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Daily reminder

We're waiting for you!

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You mean the "epic /jp/ board" where you guys post about anime all day and everyone knows each other by first name?

lol no thanks

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Someone should change that to 2D/Random.

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This /jp/ is epic enough as is I think :-).

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I agree. It's really improved. Jannies gonna cry Flans gonna fly. It's like piratebay in literal sense, the home for renegades. God, I love you guys so much. You are so cool.

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It's because all the "epic shitposters" left to circlejerk at OP's site. There has seriously been an improvement here ever since that shit was created.

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What you mean? This place is a fucking graveyard.

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You mean /ota/?
Yeah they get like one post every hour or so.
It's probably just some sad loser talking to himself.

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No. I mean present /jp/

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/jp/ is slowly going back to quality discussions on /jp/ subjects, anons are taking it easy more

I understand all you want is to fallate ZUN!bar, talk to all your steam friends and come up with more "epic memes" but that's not what /jp/ is for. Glad you've found somewhere more suited to you though!

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That place looks nice, but is very quiet. I'll remember you if something terrible happens to /jp/.

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/jp/ was never "2D Random" though. Just to mention one thing, Anime was never supposed to go on /jp/. If anything it's /a/ that grew to be "2D Random".

But whatever. I guess the site also has that "Otaku Media" board, which I guess would be more similar to /jp/.
Idols or whatever would go in neither though, but I guess that's intentional as none but the idol-fans wants them.

Still. Despite /jp/'s(4chan's version) current state, I am still very sceptical to the idea of a new site.
And beyond that it doesn't seem like it has an equivalent of easymodo, and one would have to port all the good scripts.

I think I am going to try to observe /jp/ some more. Who knows, perhaps someone actually deletes /vg/, and the moderation at /a/ gets their act together, and /jp/ somehow manages to rise from its ashes.

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>Otaku isn't /jp/ imma fag please rape my face!
- you

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>>Otaku isn't /jp/
That really isn't what is being said. It even says one of the boards probably is /jp/.

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If your doomed little project was so good you wouldn't be here.

"Hey guys, let's create a new board that's much better than /jp/! Now we can ... post anime pics, talk about /jp/ a lot, then go back to /jp/ and spam our link!"

Okay, you don't want to be here? That's fine. Now fuck off.

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>/jp/ is slowly going back to quality discussions on /jp/ subjects

         . : ´:::::::::::::::::::::::::` : .
      , '::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ヽ , 、
     /::;::::::::/::::::;':::::|:::::::::|::::::::::::ヽ::::::::::{ ∨ ノ
    '::::;::::::::;:::::::/!:::::|::: ヽハ::::::::::::::',:::::::;:〉o ー,
   |::::;::::::::;::::::/ |:::::ハイ:::/`ーl―--+::::;:|_人厂
   |:::;::::::::」/:l .!:::l リ:/   ノ \::|::;:::|:::::::|
   |::;:::::‐::´:::/ レリ /´  一   ヾ;::::l:::::, .、
   |::,::l:::::,イハL       三三三;:::::::/,-、ヽ
   |:iレレ'::::.三三 , - ― 、 /// ハ/ { r_ノ/
   リ'!:::::::{ヾ:、// l     l    , '     /
    L.イ:`Y    、      !   /    , '::::|
       .|::::::ゝ、 ___>- 、__ノ一/ _ /::::::::!
      '::::::::/::::_〈   \_ノ, ´   `ヽ::|
      ,':::::::/:::::」   ヽ    /  /   ヘ
    / _」ヽ‐ ´ V´> >ー‐ヘ./  /   }
   ./:::ゝ `   . イく_/|      ヽ_/    イ
   /:::;イ:`::7::´::;:〈,.イ/       `ー ´:::!
  .///:::::/ l:::,イ:::::::く}三三三三ニ<::::::::::::::|
  ´ /:::::/ .!/ |:::<:´/: / : : l: : :; : : ヽ :::::::::!
   /:::: /  ,リ !::::::>: : :/: : : :|: : : ;: : : 〉:::::::::l
  ./::::::/    L/` ̄Z__」_:_:_>´L::::::::ハ
  ´ ̄       /`ヽ  . イ      ´ヽ
           /   >´   ` <    '.
         /ー‐ァ´       `ゝー‐ァ
       `ー ´            ` ̄


Still an 80-90% deletion rate.

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That place is slow as hell!
I got bored after 10 minutes of waiting for someone to reply to my post.
I'd rather deal with the janitor than having to wait for hours just to see a new thread on the frontpage.

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The reason I used my trip on /ota/ was to keep the rare weirdo shitposters like that person away. That combined with the Rika threads is pretty much a perfect defense.

Though it's really only 2-3 people. But still, you want those people to stay on 4chan forever, and not really leave their containment place.

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