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A special thanks to everyone in #TouhouVN (especially Gaatz, Hanzo, and Maryn.)

Tetrominion, HungryYoukai, Klaymen, AngryDesu, EZMode, and all the writers who came to us after the first post 2 months ago: Thank you for your thoughts and input.

Pygmalion and GenericDrawfag. Thanks for initiating the art.

Ascalon. Thanks again for Unlimited Blade Works. Its time to make good on that promise.
Now that we have broken down and filled the plot scene-by-scene, the TouhouVN BETA is entering its second stage, which is development. The BETA covers the first 3 days and acts as the prequel (it determines which character route set the player will have access to.) It may have taken a while, but remember we are talking about planning routes for 36 characters. We still have a lot of space for ideas before we make the full routes, if you have any.

This is more than creating another story. This is more than creating a game. This is the chance to show the creative powers of Anonymous and TouhouProject alike to everyone. To all of you who would like to be involved in plot, writing, art, music, and coding:

Come join us.

Forums http://z4.invisionfree.com/touhouvn

TouhouVN (Beta) storyboard. http://touhouvn.scribblewiki.com/Main_Page

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>planning routes for 36 characters.

Enjoy collapsing under your own weight.

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sage for fanfiction

please take your faggotry elsewhere

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Touhou: Repercussions of Evil

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You do realize that all Touhou doujins are fanfiction, right?

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But srsly, enjoy your shit project that's going to die.

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It's Touhou doujin AND a VN
Fuck you

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90% chance of failure/dropping/etc and I laugh
10% of completion and I play it.


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lol amerikken eroge

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Will it have a futa orgy?

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Good luck, that being said sage for fanfiction

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It will now!

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Can I write without having to participate in the IRC faggotry?

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While I appreciate your level of enthusiasm such that you would transferring my post to /jp/...wtf?

Well whatever. We are working on it.

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> 36 characters
oh wow

this is bound to fail hard

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While I appreciate your level of enthusiasm such that you would transfer my post to /jp/...wtf?

Well whatever. We are working on it.

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Well fuck you, I don't want to write anymore.

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As long as it's not hetero.

Touhou is /u/ and should stay /u/

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Seriously, the Touhou series is just is a giant fanfiction.net.

That's ZUN's true intention for the series; he encourages people to add their own thing to Touhou.

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Pretty much

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tripfags? american fan fiction? dear god saged and hidden

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Merge with the KS team and maybe something will get done for a change.

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Good to see /jp/ remains a smoldering pile of shit fail like the rest of 4chan. Good thing this was just reposted from another site in a pathetic attempt to troll and incite the same predictable nerdrage you can expect from any of the brain crippled anonymous on 4chan.

Saging this for 4chan faggotry.

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Oh OP, you shine line a shooting star as it plummets disastrously toward Earth.

Godspeed you future failure.

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Japan = excellent storytellers

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proceed, fuck the sagefags

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The majority of Japanese Touhou fanfiction doujinshi prove otherwise.

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/jp/ = excellent storytellers

nah, I can't even say that with a straight face.

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Okay, which of you faggots posted this here?

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Man, I thought you guys were serious and I was all ready to help and shit. Fuck you guys, I hope you become a giant joke like ks.

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Yeah, that's about the most accurate representation of the common Anonymous thought process.

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It is serious. It just wasn't posted on /jp/ until some Anon reposted the thread from another imageboard here. If you want to help, then as long as you're not a faggot I'm sure they'll have no issues. Though the majority of 4chan seems to be full of casualties of society, so no one's really holding their breath for a 4chan miracle.

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This is exactly why I didn't post the message in /jp/. OP why you do this?

Listen. If you are interested and would like to join us, you are by all means welcome. We are especially weak on artists and programmers. Otherwise just drop it.

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I was going to endorse this, as I have a soft spot for fan-made/indie games.

But after reading the FAQ, it seems that the artwork and music will be non-original? That's no fun. There's no charm in that.

Why 36 character paths? Why not focus on quality/originality, instead of quantity?

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Most 4chan projects are abandoned in the first week.
I'm surprised they actually kept at it, and it will probably be something worth playing in the end.

So, yeah. Waiting for the playable beta, and I hope they don't fall into development hell.

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The project will stall and die. Enjoy your pathetic circlejerk.

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>We are especially weak on artists and programmers.
Read: None of us know how to do shit except come up with shitty ideas.

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I know I am.

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Still bitter about the Insomnia thing, huh.

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This is precisely why he did it, because he wanted to be the one responsible for bringing the braindead Anonymous raging and disrupting everything in an attempt to slow down the project to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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Yes, the reason your project failed is because of other people who weren't involved and never had a hand in it. That makes complete sense.

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>Fuck you guys, I hope you become a giant joke like ks
>a giant joke like ks
Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

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lol delete