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who tractor here?

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I got ran over by one. Does that count?

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Good old fashioned tractor thread.

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Is this paranormal, /x/?

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Too modern for me.

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I started laughing hysterically after reading OP's post. I'm sorry.

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Sure, whatever.

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What have you got against farmers?

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Is this a tractor?

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Make a contract and become a magical farmer.

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Have my favorite tractor picture with my favorite gods.

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A local farmer on my road owns that tractor.

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those things are dangerous in tsukiji fish market.

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I hope you get married some day /jp/.

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I have a tractor but all I farm is chicken eggs.

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I should admit that I have a small 1987 Kubota tractor I use to haul logs from the forest so I can make lumber with them. I also use the small thing to set up my garden, but all of the attachments are literally 80-100 years old peaces of machinery designed to pulled by horses - kinda funny actually

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Radical Shizuha Tractor Driving

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Since I'm a southerner, I drive my tractor to school every day. Usually I can get a nice parking spot next to the other guy's cow.