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Why is Japanese Media so engrossed with school settings?

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Why do you always make these threads asking things you already know?

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Because schools are the most likely place to find lolis

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Hes fighting a losing battle against the oppressor.

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I like schoolgirls and they do too so it's natural, also is one of the settings that almost all the population experienced making it easier to pander the whole audience.

Good enough, Freezing~san?

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What about starving children in Africa, how can they relate?

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I've heard a lot about these so called starving kids but I've yet to meet any. I'm beginning to doubt they actually exist.

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Niggers are not the target audience of anime.

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>implying the starving kids in africa are all black

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Why would white people be in Africa?

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Please stop talking about Africa, no one gives a damn.

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It's pretty much the only time in life where they have at least some fun, so of course they like to remember these times.

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Africa a qt.

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>It's pretty much the only time in life where they have at least some fun

nope, it's not like your animes

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Pic related, its you.

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But OP is talking about how engrossed Japanese Media is with school settings.

Japanese Media is obsessed with middle/high school. No lolis there.

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I'm sorry that you never had any fun at school.

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My life in elementary school was pretty shitty, but I love to remember that time because I'm a lolicon.

Middle school was hell, though.

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Why is Freezing so engrossed with dicks?

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This. Elementary school is fairly rare in anime/manga/VN.

You guys should give Higanbana a chance.

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Why is American Media so engrossed with crime settings?

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America grew up. Japan didn't.

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Japan is a country of children.

Children are wonderful.

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Western TV animation is mostly set in schools too, I remember hearing in the commentary for Invader Zim that they had a hard time selling the more sci-fi aspects of the show to network execs because "kids want to see kisd going to school."

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>kids want to see kids going to school
Kids want to see naked kids when they search for porn, but they can't. Isn't that absurd?

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The media knows that school settings sell well, so they keep on doing it. Dont blame the media, blame the consumers.

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Really? Because black people love fucking love anime and almost anything by Shonen Jump.

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>America grew up.

Our past times and people who idolize says otherwise. Taylor Swift is in her 20s but still has the fucking mentality of a middle school girl.

Also Chris Brown

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Japs can't write for shit. More news at 11.

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Because the school setting is and was the only time in a Japanese life that had any smidge of enjoyment. They're always looking back on the little times they spent with their friends everyday in classes or having potential love interests that weren't dependent on how much money they make. The typical Japanese is indeed missrible person working for an emty economic Japanese prosperity with only a true love of life placed in the past of adolecance.

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Because it tends to lack a feeling of pressure. The only thing I'd prefer over a high school setting is a fantasy setting.

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When I was a kid at school, I fantasized about being a superhero and beating up all the bullies.

As an adult NEETing it up, I fantasize about being a superhero kid at school and beating up all the bullies.

I guess that's all there is to it.

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Samurai Jack was boring as hell.

I'd at least say the animation was good, but it looks like it was made in Flash or something. Changing that motion tween from 10fps to 24fps isn't exactly quality craftsmanship at work.

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when i was a kid, i fantasized about being a neet

as a neet, i fantasize about being a kid (along with ways to kill myself)

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Taylor Swift's mentality isn't an argument, shes just a media puppet that can dance and sing. CONTROLLED BY THE JEWS THAT ARE CONTROLLING THE WORLD

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That's (presumably) partly his point, though. She gets spoonfed by money grubbing Zionists, she doesn't know how to grow up properly. In turn, she teaches kids it's okay to be a grown-up but act like a child.

All this would be fine if you kept it to yourself, but it's the difference between liking the My Little Pony cartoon and being a Brony.

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>In turn, she teaches kids it's okay to be a grown-up but act like a child.
Who cares?

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>Singer that panders to young ladies acts like a teenager

news at 11

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It's fine to think like a child and like childish things (C. S. Lewis or someone put this well) put it should never be acceptable for a grown human being to act like a child in public.

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Taylor Swift is a celebrity. Her entire life is public.

But what childish behavior exactly is Taylor Swift encouraging adult women to publicly participate in?

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Adult women are children though.

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I don't know, I'm not the original Anon. I just wanted to answer >>10498551 because I am important.

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When I was a kid I fantasized about beating up bullies.

Now I fantasize about being the bully.

I'm gonna bully you.

Is there a bully simulator VN yet?

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There was a computer game called Bully where you were a bully but I think they changed it so you bullied the bullies.

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This is why America sucks. No freedom allowed because parents are retarded and don't know how to research the things they buy for their children.

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Because all the people who get into the business were major losers in school and projecting themselves into the MCs of the stories is their only salvation

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Because school times are the best times. Growing up was a trap all along.

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This. Growing up means, work yourself to the bone making another person rich, pay taxes, and then retire when you're too old to enjoy life.

Anything after the 4-ish year vacation that is University is really depressing and soul-crushing.

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I will enjoy my NEEThood as much as I can

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Because that's the only "good times" that they have in life, after that it all goes to shittown on the express train, literally.

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who cares all anime is shit anyway

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Growing up means becoming a complete human being gifted with the skills and intelligence to shape the world at your convenience.

You have all these toys that make your life enjoyable because some men decided to use for good the talents they got after growing up.

You yearn for a Neverland, but at most you're going to get a saveges island like in The lord of the flies.
You'd really let the world turn into of these than becoming what you're naturally bound to be?

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whaoa this thread is full of faggots

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No. If they were, I'd be attracted to them.

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Well, they've childlike mentalities

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I'm reading Lord of the flies. Are there any lolis? I've only seen a bunch of boys so far.

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Also, Japanese people have a different cultural perspective on the responsibilities of growing up than Westerners do. In American culture, you have the most restrictions placed on you as a child and have more freedom as you grow up. You're told what to eat, when to take a bath, when to go to bed, etc, and your life is heavily structured by the rules your parents set for you. American kids often think, "I can't wait to be a grown up so I can do whatever I want!" But in Japan, very young children have immense freedom to do whatever they want. It's even socially acceptable for kids to hit their moms (but not their dads of course) and they'll just take it with a "kids will be kids" attitude. As Japanese children get over, more social responsibility is introduced through shaming techniques. While an American parent might say, "Don't pick your nose and eat it, it's not good for you," a Japanese parent would more likely say, "Don't pick your nose and eat it or everyone will laugh at you." This attitude is also why bullying gets really out of hand in schools and the adults don't do anything to stop it. As an adult in a commutative society, you constantly have to regulate your behavior for "the good of the group" rather than the good of the individual, which is immensely stressful, especially for the socially retarded, which is the target audience of anime viewers.

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no lolis, only terrible writing

all boys all the way through

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They have all the bad traits of children but none of the good. That's not a childlike mentality, that's being a retard.

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Will I like Top Gear if I don't like cars?

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Yeah, I noticed how terrible the writing is. It was almost childlike, that's why I liked it at first.

Is the movie a good adaptation? Does Piggy look like a fucking meatball? Does Ralph look like a handsome Draco Malfoy? Does he get naked like in the book? Maybe I should watch the movie instead.

The lack of lolis sucks, though.

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Do regular folk watch anime in Japan? I've seen anime characters and idols reading manga in anime and Youtube videos, but I don't think I've seen a non-otaku character watching anime.

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Do non-nerds watch cartoons?

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lmao the movie. I don't think I can get a clip of it, but there's a scene where there's a plane flying and they literally just have this styrofoam hackjob on a string floating in front of the camera. It's a precursor for how shit the film was.

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I've always seen Western cartoons as being for kids.

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Only when they are cute lolis. Cartoons suck these days. My 8 years old cousin likes that Monster High shit, I'm worried.

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The DC animated universe is for grown-ups too you fucker take that back

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The crap they are passing for animation today doesn't deserve the title of cartoon.

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Is she kawaii?

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No, it's for teenagers and I don't like it.

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dc is for fucking neckbearded nerds, get wrecked

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Of course. She'll look even better in two years.

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>Give her the dick
Am I using the quote function correctly?

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Why does that samurai look so much like the dude from Powerpuff Girls? And why was that dude trying to create little girls in his basement?

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That's because western cartoons fall into one of two categories:

1. Wacky and random, i.e. shows like Ren & Stimpy, SpongeBob SquarePants, and their descendants.

2. Extreme and Y-7, i.e. shows like Batman, Ben 10, and their descendants, "Gosh we'd better take down those darn criminals before they blow up the whole dang city!"

Not that the shows I listed are bad, but cartoons in the West suck overall because of censorship and stupid parents. I feel sorry for Western creators who aren't allowed to express themselves. A shitty Flash animation about Ponies was seen as this big revolutionary thing, when kawaii uguu~ shows are the bottom of the barrel in superior Japanimation.

I'm pissed off because it's such a huge shame. It's like if the only movies that were ever allowed to be made were Westerns and sci-fi. Or something.

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"I don't like cartoons because they are drawings and not real like movies!"
Every dumb westerner ever.

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Fuck you. Every time someone mentions that cartoon, I get the end theme song stuck in my head.

Fuck you, Bis.

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The Professor was a /jp/sie and wanted some lolis to love.

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That looks like the Ushiromiya mansion... in Hinamizawa.

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Can any of you /co/ nerds tell me why Dexter's Rude Removal received a TV14 rating?

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I don't get why westerners think that it's IMPOSSIBLE to create a serious story in animation form (2D or 3D).

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Probably because cartoons started out with stuff like Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, and they relied heavily on slapstick and silly things you can't do in real life, and those are FOR KIDS.

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They're both modeled after a real place.

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It's a shame. If they relied more on animation, we could have an animated Harry Potter adaptation (only the first two books, the others were ruined by the movies (3 and 4) or the books themselves were shit (5-7). None of that crap is canon for me).

I'd kill for a cute animated Hermione/Ginny. The should look like the original actors, though. Emma Watson was the best loli ever for a while.

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Ginny was supposed to be an ugly cunt, but she got shipped with the main character just because the author like the actor.

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>the others were ruined by the movies (3 and 4)

Were the movies even out then?

Anyway, I read the books and watched the movies. They were both good (not great, but definitely enjoyable). I don't think an animated adaptation would have worked.

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About two years ago I went to my local library and they had some original English language manga ("comics" are for children and nerds) there. Mostly adaptations of children/young adult stuff like Darren Shan and Alex Rider, plus some Macbeth comic that was actually pretty good.

Given that shows like Avatar, Ben 10, and that one French MMO cartoon are popular, I'm sure you'll have your grown-up adventure shows before long. Then you can bitch about how Japanese animation did the same thing better twenty years ago, and American adult cartoons should have stuck with Family Guy and South Park.

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>Ginny was supposed to be an ugly cunt
No, she was just a shy little kid. I always imagined Ginny as an average loli. If the author ever implied that she was ugly, I missed it (maybe because I watched the movies first, a huge mistake that ruined the third and fourth book for me).

>she got shipped with the main character
Never happened, the author died after "The chamber of secrets". Just like how Kingdom Hearts 2 was never released and Apollo Justice doesn't exist.

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>If the author ever implied
I thought so, but in fairness, I thought it was clear she didn't know what she was doing, especially in the last few books. Luna was neat, though.

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>Never happened, the author died after "The chamber of secrets"

Not that I'd go this far, but I always assumed the books were supposed to be comedies (kind of parodying the whole fantasy thing) and she forget that after the second book. Not that the events weren't "really happening" in the story, but it felt like the sort of thing you weren't supposed to take seriously compared to the darker tone of the later books and movies.

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The movies (after the first two, those were pretty good) were fucking horrible as adaptations, and the actors only made it worse. Harry and his friends were supposed to be 13 in the third book, but they are fucking 15-16 in the movie. I can't imagine them as 13 year olds anymore when I read the book. The same with the fourth movie.

It's a shame, because the first four books were really good. I wish Alfonso Cuarón had directed all of the movies.

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Also, Cedric Diggory became Edward Cullen.


>> No.10499219

Why wouldn't it have worked? You don't really need a cliffhanger at the end of every episode.

>> No.10499221

Why do Westerners need things to be so dark and brooding, anyway?

Have you seen the Man of Steel trailers? It's like nobody can take Superman seriously unless the film is ran through Instagram and has people "thinking about life and stuff". The 70s Superman film was plenty serious and great fun.

>> No.10499230 [DELETED] 

You are generalizing.

Japanese also make dark and brooding things.

>> No.10499231

Gut feeling. Mostly due to the attitudes and business surrounding Western animation, to be honest. There have been cartoons with a proper continuity on CBBC and CITV, and for the most part they've been pretty terrible. However, anything different and the broadcasters wouldn't have liked it, plus the public aren't used to cartoons like that.

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Superman was always a dull superhero. A dull normalfag without any kind of personality.

>> No.10499235

I know, but they also have fun and silly things in the same genre. It's been a pretty clear trend in the West lately that certain types of media have to be like this, which is a shame. I guess it's because in the old days things were camp, and everyone knows camp is gay as HELL.

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Superman isn't a character-driven superhero, nor should he be. You look at the Golden Age comics or the Fleischer cartoons, he was just this guy who could do cool shit and that was the entertaining part. Contrast that with characters like Batman, who was supposed to be more pulpy and have a little more character to him.

The 90s Superman animated series did a good job. I never really cared about the character of Superman or Clark Kent, but they did just enough to make the conflicts feel like they mattered. That one episode where the police chief got killed out of nowhere was damn good storytelling.

>> No.10499267

Superman can have some character-based events, though. It usually works best deconstructing his idealistic behavior, though, and his struggles to adapt to world that can't be laballed with blacks and whites.

>> No.10499278

Exactly. I can't quite explain what I mean, but it's not like I care about the Superman "person", but I care about the things that happen to him and the choices he makes.

It's why that cartoon portrayed a much better version of Superman than Smallville.