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What is /jp/s opinion on Nue?
Also Nue thread.

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i like her thighs and exposed skin

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Very cute, would hug.

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4 images named image.jpg
sure is undefined here.

>What is /jp/s opinion on Nue?
That part in between her top zettai ryouiki the bottom of her dress is delicious, whenever I see a picture of Nue I find myself staring at that part for several seconds.

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You can't be wrong with zettai ryouiki

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One of my top 3 Touhous.

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10/10, would spread

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Black hair, black unkempt hair, red eyes. Enough said. Sound familiar?

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if nue was my gf i would smoke cig and drink beer with you

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holy shit i mean if she was my gf i would drink cigs and smoke beer with her

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...them tails...

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She's probably the lewdest character ZUN has ever drawn. She wears such a flirty outfit in canon.

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she's p cool i guess

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Canon lewdest design

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The origin of lewd.

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Nue's pretty great and underappreciated but I dislike what fanon does when it tries to give her characterization. You don't get to be a centuries-old trickster by being a slow-witted submissive moeblob. She's probably one of the sharpest Touhous out there, and possibly one of the suavest as well if she's gone around for such a long time with that as her true form.

I also wish artists would try to take more advantage of her shapeshifterness. And not just as an excuse to give her a penis.

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No she said it's not what it looks like.

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inb4 she is actually /d/-tan.

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Well, there are some doujin where she is chimera-like or transforms into other characters and proceed to... have sex, as per default.

But yeah, she is depicted as a trickster that quickly degrades into a submissive girl when caught.

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The panties-Bloomers-Nothing one is better.

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Them's wings.
Sharpest? She was sealed away for most of her life by a human that was likely much weaker than Gensokyo's current humans. She's not only weak but slow... but still very lewd.

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I actually don't mind having abnormal amounts of sex being part of her character (as much as I don't find content above /e/ appealing). Sleeping around seems like something a playful trickster youkai that dresses the way she does would at least be open to, if not outright do.

The submissiveness is what bothers me, because it completely ruins the playful trickster aspect.


Everyone has off-days. She was good enough and lasted long enough to earn her reputation. I'm also thoroughly unconvinced she's weak (another thing fanon tends to slap on her that irritates me) given what she's shown she's capable of and who she associates with (Mamizou).

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Tricking people is a method of exerting power over them. When they see through the tricks and capture the trickster, that power is lost and the previously-tricked gains the power. It makes sense for one to be submissive in that context.

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I would still expect someone of her nature at her level to resist far more than she tends to.

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Please stop sexualizing Nue.

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It can't be helped

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>But yeah, she is depicted as a trickster that quickly degrades into a submissive girl when caught.
I'd like Nue to be competent more often, but this sounds great too. Not exactly submissive, but...

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Thread already stopped? Fuck it, posting some pics myself.

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Got to go now.

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Why does she dress so seductively, it's like she wants to get caught and given the dick or something.

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I can assure you that she doesn't want anything of the sort.

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Does she wear underwear or not?

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There's no telling if her strength now is similar to what it was before she was sealed, so it's better to assume, based on her history, that she's easily outclassed by the village humans in terms of actual power (her ability aside, which shouldn't increase her power anyway). If she's actually killed any of them since being unsealed, then either nobody noticed or nobody cares, so there's no way to know.

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Illusion bias. Western cultures view illusions as weak due to a God-oriented culture obsessed with absolute, eternal truth. In Eastern cultures, illusionists are regarded as much more potent and threatening.

And after all, could any of us on /jp/ call an illusionist weak, as enamored as we are with mythical worlds?

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>And after all, could any of us on /jp/ call an illusionist weak, as enamored as we are with mythical worlds?
Of course. All the cool guys these days go for evocation and abjuration spell schools.

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What if she killed someone while disguised?

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Are you asking if they would actually be dead or just think they are?

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Too bad they don't know the fun of making a tarrasque look like a tree.

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No, no, I mean she killed someone while she was looking like someone else. So she did kill someone, but everyone thinks it was whoever/whatever she was disguised as.

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You're out of your league, ancient beast. I hope you enjoyed your brief stint at freedom.

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Well, it would serve her purposes if everyone thought she was really just a lewd little girl.

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Maybe. But I don't think she wants people to think of her as that either.

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"Deliciously rapable" would round out the "helpless" illusion.

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Has ichimi been getting more explicit, or was it something I failed to notice for a while?

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Not that I've noticed.
...I don't like Nue being enslaved.

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Then imagine she's merely giving off the illusion she's being enslaved to learn how other Gensokyons deal with troublesome spirits.

Just as keikaku.

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I can't fool myself like that.
I don't like Nue being enslaved.

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