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You're the same one who's crying on /ota/ currently about how it's not enough like /q/. I can tell by you'are shit grammar.

/ota/ will be transformed into my playground, a home for all funposters. It's already started, you can't stop it /q/ueer. Kneel before me and kiss my feet.

>> No.10527441

is this just part of your schtick or are there some of you that actually believe jp is moderated too heavily?

>> No.10527462 [DELETED] 

This kid is mad because he got banned from /ota/.

>> No.10527473


Your piece of shit Tinyboard (lmao) hosted site was vaguely relevant for the few days it existed as a viable alternative to a badly moderated /jp/. That janitor is gone. You are doomed to become yet another pointless internet circlejerk.

>> No.10527483

God fucking dammit, why did you /ota/ faggots have to shit up a decent thread.

Fester in your own pools of excrement, you subhumans.

>> No.10527496 [DELETED] 
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There are multiple janitor's and they are all shit, because they are enforcing oppressive rules. You and your /q/ueer brigade are responsible for ruining /jp/.

>> No.10527507


>they are enforcing oppressive rules

Like what?

>> No.10527514

If they were enforcing any rules, faggots like you would have been permabanned after your first shitpost.

You are the cancer that's bring /jp/ down, not the janitor.

>> No.10527516

>There are multiple janitor's

You can't use apostrophes and you want to act like some kind of /jp/ spokesman?

>> No.10527526 [DELETED] 
File: 140 KB, 960x540, 1341424190838.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All rules are oppressive.

>not the janitor

I knew it, you are /q/ trash.

Grammar was invented by Jews, aimed at suppressing original content.

>> No.10527537 [DELETED] 
File: 35 KB, 500x500, 1361591910721.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/q/ is just mad as HELL because /ota/ is weakening their hold on power.

ur done nerds, we're the kings of /jp/ now.

>> No.10527544
File: 27 KB, 176x187, 1351889483553.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>posting twice in 2 minutes because nobody took the bait
>all my shigs

>> No.10527547


> aimed at suppressing original content.

Nothing you've posted in this thread is original. At most you remind me of the Steam shitposters from 2 years ago yet I would be genuinely surprised if you were even around then.

>> No.10527549

If you don't want any rules, why don't you fester in your own shit filled board, rather than spouting bullshit all over /jp/?

I hope you've got nothing done but mildly irritate a few people.

epik trol dood XXDD

>> No.10527555
File: 84 KB, 937x937, 1331591890679.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you the same paranoid anon that thinks I'm the same person as moustache man?

>> No.10527557 [DELETED] 
File: 578 KB, 1100x1000, 1352271810763.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who exactly are you quoting? This is the true face of /q/, crossboard invaders.

I'm pretty much like George Washington fighting for independence, except I'm more intelligent.

>> No.10527565

having to reply to your own posts
how embarrassing

>> No.10527570


No, you're just very obnoxious. You post like a /v/tard trying too hard not to appear like a /v/tard.

>> No.10527574

No one thanks that. You could possibly be fukune, but I'm not sure. We need name for you.


buttoverlord maybe?

>> No.10527580


nice trips but no i rarely post other than to shitpost occasionally

I'm quoting myself. I accept your apology in advance, neo-/jp/-san

>> No.10527584

Your crusade has still accomplished nothing. The average /jp/-er still doesn't care about /ota/

>> No.10527586 [DELETED] 
File: 87 KB, 441x600, 1351227163132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Leave to a /q/ueer to not know how to detect samefagging, or know to know about the sage wait timer.

Please take notice, this is the demeanor of a /q/ueer trying his best to fit in. He will attempt to paint anyone who doesn't support the janitor and neo-/jp/ as an "outsider", when in fact it's him that doesn't belong.

Classic defense mechanism.

>> No.10527596

That wasn't me but I think I claimed the title salami lord once.

>> No.10527600


>this is the demeanor of a /q/ueer trying his best to fit in.
>He will attempt to paint anyone who doesn't support the janitor and neo-/jp/ as an "outsider"
>the demeanor of a /q/ueer

>> No.10527605 [DELETED] 




is my 2D random board finally here?

>> No.10527608

1342221195770.jpg is you. You saying it wasn't you doesn't make it not you. You're a retard from steam who rolls dubs. You obviously came to /jp/ in 2012 from /v/.

>> No.10527612


>> No.10527615 [DELETED] 
File: 26 KB, 400x400, projector.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You obviously came to /jp/ in 2012 from /v/.

>> No.10527616


check em

>> No.10527618

Leave mama threads alone!

>> No.10527624

>You obviously came to /jp/ in 2012 from /v/.

good summary of the /ota/ userbase

>> No.10527631 [DELETED] 

That's hilarious coming from a /q/ueer janitor supporter who literally came here last August.

>> No.10527634
File: 83 KB, 1280x720, [URW]_Chuunibyou_demo_Koi_ga_Shitai!_-_09_[720p][13A22458].mkv_snapshot_09.15_[2012.11.29_02.53.18].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But I really don't even have that image. Are you bullying me?

>> No.10527635

Games are shit and for children. Am I projecting now? Didn't think so.

>> No.10527636

If you came here in the middle of 2011, you've been around for longer than the average /jp/ poster.


>> No.10527637


You seem obsessed with /q/. I barely even know what that board is for.

Now's your cue to post an anime girl and feign disbelief.

>> No.10527639


You still didn't answer the question of why you continue to spam your shitty board here, when it's clear that nobody could give two shits about it.

>> No.10527643

Sounds about right. From my experience most /jp/ers I've known stop posting after being here for a year or two. Most can't stand this place for longer than that.

>> No.10527646 [DELETED] 

/q/ueers are paranoid and delusional. They cannot understand how somebody could not support their totalitarian regime.

>> No.10527647

/q/ is the board that's meant to contain dumb arguments like these.

>> No.10527652

You really love to reply to your own posts and double post. You aren't fooling anyone you know.

>> No.10527665 [DELETED] 

You're actually just replying to yourself. Everyone can see through your triple posting.

>> No.10527672


>> No.10527679 [DELETED] 


>> No.10527682


>> No.10527686

Every post ITT is mine. I love arguing with myself.

>> No.10528909

If I choose Yuyuko, will I get to hang out with Yukari, Ran and Chen? It certainly would be either Yuyuko or Yukari. I really like the underworld, it's so peaceful and quiet.
If it'd be Yukari, would I inherit some of her powers?

>> No.10528936
File: 80 KB, 414x300, 1346898541014.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yukari, of course.